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orriculum’s witchcraft 101 masterpost ✨

✨ basics:

unpacking witchcraft - spell types some basic terms to know methods for spells grounding, a quick how-to how to write your own spells - resources when to cast a spell - by weekdays when to cast a spell - by time of day ✧  low effort witchcraft ✧ how to cleanse

✨ tools:

tools of witchcraft overviewa witch’s wand building a broom/besom correspondence resource  ✧  on making moon water  ✧    understanding herb associations with rosemary  ✧   herbs for spells : grocery store vs. home grown vs. edible wilds  ✧   grounding  ✧  disposing of spell materials  ✧  nullifying spells  ✧ how to substitute in a spell

✨ you should know:

“to be a witch” falsehoods other witches and you witchcraft and the law difference between a witch and a herbalist self care for the witch when your spell fails tarot and pendulums can get it wrong

How do spells actually work?

Before casting one, you should know the basic concepts of this! 

Spellwork has a lot of different forms. Some people compose their spells in the form of prayer to their deity of choice, ask spirits to aid and guide them and others simply do everything themselves. People who don’t even believe in spellwork cast spells all the time. But what makes a spell ‘work’?

Spellwork is at the most basic level, energy manipulation. It is the process of you putting your personal energy into the world in the direction of a certian goal to enact change. You have pushed this energy out into the world, given it a direction and it is pushing energy at your goal and causing a shift. The chain of how this works may differ depending on who you ask but this is a very basic principle of spellwork.

So it’s important to keep in mind that casting a spell does not mean your goal will happen. It just shifts things a little more in your favour, makes things more likely. Spellwork is an aid to real life situations, it can not create them. It means that there is a higher chance of your goal happening, but nothing is definite. You still need to work towards your goals outside of witchcraft! The spell is there to help you but it can not do all of the work.

Frequently Asked Questions:

So how do deities and spirits come into this?

Many people pray, have rituals or make offerings to deities to ask them for their aid. This is essentially the same thing as casting a spell, only they are also appealing towards a divine source to aid them in putting that energy. In regards to spirits, it is the same thing. People are asking that spirits lend their energy or protection.

Can I cast a spell to win the lottery?

You can, but don’t expect to win. The odds are so impossibly high that the small amount of favor a spell will grant you likely won’t make much of a difference.

What do you mean by energy?

The basic energy that lets you live your daily life. It can be the adrenaline when you go running. Think of the anticipation you get before you do something, the rising sense of excitement and nerves. All of that can be put into spellwork. You can also use extreme emotions such as anger, happiness, joy, sadness…

Do you have any proof that this works?

Aside personal experience and the experiences of the Pagan community as a whole? No. But there’s no proof of any religion aside from people’s personal experiences. Millions believe in those. If you’re on a witchcraft blog looking at this in the first place then I’m not sure why you’d ask for proof.

The power of queer love

Hey guys, I haven’t abandoned you all. I try to work on the videos as much as I can, but as you all now, that takes forever. The videos used to take me like a week, but they also used to be crap, and I’ll take quality over quantity anyday.

I literally leave school in like eight (school days) with literally no plans for the summer. So therefore, the power of queer love can finally triumph over all those damn AP classes and finals and musicals and choir and blahhhhhh

Videos to expect over the summer: Sterek (currently working on and have made significant progress in), Wolfstar, Klance, and some Queer History videos?? (I’m basing this MOSTLY on requests so if your favorite ship isn’t here it’s not because I hate you).

This isn’t a definite list, but it’s what I plan to do, and hopefully it’ll be all worthwhile. Since it’s taken so long, and all I’ve uploaded in months was the april fools video that I had on my hard drive for months, expect some high quality (for YouTube, of course) videos.

tldr: I have time now and expect videos during the summer! Spam me with requests if you want your favorite ship to get a video! I want to make videos that will make you guys laugh, and I have a lot of fun doing it, so don’t be afraid that I won’t like it, so just request away.

Happy Pride!!!

drumming song (m)

requestfantasy au ; dark faerie!tae. for @lthyl ♡

pairing: taehyung | reader
genre: angst, smut
word count: 7.048
warnings: none.

The shift in the atmosphere is thick and sharp the moment you enter the house. On the outside, there was barely a sound shifting the air — only an unsettling silence as you watched the magnanimous house rising right in front of you, tainted by the stutter of your heart that seemed to want to get out of your chest.

You were nervous, body buzzing before you opened the unlocked door and entered what looked like another dimension. From the outside, you’d guess it was just another abandoned house — with its darkened windows and unkempt garden, jagged walls and gloomy atmosphere; the ghost of a residence that stirred with past lives.

