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Le Chat {Sirius Black x Reader}

Just some ol’ fluff for y'all. I don’t have much creative ideas for smut but I might make a smut part 2 if someone wants 😂


Enjoy! @allertonn


“N-N-N-No!” Sirius warned, glaring at the black cat who sat out of his reach above the fireplace where an antique vase was.

He had agreed to watch over (Y/n) who was an animagus like him while the boys looked for an antidote, thinking she was experiencing trouble from transforming back into a human when in fact, she was just tired of putting up with people. She had done this before but the prolonged hours of staying in her animagus form had pushed the four boys into thinking she was stuck and was showing signs she needed help. Obviously, she was enjoying every bit of seeing them panic around the dorm but she was not expecting Sirius to volunteer in watching over her by himself especially when his animagus was a dog. Nonetheless, she kept things “fun” by teasing him and running out of his reach while knocking down vases.

The black cat looked down on him with a smug look on her face, challenging him to take a step closer.

“No, don’t you dare, (Y/n)! I know you can understand me,” Sirius said, her paw touching the vase threateningly. The suspense was killing him and although he was ready to catch the vase if (or when) it falls, he was more worried that she might get hurt once it shatters. He stepped away carefully and sighed, extracting his wand from his back pocket.

“Either we do this the easy way or the hard way,” he said calmly but the cat only hissed at him. “Alright! You’ve pushed me! Accio-”

But before he could finish the spell, (Y/n) swatted the vase at him and dashed somewhere in the common room, hiding under the couch. Sirius caught the vase in time before it had hit the floor, his wand between his teeth.

“Fucking cat…” he mumbled as he settled the vase back on the ground safely and started looking around for any sign of his feline friend.

“Here, kitty, kitty,” he called but there was still no sign of her. His mind was boggled with ideas on where she could’ve hidden underneath when he had a brilliant idea.

“Should’ve thought of this sooner,” he smirked before transforming into a large, black dog. It took a while for him to fully form since he was just beginning to get the hang of it but once he stretched his body into its new figure, he relaxed and began to sniff the air. His senses were completely overwhelmed by what he could smell and less of what he can see. Everything was exactly the same but he could barely see proper colors as he looked around the room.

He focused more on finding (Y/n) instead of comparing too much and so he sniffed every couch, table, and corner until he caught a smell that was all too familiar. He stopped at the red couch where he would often sit by the window and looked underneath.

(Y/n) hissed at him and squeezed to the farthest back where he could not get her. Sirius did not understand why she was being very hard-headed. Nonetheless, he transformed back into himself and stretched his hand under the couch.

“C'mere, you…” he said before finally managing to get a grab at the scruff of her neck, pulling her safely into his arms.

The cat did not surprisingly fight back as he carried her to the couch, keeping his hold on her tight just in case she decided to bounce off again. Sirius sighed exhaustedly before sitting down comfortably on the soft cushion. He stroked her black fur and gave her a bit of space, allowing her to rest on his chest, purring loud.

“They’ll be back, don’t worry,” he said, placing a soft kiss on top of her head. “In the mean time, why don’t you take a nap?”

(Y/n) blinked at him slowly and kneaded his chest with her paws, hoping he knew what she was trying to say. For some reason, ever since she could transform, she somehow knew how to show her affection in ways only a cat would know. Not that she hadn’t attempted before, of course. As a human, she had always liked Sirius but she was scared he might not accept her the way she did with him. Remaining friends was the only option even though she was not satisfied with it. Closing her eyes, she listened to his steady heartbeat and tried not to fall asleep as he talked.

“You’re quite the stubborn cat, you know?” He said, looking up at the red ceiling of the common room, “Not much of a difference, really.”

Say something more!

“I’ve always liked that about you, (Y/n). Always refusing to rest, always wanting to help out people without thinking of yourself…You’ll be the death of me,” he chuckled softly as he went on, “But you know what I like the most about you?”

The black cat blinked.

“Your compassion. I’ve screwed up for than once and yet here you are, waiting for me…I honestly don’t know if you’re permanently a cat now but I don’t mind keeping you.”

Wait, what? Keep me?

Sirius smiled softly at the cat who stared at him with wide, green eyes before he broke away from his trance-like confession.

“Oh Merlin, I’m losing my mind…You can’t possibly stay like this forever. We need to get you back. I need to get you back. I reckon Professor McGonagall has some books about situations like this. Hopefully, she won’t suspect a thing…”

No! Don’t bring me to her! This has gone too far!

Sirius stood up with her in his arms as he waited for his friends and just as he heard the heavy footsteps approaching, (Y/n) suddenly shifted into her human form, legs wrapped around his waist. Her hands rested on his shoulder while he stared at her, completely shocked but still managing to keep his grip on her bare thighs. She was dressed in his oversized black coat and a smirk was on her lips.

“Hi,” she said innocently and that’s when he pressed his lips against hers, kissing her sweetly. It was her turn to feel shocked. She had not expected to him to love her back this much but now that it was definitely happening, she did not hesitate to kiss him back. Sirius smiled through the kiss before they finally pulled away.

“Hello to you too,” he said happily, brushing her hair over her ear in order to see that smile he fell so in love with.

“Sirius! We found it! We found the antido- WHAT,” James exclaimed at the sight of (Y/n) who was still clinging onto Sirius with a nervous chuckle. Remus shook his head at them while Peter bounced happily on his feet.

“I should’ve seen this coming…” Remus muttered.

“Hooray! Great job, Sirius!” Peter cheered.

However, the three of them had now set their eyes on (Y/n)’s legs, confusion written all over their faces which Sirius was quick to catch on but he did not care to explain right now.

“Honestly, boys, do you mind?!” He barked protectively as he set (Y/n) down and covered her with his body.

“There wasn’t even anything to see.”

“Yup! Definitely nothing.”

“Oh, wow, look at the time! It’s annoy Snivellus time! Gotta run!”

“Bye, Sirius!”

The boys left as soon as possible, not wanting to see any more of that and risk getting hexed by the couple. (Y/n) turned to Sirius shortly after they had disappeared through the doorway, her fingers in his hair while his eyes looked at her lovingly.

“So, Hogsmeade on Saturday?” He asked.

“Of course, Sirius,” she replied, kissing him quick and light.

He returned the gesture eagerly and leaned in close to her ear afterwards before he whispered, his voice now heavy with lust.

“Oh, and about that vase? I ought to punish you for that.”

(Y/n) smirked at this and the two raced back to his room, locking the door with numerous spells to avoid anyone from interrupting them again.

Marauder’s: A Naughty Fiction (Part 6) SMUT

Requested?: No

Prompt: Y/N has always been a student at Hogwarts but has gone through her years practically unnoticed by anyone that caught her eye. This year, she expects that to change. Instead of shoving her nose between the pages of books someone will be begin to take quite the interest in her. Watch her finish off her last year of schooling while fucking around with guys along the way.

Warnings?: Smut, DRUGS, alcohol, cursing

Words: 3,492

A/N: sorry this took me forver to put out and write, i’ve been having writers block lately. ANYWAY, I just finished this about five minutes ago and haven’t read over it too thoroughly so there might be a few mistakes. Much love and keep requesting :))))


Why do I do what I do? Merlin, I fucking hate myself. One minute I am collected, and the next i’m off the chain, what the hell is going on with me?

I don’t like him, I don’t

Yet, I crave him so much

But maybe it’s not a want

It’s a need.

I bloody need him.

I want to feel him once again, but this time I want him to remember, I want him to remember.

All night these dastardly thoughts have been racing through my head, the night me and Sirius shared resides in the darkest parts of my memories, for I shouldn’t even dare to remember at all, yet I do, I keep thinking about it, and it just makes me want it more and more.

When I awoke I had a massive headache, my eyes could barely open because of the bright sunlight shining in on me. I twitched slightly, too tired to pull the covers over my head.

“Morning.” Lily said.

I peered over to her, she was sitting on her bed, a cup of tea nestled in between her hands, and a pair of sunglasses placed on her nose.

“Need some?” She questioned, referencing to her sunglasses. “S’quite bright in here.”

I sat up slowly, rubbing the bridge of my nose.

“What the hell happened last night?” I asked, looking down at a set of lingerie lying on the floor.

“Well, we got drunk, and I mean bloody drunk,” She said, getting excited. “I brought some of my favorite muggle alcohol and you and I finished them off.”

“Me and you finished off two bottles of…” I looked down at the floor reading the labels on the front of the glass. “Jack Daniels?”

Lily got quiet all of the sudden, looking down into her mug.

“Lily…” I pressed. “Who else was with us?”

She stayed quiet, still looking longingly into her mug.

“Just James, and Remus and Peter…” She said half-heartedly.

“You’re telling me Remus drank hard liquor? Because we both know good and well he doesn’t drink hard liquor.”

“…And Sirius.” She said quietly, sounding ashamed.

“And Sirius!” I laughed sarcastically, getting angry.

“Lily,” I questioned.” “What the hell happened last night?”

the night before…

“He did what!” Lily whisper yelled at me, dragging me into the corner.

I rolled my eyes, crossing my arms protectively.

“How many times do I have to say it. I started freaking out, then I leant up and kissed him.”

Lily scoffed, not knowing what to say.

“What?” I yelled. “It’s not like I haven’t kissed him before!”

“Y/N…” She sighed. “This is different, you were…you were…”

“Lucid? Yeah I know.”

She eyed me up and down, flashing me a quizzical look.

“You don’t like him… do you?”

I got choked up, my air catching in my throat

“Pshh… What, me? Like Sirius? Haha, of course not!” I said, trying to play it off, but the thoughts inside my head were contradicting everything I was saying.

She raised her brow at me and shook her head as we walked into the common room, running into James and Remus.

“Oi, where are you two off to?” James asked, pulling Lily into a hug.

“Just going upstairs, a long day it’s been.” Lily replied, rummaging her head into his neck.

“What she said.” I added.

“Are you guys not going to the party tonight?” Remus asks, smiling at me.

“Party?” I asked. “What party?”

“Just a house party for Gryffindor’s, maybe a few Hufflepuff’s.” Remus added.

I scoffed, biting my lip instinctively.

“No Slytherins?” I asked.

“Merlin no, definitely not. Sirius made it very clear he didn’t want them here.”

James coughed and nudged Remus’ side, I guess that was something he wasn’t supposed to say. Me and Lily looked at each other suspiciously and waltzed up the stairs to our room.

“What are you wearing?” Lily yelled to me from the bathroom.

I couldn’t find anything I wanted to wear in my wardrobe despite the countless dresses and denim I had all lined up.  

“Not sure yet.” I added.

She walked out of the bathroom, sliding in an earring, her hair freshly curled and bouncing along with each step.

“Let me look.” She said, pushing me out of the way and searching my wardrobe.

Then it caught her eye, the light pink, holographic dress. It was tight up top and flared out at the bottom, quite skimpy. If I bent over too far everyone would have quite the view of my arse.

“This,” She said. “This is what you’re going to wear.”

“That?” I yelled, a bit curious.

“Yes that! You’ll be the talk of the school, why haven’t you worn it yet?” She asked.

“Well it was more of a collective purchase, I wasn’t planning on wearing it.”

“Well you will tonight, and I bet you’ll get more than just a few cheeky glances.” She said, winking.

I rolled my eyes, but gave into her pressure, slipping up the small dress wearing nothing but dark red underwear beneath.

“We look good.” She said, I agreed, nodding along with her.

