spelling manor


i was thinking about dean thomas, a kid with only six years of experience in the magical world forced to become a fugitive, and seamus finnigan, who is tortured to the point that he’s unrecognizable, finally seeing each other after being separated for a year


@chiresenbonzakura​ has run into the Ravager

Anything weird happening around Kuchiki manor usually spelled bad news… Not for the noble family, but for whoever was causing the weirdness. In this case, if one looked towards the estate’s koi pond, it would look like someone had pulled the stopper from a bathtub. Water was swirling down, along with some very confused fish.

The source was a black, oval-shaped portal, which had somehow appeared at the bottom of the pond. However, draining the pond was far from what the it had come here to do…



With a loud blast, the portal blasted up a tower of water and fish, along with one other thing: A humanoid shape, flailing and screaming as it flew straight up into the air… and straight back down, face planting on the garden pathway. THUD.

Oooghh…Cough, cough. Well that sucked! Kew opened his eyes and rubbed his nose, only for a large koi to fall on top of his head. Ow– What the hell is going on!? What just hit him!? Why’s he all wet!? What the hell is that sweet smell– Chaos, his head’s killin’ him…! Maybe he should just… lay here for awhile…


Legend tells of a young Count with an insatiable appetite, that was appeased only when he feasted upon the hearts of beautiful women. Each moon, a young lady would accompany him to his manor and never return. Until one evening he brought back a mage, where unbeknownst to him she weaved a spell that sealed the manor from the inside. The Count devoured her heart, and with it the knowledge of how to break the seal. For one hundred days and one hundred nights he tried to escape, to no avail. The manor fell dark, and the gardens overgrew. The gates rusted shut, and the only path was claimed by the forest. Having been sealed away for so long, it is said that should he ever escape his hunger would be so absolute that he would devour the heart of every woman in the realm.