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  • Twain, creating his DnD character: My name is Erik with a k.
  • Edgar, the dungeon master: *writes name down* And your last name?
  • Twain: With a k.
  • Edgar: No I got that, Erik. What’s your last name?
  • Twain: My last name is with a k.
  • Edgar: Wait...is your name Erik Erik?
  • Twain: My last name is With a K.
  • Edgar: Okay wait a minute, so to clarify –
  • Twain: My last name is literally the phrase “Withakay.” It is all one word.
  • Edgar: *finishes writing* So review the character sheet to make sure I got this right.
  • Twain: *looks* No I spell Eric with a C.

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Why is Columbine so overrated? Virginia Tech surpassed it in kills, many kids who shot up schools were troubled teens and Eric and Dylan weren't the first duo to shoot up a school.

I think you’re focusing on the wrong thing here. It’s not about the kills. It never was about the kills.  Columbine was the first of it’s kind. It was the event like no other. Two boys, from good homes and a “top” school, working together secretly planning for months to blow up their school and kill a mass quantity of students. They caught the school administration and the authorities off guard with their pants down. The world watched in abject terror as they had never seen such a thing before calculatedly planned by our own kids. Luckily the bombs never managed to go off but the boys still managed a terrorist-like siege on the school. SWAT had no clue what sort of animal they were dealing and because of that fact, the boys were allowed the upper hand over the authority that stood outside helpless for hours.  Sure, there weren’t many kills but the psychological terror of something grand scale that had never happened before is what defines Columbine..and to this day.   Columbine was the blue print that defined all future school shootings. I hate to use this term, but this event became the “pioneer”.  Other disenfranchised kids got the message loud and clear from the boys - regardless of the Basement Tapes never being released.   Seung-Hui Cho of Virginia Tech mentioned that he himself was inspired by Eric and Dylan and ‘got’ what they did and why.  Virginia Tech was a result of Columbine.  Without Columbine, it’s not too terribly likely that Cho would’ve felt compelled to do what E & D had done to make his own rage-cry mark on the world. Virginia Tech, Sandy Hook and all the rest after it.. are a repeat performance to the point where people have become completely numb to these events.  No, it was never ever about surpassing kills.  In the end, surpassing kill count is meaningless.  Just look at Sandy Hook: massive kills and children. Yet, sadly, the world has managed to recover and forget so quickly. People tend to see it as ‘more of the same’ derived from Columbine.  Expecting to trump Columbine through kill counts is irrelevant.  It  just never was about that. Any would-be shooter that thinks it is, is deceiving themselves. They will always be another just another disillusioned, isolated, marginalized casualty jumping off the same death cliff of Eric and Dylan. Columbine will always be the definer, the start of the end of an innocent age. Yes folks, now even our youth can make war along side adults.  Other shootings thereafter are merely the ripple effect still echoing from that epicenter eighteen years ago.  The world is stuck on brushing yet another faceless, nameless shooter under the carpet and deflecting on how mental health should be better, bullying should be prevented or talks of tighter gun control.  Yet, nothing ever changes in society and the cycle of destruction continues on in this karma-like repeat spell that Eric and Dylan helped create in our global consciousness. 

After School Club
  • Rap Monster: Eric, they can't speak English. I think maybe they can't spell Eric!
  • Jimin: *In Korean* English is not a barrier when you're as cute as me
tøp kick out #51
  • tyler, creating his d&d character: my name is erik with a k.
  • josh, the dungeon master: *writes name down* and your last name?
  • tyler: with a k.
  • josh: no, i got that, erik. what's your last name?
  • tyler: my last name is with a k.
  • josh: wait... is your name erik erik?
  • tyler: my last name is with a k.
  • josh: okay, wait a minute, so to clarify--
  • tyler: my last name is literally the phrase "withakay". it's all one word.
  • josh: *finishes writing* so review the character sheet to make sure i got this right.
  • tyler: *looks* no, i spell eric with a c.
  • josh: *sighs* tyler--
  • tyler, already gathering his stuff to leave: don't worry josh. i was planning on leaving the band anyways.