“Great, even.” I added.

My hair, once again, sat high atop my head, my makeup still natural, but with a hint of flare.

“Let’s go.”

The party music was booming, we heard the rumble from atop the stairs. Some couples were getting a head start already, pushing each other up against their bedroom doors, making out vigorously.

“Bet ten galleons you’ll fuck Sirius tonight.”

“I won’t so, you’re on.”

“You will.” Was all she said and we began to strut towards the compacted crowd.

The moment I stepped foot on the floor seemed all the attention in the room was on me. Guys were ogling over me, girls were slapping their men on the arms so they’d pay attention to them, yet I could careless. I had one person on my mind, I had one person I wanted to impress.

I saw him with James and Remus and a few other guys from our house horsing around with one another. They all had drinks in their hands and seemed a little buzzed. I looked down quickly, checking my dress to make sure I looked alright, that there were no wrinkles. Why did I care so much? Maybe Lily was right, maybe I did like him, maybe I just couldn’t accept it.

When I looked back up he was already staring at me, his mouth watering. His eyes met mine, intensely. He stared into them for a good five seconds before they started travelling down, lower and lower. The guys around him began to notice.

“Sirius?” Remus shouted to him. “Are you alrigh-”

And that’s when the others caught on, when they all got sight of me. Something about this dress was illuminating, it made me stand out against everyone in the crowd. Sirius finally took a sip of his drink, still staring at me. He chugged it all down, placing it on a table next to him, and waltzing over to me.

“Fancy seeing you here t’night, you look ravishing.” He said wrapping his arm around my waist pulling me into him, whispering the last part of the sentence into my ear.

“Thank you.” I gulped, barely being able to speak, my stomach erupting with butterflies.

“Well,” James said, Sirius still gazing into my eyes. “Let’s get this party started.”

One shot, lime, two shots, lime, three shots, lime. Apparently I liked tequila.

My vision began to lighten as the liquor in my stomach began to churn, cooking up a spell. Sirius stood behind me, his hand around my front, he held a  lime in his mouth and each time I downed another i’d turn around and suck the juice out of it, making sure to look him right in the eyes.

“Sirius, Y/N!” Lily slurred, her pupils insanely dilated.

“Evans!” I yelled. “What the hell are you on!”

“Molly… or maybe it was acid, either way come upstairs with us!” She yelled back, undeniably fucked up.

“Upstairs? The party is down here!” I shouted back, making sure she heard me over the music.

“Yeah but upstairs I have two bottles of Jack Daniels with our names on it.” She said with a sly smile, biting down on her tongue with her teeth.

I looked up at Sirius who was already looking down at me. We both nodded to each other and followed Lily, James, Remus, Peter and two other guys up the stairs to our dorm room.

“Whiskey for everyone!” Lily yelled, us all stumbling into the room after her, everyone giggling back and forth to one another over our drunken states.

She pulled out eight shot glasses and placed them all upside down on the floor, Remus rolled a blunt and placed it down next to them, while Peter peppered a few psychedelics here and there.

“Let’s play a game!” She squealed, pulling us all down to the floor, Sirius pulling me into his lap, he didn’t like the hungry looks every guy was giving me.

“Truth or dare,” James said. “The game for the brave and the… weak.”

He proceeded then to go over the rules of the game, saying that if you refused a truth or a dare you had one of three options; take a shot, hit the blunt, or take a psychedelic, and if you had already chose one, the next time you’d have to pick another.

We were an hour into the game, but still barely made a dent into it. Remus and Peter were stoned out of their minds, Lily and I well, let’s just say we drank a little more than anticipated, and everyone had officially taken at least one psychedelic.

“Lily, Y/N,” One of the other guys with us murmured. “Truth or dare?”

“Both of us?” I asked, slurring my words.

“Both of you.”

“Isn’t that like, against the rules?”

“Nope,” He said, popping the P. “So what’ll it be?”

I was about to speak before Lily answered for me.

“Dare.” Lily said suddenly, a devilish gleam In her eye.

The guy started laughing, and whispered something into one of the other guys ears.

“Strip.” Was all he said, leaning back on his hands.

Since I was far from sober, the phrase was almost like music to my ears, but a clarifying sobriety deep down was yelling at me, telling me not to do it.

“You’re not too pussy are you?” He asked.

Me and lily looked to one another, raising our eyebrows.

“M’not too pussy, maybe Y/N, but not me.” Lily slurred, standing up all wobbly.

“Well, I said both of you, so strip or pick.” He said, the word pick referring to the drugs.

“This isn’t fair,” I whined. “You lads will take advantage of us!”

“Advantage?” The bloke questioned. “Never in a million years.”

I looked down to Sirius who seemed rather annoyed, jealous the other boys could see me… exposed.

“Or,” The boy called. “Give me and… Remus a lap dance.”

“What?” Remus asked, the statement sending him quickly back into reality.

“You heard me Moony. I mean if you don’t want to I bet there’s someone who’s far more anxious to take your place.”

I looked to Sirius who was watching me like a hawk, he looked like he wanted to kill the guy who had dared me, his blood boiling and pumping through his veins.

“I’ll do it,” Sirius said all of the sudden, loud and stern, his jaw clenching. “Give me the lap dance.”

He stood up swiftly, his hand grasping onto my upper arm, a tight lock on it.

“And slip into something more… comfortable.”

Me and Lily disappeared into the bathroom, pulling two select pieces from our wardrobe. James was pass out drunk, he slept soundly on the wooden floor so Lily had no choice but give one of the others a lap dance. We were both still under the influence, completely hammered, so I left on my dark red underwear but slipped a bra over my breasts and a silk teddy over the top as well.  

“C’mon ladies,” He called. “Don’t keep us waiting.”

We both sauntered out, Lily’s hips swaying much more than mine. The sudden exposure of my skin making an uncomfortable feeling erupt from within me, my hands instinctively wrapping around my chest.

“C’mon, don’t be shy.”

I dropped my hands walking right towards Sirius, an angry look still plastered on his face.

“Merlin…” I heard a boy call.

I looked over to my right and Lily had already began to dance. Getting low to the ground, swaying her hips, rubbing up on all the guys around her. I saw Remus scoot backwards, undeniably uncomfortable, yet he still watched from afar, a strange sight it was indeed.

I straddled Sirius, my legs wrapping around his lap, sinking down onto his crotch. His hands never touched me, they just held him up from behind, his eyes looking into mine then down my body quizzically.

“This feels so, familiar.” He stated, trying to sound calm but still I heard the rage spitting through his teeth. He really didn’t like the looks they were all giving me.

“Familiar?” I asked, acting like I had no clue to what he was referring to, watching him try to figure out what about this was so strange.

But I knew, I knew the feeling, a feeling I’ve been trying to shake ever since it happened, no matter how badly I didn’t want to. He was remembering the time we spent together, that I prayed so dearly he’d forget.

Suddenly I was being lifted off Sirius lap and placed into someone elses, their hands gripping roughly to my hips.

“If you’re not going to do anything to her I sure as bloody hell will!” One of the boys from earlier squawked.

He looked at me with a distinct hunger in his eyes, he was devouring me with them. He started moving me up and down onto his crotch, trying to get some friction between the two of us. This is not how I wanted it, this wasn’t how I wanted any of this to be. Suddenly I heard a thud and a shuffling of feet and once again I was being yanked off someone else’s lap. Sirius threw me off to the side, and yanked up the kid who pulled me into his lap by his collar.

“Who the hell do you think you are, mate?” Sirius yelled. “You think you can bloody treat a woman like that, my woman?”

The guy was petrified, looking at Sirius then back to me.

“D-didn’t know she was yours, mate!” He squealed while falling back down onto the floor with a thud.  

And for the last time Sirius yanked me up, throwing me over his shoulder, and pulled me into the bathroom. I was pushed harshly against the door, smacking my head a tad on the wood. I felt Sirius’ hands wrap around my waist, one of them also holding me up under my bum. He rested his head on my chest and stayed quiet, my hand landed in his hair, playing with it.

“Sirius?” I asked looking down at him sleepily, watching his chest heave up and down.

“Hmm?” He asked.

“Didn’t know I was yours…” I said playfully, biting my lip, a small smile sweeping up onto my face.

He smiled into my skin, I felt the stretching of his lips against my chest,a low rumble escaping them.

“You aren’t really… s’just like you is all… got a tad jealous.”

“A tad?” I asked, pulling his chin up so he looked at me, he tried to hold back a smile on his face.

We were startled by Lily’s playful squealing coming from my room, and the sound of pounding music being turned up. We looked back to one another and began to laugh and he set me back down on my feet.

“You’re drunk.” He said laughing.

“So are you!” I yelled back, poking his chest.

“Yeah but I wasn’t the one who almost gave four different guys a lapdance.”

“You’re just jealous.” I said, sticking my nose up in the air, walking away from him.

“Oi!” He yelled. “Of what?”

“You wanted one, a lap dance.”

“Did I now?” He asked, testing me. “How are you so sure?”

“Well for starters I saw your dick jump out of your pants when I walked out of the bathro-” I couldn’t even finish my sentence before he cut me off, tackling me to the ground.

“We won speak of this!” He yelled playfully, pushing his hand over my mouth.

And suddenly we were in the position again, me straddling him, my crotch coming close and closer to his. He looked down at me on his lap, one of his eyebrows raising, then looked back up at my outfit. I kept my eyes on his, watching him as I lowered myself a top his pants, pressing down hard.

“Y/N,” He moaned, his head falling back. “You’re drunk.”

“Doesn’t mean I don’t know what I want.” I said back.

And with that sentence he latched on tightly to my hips as I began to grind harder and harder onto his erection. My hands flying back into his hair, my fingers tangling themselves within the strands.

I turned around swiftly, trying to synchronize my moves to the beat of the music. I began to pull my teddy down, strap by strap, making sure to give him a show. He sat there, leant back, watching me with a glaze over his eyes. I dropped the pink silk to the floor, becoming exposed to him like I was that one time.

I bent over infront of his face, then sat down on him backwards, his hands massaging hard into the skin of my ass. I moved my bum into the crotch of his jeans again, enjoying the sound of his breathless moans escaping from his lips.

I pushed him down on his back sitting down on his stomach and leant down to kiss him. Our lips pushing into each other roughly. There was a definite need there. I heard him whimper as I bit down on his bottom lip, pulling on the now pinkened skin.

I began to scooch my crotch lower and lower until I was perched on his cock again, grinding hard down onto it. I began to dry hump him, suddenly feeling the pleasure from my side. To make the friction much greater, Sirius pushed himself up on his hand, rubbing himself into as I was to him.

His mouth was wide open, attaching to my neck from time to time. I rubbed vigorously into him, the material of my panties beginning to bunch up onto one side. I could tell he was getting close, the sound of my moans filling his ears and a sudden wetness now covering his clothed cock. Then I watched as his eyes rolled into the back of his head and he let out a throaty district  moan, saying my name softly as he came. I too, trying my hardest still to reach my desired place, and within no time I was there, a moaning mess just like him.

He fell back onto the floor and I feel on top of his, my ear to his chest listening to the pounding of his heart and the shortness in his breath.

“Hot damn,” He said. “I don’t think I’ve ever came so hard in my life.”

The room was now empty, no sounds of music, no more squealing. Lily had finally laid her head to rest that night, Remus tucking her in after she got a little too crazy with that one boy from their house. Her soft snores were the only thing filling the room, well, that and the sound of Sirius whispering to Y/N, goodnight.

