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Virtous Reality - A film by Ben Toms, with styling by Robbie Spencer featuring amazing and talented girls.

All Tied Up (Reid/Reader)

Here’s a Reid smut for all the sinners (including myself) out there in the Criminal Minds fandom. I’ve always loved fics with Reid as the sub so wey-hey, I’m going for it. Hope you enjoy!

Title: All Tied Up
Pairing: Reid x Reader
Rating: M/Explicit
Words: 1619
Warnings: CONSENSUAL BDSM BETWEEN A DOM GIRLFRIEND READER AND REID. Please don’t read if you don’t like. Some pretty demeaning language. Kinda slow build. Bondage, blowjobs, sex **unprotected, might I add**- the usual for a smut fic and a little bit more. This is some pretty kinky stuff.

As a rare normal day in the office came to a close, you stood next to the kitchenette right outside of the bullpen, finishing up a cup of tea. You smiled, watching your boyfriend converse with Morgan at his desk. You watched Morgan’s eyes widen while he laughed and clasped a hand on Reid’s shoulder. Curiousity took over and you placed your mug in the sink to be washed later before you walked over to the pair. You tapped Spencer on the back as he turned to face you.

“What’s going on over here?” you asked, laughing softly. “Guy talk, I’m guessing?” You pulled a chair over and sat down next to the two of them, taking Spencer’s hand in yours.

“You got that right, sweetheart,” Morgan smirked. “Pretty Boy is getting surprisingly NSFW over here.”

You jokingly slapped Spencer on the chest. “You’re talking about our sex life? At work no less?”

“Oh, he’s gone into some heavy detail. Seems your innocent baby face over here isn’t as innocent as he seems.

Your attention went to Reid, glaring at him with your mouth slightly open. “Alright, spill it, honey- what did you tell him about our time together?”

Spencer’s face flushed and red burned bright on his cheeks. “Aw, he’s embarassed now!” Derek teased, chuckling. “You get into the down and dirty of your bedroom life with me but you can’t own up to your girlfriend?” He paused. “I’ll tell you, Y/N- he told me you like being ‘all tied up’. Didn’t see that from you, but hey; I guess you don’t know a person until you sleep with them. Is that the saying?”

You feigned innocence and once again glared at Reid. “I can’t believe you told him that!” you squealed.

Derek smiled, staring at the two of you. “Don’t worry, lovebirds, your secret is safe with me. I won’t tell anyone.” He glanced down at his watch. “Welp, it’s almost six, so I think it’s time for all of us to get home.” The three of you stood up and began walking to the elevator. “And hey, guys, don’t have too much fun tonight.”

You rolled your eyes at the comment and pressed the button for the parking garage. When you reached the basement, you said your goodbyes to Morgan and you and Spencer got into your car. The ride home was quiet; Reid was still embarassed from the earlier exchange and you weren’t in the mood to talk just yet.

You pulled into the driveway and paused before opening your car door to go inside. When the two of you got into the house, you pulled your scarf and coat off, hanging them off the rack next to the door. Spencer was staring at the floor when you turned to face him. You pushed his jacket gently off his shoulders and tipped his chin up so he looked you in the eyes.

“So, do you talk to all of our co-workers about your very dominant personality in our sex life?” you questioned, running your other hand down his arm. “Or is it just Morgan?” He remained silent and you scoffed. You leaned in to press your mouth right next to his ear. “Do you want to go ahead with this?”

“Yes,” he responded.

You backed away from him and straightened your posture. “Good. I want you kneeling and facing the bed when I’m done.”

He followed your orders, kneeling at the foot of the bed before you sauntered into the bedroom after him. He kept his head down and complied with your request as you pulled what you knew was Spencer’s favorite set of lingerie out of a drawer. You quickly made your way to the connecting bathroom and changed out of your business casual clothes into the black lacy number, complete with an unlined bra, matching thong, and thigh-highs. You glanced at yourself in the mirror, satisfied with your look before you made your way back out to the bedroom.

“Stand up,” you commanded. “You can look at me.”

He stood slowly and turned to face you, visibly shuddering when he saw the outfit you were wearing. His eyes lingered on your breasts for a bit too long as he studied your body.

“My eyes are up here, Spencer,” you stated, motioning to your face. When he met your gaze, his eyes showed pure desperation; he wanted to kiss you, touch you- anything. You walked to his front, keeping eye contact the entire time. “Strip. But leave the underwear.” He begrudgingly continued with a small groan. “And stop complaining.”

When he finished removing his pants, you beamed at his impressive erection straining against his patterned boxers. “Someone seems to like this, huh?” you teased, tracing your finger over the outline of his member slowly. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes. You stood up, meeting his eyes once more. “Lie down on the bed with your hands above your head.”