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How to give constructive comment to fanfic/fanart creator

Now, we fanfic/fanart creators love sexy comment on our work, but sometimes I see that people just don’t know how to do it properly. Here’s a little guidance on how to do it, if you see something that we can improve you can:

- State what is in our work that you think can improve

- Give us the link or reference to where we can research

- Or just send us heart and watch as we blushing so hard we can boil an egg with our faces.

Example: “I like your work so much, however sometimes the line are quite weird, do you mind re-reading your work after you finished it, or get someones proofreading it for you?”

“I think you can improve with body drawing by doing this research on this page allpose.com, you can learn so much on that!”

If you criticize our work based on your ego or you just want to feel better about yourself because I don’t know, you just like to bully people like:

“Being an amateur suck you should stop”

“Maybe No hope no fear will be better if you know how to spell”

“Dude you have issue you should go to therapy”

I saw some cyber-bully around Tumblr lately I shit you not I don’t like it. If you want to be critical you’d better be less self-centered, if you don’t like something just be polite and leave, because there’s other people out there that loves it.

Better to say nothing than sprouting nonsense. Keep our fandom healthy.

Witchy Ways To Protect Yourself/Protection Spells

NOTE: Many of these are my own invention, just thought you should know. 

By protection I am referring to spiritual protection and protection from negative energy and bad spells. I am also suggesting the use of these (not in place of actual psychiatric help) for people with anxiety disorders and other disorders that can cause paranoia. Using these for nightmares could also be beneficial.

For these you don’t need ingredients (except two of these of course) so even closeted witches can do them. 

Plant Helpers

-If you want to use something alive for protection then ferns and cactuses might be a good plants to use. Keep in mind this is my own invention but blessing the plant by charging them can help keep bad things away. Put an emotion (a positive one such as peace, love, happiness, etc.) Into the plant. You don’t necessarily have to touch the plant themselves but you can touch the pot they are in. Close your eyes and picture a light of the color of your choice surrounding the plant. Imagine that light going into every part of the plant and then spreading out to touch you and the room. Picture a lock in the middle of the light that locks itself to keep you safe. You can also whisper this to the plant: “Dear little friend, keep me safe unto the end.”

-Imagine your heart. See it beating within your chest. Envision a flower of your choice flowing from it and wrapping you in its roots. Repeat to yourself: “All is well and I am safe, from here to every space. The plant shall hold me safe and sound, to protect me from what’s around.”

Animal Helpers

-Put snake statues at every corner of the room you sleep in. This is what the Ancient Egyptians did to fight off nightmares.

-Picture your heart (it doesn’t have to be anatomically accurate). Envision a glowing ball of light flowing out of it and transforming into an animal that brings you comfort, be it a real or mythical animal and in the color of your choice. See that animal gently leaping from your chest to the floor of the room you are in. Imagine that they are encircling your body in a blanket of light that surrounds all parts of you almost like a mummy. As they tuck the last of the blanket around you, slowly repeat these words: “Friend of joy, friend of light; keep me safe each day and night.”


-Imagine a light comes from within your heart or brain and envelopes you in a bubble. Feel the warmth of this bubble around you and see the way it holds you safe and sound. Know that all bad energies will bounce off the bubble and not reach you. 

No Nose Knows

AN: I was alone and I started writing…

@dubbrubz @anotherdirtyheadcanonblog (You guys seem alright with me tagging you in stuff. *hides*)


It all started when Nate started paying attention to his nose. Running his fingers over the bridge and nuzzling the tips of their noses together that really set it off.
The actions were completely Innocent on Nate’s part but his Nose had never exactly been Andy’s favorite part of himself.

If it wouldn’t change his voice he’d do something with it.
It was just- too big, and it upturned, and it had a weird shape to it. It wasn’t exactly straight, it was just- unbearably him.
It was his nose and it would always be his nose.
Andy thought about it mostly at night until the thoughts tired him out too much and he fell asleep. The same thoughts always on his mind when he woke up.
Today he awoke a sleepy Nate nuzzling their noses together with a big dopey grin on his face.

He smiled in spite of himself. “What’s this about?”

“I love you.” Nate said simply. Feeling the statement was reason enough.

Andy hummed and held Nate close to him. “I love you too.”

“You know you’re beautiful and adorable right?”
“Where’s this coming from?”

“You know what I especially love about you? Your nose.” Nate said with a sly look in his eyes that Andy didn’t catch considering he was too busy sifting in his spot and dropped his gaze away from Nate.


