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Witchy Ways To Protect Yourself/Protection Spells

NOTE: Many of these are my own invention, just thought you should know. 

By protection I am referring to spiritual protection and protection from negative energy and bad spells. I am also suggesting the use of these (not in place of actual psychiatric help) for people with anxiety disorders and other disorders that can cause paranoia. Using these for nightmares could also be beneficial.

For these you don’t need ingredients (except two of these of course) so even closeted witches can do them. 

Plant Helpers

-If you want to use something alive for protection then ferns and cactuses might be a good plants to use. Keep in mind this is my own invention but blessing the plant by charging them can help keep bad things away. Put an emotion (a positive one such as peace, love, happiness, etc.) Into the plant. You don’t necessarily have to touch the plant themselves but you can touch the pot they are in. Close your eyes and picture a light of the color of your choice surrounding the plant. Imagine that light going into every part of the plant and then spreading out to touch you and the room. Picture a lock in the middle of the light that locks itself to keep you safe. You can also whisper this to the plant: “Dear little friend, keep me safe unto the end.”

-Imagine your heart. See it beating within your chest. Envision a flower of your choice flowing from it and wrapping you in its roots. Repeat to yourself: “All is well and I am safe, from here to every space. The plant shall hold me safe and sound, to protect me from what’s around.”

Animal Helpers

-Put snake statues at every corner of the room you sleep in. This is what the Ancient Egyptians did to fight off nightmares.

-Picture your heart (it doesn’t have to be anatomically accurate). Envision a glowing ball of light flowing out of it and transforming into an animal that brings you comfort, be it a real or mythical animal and in the color of your choice. See that animal gently leaping from your chest to the floor of the room you are in. Imagine that they are encircling your body in a blanket of light that surrounds all parts of you almost like a mummy. As they tuck the last of the blanket around you, slowly repeat these words: “Friend of joy, friend of light; keep me safe each day and night.”


-Imagine a light comes from within your heart or brain and envelopes you in a bubble. Feel the warmth of this bubble around you and see the way it holds you safe and sound. Know that all bad energies will bounce off the bubble and not reach you. 

How do spells actually work?

Before casting one, you should know the basic concepts of this! 

Spellwork has a lot of different forms. Some people compose their spells in the form of prayer to their deity of choice, ask spirits to aid and guide them and others simply do everything themselves. People who don’t even believe in spellwork cast spells all the time. But what makes a spell ‘work’?

Spellwork is at the most basic level, energy manipulation. It is the process of you putting your personal energy into the world in the direction of a certian goal to enact change. You have pushed this energy out into the world, given it a direction and it is pushing energy at your goal and causing a shift. The chain of how this works may differ depending on who you ask but this is a very basic principle of spellwork.

So it’s important to keep in mind that casting a spell does not mean your goal will happen. It just shifts things a little more in your favour, makes things more likely. Spellwork is an aid to real life situations, it can not create them. It means that there is a higher chance of your goal happening, but nothing is definite. You still need to work towards your goals outside of witchcraft! The spell is there to help you but it can not do all of the work.

Frequently Asked Questions:

So how do deities and spirits come into this?

Many people pray, have rituals or make offerings to deities to ask them for their aid. This is essentially the same thing as casting a spell, only they are also appealing towards a divine source to aid them in putting that energy. In regards to spirits, it is the same thing. People are asking that spirits lend their energy or protection.

Can I cast a spell to win the lottery?

You can, but don’t expect to win. The odds are so impossibly high that the small amount of favor a spell will grant you likely won’t make much of a difference.

What do you mean by energy?

The basic energy that lets you live your daily life. It can be the adrenaline when you go running. Think of the anticipation you get before you do something, the rising sense of excitement and nerves. All of that can be put into spellwork. You can also use extreme emotions such as anger, happiness, joy, sadness…

Do you have any proof that this works?

Aside personal experience and the experiences of the Pagan community as a whole? No. But there’s no proof of any religion aside from people’s personal experiences. Millions believe in those. If you’re on a witchcraft blog looking at this in the first place then I’m not sure why you’d ask for proof.

Oikawa: /eating lunch

Ushijima: Lunch is better at Shiratorizawa

Oikawa: /doing homework

Ushijima: Homework is better at Shiratorizawa

Oikawa: /practicing volleyball

Ushijima: Volleyball is better at Shiratorizawa

Oikawa: /taking a shower

Ushijima: Showers are better at Shi–

Oikawa: GET OUT

I’ve been staring at the image and Akashi is probably proud of his new plan that makes the training 100x harder “for everyone’s improvement” *proud Akashi*

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I like Hayashi Yuu san. He makes me care about Ogiwara more. He’s so sweet and cute in his interviews and he fanboys Ogiwara so much haha. He’s so honest about his feelings. I’m happy that he got the part of Ogiwara’s voice actor. I don’t know if I should spell Yuu as You. You is what he uses in SCREEN mode but when writing in English, people might mistake that it’s the Japanese spelling of his name and think it’s pronounced yoh-ooh?? *scratches beard*

Interview with Ono Kenshou (Kuroko Tetsuya) and Hayashi Yuu (Ogiwara Shigehiro)

From Pash May Issue

The OP song is a song of hope towards the future

The ED song is a song of contradictory feelings

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Norman Bates 2.0?: A Deep* Look into Mako.

We polled 100 regular people JUST LIKE YOU about what came to mind when they thought of our favorite detective, and the responses were overwhelming.

But we here at the Center for Something think everyone’s missing the big picture. It’s absolutely no secret in fanon (and in canon) that people view Mako as the “mother figure.” Let me regale you with some actual, canon moments.

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But there’s a problem. I have been eating. And no matter what I eat, I’m still hungry.

Hmm. Do you have any other gastrointestinal symptoms? The squirts? The runs? Montezuma’s Revenge? The trickles? Seeping Anus? McGregor’s Dribble? Psycho Discharge? The Horror Breeze?

My tummy hurts a little.

Hmmmm. HMMMMMM. OK. Do you know any spells?


Cure1 should work. Cure2 if you have it.

Uh …

I mean, if you’re saving your Mana for later, we can try something else. Do you have any potions?


Well that’s easily handled. How big’s your cauldron?

I do not have a cauldron.

Man, it’s no wonder you keep getting into these pickles. You know, I’m beginning to think you should maybe take your problem to a doctor or other medical professional.

So You’ve Lost Control Of Your Body To Parasites


So this is a Bucky x Reader imagine. I usually do imagines with characters who aren’t in a relationship but sometimes if you ask me to do imagines with a couple already in a relationship, I can try. I’ll just need time to get to know the couple. Sorry for any spelling/grammar mistakes!!

LISTEN  You should also know both songs that the person in here sings is rock songs. 

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Through the smoke filled haze, you could see you friend Natasha leading a man to a table and quickly ordered some drink for the both of them. When she texted you and said she would be bringing a friend along from the Avengers to listen to you sing, you figured it would be Captain America or Thor but not this man. Turning to the band you nodded your head and he began to play.

You swayed to the music before singing into the mic at the correct time. Many conversations stopped as they turned to face you. You kept a hat in the front for tips or donations anyone liked to give you.

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