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Job AUs

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  • ‘Hey bastard this store is already closed oh wait you’re hot never mind please do come in’ AU
  • 'I’m on the verge of tears because of a rude customer and you step in and stand up for me’ AU
  • ‘I can feel you silently judging me as you ring up my purchases I swear I’m not using these for their intended purpose’ au
  • ‘Why does this cost TEN DOLLARS THIS IS AN OUTRAGE’ AU

Hairdresser AU

  • ‘You’re my regular customer and I’m in love with the feel of your hair’ AU
  • “Rumor has it that you’re a hairdresser with magic fingers and you can fix any bad hair day so that’s why I’m here’ AU

Gift store AU

  • 'Why the fuck are you choosing that for a gift to your crush’ AU
  • ‘You walk in and offer to pay me to wrap your gifts’ AU

Florist AU

  • ‘I work as a florist and every day you walk in, buy one flower and give it to me’ AU
  • ‘I work part-time in a flower shop and you keep asking me about what this flower means in flower language and I honestly don’t know so you end up giving me a lesson’ AU

Jewellery shop AU

  • 'You walk in and ask for the most expensive piece are you loaded to the gills what the fuck man’ AU
  • ‘I’m the employee and this is the first time ever I’ve met you but you buy me a necklace saying the gem compliments my eyes’ AU

Coffee Shop AU

  • I write a bad pick up line on your cup every time I’m your barista’ AU
  • 'You’re the customer and you get back at me for all the times I’ve spelt your name wrong by mispronouncing my name in increasingly horrible ways’ AU
  • 'You’re really short and cute and you buy a cup of black coffee every morning but you make weird faces as you sip it and you never finish your drink are you trying to look mature or something’ AU
  • 'Should I be concerned about how much caffeine you’re taking in’ AU

Bakery AU

  • 'Your love of strawberry shortcake really doesn’t match your appearance but i still think that’s really cute’ AU
  • 'Every morning you walk in and inhale deeply then walk back out seriously just buy something already’ AU 

Drug Store/Chemist AU

  • 'You embarrassedly place your items into the counter so I call a price check just to make you feel more awkward, but it turns out one of your items were actually overpriced’ AU

Bartender AU

  • 'You’re the bartender and you catch someone slipping something into my drink’ AU
  • ‘I ask you to concoct something from all the ingredients on the list i gave you and it ends up tasting so horrible and wrong that i can’t stop laughing’ AU

Teacher AU

  • We’re both teachers and at the end of the year we compare how many gifts we’ve received from students and you’ve won for the past three years’ AU
  • 'Romeo and Juliet of the math and english dept. in school’ AU

Writer AU

  • I’m a writer and when it gets close to my deadlines I neglect taking care of myself so you’ll pop in my house every so often to make sure I’m doing okay’ AU

Fast food Chain AU

  • ‘You just ordered a smile and I look at you like you’re batshit insane before bursting out into laughter’ AU
  • ‘You’re an employee and I have a crush on you so when you hand me the soft serve I accidentally grab it by the ice cream instead of the cone’ AU
  • ‘We have a free refill policy for soft drink and you’ve prepared several empty bottles what the fuck’ AU

Corner Shop AU

  • ‘I see you come in here every day to buy the same drink and one day I leave a message on the bottle’ AU
  • ‘You run in looking really panicked and you ask for 6 gallons of milk why’ AU


Restaurant AU

  • ‘You’re a famous critique and I’m a server and I get so nervous that I trip and spill the dish all over you’ AU
  • ‘You’ve always been a good cook so I encouraged your start your own restaurant and seven years down the track you own one of the most successful businesses’ AU

Idol/Manger AU

  • ‘I’m your manager and holy shit you have crazy fans’ AU
  • ‘You’re an idol and you got the lead role in a romance drama and you practice at my expense’ AU
  • ‘Can you please act appropriately do you know just how many of your fuck ups I’ve had to cover up last week’ AU 

Firefighter AU

  • ‘You’ve just been saved from a burning building and you’re begging to go back in to save your pet cat’ AU
  • No that’s impossible how the fuck did you manage to get it to catch fire?!” AU

Sex Line Operator AU

  • ‘I called you because I was curious and wow you have a very soothing voice can you please sing me to sleep’ AU
  • ‘I have a very cute neighbour and very thin walls and one day I call you and err your moans are very synchronised with my neighbour’s’ AU

And Finally:

  • You’re a drug lord and I think I’ve just walked into your drug den’ AU

sorry not sorry

Soap Series (PT.1)

Soap Series is basically just a series of AUs where Binu is the main ship. All AUs are different, but theyโ€™re going to be connected to each other.