“You were talking about it in your sleep love. Why would you want a different nose? Your nose is adorable!”

“It-It’s to-”


“N-no, it’s just so-”


“No, it’s just, too big for my face and it’s not- it’s just not! It’s just me… It’s me all over.”

“Now do you see why I’d never want you to change it? You’re right. It’s crooked, and a bit to big for your face and it’s you alllllll over.”

Andy flushed. Hearing mostly what he already wanted to hear. Big. Crooked. Ugly.

“Hey, hey. Are you listening to me?” Nate said grabbing his face and making him meet his gaze.

Andy wanted to melt away, just be gone. Run away…

“I know I’ve been focusing on your nose a lot and I’m sorry if that helped bring up bad feelings but I’ve only been doing it because well,” Nate bit his lip slightly before pressing on. “because I’ve only begun to realize how you it is. It’s just so you and it’s adorable. It’s part of what makes you so adorable to look at. I just- I love it. I love you.” He finished pressing their noses together as Andy felt the cartridge bend.

He hated how his nose would bend and Nate had an inkling of that, but ignored it for Andy’s sake.

“It’s part of you and I can’t get enough of you. You drive me crazy. I’ve written a dozen songs about you. You’re amazing.”

Andy snapped to attention. Nate never mentioned these songs. “Songs? What kind of songs?” He asked nuzzling against Nate’s nose suddenly.

Nate’s face heated up a few degrees. He hadn’t meant to say that. “I- nothing. No songs. There are no songs here.” He said trying to get away from Andy’s sudden protective embrace.

“Oh my god. You wrote love songs didn’t you? Sappy… Corny… Love songs.” Andy said drawing this out as much as he could.

“I did not! They’re not- they- I-”

“Where are they?”

“Hidden.” Nate said all to fast as he smirked. He knew where Nate hid things. He had told him! He hid stuff under his shirts and under the bed.

“Aww, I want to see them though.” He said nuzzling Nate. Hoping to get the the songs without a fight.



Andy sighed before diving for the bed in a fifty-fifty shot and judging my Nate’s struggling to hold him back it was the right choice.
And as he finally felt the brush of a stack of papers he made a grab for it and pulled back onto the bed to reveal a short stack of papers held together with an office clip. Nate had stopped struggling at this point and covered his face as Andy looked through all the songs.
They were dated. Each and everyone was dated. From when it was started to when it was finished and the first one was dated a month after him and Nate met.

Honestly, they were wonderful. But more than that, they were touching. They mentioned things Andy had told Nate that he was sure he would have forgotten. It had a tune that Andy could hear from the page and it was real, and touching and kind. It showed who Nate was almost more than who he was.
Aside from the man beside him, this was quickly becoming one of the most important items in existence to him. He felt touched. Truly touched. He kept flipping though until he found what Nate must have been really hiding. There were a few drawings and pictures in the mix, including ones from when they started dating but there were love letters.

Love letters that had entire lines and paragraphs crossed out messily but still readable by a stretch.
The love letters were almost as great as the songs. They were mostly destroyed and he could have sworn that that was a coffee spill on the one. They were crinkled and folded a million times and they were sweet.

If there was anything to show that Nate thought the world of him this was it and as he looked back at the smaller man that was hiding his face from him he couldn’t help but feel it.
Love. Complete and unconditional love for the most wonderful person in his life.
He hugged Nate’s shoulders with one arm. “These are wonderful.”

“They’re embarrassing.” Nate mumbled.

“I love them.”

Nate shrugged before looking up. Knowing he couldn’t avoid Andy’s gaze forever.

“They- you’re amazing.”

Nate nodded. Feeling rather shy and overwhelmed.

“I love you. I just can’t believe it took me longer than a month to realize it at first.” He said looking back at the stack of papers in his hand.

“I love you too…”

Andy raised an eyebrow much to the confusion of Nate, “You know what? I’m going to cuddle you all day. We’re not working today.”

Realization dawned on Nate’s face. “What about Hunter and Brett though? We have to record today.”
“I’ll take care of it.” Andy said pulling Nate back down to the bed and nuzzling their noses together. “I get it now.”
Nate smiled a lazy grin at that. “See?”

Andy may have fallen asleep again an hour or so later but he did keep his word. They cuddled and did nothing all day. Andy texted Hunter saying that him and Nate were taking a day off, to which Hunter replied,

“About time!”

cosmic witchcraft 101: where to start? ✨

A lot of people are interested in cosmic witchcraft but don’t know exactly where to start! Here are some of the questions I get from beginners, and hopefully they can help you get started if you’re not sure how to dive in. ✨

I’m interested in/feel a connection to a certain planet/star/constellation. What should I do?