She slipped into bed as well, looking up to him as he placed a chaste kiss to her forehead, praising her once again for the beautiful work she had done that night. He walked out of the room, a small smiled placed across his face as he hopped quietly back to his dorm.

When he entered he sat down on his bed, laughing at James sprawled out on the floor, Peter looking practically dead, and Remus asleep as snug as a bug under his covers. Sirius peered over to his bedside table, looking at the family photo which sat gloomily next to him. Not a hint of a smile coming from any of their faces in the picture. He picked it up, getting a closer look at his brother whom he envied so deeply, but wanted to love so bad. The green surrounding the picture frame seemed to look so obscure next to the red lace panties that were sitting behind it.

Red lace panties.

Only then was it when Sirius realized everything he seemed to forget.


Your name: submit What is this?

In the Salvatore House:

Damon was beyond furious. “You little-”

“Ah, ah, ah.” Kai smirked while shaking his finger at Damon. 

“I told you not to underestimate me, but you did it anyway. Locking me up in a prison world, again.”

“If you touch Elena, I’ll rip your throat out.” Damon hissed.

Kai chuckled and shook his head, “Oh I won’t touch Elena. A little bird told me there’s someone better. Someone you love more than yourself.”

Damon realized Kai found out about you, he tried so hard to keep you secret from him, “I swear if you do anything to her, I’ll-”

“Rip my throat out, yeah I got it, I’ve heard that about a hundred times and you know what? I still don’t care. And as the looks of it-” he paused and chuckled. “The spell is working, you won’t be able to move, until I let you. Sure, I could just kill you now, but I’m going to kill your sister and show you her lifeless body. I mean it wouldn’t be any fun otherwise?” Kai smiled, provoking Damon even more. 

Kai pulled out a knife and sliced  Damon’s hand, and hold his own up, catching the blood. Damon looked at him confused.

“What? First, I have to find her.” 

Kai used a simple location spell, leading him to your exact location, he smiled, “Found her.” then he walked out of the House.


Kai took a deep and satisfied breath, then used another spell to transport himself to you. He found himself at a Disco. Kai has never seen you before, not even a picture. Damon hid ever since Kai showed up.. but you knew exactly who he was.

You walked right over to him, a drink in hand, and smiled at him, “I guess you’re Kai.”

He looked confused, “And you are?” Still looking around for.. Well, you.

“I am Y/N Salvatore, Damon’s younger sister.” You said, not even a bit afraid. “Damon called me, saying there would be a psycho who wants to kill me.”

Kai stood there, not knowing what to say. No ones ever talked to him like you just did. He didn’t think you would look and act like this. “You are very beautiful and really confident, very different from your brother. At least I don’t have to look for you anymore. Thanks for making my life easier sweetheart.”

You chuckled, “You won’t kill me.”

“And why is that?” he asked smirking.


In the Woods:

You took his hand in your’s and transported you both into the woods, you wanted to talk to him where it would be quiet and where no one would listen.

“I’m much stronger than you are.  And since you merged with Luke, you’re like a little puppy.” You said sharply, but smirking. “Yes, I know exactly who you are.”

“Well the Puppy wanted to kill your brother just a few minutes ago..” Kai replied.

“Yeah, but you didn’t.”


“-Don’t say because you wanted to kill me first. You wanted to know who I was, you felt my spirit, just like I felt yours.” You responded. “Maybe so you could get my powers too, but definitely  not to kill me.”

You were right, Kai wanted to know why he doesn't felt like the most powerful witch. When he got into the prison world in 1903, he heard that a sister of Vampires was extremely powerful, and over a hundred years old. He knew he needed to find you, so he could steal your powers, but now that he met you, he’s more fascinated by you than he ever imagined.

“I assume,  my brother doesn’t know that you felt me here the entire time.” You asked smiling, while Kai nodded. “Well, if you want my powers, you can try to take them, but it won’t be easy. For either of us, but just so you know, I would be the one to survive, I already freed my brother.. Nice spell by the way.”

“And I guess you never got a call from Damon, because he never told you about me to keep you safe.” You smirked, Kai couldn’t stop smiling, he started to like you more by the second, “So Y/N, what are we going to do now?”

“Glad you asked, first off, you will stop hurting and stop trying to kill  my family and friends-”

“And if I don’t?” Kai asked still with a smile. “Will you rip my throat out?”

“No,” You paused and chuckled, “I’ll torture you and then I’ll call Bonnie so she can do whatever she wants to do with you.” You threatened him. “Or, you could stop being a psycho and we could learn from each other.”

“Like how a girl with Vampire brothers is also a powerful witch, who happens to be over a hundred years old?”

“Maybe.” You smiled. “See you soon.” you said, while you turned around to walk back to your house.

“Wait! Y/N! When can I see you again?” Kai asked shouting.

You turned around and smiled.

“I mean for learning stuff..”

“When you stop being a hot psycho and start only being hot.” You replied and transported yourself to your house, not giving him a chance to respond.


This Story was one of my old ones which got an update haha. Special thanks to my precious @star-gazer178​ <3

A Little Less Sixteen Candles, A Little More Kiss Me (1) - Jughead!Imagine

[A/N: Okay so this is technically an imagine but I don’t like using (Y/N) to substitute the readers name so I gave the imagine character the name Mona, substitute with your name if you please or read her as an OC! Also if you want to get the vibe of this fic then listen to Fall Out Boy song of the same title as this fic, maybe you’ll be able to see where this is going or maybe you wont! Either way I hope you enjoy!] (Oh and as always if you notice any grammatical errors or spelling mistakes send me a message and let me know so I can fix them, I read over my work but I always end up missing stuff!)

Word Count: 2221 

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//Not requested. prompt: Kol Mikaelson is your boyfriend and you guys are having a lot of NOLA fun until he meets Davina and everything changes//

//warnings: first person POV. swearing. lil bit of violence. angst (i think?).//

Part Two 

“Come on now, Darling.” He laughs, grabbing my hand and tugging me down the street. “Just one more. Don’t quit on me now.”

“Kol, come on!” I laugh, following behind him. “This is the fifth bar we’ve been to! Are you still hungry?”

“Relax, Darling!” He says, stopping and pulling me close. He places a soft kiss on my shoulder. “You and I will have our own adventures when we get home.” He says smugly in my ear.


This was the last normal date night with Kol. After that night of raiding and draining local bars and tourists, he was different. He wasn’t my Kol anymore. He was hers and everybody knew it. Everyone except for me for a while.

Let me introduce Kol Mikaelson. The youngest of the Original Vampires, and the light of my life. We had met over four centuries ago and we have been dating for almost just as long.

He turned me a few weeks after we met, and that’s when we became inseparable. I had given him the love and appreciation he didn’t get from his family, but I was also willing to wreak a little havoc with him. He taught me to control who I became but how to revel in it as well.

We were a force to be reckoned with and no one ever successfully stood against us. We protected each other, fought for and occasionally against each other, loved each other, and hated each other at times. We were a typical, long term relationship, other than the immortal blood sucker thing.

At least, we were unstoppable. We were inseparable. We used to fight for each other and protect each other, sometimes we still do but it seems to be against each other more often. We used to love each other but now it seems like a one sided deal… Ever since she came along and everything changed.

Her name was Davina Claire, a pretty little NOLA witch and a harvest girl. She was remarkably powerful since the ritual wasn’t complete and she held the power of three additional dead witches. She had a beautiful smile, a caring personality, but also a flair of the dramatics and violence. Exactly Kol’s type.

He met her when he was out and about one day, the day I decided to hang back with Rebekah and catch up. He said he was going to bring back coffee and it would be a quick errand. Maybe I should’ve gone with him.

When he came back he was quiet, distant and distracted. I thought nothing of it at the time, but maybe I should’ve.

Now, a few months after he met Davina, I met her officially. Of course, I already knew of her since she was causing trouble with Klaus, but I had yet to meet her.

She lit up when Kol entered the room, as did he. A light shined in his eyes that I hadn’t seen in months. He hadn’t lit up for me since that night when we hit the bars, months ago. That’s when I knew for sure that my Kol was gone. He now belonged solely to Davina Claire, and there was nothing I could do about it.

I couldn’t change the fact that I lost Kol, but I could change my relationship with Kol. As much as I hated it, I had to end it today. I loved Kol with my whole heart, but I would not follow him around like a lost puppy waiting for him to give me a second look.

I kept to myself until we got home. I had nothing to say and so much to say at the same time. I was close to exploding, I felt it. I replayed different possible conversations in my head as we headed back to the compound. Luckily, the rest of the family was dealing with something more pressing than my relationship drama.

“You haven’t said much. Everything alright, Darling?” He asked as we stepped through the front door. His voice had a hint of concern, and if this had been a few months ago, he would’ve carried me off bridal-style and smothered me in kisses until I was happy again.

“Like you give a shit?” I laughed and walked away. “Do both of us a favor and don’t act like I matter to you anymore.” I commented as I left.

I heard a whoosh of air and he stood in front of me, a few inches between us. My hands clenched into fists, my nails digging into my palms, and I desperately wanted to hit something. Not necessarily him, but if he didn’t move I was going to.

“What’s wrong?” He asked softly, placing a hand on my hip.

“Fuck off.” I said in a silky voice and shoved him away, leaving a bloody handprint on his shirt. I hadn’t bothered putting any vampire strength into it because I didn’t want a fist fight with him.

“Y/N.. What the hell did I do?” He asked after he regained his composure. His voice was full of confusion, not concern. He didn’t care what happened, he just didn’t understand.

“What did you do? Or who?” I challenged. “You have a lot of fucking nerve, dragging me along like this. Why don’t you just cut your loses and get with your pocket witch? Everyone can tell that you want to. Or have you already screwed around with her? Is that why you’re always out so fucking late half the time?”

“Davina?” He asked. The way he said her name was the way he said mine before we started dating. Low and sultry, as if she was only his and others weren’t allowed to know her. “What does she have to do with anything? She’s just a friend… Oh Darling, are you jealous of her?”

“Goddammit, Kol!” I yelled, finally losing my head. “How fucking blind are you!? Do you not see how obvious you are? Your eyes don’t leave the little bitch when she’s around! This isn’t about me being jealous, you headass! This is about you  falling in love with her!”

“Watch it, Y/N.” He said through clenched teeth. “Don’t push it.”

“Or what?” I teased and pushed him by his shoulders. “You haven’t stopped pushing me away since you met the little witch bitch.” I went to push him again and he grabbed my wrists.

“You need to stop.” He said sternly. The veins under his eyes darkened, his fangs coming out. I challenged him in the same way, and he looked slightly surprised. “Now isn’t the time.”

I yanked my wrists away and stabbed a finger into his chest, hard. Both of us returning to our regular features as we continued.

“You-” I gripped his shirtfront. “-don’t get to tell me shit anymore.” I pushed him away with all the strength in my body and he stumbled over the coffee table, crashing to the floor. “You’ve been fucking around with me long enough. For months you have been ditching me and going off by yourself and when I want to do something with you, you can’t be bothered! But let someone even whisper her name and you’re right there in less than a second!”

“What the fuck are you talking about!?” He shouted back, jumping to his feet. “What the hell is your problem?”

“Jesus fuck, Kol. Have you even been listening to me? Oh wait.” I groaned, running my hands through my hair. “I’m not Davina so you don’t care about me at all. Let me spell it out for you. You are my problem. You and that fucking Davina! You haven’t looked at me the same since you met her and I’ve seen the way you look at her, Kol. Don’t fucking argue that you don’t have feelings for her either.”

