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I could honestly read stories about the same cute idiots falling in love in 1000 different universes, 1000 different scenarios, 1000 different times, 1000 different ways and never get tired of it.

When my straight white friend brings up Fifty Shades Darker so I tune her out and go to my happy wlw place I like to call...

51 wlw ships I’d rather binge watch instead of going to see that movie Lol 

Friend: Hey are you reading fanfics tonight?
Me: Nah, I’m taking a break from reading.
Friend: Great so you can come out with us!
Me: Actually I’m binge watching South of Nowhere…
Friend: Why!!? Why??! You’ve seen the entire series atleast 10 times already!
Me:  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

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I didn’t think I could love Clexa anymore than I already do...

But knowing now that Clexa led to ClexaCon which brought back the 2 most meaningful wlw ships in my life is unbelievable. I swear I would have neeever expected a reunion with these ships, and ClexaCon made them both happen in a single day. THANK YOU ClexaCon <3

BAM, Bianca and Maggie, 2002-2007

Elizabeth Hendrickson and Eden Riegel, ClexaCon 2017

Spashley, Spencer and Ashley, 2005-2008

Gabrielle Christian and Mandy Musgrave, ClexaCon 2017

#Legends #TheOGs #Memories 

Missing South of Nowhere just like me? 

Here are the webisodes: 




Sleeping Lions 

Letter To Daddy 

Before Spencer

Roadside Attraction


You Make Me Wanna Jump

Alone Together




Kiss And Tell

The Day After

Five Years Later