There are a lot of things you can do if you already feel connected to a celestial body! My suggestion would be to figure out why you feel connected to this particular star/planet/etc., and there are a couple of ways to do this:

  • Research. Astronomy, astrology, mythology, everything! Learn everything there is to know about this celestial body. What does science say about this planet? What does mythology say about this constellation? Find out what makes this planet significant and ponder on how these qualities give this celestial body meaning in your life.
  • Look at your birth chart. Not everyone who practices witchcraft uses astrology, and not everyone who uses astrology practices witchcraft. It may not be for you, but a quick look at your natal chart may tell you why you’re attracted to a certain planet. Maybe your favorite planet is in your sun sign, or maybe it’s your chart ruler/dominant. Maybe your favorite constellation happens to be really dominant in your chart! If what you finds resonates with you, your first spell can integrate your favorite celestial body with the area in your life it influences.
  • Stargaze. Nothing better for getting to know the planets, stars, and constellations like looking at them in person. Spend some time outside, preferably during a new moon, unless it’s the moon you want to see! Bring a pair of binoculars or a telescope if you have one. Try to find a place without a lot of light pollution. Stargazing is especially useful if you’ve done prior research. Looking at Jupiter, Sirius, Draco, or any celestial body and having the full knowledge of what you’re looking at can vastly improve your stargazing experience.

How do I integrate cosmic witchcraft with some of my more “traditional” witchcraft practices?

  • Work with crystals, herbs, candles, and intents based on their planetary/constellation correspondences. Check out my celestialcorrespondences tag, which has correspondences for all of the planets! @cosmic-witch has a ton of incredible resources for correspondences. If none of the correspondences you come across ring true with you, figure out what you personally associate with a celestial body. You are in charge of your magic and following through on your personal associations will help make your spells more powerful.
  • Get familiar with the current planetary placements. You don’t have to utilize astrology, but knowing which planet is where in the sky will help you plan your spells. Is Mercury in retrograde? That means it will appear here in the sky at this time. Is Neptune at opposition? Great, it’ll be easy to see when you go stargazing!
  • Design sigils for invoking planetary energy. You can use their astronomical symbols for inspiration, or aspects of their physical makeup and mythology!
  • Don’t use “traditional” witchcraft tools/practices if they don’t feel right to you. There’s no right or wrong way to be a witch, and things like crystals/herbs may not resonate with you. That’s totally fine. Maybe your witchcraft is poetry. Maybe your witchcraft is music. Maybe your witchcraft is crafting, or exercise, or cooking, whatever! If something feels right to you, don’t be afraid to try it because it doesn’t seem “witchy” enough. Your power comes from within; listening to yourself will make your magic stronger.

What sort of spell should I do first?

Any kind you want. If you don’t know what you want, you need to spend some time thinking about what you want out of your practice. Ask yourself: Why have I turned to witchcraft? Spirituality? Self-help? To regain a sense of power? Whatever the answer is, find a way to use witchcraft to achieve that purpose. Channel the moon’s energy for some emotional comfort. Ask the sun for self-confidence. Call on Jupiter’s massive magnetic field or gravitational pull to help you attract positivity. Use Neptune’s energy to help you get in tune with your spirituality. There are no rules in witchcraft except for the ones you set up for yourself. There’s not an ascribed path you must follow, or an order of things you have to do in order to cast a powerful spell.

If you’re having trouble figuring out what you want, I suggest you go stargazing. Look at the north star, or any other star you feel connected to. Watch it move across the sky, or if you’re looking at the north star, watch nearby stars travel in a circle around it. Meditate. Give it some time. It may take you a while to figure out exactly what you want out of this. You’re not wasting time if it takes you a while, this is one of the most important parts of your practice.

Of course, you can always do what i did, which is just dive in. I read a few books, a few resources on tumblr, and decided to do my first spell totally on the fly. Witchcraft is an organic process. If you trust in it, you’ll figure out what you need from it, but trusting in your magic is trusting in yourself. If you feel a little lost, I suggest you start by celebrating yourself. You’re an incredible human being. Ask the stars, planets, the moon, or the sun to send you some positive energy. Celebrate the fact that you’ve decided to endeavor down a path of cosmic witchcraft, and dedicate yourself to continue exploring.

I hope this has been helpful! I’m happy to answer any questions you have for me ✨

P.S. Magic Powers

Imagine being Bruce’s daughter and a Homo magi. Trained by Zatara you end up meeting John Constantine. 