Each of these parts are dedicated to my wife @aroha-x-astro I love you Binnie~~ I promised her that I would make her Binu fluff when we first met, so lol here I am to make it up.ย 

Itโ€™s also been the longest time since I posted my writing, so I feel as if my skills are a bit rusty lolol.

โ€˜Youโ€™re the customer and you get back at me for all the times Iโ€™ve spelt your name wrong by mispronouncing my name in increasingly horrible waysโ€™ AU

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exclusivity update.     my mains page/exclusives is up but i never made a proper announcement that @donapirata and i are exclusives  ! because i love *looks at smudged writing on hand* edamame. if you’d like to be added & be mains/exclusives let me know !

It’s your girl Lydia, back again with some saphael recommendations!

I am entirely devoted to malec, but this ship is seriously underrated and I’m bringing it to light, so here we go!

A few notes from the compiler:

I still haven’t figured it out, is compiler even a word???

Again, please excuse my editing skills, this one is worse than the last one

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you all have @wontloseyou to thank for this, thank you for requesting it!

As always, we are #blessed

Night Hours by carstairsjems (1,5k) Rating: General Audiences

What were Raphael and Simon really thinking during the whole ‘stick around’ scene in 1x11? And what happened after Clary’s departure?

“I like the way you handled yourself in this negotiation.” Raphael says, pleasantly surprised by Simon’s bravery to stand up to him and his loyalty to his friends. Maybe one day that loyalty would be transferred to Raphael and the clan. He hopes so. He hates the jealousy that wells within him when the fledgling chooses the Shadowhunters over him. ‘No,’ Raphael reprimands himself. ‘Over the clan, I mean.’ “Stick around.”

Pizza by RazzmatazzWillow (0,9k) Rating: General Audiences

Based on a tumblr prompt from @gabrielthetricksterarchangel: who gets hungry in the middle of the night and who walks into the kitchen the next morning to find the first person passed out on the floor surrounded by pizza crusts?

side effects of pretending to be in love by themadtilde (1,7k) Rating: Teen

“I want you to pretend to be my boyfriend,” said Raphael, slowly unfolding his hands form where they were placed on the desk before him.

Pointing North by Thewholocked (1k) Rating: General Audiences

“As far as Simon knew, everyone was born with a compass on their forearm, just below the wrist. Some of them were colored with swirling patterns, some of them were plain, some of them looked ancient and no one knew why, they just accepted it.”

AU where a person is born with a compass that leads them to their soulmate

in another universe by themadtilde (0,9k) Raeting: Teen

Saw this on tumblr: Simon gets stuck in AU just to find out the Raphael Santiago is his boyfriend there and wrote it.

too good to be good for me, too bad that that’s all I need  by moriartyscupoftea (2,3k) Rating: Teen

In which Simon and Raphael go and meet Raphael’s bitter ex old friend, and Simon realizes some things.

“I want you to come with me,” Raphael admitted, probably aiming for casual, but to Simon he sounded embarrassed and anxious. Simon was, if possible, even more confused. “Why would you want me there? I’m not very good at this, this vampirething yet, if you haven’t noticed.” Raphael mumbled something under his breath, which sounded suspiciously like 'how could I have missed that’.

Excuses by kuro1neko2kun (2,2k) Rating: Teen

Simon tries to convince his mom that everything is a-okay and he’s definitely not doing drugs. Things go…interestingly

Mine by babybunnyhunny (1,6k) Rating: Teen

After a long day of hanging out with the shadowhunter gang at the institute, Simon returns to the hotel to find a very irritated and possibly jealous Raphael waiting for him.