You grabbed a cotton rope from a chest near the bedside and bound his hands, making sure they weren’t too tight. You stradded his bare stomach, your ass so close to his clothed cock. “So, let’s get this story right.” You ran your hands up and down his chest. “You told Derek about our sex life?” He nodded. “Speak.”

“Yes, mistress.”

“And to make it even worse,” you remarked, “you lied about it.” The gentle patterns you drew on his chest were stopped, only to be replace by your fingers pinching his nipples.

He whimpered, managing a, “Yes.”

You released the buds from your fingers, cupping his face in your hands. “Well, I guess if you can’t keep your pretty mouth shut, you might as well put it to good use.” You pulled your thong off, running it over his face before throwing it to the floor. Slowly, you positioned your body over his face, not quite making contact. Your fingers found their way to his hair as you sat down on top of him, making sure he could breathe.

You always forgot how good Reid was with his mouth. It was one of the first things you had learned about him in the bedroom but it always took your breath away to feel his lips and tongue against the most vulnerable part of your body.

“Fuck, you’re good at this,” you growled through gritted teeth as he lapped at your clit. “You must get a lot of practice, huh slut?” He let a groan leave him at the comment. “I want you to make me cum, then maybe I’ll give you what you want. How’s that sound?” His agreement was shown as his tongue began to probe your entrance, loving the taste of you. You moaned audibly, removing your bra and playing with your nipples as his eyes kept on you. Watching you caused plenty of noises to leave his mouth and the vibrations suddenly became too much as you fell over the edge.

After regaining your composure, you straddled his torso once again, staring down at his mouth covered in your cum. “I guess it’s only fair to repay you, huh?” You positioned yourself between his legs and pulled his boxers down, met with his cock slapping against his lean stomach. You smiled and leaned down to stroke his cock, your mouth teasingly close. He strained his neck to look down at you, his eyes on your hand as it moved up and down. “I don’t think I’ve ever felt you this hard,” you remarked. “You like watching me get off, huh?”

You decided to get on with the show, and your eyes locked with his as you suckled on the head of his cock, giving him a show. You ran your tongue over the ridge where his shaft met the tip, and he moaned as his head fell onto the mattress. You continued moving lower and lower until the entireity of his member was in your mouth. You deepthroated him until you felt him nearing his release, when you suddenly pulled off him with a ‘pop’.

He groaned at the loss of contact, but he suddenly was silent as you teased the tip of his cock against your once again dripping pussy. “You’re not gonna cum until I tell you to. Do you understand?” He nodded, not sure if he could do anything else at this point. You slowly lowered yourself onto him, moaning as you adjusted to his size. “Have you learned your lesson? Next time you’ll know not to lie about your mistress.” You continued riding him as his breathing and groans intensified under you.

“Please, I- I can’t hold on any… any longer,” Spencer begged.

“C'mon baby, I’m so close; just hold out a few more seconds okay?”

He writhed underneath you as you felt yourself cumming. You collapsed onto his chest, almost yelling the command. “Cum for me, Spencer!” You felt his seed fill you as you both tried to regulate your breathing as best you could.

You quickly untied Spencer and went to the bathroom to wet a washcloth and grab a glass of water for him.

When you returned, he was sitting up, with that post-sex hair, rubbing his wrists. You handed him the glass of water and began cleaning the two of you up. “Was that too much?” you questioned, concerned.

He gulped down a drink of water before shaking his head adamantly. “God, no. That was amazing. You were amazing.”

“Well, I’m glad you had a good time.” You paused, not breaking eye contact with him. “I love you.”

“I love you too, Y/N.” He grinned. “And maybe I should talk to Morgan about our sex life more often.”


Preseason with Pride | PT.1 

We’ve put in the work and it shows.

Things often said in Psych

I’ve heard it both ways.
You know that’s true.
*singing* suck iiiiiit
*angrily calling people Jack*
*confusing hushed whispers then…* Fine!
Did my eyes just see what my brain is telling my eyes just saw?
Hello! I am Psychic Detective Shawn Spencer and this is my partner, *not Gus’ real name*
I would rather *something totally illogical and ridiculous*
Come on, son.
This is like that scene in *movie name* where I’m *main actor* and you’re *black supporting actor*
You must be outta your damn mind!
Stop making up words, Gus.
Did you hear about Pluto? That’s messed up, right?
It’s semantics/It’s not semantics

Spencer’s Childhood:

I think based on this episode that Spencer clearly went to Radley as a child. There’s no other way that she could have imagined that room, which she didn’t see when she was there after Toby’s fake death. She also saw the little girl, who she then saw again on the poster when she went with Hanna, therefore confirming that it wasn’t a figment of her imagination.