Relationship: Family and Lover

Fandom: DC Comics

Character: Batboys and John Constantine

Bruce couldn’t have known that your mother was a homo magi, she didn’t leave a note on you that saying “Here’s your daughter Bruce. P.S. Watch for magical powers in the future.” When she left you on the Wayne manor steps, so imagine his and Alfred’s surprised when you were casting “fake” spells and real things were happening. Luckily he knew who to turn to, John Zatara, a well-known magic user and the only one he really trusted with his daughter. You stayed with Zatara and his daughter till your powers were under your control. Bruce would visit every week and had even brought your adoptive younger brother Dick. With your power under control, you believe you were ready to fight like you father and Zatara. Bruce did not, so most of your childhood was full of training from magical to combat. You were twenty when you met John Constantine, a cocky English man with a sharp tongue, anti-social attitude, and willingness to do whatever it took to get the job done. Constantine needed Zatara for some help but the older magi was called away on League business leaving you with the blonde trench coat wearing Brit.

“Maybe you could help me, love.” He spoke lighting a cigarette, the smell burnt you noise. Quickly you grab it from his lips throwing it on the ground and stomped it out.

“Want my help don’t smoke in front of me.” He glared at you and you glared back, he let out a sigh and set to work telling you what he needed help with.

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auction | tommy shelby

SO i’ve just had a brain wave. Pretty please could I request an imagine where there’s an auction on at the garrison for charity and the crowd are bidding on the selected few people stood on the bar to take on a date, Tommy makes the reader get up thinking he will easily outbid anyone for her but another guy starts bidding loads of money n he gets jealous OR reader makes Tommy get up as a joke and another girl starts bidding and a bit of a cat fight starts hehe u choose which way! thank YOU

send requests here

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When you realise that at several points while holding baby Kieran, Morrigan probably regretted wearing her trademark necklace, or gave up trying to prise his hands free and let him teethe on it for a bit.

No one can have you, except me…

 WinWin as your teacher, smut, you dominating, naughty girl spotted

Requested by one of my followers, I’ll keep her in mind for owing me a Win Win flavor ice cream :D If you guys love it, I can write a next chapter, but maybe I’ll leave it here. PS: I used my all time fav gif of him. 

Enjoy reading!

Your first semester finally began. Before getting assigned to your classes, you had to choose an optional course. College life was more complicated than you thought, because your schedule was really chaotic and even like that you were still obliged to choose one more course… Since you arrived pretty late at your university, there was no free opening for other optional courses, except for the Chinese classes so you had to go with that…feeling a bit bitter since it wasn’t actually what you wanted.

So the day to start your Chinese classes finally has come. As soon as you arrived at your classroom, you saw a group of girls giggling and flirting in the front with your teacher, but you couldn’t see clearly his face.

You took a seat in the back and waited for the class to start, busier to put your textbooks in order and take out your dictionary, choosing carefully pens of every color since you needed to keep a track of the new words you would learn. 

When you lifted your head, you put your glasses to see better the board since you were a bit far and for your surprise, you exchanged glances with your teacher. He was a young and tall man, in his 20’s, named Dong Si Cheng.

He would keep looking at you till he completed his introduction and after he finished, he told everyone to open their textbook and read in silence the first assignment, before he would start to teach you.

You saw him then coming towards you and suddenly you started to feel nervous. What if you did something wrong? Like, what it’s happening? You were attentive and watched carefully every move of him, he couldn’t scold you for any reason.

Other flirty girls turned their head back to see what he was going to do, sending you death glares. You weren’t glamorous and stylish like them, why would their hot teacher even approach a plain girl like you?

Excuse me miss, can you stand up please?” he asked you out of nowhere. What was he trying to do? You were shy by nature, so attracting other people’s attention was the worst thing could happen to you…especially in a classroom you didn’t know anyone at all.

You stood up as he told you, keeping your head down.

Oh now I see it clearly! You can sit down now.

What was that??? Why did he do that embarrassing thing in front of the other students? You thought you would die inside!!

He then approached you a took one of your colored pen (a pink one) and wrote a Chinese character “爱” on your notebook.

“You know, the character on your shirt, it’s spelled wrong, I don’t know where you bought it, but you should go and ask for a refund” smiling while he returned back to his place and continued his lesson.

You were left without words, while others laughed at your funny situation. That was the most embarrassing moment…and it had to happen on your first day. You just wanted to run away and hide.

Back at night when you arrived at home, you searched in your dictionary and found out the meaning of the character he wrote was “Love”. Somehow your heart began to act weird at the thought of how he approached you and wrote that on your notebook…you closed your eyes and imagined only him, without no one around you, reminiscing his mild perfume and strong breath…Ahhh you were starting to have weird things about him.

