Infiorate di Spello (Spello Flower-Deckings), Umbria, Italy

During your next trip to Italy (I’m pretty sure you can’t help but to do it, after this post), make sure to be In Umbria, an amazing region right in the middle of Italy (more specifically on May 29, 2016). Hundreds of artists and volunteers spend the whole day and night before decking with flowers most of the Medieval streets of this enchanting town, for the Feast of Corpus Domini, Latin for “Body of the Lord” (also known as Corpus Christi, Latin for “Body of Christ), a Christian Catholic Feast, joined with Pasqua/Easter (Easter Sunday change every year, according to lunar cycles).

Well, these religious floral images are soon stepped on by a procession, led by the local bishop, that of course destroys these floral carpets. So, all these colorful and scented artworks have to be admired only in the short period of time between their creation and the following procession.

Several other cities in Italy (as Noto in Sicily) and Spain keep this tradition alive.

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