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Animated Steve Argyle’s Liliana art
(Model: Cheyenne Green)

Snuff Out (Duel Decks: Garruk vs, Liliana) - DotP 2012 trailer 
Liliana’s Caress (M11) - DotP 2012 trailer
Killing Wave (Avacyn Restored) - Avacyn Restored trailer

Other animated cards
Liliana Week // Planeswalker Positivity (Part 2 of 7)

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Does anyone have anything small I can do or chant really quickly to keep creeps away? There’s a guy/family member who gives me the biggest creeps and my mom isn’t home so I can’t do anything but he keeps staring at me so intensely and everytime I look up, he looks away.. my tarot keeps warning me and my guardians are on guard. ?? Like a reverse glamour or smtg? ??

Money Attraction Spell Bag

The purpose of this spell sachet is to aid in attracting prosperity in finances, general wealth, and also protection for any careers or jobs. :)

You will need:

- Some sort of bag or pouch

- A green candle (Can be replaced with a white candle if necessary)

- One bay leaf

- Silver or gold marker/ink

- Malachite, a coin, and or tumbled pyrite (All three together for best results)

Optional ingredients:

- A piece of paper with the traditional symbol for wealth drawn on it

- Cedar leaves


Light the candle and let it burn while preparing the items.

On the bay leaf, carefully write with a silver or gold marker a wish for money, financial aid, etcetera. Whatever you want.

If you use the optional sigil on paper, fold it nicely and place it in the bag first. Add cedar leaves if you have them, if not, add a coin or crystal that was suggested. Shake the bag gently, focusing on your intent. When you feel that it is ready, pass it over the candle’s flame three times. Vision the ingredients glowing with an attractive green light, and picture yourself receiving help from the magick of the items. 

Allow the candle to burn all the way down, and keep the pouch on you at all times for best results.


Spell written and composed by Rose Nateren @ rosaleithewitch

Making full moon purification protection herb mix with oranges and spices! I’ll be setting this bowl in the full sunlight for three days so it will dry with the magical properties of the blue moon!
You’ll need🌞🍊💫
Dragons blood ( I ground up some cones)
Dill seeds
Jasmine essential oil. Four to 9 drops!
Four oranges or less

Salt the figure 8 in bowl.
Mix over top the dry ingredients with intentions of healing and protection blessings.
Slice up oranges and lay on top. Pray over mix and blend.
Sit under sun for three days until dry. Add into decorative bag in entryway or where protection and luck is needed!
💫🌻🍊✨🌞 burn after 30days to rid off negativity trapped :) VOILA 👏🏻🌞💫



The wiser witch (modern witches):

She runs a mystic store at the city mall, keeps her herbs in a tupperware in the freezer next to the microwave lasagna, puts safety hexes on the floor of her husband’s car and does tarot readings at parents-teachers conferences.

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Witchy PSA

You can write your own spells.
They don’t have to rhyme. (Although that makes it more fun and maybe more powerful)
You can create you own sigils. (They’re more powerful if personal. )
You can create your own rituals/potions/tonics/ anything.
🌿🌿Adhere to the basic rules! And never disrespect a deity!🌿🌿
You belong to a very flexible religion. (For my secular Witchies, your witchcraft is very flexible as well!)
And I’m always here for those who need me!