For some good weeks you tried really hard to keep up with his classes but you were always last. Watching him every time, drove you mad day by day and your mind was somewhere far away…you couldn’t focus at all.

Many naughty thoughts were trespassing your mind, although you were shy in real life, you could swear that if you had the chance you would catch him off the guard and not let him go…because he made you crazy, his gaze when he was focusing on you while trying his best to explain the things…. made you feel hotter and hotter and you had to come out with a plan and make a step – it was now, or never.

It was a stormy day and after your Chinese class ended, you finally took your courage and asked him if you could go to his office later, to help you with some question from your homework, since now you had your regular courses to attend and didn’t have time. He agreed and told you he actually wanted to ask you that earlier, because he felt like you needed his help. You blushed a bit and carried on with your schedule, thinking about how to approach him later and make him yours…

Everyone was in a hurry since there were no classes left and outside the storm worsened. You headed to your teacher office, while people were passing by you in the opposite way…one by one, everyone headed home before the weather condition would get worse. But you had to carry on with your “seduction plan”. You couldn’t wait longer and this was your opportunity since you were practically left alone. As you climbed the stairs, you could only hear your footsteps and the thunder outside. There was no one left in the building. Except you and Si Cheng professor…

You arrived in front of his office and knocked at the door. With a clear voice, he asked you to come in. As soon as you entered his office, you could see it was pretty cozy, decorated with paintings inspired by Chinese art and it was very neat and clean. He asked you to take a seat beside him, as he pulled a chair for you, telling you it was better being by his side so he could correct your writing every time you would make a mistake.

Suddenly you couldn’t think of making any move, he was really serious about teaching you and you were nothing of special, you thought. You were just a normal girl, you had your own charms, but not in a seductive way like your glamorous classmates…your self-esteem dropped down in a second.

You took the seat near him and opened your textbooks and started your study session with him beside you…for some good hours you spent the time only studying with Si Cheng professor correcting your mistakes. He was praising how good you were doing this time and felt proud it helped you to improve your Chinese learning.

As he suggested a short break, before finishing the last part of your homework, you heard a sudden thunderclap sound, and scared, you literally jumped on his lap holding him tight. You were really, really scared because of the sound and your heart was beating fast… Thunders were the scariest things you could not bear in your life…

But you realized after a while you were actually on top of your teacher, grabbing him by his neck, with him holding your hips, surprised at your unexpected reaction…

Before saying anything, you kissed him abruptly…you had to do it before regretting it for the rest of your life. If he made you embarrassed from the first day, you thought you could bear it a little more till the end of semester…

He took your head into his hands and pushed you, looking a bit flustered…

What are you doing? Do you even realize what you just did? I am your professor; we can’t have this type of relationship…

I’m sorry teacher, but I can’t bear it anymore…it was you who wrote the “Love” character in my notebook and in my heart since the first day. It is your fault and now I’ll have to punish you for this. From this moment, I’m not your student anymore. I am just a woman who wants to crush your feeling just like you did it with me all this time” finally you released your thoughts along with your wild self.

He was left at a loss of words… You continued to kiss him back and unbutton his shirt, while your hands were slowly going down to release his belt. He then gave in with the feeling and stuck out his tongue to kiss you harder. His hands slowly pushed you to stand up and undress your pants as you took off the shirt by yourself. You felt reassured, at least you wore a decent underwear this day, you couldn’t face another awkward moment…one more time and you could be called the “Queen of embarrassing situations” …

You stripped all of his clothing and pushed him back on his chair, while you rolled down slowly your panties. He started to touch himself watching you teasing him…your mind has gone blank in a second, like there was another person taking over your body.

Never, ever you would imagine yourself being a dirty and naughty girl…but here you were. Sitting in your teacher’s lap all naked and horny, while he pushed himself into you…

You took the lead and started to twirl while going up and down on him, with your hands grabbing his black moist hair. His mouth opened slowly leaving out shouts of pleasure and you could see clearly his beautiful white teeth…his plump lips were desirable and you started to lick them again, for his pleasure…

I hope you could be the first and the last of me! Promise me one thing, please be my secret mentor… I just want to do everything with you…” you whispered while you were biting his ear lobe.

You…you…you…. just need to lead me, I’ll be here for you…” he stuttered as he felt his climax coming.

You released your deep breathing and slowed down for him to regain his consciousness since you overworked him like there was no tomorrow…

I can take you to places you still don’t know, so please remember this moment…No one can have you, except me…Do you understand what I mean, Si Cheng?” it was the first time you called him by his name.