“Y/N,” He sighed, putting on hand on his hip and the other to his forehead in exhaustion. “I don’t know what you think is going on with Davina and I, but I promise you it’s nothing. You’re looking into this too much. I promise that she means nothing. You’re being silly.”

My temper snapped and I brought my hand across his face hard. Hot tears burned in my eyes and one fell down my cheek, but I refused to acknowledge them. He looked at me with wide eyes. One of his hands touched where I hit him before he slammed me against the nearest wall by my throat.

“Don’t ever.” He growled. “Do that again.”

“Go fuck yourself!” I spat and kicked out at his chest.

The impact threw him to the floor but he hadn’t let me go so I was thrown with him. He flipped us so he landed on top of me, his hand still firmly around my throat.

I gripped his wrist and yanked down hard, snapping the bone and he dropped his hold on me. He yelled out, rolling off of me to take a few steps back, setting the bone back into place and glaring at me.

“Don’t ever.” I growled back, pushing myself to my feet and dusting off my clothes. “Tell me what to think or belittle me again because I will make you regret it.”

“Don’t threaten me.” He said in a raspy tone. It was similar to the tone he used in the bedroom, when he was in charg, but it had more of an edge to it.

My hands balled into fists and I connected with a left hook against his face. His head jerked to the side, but he didn’t move. My right hook connected and he stepped back.

“I thought we had something better than this!” I shouted, breaking inside due to the way everything changed. “Fight back!” My voice cracked.

“You want me to fight you!?” He screamed at me, wiping the blood from his nose.

“I want you to do something!” I cried out. “Fight me! Leave me! Do something that shows me you fucking care!”

I aimed a jab at his face but he caught my wrist. He flipped me over his shoulder and I crashed into the coffee table. I kicked his legs out from under him and he fell backwards. I quickly pinned his hands above his head with one hand and his hips to the floor by straddling him. This was a common and hot position for us to be in, just not with this context.

Another hit and another. Punch after punch landed, causing a gash on his cheekbone. But he refused to hit me back. He finally pushed himself up, slamming me against a wall again. His forearm braced against my chest, pinning me to the wall.

I stared at him for a minute before acting. Blood streamed slowly from his nose and the newest gash on his cheek, close to his eye. A small bruise was under the cut, quickly fading. His eyes were lit with anger but he refused to phyically take it out on me.

He pulled himself off of me and connected his fist with the wall a foot away from me. His hand went through it effortlessly and he screamed in frustration.

I sighed and put my hands on my hips. “Just tell me the fucking truth, Kol. This run-around and evading is fucking ridiculous.”

“You want the truth?” He asked as he turned to face me and laughed. “I fucking told you the truth!” He stepped closer, yelling in my face.

“Then why is everyone asking how we stayed so close when you’re dating Davina!?” I snapped, throwing the rumors in his face and pushing him away. “Elijah, Klaus, Rebekah. Even Hayley! They all can see the shit you’re pulling with me and Davina. I didn’t realize you and I were just friends now, if that.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” He laughed and turned to walk away. “I’m not gonna stand here and take this shit, especially from you.”

“Don’t you fucking walk away from me, Kol Mikaelson!” I yelled firmly and he froze. My voice had cracked when I yelled his name and he slowly turned around. “If you walk out that door, I won’t be here when you get back. That’s a promise.”

“Are you threatening to leave me?” He asked lowly, hurt lacing his voice.

I nodded quietly.

He walked closer to me and took my hands in his. His wrist had healed already. His thumbs ran softly over the back of my hands and he stared deep into my eyes.

“Dear God, Y/N. What have we become?” He said, a hint of regret on his face. “We were so good together. We never screamed at each other like this. We never tried to hurt each other like this.”

“You need to choose, Kol.” I said finally in a broken voice, not acknowledging the true words he spoke. Our fights never got this bad. I never screamed for him to actually fight back or tried to force him to get physical. In those moments, I wanted to see him care about everything that was happening in one way or another. Whether it was the fact that I was able to piss him off because he cared so much and I was so stuck on this Davina thing or that he cared about Davina so much, I meant nothing anymore and he could easily hurt me.

“Me or her. I won’t stick around if you don’t want me to. But I’ll stay if you ask me to.” As much as it hurt me to say, I had to.

“I still love you, Y/N.” He finally said in reply and my heart soared. “So fucking much but…” My heart quickly stopped.

“But you’re not in love with me anymore. I get it. I’m not her..” I finished his sentence for him. He nodded slightly and I slowly pulled my hands away. His own hands dropped and he took a step closer to me, keeping my eyes locked in his, showing a familiar expression. An expression that I saw countless times through our four centuries. An expression that I never thought he’d turn on me. An expression showing he wanted to compel me.

“I don’t want to do this, Y/N.” He started and I stepped back, attempting to turn away. He gripped my wrist firmly and my eyes dropped to the floor while I kept my back to him. “But it’s for your own good.”

I turned on my heels and came face to face with him. “You don’t get to make that decision for me!” I said firmly and yanked my hand away. “You chose Davina, fine. But you do not have any right to choose what happens to me from now on. Not what I remember, not what I feel, and most definitely not what I do from here.”

His eyes stared deep into mine, ignoring everything I just said. He was going to do it anyway.

I pushed him away and attempted to leave the room and hide in my own, but with him being older than me, he was faster. He was in front of me before I could get out of the room.

“Kol, I swear to God…” I threatened as he held both of my arms at my sides. “I will never forgive you if you do this. You’ll never see me again…”

He hesitated slightly but swallowed hard and spoke anyways.

“You’re dead to me, Kol Mikaelson.” I whispered just before he started speaking.

“You are not hurt.” He said softly, as if he regretted doing this. I felt a tear slide down my face, betrayal and hatred bubbling in my stomach. Kol had attempted to do the one thing he swore never to do, compel me. I hated him in that moment and I knew that I would not be able to feel the same way about him. Not after this. Never again.

“You understand why we broke up. It was mutual. You will find love again and he will be better for you than I ever was. This wasn’t your fault. You hold this against no one and you can easily move on with your life. You will not turn off your humanity because of this. You will live on, loving and caring as you’ve always been. You know I still care about you, and will be there whenever you call. Always and forever…” He whispered the last line.

He placed a soft kiss to my cheek before he sprinted off at vamp speed and I was left alone in the middle of the room.

My hand touched the pendant that hung low on my chest. I released a breath I hadn’t realized I was holding and felt my heart shatter. He betrayed me, lied to me, and broke me. He did not choose me, so he will never see me again.

“Dumbass doesn’t know I wear vervain.” I said to myself and turned to pack my things.

I was leaving New Orleans. I would never come back for more than a visit. This was the city my greatest relationship crumbled in. I would not crumble in it as well.

I rushed notes to the family. A special note for everyone and placed them on each bed before I grabbed my bags and headed out.

‘Rebekah, my dearest friend. I hate to leave you without a proper goodbye, but there is too much heartbreak in this city for me to stay. You of all people should understand the pain New Orleans can bring. I hope we can continue to be friends because I cannot imagine m life without you. I love you, Rebekah. Take care of yourself. I hope we’ll see each other again. -Y/N’

‘Noble Elijah. You were one of the few people who saw something good in me. I hope that in my new adventures, I can continue to be that person you believe me to be. I will miss your constant leadership and big brother attitude. Take care of yourself and don’t lose touch. I do hope we’ll cross paths again. -Y/N’

‘The Infamous Klaus. You always had something stupid to say about my relationship with Kol, but I will miss your humor. Continue to protect your family, no matter what. Always and forever, Klaus. Never lose sight of what’s important. Tell Hope good things about me. Take care of yourself and keep me updated. See you around, Nik. -Y/N’

'Hayley, the unofficial Mikaelson. You’re a part of my time in New Orleans that I will miss dearly. You did whatever you had to do to make a safe world for your baby girl. Tell Hope good things, and make sure Klaus does too. Take care of yourself and your family. Send me updates on everyone occasionally. May we meet again. -Y/N’

I hoped Mystic Falls would be a better home. As the years went on, it proved itself to be much better than New Orleans. Less heartbreak. Less memories. New friends. New opportunities. With just as much chaos and battles to save the city.

I would not hear from Kol for several years. I kept in contact with the other Mikaelsons the whole time. Hope was doing well at the school Caroline Salvatore built with Alaric and the family was doing well on their own paths after defeating the spirit of a witch much older than even them.

I ran into Kol in Las Vegas, many many years later and when I did, we almost didn’t recognize each other. But that, is a long story for some other day.

//AN: I left this sort of open ended for a part two//

Anything Can Happen In The Next Half Hour - Four

TDQ: I stay away from this place for three weeks and the one night I get curious, and you’re in here.
Tell me you’ve been on every night and this isn’t some shocking coincidence?

Spencer stared at the screen thinking of how to reply as Y/N stared at hers, waiting.

Dr: This is the first time since…

TDQ: Brilliant. So we have some random telepathy shit now.

Spencer could almost hear the disdain in her voice and it was starting to annoy him. Almost like she was suggesting it was his fault.

Dr: Well maybe that’s what happens when you send your colleague half naked photos.

TDQ: Hey! You sent them back too. And I didn’t KNOW you were my colleague.

Dr: True. But you’re the one who upped the ante that night remember? You turned the conversation away from casual chatting to…. Whatever it was.

Okay, so he was right. Y/N did need to stop acting like it was his fault. It wasn’t. She needed to just…. talk about this with him. Maybe actually discuss what had happened online that night?

TDQ: Whatever it was? Full on mutual masturbation, you mean?

Spencer almost dropped the phone, before composing himself and replying.

Dr: Yes.

He didn’t know what else to say right now. He wished they could have just slipped into their previous online banter. NOT the one from last time. Although…

TDQ: Can I just say that now I know who DrJackblacklover21 is, I’m hella shocked. Never expected you to come out with those sort of lines or to send those sorts of pictures.

Dr: I’m not sure if this is a compliment or not.

TDQ: It’s a compliment, Reid. You seem so…. Well you know….

Dr: Can you not call me that on here? It’s weird. And I know exactly what you’re getting at. Everyone has this skewered view of me, like I’m still an innocent 14 year old who needs to be protected.

TDQ: Okay, doctor it is then. I take it you’re not as innocent as everyone thinks then?

Now Y/N definitely was intrigued. Was there a side to Spencer Reid that no one knew about, that maybe she could dig into?

Dr: I sent you that photo didn’t I?

TDQ: You did. Gotta say, I don’t have an eidetic memory like you do, but my brain definitely hasn’t forgotten that image.

Wait… Why did she put that? That sounded… flirty.

Was it meant that way?

Spencer couldn’t tell how that message was meant. Was she trying to make him prove a point here, about his lack of innocence?

Dr: Well I haven’t forgotten the one you sent me either.

TDQ: Yet I still caught you staring at my tits the other day.

Dr: Only because I now know what they look like.

TDQ:. You didn’t catch me staring at your junk anytime, did you? And I know what that looks like.

Dr: Point taken, I’ll try to avoid looking at your chest.

It was then that Y/N realised that maybe she didn’t want him to stop. It made her feel… desired. Spencer Reid staring at her chest was making her feel desired. Good lord woman, it definitely HAD been a dry spell. That was the only way she could explain what she put next.