We know that she represses difficult memories (the night of Ali’s disappearance, her time in the dollhouse), so why not Radley? 

In Spencer’s dream, we saw the young girl and Charles’ slippers. So based on the fact that it was from Spencer’s point of view, I’d guess that there were three people in this memory. Spencer herself, who we didn’t see, the little girl, and Charles. 

So who was this little girl? Spencer interestingly said that she looked like a young Ali. I know we’re being made to believe that it’s Leslie Stone, but what if it’s someone else? Maybe it isn’t Ali herself, I think it’s doubtful that her parents would put her and Charles in the same institution, but it could be Bethany or Cece or even Sara Harvey. All three of them fit the Ali lookalike description.

Spencer had said that she felt like Charles was familiar, like an old friend or pen pal. So maybe this is her subconscious feeling familiar because they knew each other at Radley. 

The Creepy Dancer

Hey guys! 

So I came to a pretty simple conclusion (aka theory) about the Creepy Dancer from Spencer’s nightmare (and btw, I think the whole dance sequence was completely unnecessary… But regardless, Maddie Ziegler killed it.) 

So how exactly did this little girl end up getting trapped in the hidden corners of Spencer’s subconscious mind? To be honest, I think there is a very straightforward explanation: 

She was simply a manifestation of the nutrition poster hanging on the wall in the basement at Radley Sanitarium… just a figment of Spencer’s imagination.

Hear me out… Spencer has definitely seen the poster at some point in her life before, that much is obvious, and somehow this little girl’s face stuck in the back of her mind indefinitely. (Sometimes we retain the tiniest details unknowingly. The brain is an amazing machine, storing information that we may have otherwise missed. With some sort of emotional trigger, we can tap into this information without even knowing it.) I once memorized the entire alphabet in sign language when I spent a whole day of the 7th grade sick in the nurse’s office (there was a poster hanging on the wall showing all the hand signals, and I still remember it to this day, many many years later.) 

I think that once Spencer’s repressed memories of the hydrotherapy room at Radley began coming back to her (thank you pot cookies), the first thing she remembered was the face from the nutrition poster. When she spots it hanging on the wall in Radley’s basement, she realizes she has definitely seen it before. The significance of this scene serves as the defining clue to let Spencer know that she isn’t just making this shit up & she really has seen that face before (and really has been in that room before.) 

I do not think that the little girl is actually a real person that Spencer once knew, because why would a model from a standard run-of-the-mill nutrition ad also be an ex-patient from Radley? It just isn’t a logical conclusion to come to, ya know? The fact that Spencer saw the poster while she was fully conscious, but saw the little girl while she was fast asleep having a nightmare while high on pot cookies, seals the deal in convincing me that the poster is the realistic object here, not the Creepy Dancer. I think she was supposed to be a metaphor representing the fact that Spencer had been in that room sometime in the distant (or maybe even recent) past. 

Due to an extreme lack of sleep, along with the relentless battle against insomnia and the sleep deprivation “A” forced her to suffer through while at the Dollhouse, Spencer’s restless mind turned this girl’s face into a twisted representation of her constant state of anxiety. 

One good thing may come out of this though. Her nightmare might have forced her to finally unlock some of the memories that she seems to have been holding back (for God knows how long). It could have been just the nudge she needs. Man, poor Spence tho. That girl is never chill… not even in her sleep.

Now, whether the last time Spencer was in that room took place during her childhood, or during her more recent stay at Radley (when she thought Toby was dead), is yet to be determined. 

I could be totally wrong, and maybe the Creepy Dancer actually is the younger version of one of the characters… And maybe the whole entire dance sequence actually does represent something important… but this is what I got out of it. And if the dance ends up being an important key to the storyline, then I stand corrected (but if there doesn’t end up being a deeper explanation about her, then I figure this could be it.) 


xo - J

so 6x04 ‘takes you back to dark spencer’ according to troian and the episode description says ‘spencer seeks help for her sleeping issues’ and she’s seen hunting through the trash in the episode stills? i think my theory from the other day about spencer going back to taking pills might be right, and maddie ziegler’s character appears in 6x05 titled ‘she’s no angel’ just after (most likely a hallucination of things from spence’s past because of the pills - what if the episode is titled that because its about spencer/ what she has done in her past and the episode will be flashbacks to her as a child)

“It’s different than what most people would think I’d be doing on the show as a little girl. Obviously the show’s creepy though so it fits in.

The scene was just with Troian. She’s really amazing! She helped me get into character.

I got most of my inspiration from my hair, my makeup, and the set — that really helped me get into character; I didn’t really practice for it. 

It’s definitely going to creep everyone out. We had to be really serious. I wish I could say more!”

-Maddie Ziegler