Flirting 101 by TrickyVicky3 (3,1k) Rating: Not Rated

Raphael sighs, shaking his head more to himself than anything else as he reaches down for Simon and pulls the other boy up again. “That will be all for today” he pulls the bottom of his tank top up, using the material to wipe away sweat, unaware of Simon’s gaze tracking over his abdomen. “You did good but not good enough, even if you pinning me down was kind of hot”

the art of asking your frenemy on a date by themadtilde (2,8k) Rating: Teen

“Well, how would you have done it? If you were going to ask someone out on your first date. What would Simon Lewis do to make the person you’re frenemies with, agree to go on a date with you?”
“I would do it like this. Raphael Santiago, would you like to go to the movies with me?”
“That wa - what?”

or: Three times Raphael tried to ask Simon on a date, and one time Simon asked him instead.

Texts from Last Night by kuro1neko2kun (0,5k) Rating: Teen

(915): I told you I was good to drive

(1-915): dumbass I drove… you sat in the passengers seat and steered with a paper plate

algunos cosas son del destino by moriartyscupoftea (1,5k) Rating: Teen

Simon is pretty sure Raphael is going to murder him one day, and it’s all going to be Clary’s fault, somehow.

"Listen, guys,” he started. “I don’t think you realize what kind of schedules vampires keep.” Everyone present - Clary, Jace, Izzy and Alec - looked at him with confusion. “What do you mean?” Jace asked, frowning more than usual. Simon gulped. “Imean, it’s, what, three o'clock? Raphael’s sleeping.” Or at least had been when Simon had sneaked out of the bed. “Or, you know, probably is. I wouldn’t know, personally, but it’s an educated guess.” Izzy looked at him with raised brows. Simon was seriously starting to think that his rambling was becoming a problem.

Fuzzy Feelings by kuro1neko2kun (1,1k) Rating: General Audiences 

“I just came out of surgery and I’m convinced you’re my partner but you’re the just the long suffering (and super hot) nurse” AU

forever isn’t too long, when i’m right where i belong  by moriartyscupoftea (4,1k) Rating: Teen

Raphael sat on the living room chair, the cup of tea Magnus had practically forced on him balanced on his knee, while Magnus himself was slouched on the sofa, laughing. “You,” he wheezed in between hysterical fits of giggles, “are going to propose? To Simon?” Raphael pursed his lips, praying for strength from anyone.

I know what you are (say it) bisexual by thankyouforexisting (6,3k) Rating: Teen

Simon tells himself,

It’s not gay, it’s not gay, I’m totally not checking him out, he just had that stain on his right trouser leg….

Raphael is, apparently, a rich as fuck vampire, because the suit shop they go in is fancy as hell. They park in the basement, because, uh, sunlight, and even though dusk has fallen it’s better to be safe than sorry (sorry meaning dead). Raphael keeps smirking, which does nothing to help Simon’s inner mantra that consists of

I’m straight, I’m straight holy fuck is he licking his lip- I’m straight..

“This,” the vampire announces as they walk into the shop, smiling faintly, looking, almost for the first time since Simon’s met him, as if he’s relaxed, “is the greatest place in the world, Simon Lewis.”

He looks at him then, grinning, eyes dark, shining, looking more polished than ever but somehow oddly vulnerable, and Simon’s breath hitches, his insides turning to goo.

His mantra becomes

Let me not jump him, or, at least, not in public..

Customer Satisfication by kuro1neko2kun (2,1k) Rating: Teen

You’re the customer and you get back at me for all the times I’ve spelt your name wrong by mispronouncing my name in increasingly horrible ways’ AU

your left hand man by finkpishnets (4k) Rating: Teen

“Okay,” Simon says, shoving a shirt back into the overly ornate closet that takes up half his room, “this isn’t a nineties movie. There’s not going to be a shopping montage to indie rock chick music, and even though tiny backpacks are probably cool again, please don’t ever buy one.”

Raphael looks at him like he’s a moron. “Do you even understand half the stuff that comes out of your mouth?”

then you’ll wake up by finkpishnets (3,5) Rating: Teen

“How is the training going?” Clary asks, and Simon shrugs, resisting the urge to pull a face.

