Folk Punk is Dead; Plan-It-X Fest 2016

PIX Fest 2016 you were too good to us. We managed to distribute everything that’s been in our tabling box for the last year! Hundreds of zines, a stack of books, tshirts, stickers, and everything else we had. Thank you so much.

It’s refreshing to find an event that successfully brings together music fans who care about the world around them and seasoned radicals who still know how to have fun and build mutually strengthening relationships with one another. The Plan-It-X milieu is an odd one full of anarchists, punx, queers, dogs, oogles, and weirdos of all types and for the longest time we have loved it to bits.

Plan-It-X Fest is a punk festival in rural Indiana featuring 60 bands. The ‘profits’ from this years 3 day festival went to Midwest Pages to Prisoners (Prison abolition group that mails books into prisons), All Options Pregnancy Center (Provides health assistance, abortion funding, and other necessary services), and The Void (a not for profit, volunteer run, all ages, collective space in Bloomington, Indiana). There were a variety of interesting workshops (Prisoner Support, Pregnancy Options, Letterpress Printing, Whiteness & Anti-Racism, Survivor Support, and Dog Safety just to name a few), a veganaise eating contest, and lots of veggie/vegan options for food while we camped on 44 acres of beautiful wilderness. PIX Fest is a reminder of the type of world we can live in when we determine how we want to live our lives on our own terms and what is possible when we find each other.

This year was a communal mourning and celebration of the passing of Erik Peterson. Rest in Power; we will never forget you!

It was also a farewell to a band very dear to our collective hearts; Ramshackle Glory. Ramshackle Glory played a show at the Kansas City Free Store 3 years ago, they donated money to us which we desperately used to bail our comrade out of jail when they threw paint on a cop car in North-Western Missouri, and they contributed a song to our fundraiser mixtape in support of our future Anarchist Social Center in Kansas City Missouri. We love you and we will miss you. Stay in touch.

Until we meet again; Be good to each other, and fire to the prisons!

Ride Along || Ken & Spence

Kennedy pulled up and her Range Rover was big and wildly conspicuous in this area that she never seemed to find herself stopping at before. Honking her car horn upon arrival, Ken read over her texts and tried to figure out what she was getting involved in. It wasn’t that she minded being in a situation like this, but the fact that it was Spencer and the level of mystery was just so high, she didn’t know what to expect. All she knew was to be there for him and to be his getaway in case he needed it and she was going to jump to that opportunity. She hadn’t bothered to talk to him about his incident with the lady he put his hands on because she didn’t at all care. It was done and she wasn’t going to interrogate him about it, especially after it seemed that he paid the price for it. He knew he was wrong, he didn’t need to hear it from her as well. Taking a deep breath and keeping the car idling, she sat back in her seat and pulled her sunglasses up into her hair as she waited.



@actual-barton-ass and I got our matching Red Vs Blue themed Michael J. Caboose tattoos for our recently deceased best friend Abbi. 

We used @roysyesterdayjam ‘s Caboose shirt helmet design, as she never got to see the shirt we got for her for christmas this year. 

Thank you @roosterteeth for making the show that brought the three of us closer together. The quotes are from “Don’t Say It” RVB season 10. Caboose is the only character that was truly fitting for her. Took us 9 and a half hours for both pieces today and it was done at Avenging Tiger Tattoos.