TDQ: Did you like what you saw?

Dr: Pardon?

What the hell? Spencer was totally confused now about where this conversation was going.

TDQ: Did you like what you saw? It’s not a hard question.

Gulping, Spencer answered.

Dr: If I didn’t, I’m not sure you’d have got the reply you did.

She smiled to herself, feeling pleased with that response.

TDQ: On a completely non inappropriate subject, that book you mentioned a few weeks ago, the one you told me I’d thank you for recommending. I totally thank you.

Dr: You read it then?

And so they both slipped back into easy conversation with each other, forgetting that they rarely seemed to converse ‘in real life’.

This continued for another month or so. Spencer and Y/N would idlely chat at work, never about anything in particular other than work. And then in the evenings they’d log on and talk about their lives. What they enjoyed doing outside of work. Neither spoke about work, it was like this chat was a sacred sanctuary away from it. The only time they referenced it was after a particularly heavy case which had lead to Y/N crying in the toilets in the jet on the way home. Although she’d reapplied her make up, Spencer had clocked the red rims around her eyes and had been surprised to see her online that evening. He thought she’d just go home to sleep. He’d simply said to her “The last few days, are you okay?” and she’d replied telling him yes, and thanking him.

This was all until one day when Spencer walked into the break room to hear Penelope, Derek and Y/N having a conversation about chat zone.

“So you’ve not been on there since photo boy?” Garcia asked her and she visibly winced, seeing Spencer enter the room and going to the coffee machine.

“No, I haven’t.”

“Photo boy?” Morgan asked, his eyebrows raised.

“Yup. Y/N met a guy on there that she met up with. Nothing came of it though, but they did have a steamy photo exchange session. I woke up the next morning to a screen shot of one of the photos he’d sent her with the caption ‘have asked if he wants to meet. Hopefully I’ll get to ride that monster one day soon’. Even I was impressed.”

Y/N was trying so hard to keep a straight face, although she could see Spencer with his back to the group. He stiffened at Garcia’s comment and she knew he had to be blushing.

“So what happened then? Why did you not end up ‘riding that monster’?” Morgan asked.

“He just…. erm, wasn’t what I expected him to be that’s all.”

Later that night when she logged in, she had a message waiting for her.

Dr: Monster?

TDQ: Shut up.

Dr: I’m not sure whether it being called a monster is a compliment or not.

TDQ: Well you managed to impress Garcia and as you heard from that caption, I said I wanted to ride it…..

Dr: What a disappointment I must have been.

TDQ: Meh. Only because I know you. If we weren’t work colleagues, I’m fairly certain that it would have happened, even if had just been a one night thing.

Dr: You know that rule about interdepartmental relationships is a myth right?

TDQ: Carry on and I’ll think you actually still want to fuck me.



Dr: I’m joking.

TDQ: Oh great, charming. So now I’m not good enough for you.

Y/N was laughing now, amused at how this conversation was turning out.

Dr: I’m quite certain it would be the other way around, but stop digging for compliments. You know you’re attractive.

TDQ: Question then. Why aren’t you like this at work? You’re much more outgoing here. I like this side of you.

Spencer pondered the question momentarily before deciding to answer truthfully.

Dr: Because at work, we all have our little roles, you know? Like Morgan is the smooth man whore, Rossi is the sauve older man who can have woman half his age eating out of the palm of his hand. Hotch is the… erm, sexy single Dad (no, before you even ask) and I’m… well I’m none of them. Because I was so young when I started in the FBI, I became the baby, the one who had to be protected. The sweet and innocent one. I can’t compete with the flirtatious banter that Rossi and Morgan have, and I don’t have the power that Hotch does which I’m sure drives woman crazy. So… I just, I stick in the role I was given when I joined.

Spencer had summed up the men in the team almost perfectly.

Dr: On here though, I can try out new things. It’s not like I’m not being me, but perhaps I’m just being the me I want to be, without risking the judgement or laughter of the others, rather than the me that everyone thinks I should be. Does that make sense?

It made perfect sense to Y/N.

TDQ: I get it.

Dr: Question for you then. Why are you even in here. You could obviously have any guy you wanted, you’re beautiful. Why resort to online chat rooms.

TDQ: So I can’t be judged based on my looks. If I go out, I get hit on because of what I’m wearing and what I look like. Rarely do I intellectually connect with the guys that actually have the balls to come and talk to me. And the ones that I do have a connection with, are always too scared to make the first move cos they think I’m out of their league or something stupid. I wanted to see if I could meet a guy who didn’t know what I looked like, who didn’t care.

Dr: So have you actually met anyone like that on here? Do you talk to other guys, if you don’t mind me asking?

TDQ: I don’t mind you asking. I talked to a few people to begin with, but after a week or so it fizzled out. You’re the only person who I talk to regularly on here, which is strange considering we actually have each others numbers and could talk normally. But… I kinda feel like we’re different people in here, different but the same. What about you? Have you been testing out your new found sexting skills with the mysterious ladies of the Internet?

Dr: Nope. Again, aside from a few casual chats in the main chat room, you’re the only person I private message with. Which like you’ve said, is strange. Especially considering you act like you’re ashamed to talk to me in public sometimes.

TDQ: Do I?

Y/N was shocked. Did she really come across that way?

Dr: Yes. Ever since we started talking in here, if we’re speaking at work and someone else comes in, you shut up. You stop the conversation and walk out. It makes me feel like you don’t want to be seen interacting with me.

TDQ: Shit… I didn’t realise it came across like that. I just…. Well, we’ve never been exactly friendly at work. We’re civil and we work well together but it’s not like we’ve ever actually had proper friendly conversations? So if people start seeing us doing that now, I kinda think they’ll ask why. I’m not ashamed that we’re friends now, Reid. It’s just…. It’s kinda hard to explain how we actually got friendly without inciting questions.

Spencer was glad he’d asked. Now she’d put it that way, he understood.

Dr: So we are friends then?

TDQ: Yes! Just friends that unwittingly had a mutual online masturbation session together without realising. Lmao

Dr: Lol. There’s not many friends who can say that I guess.

TDQ: There’s not. So… We good now?

Dr: Sure. Although I’m not sure I’ll ever one hundred percent forgive you for showing Penelope that photo. If I still had your photo, I’d totally be showing Derek in revenge.

TQD: Except he wouldn’t even believe you’d been sent it from a woman. He’d say you downloaded it or some bull shit.

Dr: Annoyingly, you’re right. But still.

Y/N suddenly had a thought…. A bad one. But she didn’t stop herself acting on it.

TQD: Here…. Does this make you feel any better?

Click to see attachment:

Spencer clicked it and his eyes widened. Y/N had send another photo. She was still lying down but her top was pulled up exposing her breasts to him again. The difference was though, you could see her face this time; she was poking her tongue out at the camera, her eyebrows raised suggestively.


Dr: Do you know how hard it is for me to not look at your chest at work already? Jesus Christ, Y/N.

TDQ: No Dr… Really, do tell me how hard it is. As hard as the first time I sent those pictures?

'Oh my God, what are you doing’ was all the was running through Y/N’s head. Yet, she was smirking and enjoying herself thoroughly.

Spencer on the other hand was frantically trying to figure out where she was going and how to respond.

What would Derek do here? He’d just… roll with it, right?

Dr: Not quite as hard. In fact, not really hard at all. I’ve had that image in my head for the while now. I’m used to it.

Lies. All fucking lies. Everytime he thought about it, his dick twitched.

TDQ: Really. Well, I’m extremely tempted to see if I can change that. But before I do, the Vegas rule stands for in here, yes?

The Vegas rule? Huh?

Wait. Spencer typed quickly.

Dr: What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas??

TDQ: Yep. Sooo… Whatever we do here, doesn’t cross over into real life. We may know each other but…. Well. I’m not gonna lie, that first time was hot as fuck. And…. I’m stressed and could do with relieving some tension. And you were very helpful on relieving it before.

Spencer felt his pants growing oh so tighter as he remembered back to that first time and thought about what she was saying.

Dr: The Vegas rule stands.

He waited, a good few minutes passing before another attachment flashed up.

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Kai Parker x Reader
word count :
4 042
warning : smut
summary : Kai and Reader go on a camping trip in the woods.
*not my gif