He showed a pleased expression and nodded as an approval since he still couldn’t breathe properly and talk after all the over-pleasure you gave him.

You dressed yourself quickly, then kissed his forehead. Outside, the storm seemed to have calmed and since it was pretty late you needed to go back to your home.

Tomorrow, come over for your study session, you still need to improve your writing. I’ll bring some good books for you…oh never mind. Please come to this address when you finish your classes, we will have some dinner before… “he wrote quickly on a piece of paper and handed it to you before leaving.  Actually it was his house address…so exciting!

He hugged and gave you a peck before leaving, suddenly leaving you shy about what you did…You were slowly coming back to your normal-self…Did you have any personality disorder? … No, no, you thought better, you actually did everything you have planned all this time…without regret!

When you arrived at home and crawled in your bed, after taking a long hot shower, you couldn’t stop thinking about how good it felt. You were thrilled at the thought of you, as a normal girl finally seducing him for real…Si Cheng was a pretty hot guy, he was young, smart and looked like he really received your feelings in a positive way…he wanted to meet you again…

You fell asleep thinking about what you would do the next day at his apartment…Suddenly you started to dream about him dominating you…just like how you did it with him a while ago…

ifyoucant-livewithoutme  asked:

16, 34, 37!

16: How exactly are you feeling at the moment?
If I’m being completely honest, disappointed by the fact that since I posted something about one of my friends not being told she was beautiful by her boy friend, and having three other people tell me they experience the same thing. Whomever is lucky enough to be your babe should be your best friend, meaning your forever hype squad, there shouldn’t even for a second be any doubt to you they know how special you are, and make sure you know you’re as beautiful as the stars to them

34: Who/what was your last dream about?
I rarely dream about people, I have wild dreams, I think last night’s was about zombies actually happening and me trying to survive while saving people! But we were on mars 😂

37: Is it easier to forgive or forget?
I believe honestly it’s easier to forgive someone then forget, we can all pretend we are heartless an can cut people off, but we all know we check up on them without even thinking about it for much longer than we’d like to admit

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*gives a boquet of red pink and white roses tied with yellow ribbon and a basket full of freshly baked beagles.*

Love Spell (Alec Lightwood x Reader)

Originally posted by matthewdaddariodaily

Imagine: Alec Lightwood

Pairing: Alec x Reader

Fandom: Shadowhunters

Request: Hi I wasn’t really sure if I had already asked you this and I’m sorry if I did. If not: Could you write a one shot were reader and alec are a couple but can’t get married bc she’s half warlock and so when he proposes to Lydia Y/N puts a spell on alec to make him forget her. End is up to you but preferably a happy one? Your writing is gold btw ly

A/N: Thanks for requesting. I like this one and I hope you do too and it’s like you’ve imagined it to be!

She remembered that moment really well. She walked into the room and saw Alec on his knee in front of Lydia Branwell, asking to marry her. Her heart stopped and she didn’t know what to do. She thought he loved her.

After that Alec tried to explain himself. He did it for his family. Or more like his family honor. After his mom talked him to do it, he did it.

He asked Lydia to marry him. Y/N tried to understand. She really did. But she couldn’t find a good reason why he would do that. He wouldn’t be happy. Ever. He didn’t even love her, so why did he choose her?

Y/N sat on Alec bed. He explained everything. Now she sat there and didn’t know what to say.

“What now?”, Y/N asked. “What do you expect me to do, Alec?”, she looked at him with a worried expression.

“I will marry her. And everything will be okay again and my family won’t be in trouble anymore.”, he told her.

Y/N got up angrily. “What about me? Oh, screw that! What about you? Don’t you think about yourself for once? It wouldn’t hurt! You’ll never be happy with her!”

“I don’t care!”

“So you don’t care about me.. About us. Okay, I understand. Maybe it’s better that way. Have a nice life, Alec.”, Y/N stood up, trying not to show her sadness.

He took her arm and pulled her back to him. “Wait, no.”, he sighed. “I didn’t mean it like that.. I..-”

She interrupted him. “It’s okay. We were never meant to be, right?”, she said sadly and slowly walked outside.

Alec hit the wall next to him out of anger. “Fuck.”, he sighed. “But I have to do it.”

After that conversation, Y/N went to Magnus Bane. He would understand her. He knew from the beginning on that a relationship between a Shadowhunter and warlock could be a hard. He still supported them but he told her the risks. She just didn’t expect such a thing from Alec.

She sat down on Magnus’ couch and waited for him. As she looked around, she noticed how fancy his stuff was. He changed his furniture again, probably.

