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Don’t Let Go

A/N: An anon request for a fic based off Unsteady by X Ambassadors. The song is actually about a child in the middle of divorcing parents, but I decided to take the desperation and put in another context. The requester put in a little more detail than just the song, so here it goes. @coveofmemories


“Y/N!” Spencer yelled, watching in horror as the suspect’s car exploded into a ball of flames. She had run ahead of him given that she was much faster than he was, but he wasn’t all that far behind. Apparently, he was far enough behind, because when the wall of flames burst outward, all Spencer felt was the heat from the fire. However, Y/N had been knocked to the floor. “Y/N, wake up!” he cried, cradling her face in his hands and begging her to open her eyes. “Please, wake up!”

“Spencer!” JJ screamed, having run in the direction of the fire. Immediately, she saw what was wrong and came to kneel at his side. “What happened?”

Spencer’s voice started to crack. “She was just a few feet ahead of me. She held up the gun, told the suspect to halt and then it blew up,” he cried. “Wake up!” As the ambulance made its way up, JJ pulled Spencer out of the way, helpless as he stood there and cried. They’d been best friends for years; both had been dancing around a romantic relationship, and now she could see in his eyes that he felt he’d lost everything. If Y/N didn’t make it out of this alive, Spencer would spiral through a whirlpool of unspoken words.


“You’re all here for Agent Y/N?” the doctor asked as he approached the team.

With Hotch at the forefront, they all stood up, in various stages of grief and disbelief - Spencer couldn’t even bear to stand up, hanging his head in his hands and wondering what he would do if Y/N died. She’d helped him off the dilauded; she was instrumental in his recovery and the best friend and person he’d ever known. She couldn’t die; she just couldn’t.

“We had to remove a few pieces of shrapnel from the vehicle from her leg, but thankfully none of them hit any major arteries.”

“So she’s gonna be okay?” Garcia sobbed, having just run in from Quantico after hearing of what happened.

The doctor swallowed hard. There was no guarantee. “She also sustained a head injury from the blowback. She’s in a coma. We…we can’t be sure whether she’ll wake up or not. If the swelling in her brain goes down, which we are treating now, then she likely will, but there’s no guarantee the medicine will work…I’m sorry.” As the doctor turned to leave, they all collapsed back into their seats.

“Hold on,” Spencer whispered into the void. “Please, don’t let go.”


No one could move. 

But Spencer couldn’t stay here anymore. His eyes puffy and his throat sore, he walked up to the front desk. “Can I go into Agent Y/N’s room?” he asked. They said anyone could earlier, but no one had been able to move. If there was any possible way for her to hear him, he needed to talk to her. He needed to let her know what she meant to him.

The nurse ushered him down the hallway and to the left where Y/N was stretched out, a cut on her forehead, some swelling, and stitches in four different areas on her legs. If they had gone in together, he would’ve been right here with her. He would’ve rather been here with her. At least then he wouldn’t be standing here helpless, watching the woman he’d loved for years hooked up to a monitor.

Sitting down at her side, he grabbed her hand and rubbed her palm, hoping she would miraculously wake up. “Y/N,” he started, feeling a little silly talking to someone who in all likelihood couldn’t hear him. “Y/N, I’m so sorry.” His voice cracked as the image of Y/N being blown back to the ground re-entered his mind. “I should’ve been there. I should’ve insisted that we both go in together. But I need you to know, that I need you to come out of this. I…I love you. I’ve always loved you. The thought of not seeing you every day makes my heart ache. The thought of not hearing your snorting laugh makes my brain want to explode.” Tears once again streamed down his face. “I love everything about you. Please…fight. I need to see you alive.”

Spencer began to crumble as the nurse came into the room to check on Y/N. “I’m so sorry, Sir,” she said, putting her hand on his shoulder as he cried. “But I need the room now.” 

“Just once second,” he said, bending down to press a kiss to Y/N’s lips. When Spencer stood up, he wasn’t sure whether his legs would hold up until he met up with the rest of his team. They barely did. Just as he saw them, pleading with their eyes for some kind of good news, he collapsed back into the chair he’d occupied earlier.