    “When you said we are going camping , I had no idea you meant this !”
Kai walked right past the log she was sitting on and tossed more wood into the fire before turning towards her with a grin on his face. Y/N was sitting there laughing while making smores , unable to look away from the roasted marshmallow as she brought it up closer to her mouth blowing a stream of air onto it before squishing it between two biscuits and taking a bite. Barely six hours there and he had only seen her this happy every time he tell her he loves her.
    “Oh don’t tell me you don’t like it.” he said sitting next to her. “Your eyes are glowing and that’s your 10th smore in the past half hour. You love spending summer nights under the stars and all things nature. Granted not the bugs - ”
    “Are you kidding ?!” she turned towards him , finding him a little closer than she expected. “I freaking love it and look – I think those are fireflies over there , but I might be imaging it. Them I like. Its the ants , spiders and the mosquitos that bother me.”
Kai brushed his palm against her cheek unable to look away from the girl who fell in love with him. A whole year together and he had never been happier in his life. Y/N was his everything and they loved each other more than anything. Other ways she wouldn’t have stood in Damon’s way the night of the wedding risking her own life or told all her friends to ‘shut it or else’ every time they tried to badmouth him or their relationship. No , his girl had fire and wasn’t afraid to stand up for what’s important to her even if sometimes that meant getting a little bit out of line or risk getting killed.
    “Mosquitos bother you ?” he said amused , leaning in closer to her until their lips were barely an inch away. “That’s funny. It doesn’t bother you when I bite you.”
Y/N placed her hand on his thigh , slowly moving it up. For a second his eyes closed and a low growl came from deep inside his throat. Then he gripped her wrist moving it a little higher up until her hand was on his crotch. Just having it rest there was enough to drive him nuts but his girl’s fingers had other ideas.
    “They don’t make my skin on fire when they bite me.” she whispered , her eyes darting between his eyes and his lips. “They don’t get my heart beating faster than a hummingbirds’ wings when they touch me or leave me breathless every time they kiss me…”
Kai listened to her heart rate increase the closer his lips got to hers. He knew the effect he had on her but hearing her say it was different. It made his heart skip a beat and a wave of happiness spread through his body like never before. Twelve months together and he still couldn’t believe Y/N was his , it felt like a dream or a dream of a dream. Like he was going to wake up at any moment realising it wasn’t real.
    “I do that to you?” he whispered snaking his hand around waist , pulling her a little closer to him. Y/N hummed rubbing him through his jeans. “Damn – you do the same to me.”
    “Just kiss me. I am dying right her-”
Too fast for her to process Kai pulled her onto his lap and their lips met in a deep passionate kiss. Y/N loved how his kiss always managed to suck the air out of her lungs , leaving her completely breathless and demanding mouth to mouth. What she loved even more was the look he got in his eyes every time she tugged at his lip at the end of the kiss. Not to mention the way his hands wrapped around her waist always pulling her closer and closer to him as if there was somewhere to go.
    “Damn Y/N –” he moaned as her hips swayed on him. “ - careful or you will start a wild fire.”
    “Maybe that’s exactly what I want –” she whispered.
Kai leaned in to kiss her but she pulled away just enough for his lips to miss hers. He tried one more time and missed again , only this time because his girl had noticed all the fireflies around them. Kai’s fingertips brushed against her cheek for a moment noticing how her heart rate increased yet again getting closer to dangerous levels. Her eyes lit up and she looked at him with a smile and a look of complete awe on her face watching a firefly land on her finger.
     "I love seeing you like this.“ he smiled. “You are such a child sometimes but I think I love you more for it.”
    “Um — are you going to hate me if I go chasing the fireflies ?” she laughed nervously.
    “No.” he said serious. “Because I will be chasing you and every time I catch you -”
Kai’s lips crashed against hers so hard they both fell on the ground with him on top of her and her hands pinned on either side of her head while his crotch grounded against hers making her moan into the kiss.
    “ - I will kiss you like my life depends on it.” he finished , gazing into her eyes while taking out a couple of leafs from her hair after helping her up. “You look so hot with leafs in your hair. I just want to — ahhh … Go. I will be 10 seconds behind you.”
He brushed his thumb gently across her cheek , touching her lips a moment later and Y/N turned around but before she had taken a step , her boyfriend leaned in whispering in her ear.
    “First time I catch you , I tear your shirt off.” he whispered , trailing his fingertips all the way from her neck down her shoulder towards her fingertips. “Second time I catch you , I rip to shreds that skirt and the third time —  ”
    “No vampire speed cheating to catch me ?”
    “Your rules sweetheart but either way in 15 minutes you will be screaming my name.”
Damn , she thought , slightly turning her head towards him before running off towards the fireflies. Kai watched her running while he counted to 10 , trying hard not to run after her earlier than he had promised. He glanced at the sky noticing dark clouds gathering and quickly put a cloaking spell of sorts that would act as an umbrella over their camp side just in case. Y/N searched for the closest firefly , catching it in her hands at the exact same moment his hands wrapped around her from behind and he playfully bit her neck.
    “Got ya.. ” he whispered spinning her around in vampire speed just as she let go of the firefly and he pinned her to the closest tree with her hands over her head. Their lips crashed together and it felt as if he was trying to pull out all the air from her lungs. Thousand butterflies flapped their wings in her stomach in that moment , feeling his fingertips graze across her skin and his crotch pressing against her. Kai’s hand was right on the clasp of her bra , playing with it while fighting the urge to tear it off her. Their eyes met and literally sparks flied around them for a few seconds.
    “Run.” he whispered loosening the grip on her hands. “Five , four , three -”
Y/N slipped from his grasp and went to chase another firefly. Kai could barely contain himself seeing her running and laughing with her locks dancing around her shoulders and –
Did she really just toss her bra on the ground ? he wondered looking at her with wide eyes. There was no way for him to resist going after her now and he ran towards her , tearing her skirt off before she had even realised what was happening. He spun her around and smashed his lips against hers so hard they nearly fell on the ground again. Y/N felt herself getting completely lost in Kai’s eyes , intoxicated by his breath hitting her face but mostly by the way his hands roamed every inch of her body.
    “What have you done to me ? I can’t keep  my hands off you for more than 5 seconds.” he whispered pinning her to one of the trees nearby. Kai pressed his crotch against hers , slowly trailing his fingertips down her body until they slipped in her panties. “I want you – here , now. Against that tree , on the ground , in the tent , by the fire -”
Y/N felt a tingly feeling spread through her body at his words. Her mind was getting cloudier by the second and the way his fingers curled inside her , how his hard lenght was pressing against her was driving her mad. Kai licked a slow stripe right over her carotid artery , nibbling on her neck for before pressing a soft kiss on her neck. His lips felt so good in her skin, lighting a fire everywhere they touched her.
    “Mmm so do it - ” she moaned , pushing her hips down on his fingers making him go deeper. Each time his fingers went in to the last knuckle , slowly curling around while whispering all the things he wanted to do to her that night felt as if he was throwing her straight into hell. Just the way his breath tickled her skin was enough to make her lose it completely.
    “Are you sure you can handle me tonight ?” he whispered. “There won’t be stopping me. I might break you -”
    “Then break me.” she whispered.
Y/N’s lips collided with his and the same time he tore of her panties tossing them on the ground. Her hands immediately pulled his shirt over his head and started unbuckling his belt , pushing his jeans along with his briefs in less than a minute.
    “Such a naughty girl with your naughty little fingers , always wanting to play. ” he said in a low voice , feeling her fingers wrap around his thick shaft.
    “Mmmm just like yours -”
Y/N licked a slow line on the underside of his lenght , swirling around the tip while her fingertips grazed against his balls. Slowly she took in just the tip of his shaft in her mouth , teasing him without breaking eye contact. Kai couldn’t tear his eyes away from her , wondering how she can have that innocent look in her eyes while doing something so naughty. It always drove him completely mad.
     "Ohh shit -“ he groaned pushing his hips at her. Y/N moaned and hummed some song  , taking him a little deeper each time sending vibrations directly onto the head of his lenght. He couldn’t resist tangling his fingers in her hair pushing her mouth a little further on him , making her take him almost all the way for a few seconds before letting her continue on her own. Y/N nibbled on the tip , swirling her tongue around and straight through the middle continuing to tease him for a few moments longer listening to his moans. Slowly she trailed her way up his body leaving kisses mixed with moments when her tongue drew circles on his skin until their eyes were on the same level. Neither of them wanting to look away from the other.
    “Fuck me -” she whispered gripping his had , placing it on her core. Y/N bit her lip for a second feeling his fingers graze against her folds and pushed her hips down on them as he drew slow figure eights on her clit. Kai brushed his fingers through her hair and his lips collided with hers slowly tracing their way down her jawline to her collarbone and lower. Y/N tugged on his hair while he sucked on a spot marking her as his and then another and another  leaving wet kisses all the way to her core. There was a slight breeze around them but nowhere near enough to get her skin to feel less on fire when her boyfriend placed his hands on her inner thighs parting her legs.
    “Awwhh sweetheart you are already dripping.” he cooed , brushing his fingers against her clit , slowly spreading her arousal around. Kai’s tongue darted out catching some of her arousal about to trip down her thigh looking up at her the entire time. Y/N’s eyes were focused on him , her back arched a little off the tree and she tangled her fingers in his hair pushing his mouth further on her while he sucked and tugged on her clit making her skin feel like it was on fire.
    “Oh fuck -” she moaned , slipping down the tree meeting his fingers halfway when they dug inside her again curling around going in rougher each time. He couldn’t tear his eyes away from her - seeing her mouth hanging open , moans mixed with whimpers and his name leaving her parted lips and her eyes fluttering closed for a second. It was driving him completely mad. He loved how her body responded to every curl of of his fingers , how she gripped on his hair pushing his mouth further on her while her hips pushed down on him unable to get enough.
    “You taste fucking amazing - ” he moaned , flicking her clit with his tongue while listening to her moans turn into small screams mixing with whimpers. Her knees were starting to buckle the closer to her release she got and he had to use magic to hold her up while he continued devouring her with hunger like never before.
    “FuCK KAI -”  
Y/N screamed his name as her orgasm tore through her body , feeling it more intensely than ever while he continued sucking and tugging on her clit even faster until she was finished.
    “I told you , you will be screaming my name in 15 minutes.” he grinned , smashing his lips against hers as her fingers wrapped around his lenght pumping him at a steady pace. Kai rested his forehead on hers , gazing into her eyes while her thumb drew circles on the tip gathering the pre-cum on it for a few moments before bringing it to her lips. His eyes went wide and a soft moan tumbled off his lips. His girl did that every time but could never get over how seeing her do that made him feel.
So hot , he mouthed scooping her up and slowly lowering her down on himself while her legs wound around his waist. Y/N cupped his face , pulling him in for a deep passionate kiss while her hands moved towards the back of his neck tangling in his hair. Their eyes locked on each other while his lenght entered her slowly making her feel every inch on the way in, withdrawing and going in harder and deep every time hitting her spot almost from the start.A gust of wind came out of nowhere and thunder rumbled from a distance but neither of them noticed. All they could see , hear and feel was the other and nothing else mattered.
    “You feel so good around me -” he groaned , picking up the pace with each thrust.
He loved seeing her eyes roll in the back of her head , listening to her moan his name while her fingernails dug in his back spurring him to go faster. It was all turning him on like crazy , making his emotions run on overdrive. His thrusts started getting rougher and deeper making it harder for Y/N’s heartbeat and breathing to catch up with each other. She threw her head back moaning a little louder , glancing at the sky through the branches noticing the fireflies floating overhead. Purple / black veins flashed under his eyes for a split second and he sank his teeth into her neck throwing her straight into a wild raging fire.
    “Oh shit I’m so c-close -” she moaned her walls clenching around him again when a raindrop fell on her shoulder , then another on her cheek. Even the warm summer rain felt cold compared to how he had made her skin feel with his bite. Every time he bit her her emotions went on full overdrive and a tingly feeling spread through her body like a tsunami concentrating mostly on her core. Their lips met again in a passionate hungry kiss , getting deeper by the second almost as if they wanted to swallow each other. Thunder rumbled overhead and raindrops started to fall on both of them but they didn’t care. Kai’s hips pushed up at her harder making her moan into the kiss , feeling his lenght twitch inside her almost at the same time her walls tightened around him.
    “Damn , you look so hot when you are wet.”
    “Fuck you look even hotter with my blood dripping down your chin.”
Kai’s vampirism showed again getting her breath caught in her throat. There was no way for her to ever get over how hot her boyfriend looked when he did that. Or how good it felt when they blood shared during moments like these.
    “Oh FUCK K-Kai –” she moaned a little louder feeling her walls tighten around him again. Raindrops kept falling through the branches as it started to pour down on them , lightning and thunders filling the air but neither of them really heard those. All they could hear was the other’s moans. All they could see was the other’s eyes and all they could feel was the other’s lips on theirs. Y/N caught a glimpse of their camp fire which should’ve been extinguished by now yet somehow kept burning bright in the darkness. Kai rested his forehead on hers , unable to tear his eyes away. His lenght twitched inside her again almost at the same time her walls clenched and her nails dug deeper into his back drawing blood making him moan a louder as he came in hot spurts inside her triggering her orgasm.Y/N cupped his face smashing her lips against his before he had had time to say anything , a million thoughts swirling in her mind in that moment. Rain drops continued to trickling down on them while Kai continued to thrust inside her not slowing down for a second until they were both finished.
    “Wow — against a tree and in the rain.” she grinned at him.
    “Lets go somewhere dry.” said Kai letting her feet slowly on the ground while holding onto her waist for support.
    “Are you afraid of a little rain ?” she teased.
    “No. I am afraid your back might get infected since it’s already bleeding. You haven’t noticed have you ?” he asked amused.
    “I – I only feel a slight sting cuz of the raindrops.” she laughed closing her eyes for a moment and the next she felt Kai’s fingertips gently trail the scratches on her back.
Kai gave her a small smile and pressed his lips against hers. Could she really had been so completely lost in what they were doing not to notice how the tree core had almost shredded her back ?
    “C'mon sweet cheeks. Lets get you by the fire -”
He scooped her up and a moment later they were by their camp site where it was surprisingly dry. Quickly he spread a blanket near the fire and she sat there cross legged with Kai standing right behind her with his arms wrapped around her.
    “Is that a bunny ?” she asked curious looking at the other end of the fire where a small white rabbit just hopped to hide from the rain. “Can we keep him ?”
    “Such a child.” he smiled , biting his wrist and bringing it to her lips. Y/N’s fingers wrapped around his wrist feeling his blood trickle down her throat at the same time he sank his teeth into her neck and somehow his fingers found their way down to her core and inside her again. Slowly curling around going in deep in to the last knuckle while his thumb drew circles on her clit as he fed on her making her feel like she was literally on fire.
    “That bunny will need therapy to forget what we are doing right now.”
    “We are not doing anything — yet.” he nibbled on her earlobe pulling her back until she was laying with her back against his chest and he entered her again with one hard deep thrust making her scream out. Y/N looked at the sky seeing raindrops hitting an invisible barrier overhead , feeling the warmth of the fire tickling her skin. “Yeah , we are definitely going to traumatise the poor creature.”
    “Can’t get enough can you?” she smiled , resting her head next to his while meeting his hips half way.
Kai placed his hands on her waist , helping her hips move faster on him listening to her moans get louder and her heart rate increase again. His thrusts were hard , deep and rough and if that wasn’t enough for her to feel on fire somehow both their hands found their way to her core.
    “Never. You are like a drug to me – the more I have the more I want.” he moaned , moving their fingers on her clit so fast her moans were turning into screams.Y/N’s hips pushed down on his faster , moving in perfect sync with his. Kai’s hands travelled up her body , cupping her breasts slightly pinching on her nipples as he did while her fingers continued drawing rough eights on her clit trying to match his thrusts.
    “OH FUck Kai –”
    “I will never get tired of listening to you scream my name while I made you mine.” he moaned flipping them over in vampire speed. Their fingers intertwined and he held her hands on either side of her head while their lips met again , drowning her scream when he entered her with one hard deep thrust. Thunders kept rumbling overhead and the ground beneath them shook as it started to rain harder around their safe magic bubble. Y/N’s legs wound around Kai , pulling him closer while her eyes pierced into his recognising the look in her boyfriend’s eyes. He was going to ask her to hold it , and she gave him a slight nod before he had even asked her to.
    “So in sync.” he moaned , using his vampire speed to cheat and pump faster. “How did you know ?”
    “Your eyes…” she almost screamed , arching her back from the ground pressing her body against his chest while his thrusts started getting rougher , going in deeper every time as if wanting to bury his entire self inside her. Kai couldn’t understand why he was even surprised she knew what he wanted without him saying a word since he could tell what she wanted the same way. It had been that way since the day they met.
    “Oh fuck – let go baby girl.”
Y/N’s walls clenched around him and their lips met in a kiss deepening every second while both of them reached their highs at the same time. Kai’s trusts never stopped or slowed down until they were both finished and he collapsed on top of her , both of them trying to catch their breath.
    “You should know – there is a hedgehog watching too.” he said a little amused.
    “We will be the talk of the forest animals tomorrow.” she replied laughing.
    “I don’t care.”
    “Neither do I. Round three ?”
    “And you said I am the one who can’t get enough. Tent ?”
    “Yeah — lets go.”