“Pleasure to see you again.”, Magnus smiled at her and gave a drink, which she drank in a gulp. “Woah, slow down. That’s not very ladylike, don’t you think?”

“I’m sorry, I just needed that.”, Y/N sighed. “Well, where do I start?”

While Magnus listened to her, his expression changed from shocked, to sad, to angry. He knew that those two were meant for each other but he was destroying their relationship just like that. “Wow. I don’t even know what to say. I am so sorry, Y/N.”

“Do you know what the worst thing is? I can’t even forget him. It’s impossible.”, she told him and sighed. Magnus got up and walked to the kitchen to get another drink for her.

Y/N walked around the living room and spotted a book with a few spells in it. She just opened a page. Her eyes widened as she saw the title.

Love Spell

That’s it! That’s how she would get Alec back! That’s a great idea, right? He would only have eyes for her. Not for that Lydia girl.

a few days later

Isabelle still invited her and Magnus. She thought about that spell all the time. The morning before the wedding, she walked into Alec’s room. He was in his suit and was looking in the mirror until he saw her. He turned around and looked at her.

But before he could say anything, Y/N said the spell and he seemed like he was paralyzed. Y/N smiled to herself. She did feel a little bit bad. Was she crazy? Maybe. It was for Alec after all.

Magnus sat with her in the back rows. She just wanted to wait and see. She crossed her fingers and hoped that it would work.

Alec walked in down the aisle. He looked at Y/N with his big blue eyes. Y/N slightly blushed. Was this wrong?

Then Lydia walked in and walked in Alec’s direction. The show began.

They did the wedding talk and Y/N just waited. When they were about to make the runes, Alec stopped.

“I can’t do this.”, he said. “I love someone else.”, he explained. Then he stared at Y/N. “I love Y/N.”

Lydia caressed Alec’s cheek. “Do it. You deserve to be happy.”, she smiled. “I don’t want to be reason, why you’re unhappy.”

Alec smiled and walked to her. Y/N stood up, panicked. “Wait.”, she said loudly. Her heart was beating out of her chest. “This is my fault. I.. I put a spell on Alec. A love spell.”

Everyone gasped loudly. Some people said that Y/N was crazy, others asked themselves what was going on.

Alec just stared at the girl he loved. He didn’t say a thing.

“I wasn’t ready to let him go yet. I was obsessed to stop this wedding. I wanted him to crawl back to me. That was wrong and selfish of me. I am sorry.”, Y/N was crying now. She didn’t say a thing. No one said a thing actually.

“You should know.. That your spell never worked on me.”, he started. Y/N eyes widened. What? What did he mean? “Because I already loved you. And I still do. This isn’t the effect of your spell, Y/N. It’s me. I did this myself.”

Y/N was crying silently. “I couldn’t lose you. I just.. Couldn’t. I love you too much to do this. Actually, I am sorry. I am so fucking sorry.”, his thumb was wiping her tears away.

“I am sorry too. And I love you too, Alexander Gideon Lightwood.”, she smiled and stepped closer to him.

Finally, Alec closed the gap between them and pressed his lips against hers. Everyone around them was cheering, while his Mom didn’t think that at all. They were going to have a talk.

Alec pulled her close to him and hugged her as tight as possible, his arms around her hips. She pulled away. “Let’s never ever do something like this again, okay?”

“Never. And since we’re here..”, Alec pulled something out of his pocket and got down on his knee. “Will you marry me, Y/N Y/L/N?”

There was only one possible answer to his question: “YES!”

Red Queen Week Fic - Day 1

Title: When The Wolf & The Witch Switch
Fandom: Once Upon A Time
Pairing: Red Queen (Ruby/Regina)
Rating: Teen & Up
Warnings: None
Word Count: 2521
Summary: Regina and Ruby find themselves stuck in each others bodies, and learn a lot more about each other in the process. Written for Red Queen Week Day 1 - Opposites


Regina was used to feeling powerful, but this, this was something else entirely. It felt like there was something twice her size and four times as powerful trapped within her. She felt like a tightly wound coil, just waiting to spring loose. It took so much effort to reign herself in, to not break anything and everything she touched. Just one tiny squeeze and the glass in her hand would shatter. Regina didn’t know how Ruby did it.

Thanks to some kind of spell or curse (she was still having trouble trying to figure out what exactly) she and Ruby had swapped bodies. Regina had been in Ruby’s body for about three hours now, and she had already broken two mugs, one glass, and one plate. She was trying to be extra careful now though. At least Ruby didn’t seem to be faring any better in her body though, that was something.

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