“Well, Raphael hasn’t staked me yet, so that’s progress.”

5 Times Simon Thought Raphael Was Insulting Him In Spanish (+One Time Simon Realized He Wasn’t) by lizards (6k) Rating: Teen

Raphael likes to lowkey compliment Simon, the only problem is that Simon highkey has no freaking clue what he’s saying.

When’s a monster not an monster? by scalira (7,5k) Rating: General Audiences

Oh, when you love it.

Welcome home by Shadowspeaker (12,5k) Rating: Teen

“Dios,” He whispers to himself, rubbing his face, but it doesn’t take away the absurd thought that’s crossed his mind. He types back a reply eventually and then rolls onto his back to stare at the ceiling. In the dark, the shape of coffee brown iris’ and plush pink lips smiling form. Raphael rolls over with a frustrated growl and grabs up his phone again sending the texts quickly before he can change his mind.

Raphael invites Simon home to meet his family

Not-So Secret Desires by babybunnyhunny (1,7k) Rating: Mature 

With Raphael out meeting with important vampires, Simon thinks he’ll finally have some alone-time. However, his night ends up going way differently then he expected…

I hope I did an okay job, please reblog and share it so as many people as possible get to see it and use it! I appreciate you all and thank you!

/Lydia Isabelle


i did one 30 second doodle every day last week before i went to bed and here are the results ! i’ve only doodled mob and dimple before this so everyone else was p experimental but i think they turned out cute

Dooooooooooooooooone! That Monopoly Draw the Squad meme with the Five Night’s at Freddy’s guards plus Purps and the Violet guy. 

All of these designs all of them are © @blasticheart (I am very sorry for using them for such a goofy thing ><)

I changed some expressions from the original meme to be in character as well

please do not repost, alter, trace, remove my sig/watermark/caption, remove Blastic’s DS or be generally rude thank you

anonymous asked:

Could you rec some good male models for aesthetic posts?


heres a list i have accumlated ( i put their nationalities on too bc why not)

(bolded = my faves)

Adonis Bosso - Canada 

Adrien Sahores - France 

Anton Lisin - Russia 

Anderson Weisheimer - Brazil

Arthur Gosse - France  

Ash Stymest - England   

Bastien Bonizec - France  

Baptiste Radufe - France

Benjamin Eidem - Sweden

Benjamin Jarvis - England   

Branko Maselj - Slovenia

Clement Chabernaud - France  

Darwin Gray - England  

Diego Barrueco - Spain 

Dzhovani Gospodinov - Belgium

Florian Neuville - Belgium

Francisco Lachowski - Brazil

Giaro Giarratana - Italy 

Janis Ancens - Latvia

Joe Collier - England    

Jonathan Bauer Hayden - French

Leon Flint - England   

Linus Wordemann - Germany  

Lucky Blue Smith - America  

Luis Batalha - Portugal

Nathan Saignes - France   

Nick Bracewell - Spain  

Marc Schulze - Germany  

Markel Williams - America (i think)

Mathias Lauridsen - Denmark

Matthew Bell - England   

Matt Hitt - England  

Paul Craddock - America  

Reece King - England 

Robbie Beeser - Canada

Serge Rigvava - Austria

Tim Borrmann - Germany   

Timur Simakov - Russia  

Tom Webb- England   

Willy Cartier - France   

Victor Norlander - Sweden

Yuri Pleskun - Ukraine

Sometimes boys say the right thing about my height
  • I stopped in Starbucks and this young kid behind the counter asked after taking my order
  • Barista: "If you don't mind can I ask how tall you are?"
  • Me: "6'1"."
  • Barista: "Wow! That's taller than me! That's awesome!"
  • Me: "Thanks. I get that a lot."

wunderlanded  asked:

Hey, I was wondering if you had any romantic Simon and Raphael? Thank you!!

You should find what you’re looking for in the Saphael tag (also found on the tags page)! All of them are romantic Saphael, except for Coffee for Two and a couple fics/headcanons that could be read as either romantic or platonic. Since there aren’t that many in that tag, I’ll also make a list below. Hope this helps!

