who should you fight: monsterkind edition
  • roy: just dont. who sees roy and wants to fight him. hes too soft and kind. dont.
  • kip: again why??? hes just nervous and sad dont fight him. also he has like no control over his powers so who knows he could wreck ur ass just dont
  • molly: ok shes so great why would you want to fight her? also she could dunk on u so hard. dont
  • wallace: hes such a baby you could kick his ass so easily but why would you ever?
  • ben: dont fight ben he has been through so much please dont
  • pascal: he is so large and probably really sweaty and could probably kick your ass but hes really sweet please dont
  • charlie: charlie has been through so much please be nice to charlie plus he could absolutely end you. dont fight charlie
  • Louise: let louise live their life
  • sal: ok who even is sal? we may never know. fight him
  • maggie: whats wrong with maggie dont fight maggie shes too kind
  • kate: kate would kick your ass dont fight kate
  • mr crimmins: kick mr crimmins ass hes the worst
  • eno: please fight eno i love him but his dramatic ass needs to be taken down a notch
I could get a divorce any time I want. But my wife and Kate [Hepburn] like things just the way they are.

Spencer Tracy

HIs quotes sometimes make him seem like…not such a nice person? But at the same time, if Katharine Hepburn loved him he couldn’t have been all that bad? And i’m using question marks after every sentence? Because I’m not entirely convinced of what I’m saying? I think I need to stop now? 

Katharine Hepburn for the lovely katharinehxpburn 

It’s not uncommon knowledge that the sides of the Egyptian pyramids are aligned with the compass points: North, South, East, and West, which is mildly impressive since ancient Egyptians didn’t have compasses.

It’s a little more impressive when you stop to think about the fact that there was no north star back then, because over time earth’s axis wobbles with respect to the stars. We’re just lucky to live at a time when there’s a star in about the right spot.

It becomes incredibly impressive when you read the article in a 2000 issue of Nature, in which Egyptologist Kate Spence plots the errors in this alignment and shows that they drift on a predictable pattern. That pattern is the aforementioned polar wobble. This tells us two things:

1) Despite the lack of a stationary north star, the Egyptians used the stars to lay out the bases of their pyramids. They did this so carefully that we can see evidence of a 26,000-year cycle in the orientations of monuments built over a period of a few hundred years. Holy shit.

2) The start dates for the construction of each pyramid. The great pyramid of Khufu was begun in 2478 BC, plus or minus five years. Probably in October, which would have been the best time of year to make the measurement. HOLY FUCKING SHIT.