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  • fanfic: you walk in to see him cheating on you, crying your eyes out he finally notices and jumps up "Y.N! it isn't what it looks like!" you cry more as the blonde skanky skanky bitch smirks at you "it's exactly what it looks it looks like" you run out of the house and jump into your car, hightailing it out of there, you never got to tell him you're pregnant with twins, his twins, and now you'll never get to tell him, you won't allow him to be in their lives, a couple days later he shows up at your house and before you can slam the door he walks into the house "get out" you angrily cry "Y.N! listen to me it wasn't me, i was being possessed by a demon and had no control over anything i love you" smiling "aww" you squeal you jump into his arms kissing him "i have to tell you something" you look him into the eyes as he speaks "i only have two days to live" you sob falling onto the floor-
  • me: God damn

For anon…reader is a cousin of Sam and Dean’s…Enjoy!

Y/N: *walks in* I’m back with the groceries! *mutters* Hope you haven’t killed each other yet.
Dean: *groans loudly*
Sam: *laughing* Are you serious?
Y/N: *walks into kitchen* What’s going on here?
Dean: *grumpily* Your boyfriend is cheating or something.
Y/N: What?
Reid: *smirks*
Sam: *chuckles* Dean lost to Spencer in poker…again.
Y/N: *smirks, shakes head* You two realize he’s a genius right? Eidetic memory and everything.
Dean: *deadpans*
Reid: To be fair, I’m also from Vegas.
Sam and Y/N: *laughing*
Y/N: *thinking* At least they’re getting along.

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To those of you who have siblings:

Whether you’re best friends

And you never go anywhere without each other

Or you fight all the time

Or don’t know each other that well

Or even at all

Even when they annoy you

Or take your stuff

You have someone who you were born to love

And someone who was born to love you

You have someone who would probably die for you

Even if they wouldn’t admit it

So tell your sibling that you love them today

Even if they look at you weird

Cuz you’ll never know how lucky you are

Until you don’t have them.

With Love, 

An Only Child


I just want you to imagine Sam, Bucky, and maybe an undercover Natasha in this scene.

prompt things

hey bitches, i’m doing prompts because i have  absolutely nothing to do and i wanna be useful to tumblr 

BY THE WAY whoever i took these from please don’t summon lucifer to kill me unless it’s mark pellegrino then i’m okay with it 

please be clear on how you want it and who you want it with just leave them in my ask

1. “Are you kidding me right now?!”
2. “I’m going to kill you!”
3. “You did all of this for me?”
4. “I made my baby cry!”
5. “I’m in love with you.”
6. “Can I kiss you?”
7. “You’re so goddamn hot when you’re mad.”
8. “Will you be quiet?!”
9. “You are a bloody idiot, you know that?”
10. “You love me.”
11. “I didn’t ask for any of this!”
12. “I hate you so much I love you.”
13. “Just leave me alone.”
14. “I can’t believe you just did that.”
15. “Give me a reason not to turn around and walk away now.”
16. “Please.”
17. “Cuddle me.”
18. “Give me that back!”
19. “Well…this is awkward.”
20. "Are you scared?”
21. "What are you doing?”
22. "If we get caught I’m blaming you.”
23. “That came out wrong.”
24. "Shut up and kiss me.”
25. "Help me…I’m stuck.”
26. "What am I going to do with you?”
27. "Stop distracting me!”
28. "You said my name in your sleep.”
29. “It was just a dream.”
30. "Trust me.”
31. “Why can’t you see what you’re doing to me?”
32. "I made a mistake.”
33. “Is that a challenge?”
34. “Where did you learn to dance?”
35. “Did I stutter?”
36. "I’m going to regret this.”
37. "Do that again.”
38. “Did I just say that out loud?”
39. "I need your help.”
40. "If I die I’m going to come back and haunt you.”
41. "Well this is a surprise.”
42. "Am I dreaming?”
43. "Make me.”
44. “How long have you been standing there for?”
45. “Wait a second…are you jealous?”
46. "Stop it.”
47. "We’re just friends.”
48. "Did you just flick me?”
49. "I think I forgot how to breathe.”
50. "Woah.”
57. "You don’t understand, you never do!”
59. "It’s all your fault…”
60. "Well…that’s just great.”
61. "Are you even listening?”
62. "I’m going to walk away and pretend I didn’t see anything.”
63. "I thought you loved her.”
64. "Time changes people.”
65. "You, my friend, are a complete and utter tosser.”
69. "You have approximately 5 seconds to get out of my face before I kill you.”
70. "Oh yeah, because you’d be so good at this!”
71. "I’m sorry.”
72. "That night never happened.”
73. "Don’t you dare!”
74. "Um…somebody broke that.”
75. "Stop biting that goddamn lip.”
76. "You’re hot, shame about the personality.”
77. "You’re going to get us expelled!”
78. "Wow…thanks a lot.”
79. "Why are you walking around half-naked?”
80. "You owe me big time.”
81. "Awe it’s so cute!”
82. "Are you hitting on me?”
83. "If I die you’ll be sorry!”
84. "Help me hide!”
85. "You’re crazy! You’re out of your mind…”
86. "I don’t know how you convinced me to do this.”
87. "Is that… is that my bra?”
88. "Really? Right now?”
89. "Where are your pants?”
90.You’re my soulmate?”
                                                                    100. “don’t look at my browser history!”   “too late”     “first of all, ew”

7 years ago I actually thought by the time I was this age I would have got somewhere in life and passed exams and been cool. Instead I just read way too much fanfiction, obsess over a guy who lives in la and hardly posts on instagram, cries over a band who practically split up in 2009 and binge watched a show about two brothers and an angel. Yeah not what I had planned.