Wanna talk about timelines and deadlines?

I was reading “Everyday Magic” by Dorothy Morrison and she has this thing about how if something doesn’t happen within 21 days of a spell’s casting, she basically calls it a failure and does the spell again or another spell. She then goes on to talk about magic boosters (or correspondences).

I personally don’t have a deadline for spells that close. I at least like seeing evidence of the spell within a month, but I’ve seen spells take years. But for me, most of my magic deals with long term changes.So, my weight loss spell didn’t put me on a diet. It’s slowly shifting my lifestyle and eating habits, whereas my spell/curse buster for someone else worked as soon as the candle burned out. For me, the time a spell takes is relative to the task at hand. But, I’ve never really thought about it. I think I’m going to start timing the next few spells, I have coming up here. I am sooooooo bad at spell reaffirmations. Bad as in, typically don’t do them at all even though I know I really should. Although, I do take time to think about them and throw energy at the goal, but I don’t do the full fledged reaffirmation.

So, timelines and deadlines.

  • What defines a spell as successful?
  • Do you have a rule of time in which your magic has to work in order to be successful?
  • What do you do after that time has passed?
  • Do you have a rule on reaffirming spells? Do you reaffirm spells at all?
  • Are you a thinking and energy flinger like me, or do you actually have reaffirmation rituals?

If you have something to say about spells and timing, I’d like to hear it.

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