For nearly 40 hours, everyone on the team took turns sitting at Y/N’s bedside. With each update, her prognosis seemed better, but she still hadn’t woken up. After just a few hours of sleep, during which time he tossed and turned and screamed and cried, he returned to the hospital, sitting down and clasping her hand in his. 

Before he knew it, he had fallen asleep. “Spence,” he heard, his eyes popping open. “Spencer.”

“Y/N!” he cried, leaning over and crying on her hand. “Oh my god, you’re awake. I was so scared I’d never see you again.”

“You can’t get rid of me that easily,” she breathed, still groggy from almost two days out cold. “I love you, too, you know.”

“What?” he asked surprised. “You heard me?”

“Faintly. And you kissed me.” She smiled. It was a sweet smile - one that normally painted her face when she was embarrassed. He recognized it because he tended to look the same way. “Kiss me again.”

“I love you,” he repeated, taking her lips in his. “Thank you for fighting. I begged you to fight and you did.”

“I heard you.”

June 18th, 2016

•Josh Duns 28th Birthday
•Spencer Smiths Wedding
This day is a great drummer day, my crops are thriving.

anonymous asked:

what do you think about spencer choosing aria and aria probably choosing spencer (since she said I'm sorry) while they were in the dollhouse

I had honestly figured all the girls would have chosen Spencer first the moment I saw them with the switches in the promo for the episode. I had no idea what they were for at the time and now that I do, it just makes me feel more firm in this belief.

Spencer is seen as their leader. Spencer sees herself as their protector. They see her as their protector. It’s this idea that forms the thought, “Spencer is tough. Spencer can take it. She’d want to take it for us. She’d want to protect us.”

And if given the choice, I think it’s highly likely that Spencer would have chosen herself to always be the one punished so they wouldn’t have to be. That’s just who she is. She has this need to protect her friends and she’s so adamant about it that she becomes destructive in her attempts to keep them safe.

(Aggressively going after perceived threats [believing Paige and many others were -A], setting herself up for fights with the girls by ignoring their wishes to do what she thinks will protect them [Emily going to see Alison in that warehouse], going off and doing things alone to keep them out of danger/protect their feelings [joining the -A team/worried about Aria when she suspected Ezra], completely disregarding her own health and mental/emotional well being to do what she believes needs to be done [deciphering Ali’s journal/researching Ezra], and so on.)

Spencer would do anything for them. Spencer would suffer anything for them. She has always gone to the extreme because that’s just the kind of person she is. When Spencer cares about someone, it’s kinda crazy the lengths she’d go to for them.

But this brings in why I believe Spencer chose Aria. Spencer’s relationship with Aria is a difficult thing to put into words. While still protective of her, Spencer isn’t quite as protective as she is with Emily and Hanna. Emily and Hanna are more “gentle” in comparison to Spencer and Aria.

Spencer and Aria are similar in their slightly darker/sarcastic outlook on life. They both also have the ability to do horrible things to themselves and others in the name of protecting those they care about and self preservation.

This means, in Spencer’s mind, Aria would probably be able to better handle what would come from being chosen in the games as opposed to Emily and Hanna. Not that Spencer thinks they’re “weak”, though she thinks they’re “soft”. Or at least softer than herself and Aria.

She goes after Aria because she believes Aria is strong enough to take it. That she can block/stuff down any torment that comes of it as Spencer can. I think they chose each other because they believe in each other’s resilience.


Requested by anon: This might not be my best work because this is my first time ever writing for Spencer Reid. So bear with me please.

It was your first day on the job and you couldn’t be happier. You had worked for years to get in a position like this - though you didn’t doubt that your uncle would’ve found some reason to hire you but you didn’t want it to be because you were related. You could do things on your own and you proved that you could. Graduating top of your class, a PhD in Psychology and working your way towards your PhD in Sociology.

You had already met most of the team previously by your frequent visits to the BAU before you were ever hired. You were always striving to learn more and what better place to learn than at the BAU? So when you were first offered a tour from your uncle you jumped at the chance and practically ran to the car right away.

It’s also probably why everyone, specifically Morgan and Garcia, noticed a certain doctor had taken an interest in you. You were familiar with the area and with everyone and took Spencer Reid’s statistics in strides. More often than not, you’d jump right into a conversation with him because of something he mentioned before, though sometimes you’d simply stare at him in disbelief with this ‘what the hell’ look on your face. 

