spencer and louise

Spencer Bonadventure Tracy |  (April 5th 1900 - June 10th 1967)

“We all have things we regret. We’ve all done those things which we ought not to have done. But don’t sit around whining and moping and regretting—If a fellow breaks his back or strains his heart he takes a strong dose of medicine of some kind and tried to build the injuries to something stronger and sounder than ever before. Well, mistakes, sins, call ‘em whatever you will, are injuries too. Mend ‘em. Make ‘em work for you. Climb up on top of them and use them for props. Quit regretting and repining and start living—it can be done.” - Spencer Tracy in Movie Classic, September 1936

“He would come home every Sunday and play tennis with us and tell wonderful stories. He was generous, funny—he loved to kid. But he was complex and also extremely sensitive. You couldn’t convey the depth of feeling he did onscreen without knowing what pain was personally.” - Susie Tracy, Spencer Tracy’s only daughter