This is the same setup as my Malec Alphabet, just with Saphael this time around! If you have any letter suggestions, please let me know! I will update things as quickly as possible! Each letter is not related to the others unless otherwise specified! Each chapter is a one-shot that has to do with Saphael in some way shape or form!

‘You’re the customer and you get back at me for all the times I’ve spelt your name wrong by mispronouncing my name in increasingly horrible ways’ AU

Now that Cain’s Mark had been removed Simon would be a target of many Downworlders. There’s one person who is willing to give him the needed protection, but it wouldn’t come for free. Mild spoilers for COFA.

“Come into these arms again/and lay your body down/…Love o, love o… damned forever.” Simon/Raphael

Simon lives with the clan but will some new emotions cause conflict? I suck at summaries! YAY! read if you want! Simon / Raphael

Raphael teaches Simon a thing or two about love, but Simon seems to think he already knows enough.

“I just came out of surgery and I’m convinced you’re my partner but you’re the just the long suffering (and super hot) nurse” AU

(915): I told you I was good to drive

(1-915): dumbass I drove… you sat in the passengers seat and steered with a paper plate

When Simon is drunk, he gets talkative, and sometimes things he was meaning to keep a secret slip out. This causes many headaches for Clary, and much amusement for Raphael. (A Valentine’s gift for @raphaelsantiagosavedhimself on tumblr. <3)

Te amo Te amo Te amo…

Raphael and Simon early morning

Simon and Raphael are trying to get used to sharing a bed.

anonymous asked:

"You’re the customer and you get back at me for all the times I’ve spelt your name wrong by mispronouncing my name in increasingly horrible ways" with everyone's favorite feisty chilly pepper, Chuuya โ™ก

Okay okay okay this is really late and I’m SO SORRY!! Pleases forgive me! *crying face while handing out cute fic* I tried my hardest on this, because we all know that Chuuya would totally get all fired up and make it uncomfortable! Enjoy!

Sidenote: I realized that I didn’t write this in my typical format after I had it all written and uploaded, so if that bothers you please let me know and I’ll fix it!!

Day One

“Mornin’. What do you want today?” Chuuya gazes at you in an uninterested form with his blue eyes, his arms languidly crossed. You huff teasingly and stare up at the board behind him, pretending to decide what to order. His fingers drum against his upper arm impatiently as he tries not to scowl.

“Good morning Chuuya!” You lean forward, a little too close for his comfort, and give him a wide smile. He looks away with a sigh, trying to calm his heart. “I’ll take the same as every other day.” He nods in reply and holds his hand out without speaking, which you place your cash into. The orange haired male walks away from the counter to make your coffee, and you watch his muscles move under his shirt.

Shaking your head at yourself, you patiently wait for your drink. ‘He can’t possibly be more handsome. Who knew that you’d have a crush on the coffee boy.’ You snicker at yourself, placing a hand over your mouth.

“What the hell are you laughing at?” Chuuya appears before you suddenly, his hand holding your coffee before you. With a final dying chuckle, you move to grab the cup. Your fingers brush his, and a shiver travels down your spine. The male quickly moves his hand away, glaring at you. “Watch what you’re doing!” You turn away as quickly as you can to hide your face, and give a silent wave as you exit the coffee shop.

With a sigh you take a sip of your coffee. “Perfection as always.” Looking both ways, you make the quick walk across the street to your car. Before opening the door, you glance down at the cup and see his sloppy writing on the cup. You smile and move to open the door, but freeze when you look at the cup again. “That bastard butchered my name!”

Day Two

“Good morning!” You cheerily greet the shop owner as you step into the sweet aroma of coffee beans. You inhale deeply as you make your way to the counter, to see the usual orange haired male leaning against the counter. His bored expression makes you chuckle, to which his eyes shoot up.

“How the hell are you so happy in the morning.” He grumbles, standing up straight and looking at you with slitted eyes. He turns his back to you, moving quickly to make your coffee.

“Hey, you didn’t even ask what I wanted today, Chaw-ya.” You grin to yourself, happy with your idea. You hear a grunt from the male across the counter.