about the name (pt 2 of 3)

Alright, now for the surname.

First of all, it’s Брагинский - with ий, not и at the end. As for how to spell it with Latin script: as stated before, transcribing Russian sounds is hell, and I’ve seen this ending spelled as “i”, “ii”, “y”, “yy”, “ij” and “iy” among other things in similar surnames. I personally prefer “Braginsky”, but it doesn’t properly convey the sound either, not really, so *shrug* just write it the way you’re used to.

Now for some history! After partitioning Poland for some nth time (it really was like a hobby…) Catherine II deicided to conduct a population census in the newly acquired territories. It ran into some trouble, since many of the Jewish citizens there didn’t have surnames. So they were promptly assigned them, usually based on their occupation, parent’s name, or place of residence. One result of this epidemic surnamification was Брагинский - given to inhabitants of the town Брагин (Brahin), which is presently an administrative centre in Belarus. The name of the town itself might be based on a type of alcoholic drink, брага, that’s used as a synonym for booze in general nowadays. You’d think you can’t get more Russian than that, right? :P

Well, here’s where it all falls apart.

By itself Braginsky is already a pretty rare surname in Russia. A fair share of brilliant and famous in their fields people have it, sure, but I have never heard of it before I got into the fandom, and I’d wager that most people here never do. But the combination of it with “Ivan” is virtually inexistant!! “Ivan” was never a popular name choice among Russian Jews! All I see paired with it in google searches are names like “Joseph” and “Emil”. There are quite a few social network accounts out there for “Ivan Braginsky”, but I’ve checked about a dozen of them, and guess what? They are all linked to Hetalia!!! xD


nyway, this is not to say that I’m 100% sure that nobody in the world is called that, or that Russia’s representation shouldn’t be called that. It’s just really amusing to me that he turned out to have such a special snowflake name)))

Next time I’ll cover the (absent) patronym and the Nyotalia name + whatever else I might remember. Stay safe!

ranking flower names (swedish)

a spinoff to my ranking of fruit names! flowers can have just the cutest - or weirdest - names, so i wanted to make a list about them. listing flowers whose names aren’t very similar to english (so like, no lavender or rose).

påsklilja (daffodil): this literally means easter lily. they rarely manage to bloom exactly when easter actually is. it’s okay though. it’s a pretty name. better than daffodil imo. 6/10

prästkrage (daisy, the taller kind): priest’s collar. not really a pretty name, but very accurate description of what the flower looks like. 5.4/10

tusensköna (daisy, but like really small, grows in lawns): thousand beauty. look me in the eyes and tell me that’s not the cutest name you’ve ever heard. 1000/10

vitsippa (wood anemone): very clear and literal name. vit means white, and that’s the colour of the flower. sippa indicates that it’s part of the anemone family. 7/10 for being this clear, but a little boring.

blåsippa (hepatica): the name suggests that this is just like the vitsippa but blue, and apperantly new resarch supports this flower to be in the same family as anemones, but in sweden these are protected, you’re not allowed to pick them, unlike wood anemones. there’s even a childrens’ song about picking hepatica, it’s very old, but kids today don’t know that and therefore think it’s okay to pick them. 1/10 for tricking children like this.

solros (sunflower): sun rose. okay. it’s not a rose at all though. 4/10

hyacint (hyacinth): ok i KNOW this one is very similar to english and therefore shouldn’t be in this list but i love the name ok it’s 10/10 leave me alone

syren (lilac): according to swedish grammar rules of pronounciation, the emphasis should be on the y here (like the word syre, oxygen), but it isn’t. it’s on the e. syreeeeen. you could solve this by adding a ´ to the e. like in matiné. but we don’t. the word is spelled that way. 10/10 for how it sounds but 0/10 for it’s spelling.

löjtnanshjärta (bleeding heart): lieutenant’s heart. sounds noble, doesn’t it? sounds important. and they sure look like a troop, the way they line up. 8.8/10

maskros (dandelion): worm rose. um. you’re not a rose either. and i’m not sure where you get the worm part from. i do like the name though, sounds hardcore, just like this flower is. it’s strong as heck. 5/10

ringblomma (marigold): circle flower. i’m very curious about who decided that this particular flower would get that name? it’s not like it’s the only one that’s round? 5.9/10

pelargon (geranium): cute!! also sounds kinda funny. i like saying it. maybe it’s because it’s in a sketch and i crack up everytime. idk. 8/10

tussilago (coltsfoot): it frustrates me that i can’t define what puts me off about this name, but it sure is something. 2/10

smörblomma (buttercup): guuuurl this is such a good name!! like if i didn’t know better i’d legit think you made butter from these flowers, because of their texure on the petals. 9.3/10

vallmo (poppy): oh doesn’t this sound lovely when you say it. the flow. just like how they move in a light breeze. vallmo…. vallmo 10/10

nejlika (carnation): also a very pretty name! i mean if you’d devide this into nej and lika it would mean no and alike and that makes no sense but as one word? it’s perfect! 8.9/10

liljekonvalj (lily of the valley): again i loooove the flow of this word. easily one of the prettiest words we have in this language. 11/10

förgätmigej (forgetmenot): this is the same name as in english, but in swedish. förgät is however a very old way of saying forget, today we say glömma (and imperative would be glöm) instead. but try to say glömmiginte. that just sounds suuuuper weird. it would be like saying dontforgetme in english. i’m glad we’re throwing in old swedish in this. 7.6/10

orkidé (orchid): this is like tussilago but the oppoiste? i wanna point out what i like with this but i can’t define it? i just really like it. maybe it’s because it sounds a little french. 8.6/10

blåklocka (bluebell): again a literal translation. and who can blame us, it’s exactly what the flower looks like. but unlike vitsippa this also sounds very beautiful. 8.1/10

fingerborgsblomma (foxglove): thimble flower. because the petals look like you could put them on your finger when you’re sewing. wouldn’t recommend actually doing it though, i believe they’re poisonous? 3/10

kungsängslilja (checkerd lily): look at how MaJEsTIC this sounds!!! king meadow lily. a royal flower indeed. does remind me of a village and company name though (kungsängen). the company makes beds. a weird connection. 9/10 still sounds royal af.

myskmadra (woodruff): imagine if lynda woodruffs name was lynda myskmadra.. i can see why they didn’t choose it. love the name in itself though. sounds mystical, makes me think of dark forests and earthy smells. and witches. 9.9/10

midsommarblomster (cranesbill): I. LOVE IT! what a lovely name to give a flower, to make people think of midsummer, the magical holiday and highlight of june. and it sounds just loooovely. 12/10

kaprifol (honeysuckle): YES. good. there’s something powerful in this. if kungsängslilja is the prom king kaprifol is the queen. and if the king does her wrong she will not hesitate to take him out. she shows no mercy to those who bring injustice to society. 10/10.

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“Davey! Davey! He’s our man! If he can’t win it, well, I’m out fifty bucks,” Race sipped his water bottle after finishing his cheer and sprawling out in his seat.

David, who had just finished pinning his contestant number to his shirt, looked up at Race. “You bet money on me?”

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                       - PART II

Kai Parker x Reader
word count
: 3 940
summary : continues the story from part I
*gif by christophwood

A few days later Kai arrived in NOLA.  He was going to stay at the Mikaelson’s for the entire summer and he couldn’t be happier about it. The Originals have become , in a way , like a family to him. At first when Klaus had met him a few  years ago , there had been moments when Kai thought maybe he’d lose his head again or maybe his heart. Later on though , the original hybrid had accepted him and they were now if not friends , at least friendly. Hope had been one of his brightest students – until Y/N. He wondered if the Originals would change their mind about him now that he has fallen in love with the littlest member of their family. Kai’s first week had been intense. Y/N’s family was all vampires and that meant they had ears on them 24/7 , yet somehow she still managed to steal a kiss or two. He wasn’t surprised by that , she had had a lot of practice. Ever since he had stepped foot in the compound , he had fought the urge to pull her in his arms. Hiding their relationship was becoming harder by the second and even though he couldn’t hug her , none of her relatives seemed to object when she hugged him and she always tried to find excuses. At the dinner table somehow they’d always end up sitting together , ‘accidentally’ touching while the other reached for something. Under the table things were different. They’d steal a moment or two , holding hands but never for too long so her family doesn’t notice. Then around the middle of the night they’d  meet somewhere private - at the attic or on one of the many balconies and steal a moment using a cloaking spell. All Kai and Y/N wanted was to be with with each other constantly.
Kol Mikaelson , her father , kept eyeing them with suspicion each time he caught them somewhere in the compound together and Kai was starting to think that maybe he knows about the moments he had shared with his daughter. All the Mikaelsons were very protective of Y/N and Hope and Kai couldn’t blame them - both youngest Mikaelsons have shown up on this world , breaking all magical rules.

