Wrath on a Stick?

Back after a long hiatus, I’m going to get back on some card-of-the day!  I’m preparing a full week in advance, so let’s take this opportunity to get a theme going!  This is Sheth's Spellshaper week, featuring some of the finest of Magic’s activated abilities available.  As a bonus, note that every card shown in this article can be easily obtained online for under one dollar!

For those who haven’t discovered these wonderful creatures as of yet, Spellshaper is a creature type hailing from Mercadian Masques.  All of these creatures can reproduce spells from magic’s history.  By paying the associated spell’s cost, tapping the creature, and discarding a card, you get that spell’s effect.  Spellshapers can effectively turn any card in your hand into a different spell.  This makes them great when you’re flooding out on extra lands, and excellent toolkits for reanimation decks.

Today we’ll start with the best of the white spellshapers.  Perhaps the most notable is from a cycle of legends in prophecy. These spellshapers are unique, as each ask for two cards, in return producing a significantly more powerful spell.  White’s member is fairly well known for making the board a scary place.  Wrath on demand, Mageta the Lion:

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