“So…you gave me a rant on my own country…history I know about,” you muttered, trying to wrap your head around at what Reid just spurted out. Sometimes you could grasp it, other times it was difficult, especially since he was bringing you back to your high school years and that horrible history teacher you had…

“I was talking about an association with your country, but did you know that -,”

“Whoa, whoa, hold it right there. Give me five minutes to reboot. You took me back in time to my sixteen-year old self - I gotta recuperate here.” With a simply nod, Reid went quiet and went back to his book. 

“I bet you twenty bucks the two of them will be dating by the end of the month,” Garcia said to Morgan as she walked up and looked at the pair.

“Pretty boy won’t make a move - I’ll take up that bet, baby girl.”

“You sure about that? Because she is definitely the type to make a move.” With that, Garcia turned on her heel and headed back to her office. “Be ready to pay up, sweet cheeks!”

arpelil  asked:

Number two with cal... Or all of them?

I just did Cal, hope that’s okay

Calum had been your best friend since you were three.

You’d spent practically your whole lives being partners, whether it was in crime, in school. In a relationship as the case now was. It was one of those horribly cliché best friends’ fall in love situations, and Calum said he wouldn’t have had it any other way, and despite the roll of your eyes you often gave him, you both knew you agreed.

Sitting on the front porch of the house he’d bought for the two of you six months ago, you look up from your book as you hear his car pull onto the drive. Your dog, Frankie, jumps up from where he was lying at your feet, bounding over to Calum, who sends you a wink.

“Hey there buddy.” He grins, fussing the German Sheppard puppy for a minute before crossing the lawn to you, bending down to press a kiss to your lips. “Hey there Angel.”

“Hi.” You hum back, chasing his lips to gain another kiss. “I’ve missed you.”

“Back at you.” He agrees, wrapping an arm around your waist and pulling you up, dragging you into the house. “So guess what I remembered today.”

“To call you Dad to say Happy Birthday?”

“No I- shit is that today?” Calum’s face drops momentarily, spinning to look at you in a panic. When he sees your smirk however, his features morph into a pout. “Not funny.”

“Sorry Rockstar.” You grin, leaning up to press a kiss to his lips. “You were saying?”

“Make believe weddings.”

“I remember; we did that all the time when we were younger.” You nod with a smile. “Preparation for the real thing. Pretty sure we used to make Spencer the Bear be the minister.”

“Right!” Calum nods, shoving his hands in his pockets. “Well, it got me thinking…”

“Oh god.”

“Shut up.” He laughs. “Anyway, it got me thinking that maybe we’re ready for the real thing now?”


Calum smirks, pulling his hands out of his pockets to reveal a ring, dropping onto one knee and holding it out to you, Frankie instantly trying to jump on him. He laughs, his other hand holding the dog before he speaks.

“Y/N Y/L/N, will you marry me, for real this time?”

Theory Time!

I don’t know whether anyone has already touched on this or if I’m merely reaching too far, but I think this picture could be worth a thousand words to all of my fellow theorists!

(Although, let’s be real, I just wanted to have this photo posted on my blog for a second time because of how freaking stunning Troian/Spencer is…)


…while, again, this may be a stretch – do you guys think it’s possible that this picture isn’t supposed to be of Spencer – but INSTEAD, Mary Drake?

Just look at that checkerboard pattern top, curled hair, and dark smokey eye! Aside from the obvious fringe, doesn’t this look A LOT like what you would imagine a younger Mary to look like?

(I realize that Mary and Spencer bear close resemblance to one another due to their familial ties, but HOW COOL would it be if this picture was taken of a FLASHBACK of Mary instead of a present day Spencer?!)

Compare this picture with the press photos released from Mary and Spencer’s scene from the previous premiere,7x01: Tick-Tock, Bitches – just look at that authoritative, truth spilling, slightly annoyed tea-cup-in-hand glare – it looks JUST LIKE Mary Drake!

I mean, it could be the classic “like mother, like daughter” scenario coming to play (however, I still have the slightest inclination to believe in the surrogacy storyline from the books being applied to the Mary/Spencer dynamic), but I still think that this could also serve as a possibility!