“You order the same thing..Oi! What did you just call me?” He turns quickly, hands stalled mid-movement, as he shoots daggers at you with his blue eyes. You shuffle your feet under his gaze, but just grin at him.

“Well you see, Chew-yu, you apparently don’t know how to spell my name despite how long I’ve been coming here. I just noticed this yesterday, so I’ve taken matters into my own hands.” You lean against the counter causally, watching his face contort in frustration. He whips around to finish your drink, and you yet again notice his muscles bulging against his too tight tee.

“Whatever twerp.” He says gruffly as he places your cup on the table. You pay for it quickly, staring at his face. His chiseled chin pairs nicely with his bright blues, and you feel a heat spreading across your face once more. “What are you staring at? Keep your damn eyes to yourself.”

Quickly looking down, you grab your coffee and make your way to the door. “See you tomorrow!” You say nervously as you exit the shop, coffee in hand. Once at your car, you glance at the cup and notice something different written in his sloppy handwriting. “Does the guy even know how to spell? Honestly.” With a shake of your head, you look at the shop and see a blur of orange moving from the window.

Day Five

“Honestly, how can you afford this much coffee a week? Don’t you have anything better to do with your life?” Chuuya brushes his orange hair out of his face, slamming his hand on the counter. You smile and wave as you enter the shop, laughing at his words.

“You like seeing me every morning, don’t deny it.”

A scoff erupts from his lips. “Don’t press your luck. As if.” He grabs a cup from the stack next to him, and waits impatiently for you to order.

“Oh you’re waiting today? How generous of you.” You tap your fingers on the counter, making the male’s eyebrow twitch in annoyance.

“Cut that the hell out!” He points at your hand before turning away from you. The smell of freshly brewed coffee fills the shop, and you let out a content sigh.

“Okay, okay Cha-ya. I won’t annoy you anymore.” You lace your fingers together to stop from tapping, but the male before you stops his movements suddenly. He turns to you with fire in his eyes, almost crushing the cup in his hand.

“What the fuck did you call me? I have a name, pronounce it correctly!” His voice erupts into frustration, to which you raise your eyebrows. He lets out a deep sigh and puts the cup on the counter.

“Ah, now we have a temper don’t we?” You sneer and lean over the counter, looking into his blue eyes with your own e/c ones. “I just love to see your face contort like that.” You smile with a chuckle, watching Chuuya take a couple of breaths before stepping up to the counter.

“Don’t press your luck twerp.” He pushes the cup towards you with a huff. You smile and grab the cup, placing your money on the counter next to it.

“Until next time.” You wave and push the door open, but turn back to add one more thing. “Chu-yea.” A rather loud, frustrated yell could be heard as you let the door click shut.

A couple of weeks later

“Alright, alright I get it.” You grin while leaning one arm on the counter. “You love it when I say your name terribly, right? That’s why you keep spelling my name wrong.” Chuuya huffs and crosses his arms, shaking his head.

“Why would I want your attention? You’re just annoying.” He doesn’t look at you when he says this, but opts to look out the large window facing the street. “This has been going on for weeks, just say my damn name right already.”

“Nuh-uh. This is much more fun.” You give a cheeky grin, after sipping your coffee. You had begun to stick around the shop for a bit after getting your sweetly bitter drink to talk to the orange haired male. He growls and places his palms onto the counter.

“Don’t fuck with me. I’m serious.” His eyes gleam with anger as he glares at you. Unfortunately for him, you two were around the same height so it didn’t have much effect. You reach across the counter and flick his arm jokingly.

“Oh no, I have fucked with the monster. What will I ever do?” You fake a scared tone, to which the blue eyed male across from you can’t help but chuckle. His laugh is deep and rich, making your heart swell. “Alright, while this is fun, I may be late to work now. I’ll see you tomorrow morning.” You turn and wave at Chuuya, but notice that he is looking down at the counter and mumbling to himself. “You won’t see me tomorrow.”

“Weird. He usually glares at me as I leave.” You shrug and sip your coffee before looking to see what ridiculous thing has been written this time. Your eyes grow wide as you realize that your name is spelt correctly for the first time in what seems like forever.


I get out at 6 so you better be here at that time. Say my name properly this time.