Reading through old phanfiction from around 2004-2006 is really wild my dudes it’s a true gamble

You might find some treasures but you’re probably gonna have to swim through a concerning load of post 2004 movie Gerik fics that revolve around Christine being a self insert dingus of a character and her everlasting love for the hot phantom

It’s so wild guys you could play a drinking game like

“Take a shot anytime the first description of Erik is his green eyes because Gerik”

“Take a shot anytime Erik is spelled as Eric or is simply referred to as the phantom the entire time”

“Take two shots anytime the authors notes consist of getting mad at bad reviews or begs for reviews”

“Drink the entire bottle and exit out of the fic anytime Christine says she has to be with the phantom because he’s so smexy and misunderstood”


MCM Comic Con, Hannover, May 20th 2017 || Autograph session 1

Right after we got our pictures from the photoshoot we went over to the first autograph session. While we were, again, waiting in line, an employee asked everyone to write our names on post-its that we should show them so they wouldn’t have to ask thousands of times how this or that name is spelled correctly. Spoiler alert, Eric still asked how my name is spelled. :’D When it was my turn I placed the photo from the shooting in front of him and he wrote what you can read above before I said ‘thank you’ round about a bazillion times, went over to Dani and gave her the picture and the post-it, too. She looked at the picture, read what Eric wrote and asked to him where she is supposed to write now. I told her he stole all the place and they both laughed before she wrote what you can read above and I, again, thanked her a bazillion times and told them they both look beautiful, too before I left.


All of the kids with their solo songs! In order of song number, we have:

Tweek’s Not That Smart
Stan’s Lament
Woe is Scott Malkinson 
Wendy Speaks Six Languages 
Kyle’s I Love You Song


Cartman’s Second/Pas De Deux 

Request: “(Divergent fandom) AU where you’re a clumsy,weird,funny initiate in dauntless and Eric somehow falls for you”

That thing that happened between you and Eric was quite unexpected for you. You thought that a serious guy like Eric, one of the leaders of the Dauntless would never like a clumsy and weird girl like you, but it seems like he did. He always giggled at you whenever you did something funny or slipped. Of course, if you slipped ot something like that, he would come by you smiling and help you stand up. At the times when you were on a prize ring fighting with other initiate, he would look at you very intensely and hold his fists for you. Couple times he even taught you how to fight himself. He really cares about you and it is so unusual for you, because you imagine him as a ruthless warrior, but whenever he’s around you he becomes a loving friend. And one time it just happened that his lips touched yours. That’s the moment when the two of you completely fell for each others spell, and now - no one can break that spell apart. No one.

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Do you know exactly what things Dylan and Eric said that were sexist? Thank you!

Here’s a few. A couple legitimately recorded on the Basement Tapes and the other, is supposed accounts witnessed by Columbine students.  

Excerpts from the Basement Tapes:

“Yes, moms stay home. That’s what women are supposed to f—ing do.”
- Harris, on the role of women.

“F—ing make me dinner, bitch.” - Harris, on what he would say to a woman. 


Harris: “Shut the fuck up, Nick, you laugh too much! And those two girls sitting next to you, they probably want you to shut the fuck up, too! Jesus! Rachel and Jen .. . and … whatever.”

Klebold: “I don’t like you, Rachel and Jen, you’re stuck up little bitches, you’re fucking little . .. Christian, Godly little whores!”

Harris: Yeah … “I love Jesus! I love Jesus!” — shut the fuck up!”

Klebold: “What would Jesus do? What the fuck would I do?”

*Klebold acts like he’s shooting the camera with his hand, with sound to accompany it.*  


Excerpts copied from a Columbine Yahoo Group that was created long ago circa September 1999 that paid “tribute” to the Columbine killers. These types of yahoo groups are either dormant or long since defunct but the incidences were captured of what alleged Columbine witnesses described that they saw/heard Eric and Dylan say in the school.  I think it’s credible these types of exchanged happened with these two as part of their behavior of a ‘pack mentality’. When the two got together, or also in the company of other dudes, they acted out and behaved badly to show off. Yet, by themselves in the company of girls, they behaved themselves and were subdued and more or less respectful gentlemen. Unless..they didn’t like a certain girl -or guy - for a certain reason of course. ;)

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I can’t believe I FINALLY FINISHED YeS!1!1!! Here it is: The 25th Annual South Park Spelling Bee, also known as my sp spelling bee au cause I’m in my putnam spelling bee musical and I just HAD to do a cross over

If you haven’t heard of it def check it out on Youtube 

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Is the way you came up for Eric's name is that you took the C and D out of Cedric it spells eric?

yeah pretty much! though i didnt actually come up with the name, someone suggested it  was a while ago when eric was just an evil version of cedric that i drew just for fun. but he’s more of his own character now !