So what do you think? Could this be a flashback? Or do you think that Spencer and Mary will continue to display their ever-present similarities..?

For the record, I believe an actress was already cast (..by the name Emma Dumont, correct me if I’m wrong!) that has been speculated to be playing either a young Mary Drake or Bethany Young. Either way, tell me what you think of this makeshift theory!

The Winter Carnival

As Spencer and I walked around the carnival hand in hand, I began to see how lucky I truly was. Every winter this carnival comes to town, weird right? Carnivals usually come around in the summer, well not this one. We had only been here an hour and we have already gone on the carousel, eaten some funnel cake and played bumper cars. As I looked around at the families, the couples and friends all at the carnival, I noticed that no one was nearly as happy as we were. Sure they were smiling but we were over joyed to being doing something so fun and childish.
“Look at that cute bear!” I said pointing towards a huge panda hanging over one of the booths. Spencer smiled slightly and the thought of the bear towering over me. We walked towards the booth, just to see what type of game they were playing in order to win a bear that was bigger than all of the children here.
“It’s a riddle game.” Spencer said as we both looked at each other strangely. This wasn’t a typical carnival booth, hell the many times that we have been here, this booth was never here, it’s like it came out of thin air. The bell rang signaling that the game was over and every walked away from the booth, not one prize given out.
“No one won?” I asked as Spencer just shrugged and began walking to an empty seat at the game.
“I’m going to win you the bear at the rather odd game.” He said kissing my temple just before jogging over to the only empty seat left. I just smiled at the thought of Spencer being so sweet to at least try to win the bear. The game looked hard and confusing but if anyone could win at it, it would be Spencer. Even if he didn’t win, the thought was more than sweet enough. Question after question, Spencer kept getting them right and it looked like he was actually going to win. As much as I hated to say it, I was surprised, he normally wasn’t too good at these games but tonight, he was kicking some major ass! The same bell from before rang and the tall and lengthy man behind he booth handed Spencer a bear the size of a large dog. I giggled slightly as he walked back over to me. I was clapping and jumping up and down slightly like a giddy little girl and I didn’t care who saw it.
“Thank you, thank you, thank you.” I said with a kiss to a different area of Spencer’s face in between each thank you. He smiled and turned bright red at the public display of affection bit I didn’t care who saw.
“I feel like we belong in a cliché high school movie.” I said making Spencer laugh, knowing exactly what I meant.
“The boyfriend of the cute couple wins his little girlfriend a huge bear at the carnival to impress her.” He said continuing my thought and making me giggle as we got a few glances at our giant bear. As night began to fall we both knew that our night was coming to an end and that Spencer would have to go back to work tomorrow.
“Hey why don’t we go on the Ferris wheel?” Spencer asked with pleading eyes, trying to get my mind off the fact that he was going to be leaving again soon. I just nodded making him look at me softly, as we walked up to the Ferris wheel. Once we got on it, I put my bear to the right of me with Spencer to the left and rested my head on his shoulder.
“I love you.” Spencer said causing me to sit up right away and look at him with wide eyes.
“We have been dating for six months and I have been wanting to say that to you since the first moment I saw you. I love you and I wanted you to know before I left, again.” He said as the Ferris wheel stopped at the top, with us being the car at the very top. We both fell silent, I didn’t know what to say, commitment was always an issue for me but as I thought about it and about how he makes me feel, it was completely clear.
“I love you too Spencer.” I said causing him to look at me and put on arm behind me to pull me closer, with hand in my hair as we shared a short yet sweet kiss. Our hearts were on the line, we were up 100 feet in the air and yet, I never felt safer.

On Skype With Mummy <3
  • Mummy: Awh, look at my cutie!
  • Me: *Hides behind my bear Spencer, blushing and whines* No..
  • Mummy: Don't hide baby! You're all blushie and cute!
  • Me: *Hides further behind Spencer and blushes more* Mummy nooooo...
  • Mummy: *Coos* Awh who's my beautiful girl?
  • Me: *Giggles but says nothing*
  • Mummy: Come oooonnnn, who's my beautiful little girl, huh?
  • Me: *Peeks out and giggles more* Me mama!