[the first day of the second week]

Y/N sneaked into the kitchen early in the morning to make herself a smoothie. Lately smoothies had become her favourite way to start the day - though it had nothing to do with the drink itself. Each time before she headed downstairs , she’d write a note squishing the paper in between her hands muttering a spell. Then she’d go downstairs and not 5 minutes later Kai would show up and the blender would create the sound distraction they needed to steal a kiss and talk.
That morning hadn’t been different. Kai had gotten the note and a few minutes later he sneaked into the kitchen wrapping his arms around Y/N from behind. His lips left a soft kiss on her neck and he whispered ‘Good Morning.’ just as her finger pressed the ON button on the blender.
Y/N turned around , glancing around by habit and her hands hooked around his neck pulling him closer to her. Their lips pressed against each other colliding in a deep passionate kiss , tugging at his lower lip at the end of the kiss.
    “Morning.” she smiled at him. “Sleep well ?”
Kai tucked a strand of hair behind her ear. He still couldn’t believe after everything he had been lucky enough to find someone like her. Surely their relationship hadn’t had a traditional start - he had been her teacher , watched her grow up , teaching her everything he knows… Somehow his admiration towards her had turned into affection which ultimately had become feelings. Kai had been seriously freaked out by those at first , realising if Caroline got wind of them, he’d find himself in a Prison World faster than he can flick his wrist.
    “As well as you did.” he said smiling. “Why did you toss and turn so much last night ? Every five seconds your bed would make this creaking sound – ”
    “Arhh … I was thinking about things.” she said shyly , her cheeks flushing a little.
Things ? he wondered. What kind of ‘things’ could get a girl blush ?
    “Ohh things. Well we don’t have to do things just yet or ever until you say you want to do those things.” he said softly. A small smile showed on her face. “What do you want to do today ? We can go by that ice cream place you like , with that weird ice cream –”
    “You mean 'vegan’ ice cream?” she teased. “It’s not weird , its just – different. I like different.”
Kai smiled at her , brushing his nose against hers. Y/N definitely liked different , no doubt about. He loved that about her , he loved every single thing about her - the way she crinkles her nose when she doesn’t like something , how her eyes lit up every time she sees someone she loves , specially around him. How her smile is capable of brightening the darkest moment and how without trying she always takes his breath away. He loved her heart - how big and warm it is , so warm it had warmed up his. Kai took a step away from her , still holding onto her hands taking a good look at the girl who fell in love with him who he’d die to protect. Y/N was still wearing her PJ’s , in her rush to get downstairs so they can have a moment alone and somehow she looked even hotter with her hair messed up and that lingering sleepy look in her eyes.
    “Hottest thing I’ve ever seen.” he said in a hushed voice , not taking his eyes off her. “So hot you are burning up –”
    “Stop –”
    “Even the sun is not that hot.”
    “S-stop–” she said , feeling her cheeks flush.
Kai pressed his lips against hers kissing her gently , lifting her on the kitchen counter. Y/N wound her legs around him , her hands moving up and down his back gripping on his shirt. Their lips barely left each other and something inside her stirred again by the way he was pulling her towards him. Neither of them could get enough of the other and if Kai hadn’t pulled away Y/N probably would’ve never broken the kiss. He smiled widely at her , resting his forehead on hers.
    “I want to show you my favourite place to hang out in the city.” she said feeling out of breath. “Well , one of them but this one I like quite a lot.”
    “Can’t wait. If you like it - then I already know I will too.” he smiled at her , kissing her forehead softly , wrapping his arms around her. For the first time in his life everything was perfect and he had everything he had ever wanted. Someone who loves him and accepts him just the way he is , someone who never judged him — someone who he would die to protect. Kai really hoped this would last because somehow the thought of life without his Y/N just – broke him to pieces.
    “OH and I almost forgot. I checked my grandmother’s grimoars and there is this privacy spell which means we can spend time together — alone in either your or my bedroom. Without anyone overhearing.”
    “Really ? ” he smiled at her , kissing her forehead softly. “Are you sure you can do the spell – ? Right sorry. Why do I even doubt the brightest witch I’ve ever known.”
Y/N started to laugh. “You will help me right ? Someone has to stand outside the door to make sure it’s working. And if we combine it with a cloaking spell - ”
    “ - we can spend time together whenever we want.” he smiled widely. “ Just you — and me. Alone…  it’s fun sneaking around but a break every now and then would be nice.”
    “Yeah , and we can talk about things — or I don’t know um …”
    “You are blushing. Y/N , I told you –.”
    “Yeah but we can talk about them. I am just – curious , you know.”
    “Wait – you haven’t ?”
Y/N opened her mouth to say something and then closed it , her cheeks flushing an even brighter shade of red. Kai was the first person she ever had those kind of feelings for and somehow those thoughts had sneaked up on her. Kai cupped her face , placing a soft kiss on her forehead. Her family had always protected her , sometimes even making her feel like a porcelain doll. It was nice most of the time but sometimes — not so nice.
    “You are even more special than I thought.” he smiled. “We can talk and do whatever you want.”
Footsteps neared the room and he let go off her quickly. Y/N rubbed her nose for a moment , glancing at Kai who vanished into thin air and slipped of the kitchen counter. A few moments later her mother walked in , leaning against the door frame.
    “Another smoothie ?” said her mother.
    “Um yeah.” laughed Y/N awkwardly. “To keep me young. You know — with everyone being a vampire in the family , I just – sometimes feels weird to age.”
Davina started laughing , pulling her daughter in her embrace. Y/N wrapped her hands around her mother tightly , closing her eyes for a moment.  All those super close moments got her heart racing like nothing else. One day Kai might not hear her family approaching and what would happen to him then ?
    “So who is he?” asked Davina.
Y/N pulled away with a startled expression.
    “W-what are you talking about ? He ? He who ?”
    “There is someone , I know that glow. You are in love. Do I know him ?”
    “Is it that obvious?” wondered the young girl.
    “To me it is. I am your mother and – I had the same glow in my eyes when I fell in love with your father.”
Y/N poured the smoothie in two to go cups , handing one of them to her mother. More than anything she wanted to share things with her, but talking about it might end up blowing up her secret. There was no way she’d risk it after everything. Her last year at the Salvatore Boarding School for the Young and Gifted had been the best year of her life , even though technically she and Kai hadn’t been together together. Who knows what her parents and her family would do. Sure they liked Kai but what if suddenly they changed their minds and her uncle Klaus called Caroline and they sent him away again? Y/N was pretty sure she’d die if she loses him or if anything happens to him.
    “Don’t tell dad , please.” she pleaded. “You know how he is - he will freak out completely and –”
    “– you are afraid he’ll scare off your boyfriend ?”
    “No. I am afraid he might hurt him and if something happens to him I — I will never make it through.”
Davina rubbed her daughter’s shoulders , understanding what her daughter meant. Losing someone you love so much can not only hurt you but quite literally break you. A memory of the time Kol had died in her hands rushed in her mind and Davina never wanted her daughter to feel that kind of pain in her life.
    “I promise. It will be our little secret.”

About two hours later Kai was sitting in the living room with Y/N’s aunt Freya. Out of all Mikaelsons he really liked spending time with her. Like her siblings Freya hadn’t aged , but not because she had turned into a vampire. She had used a spell to slow down her aging , making it so she only aged a year every decade. He liked talking with her about ancient spells. Kai hadn’t expected they could be that interesting , specially the spell her mother had used to turn her siblings into vampires.
Y/N showed up at the door , a little out of breath as if she had been running and if Kai had guess - he’d say she had. The littlest Mikaelson was wearing short shorts and a plain top with a small bag over her shoulder and a smile from ear to ear.
    “Hey aunt Freya. Mind if I borrow him ? I wanted to show him the cemetery –”
Kai’s eyes widened. That couldn’t be the place she was talking about right ? He listened carefully hearing the change in her heartbeat and he suppressed a smile. Wherever they were going was probably in the exact opposite direction. Y/N could barely contain herself , while waiting for her aunt to reply. Freya nodded.
    “Have you told him about  your mother being the regent of the Nine Covens and a former Harvest girl ? I’m sure he will like the story how your mother told her entire coven to shove it.” laughed her aunt. “OH and make sure to show him the Claire tomb – you know only you can enter this place now , being the only witch from the bloodline left.”
    “Yeah of course. Come on – Kai.” said Y/N with a mischievous look in her eyes.
Kai smiled widely at her and she grabbed his hand pulling him out of the room under the stunned expression of her aunt Freya. He really liked how Y/N had said his name -  like it was the best thing to ever exist in the world , with no hint of judgement or anything. Just love and affection. They walked down the street and then down another before he wrapped his hand around her waist pulling her towards him. He hoped none of the Mikaelson’s is around to see them.
    “Where are we really going ? I know the cemetery is in the opposite direction.”
    “Trust me.” she said smiling playfully. Y/N pulled him a few streets down and into one of the alleys.
    “Your favourite place to hang out is a random alley in the middle of town ?” asked Kai surprised. “I never would’ve guessed.”
Y/N laughed under her breath shaking her head and took a step towards him and another until his back hit the wall , a playful smile spreading across her face.
    “Not exactly. There is a bar through that door right there.”
    “A - a bar ? Your parents would kill both of us - ”
    “Hey , I am old enough for this one.” she said hooking her hands around his neck. “Trust me , we won’t get in trouble.”
Kai gazed into her eyes and placed his hands on her waist pulling her towards him. It all still felt like a dream to him , like somehow he’d wake up back at the Salvatore’s or even worse - in the Prison World , realising the past years have been a hallucination brought on due his desiccation. Y/N scratched lightly the back of his neck , pulling him down for a kiss.. No matter how many times they kissed it always felt like that first kiss. 

    “Alright guys. That’s it for today.” said Kai , sitting on his desk leaving a book aside. “Tomorrow we talk about nature spells , which are really fun by the way. Even more so since the lesson will be outside in the woods.”
Everyone gathered their things and walked out of the room. Everyone but Y/N. He had noticed the past few days she’d hang around a little longer after classes and for some reason she kept  glancing at him and the door the entire time until all her classmates were gone. Kai wondered what’s up with her. It was even more distracting to him when they were alone together. All those emotions and feelings he had started having for Y/N just felt magnified when they were alone.
    “Everything okay miss Mikaelson?”
    “Yeah – ”
Y/N took a few steps towards the door, walking past him when suddenly she stopped. Before he had had the chance to say something or even blink for that matter she had cupped his face and their lips had met. Her kiss had been cautious at first and the second he had placed his hands on her waist it had intensified, then all off the sudden she had pulled away and walked out of the room without looking at him twice. Kai sat with his eyes wide , watching after her. He wiped his face with his hand , trying to catch his breath.

Kai scooped her up , turning around until her back was against the wall instead of his , pressing his body firmly against hers. Their lips moving in perfect sync as if they had been made for each other. He loved how Y/N responded to him , always pulling him closer and closer to her as if there was anywhere else to go. Her fingers tangled in his hair lightly gripping it while he trailed his way towards her neck leaving kisses all the way there.
    “Well , you two appear to be having fun.” said an unfamiliar male voice making Kai stop suddenly. “Don’t stop on my account.”
He turned towards the unfamiliar face with a confused expression and let Y/N down on the ground noticing a wide smile on her face. Kai wondered who that is and how they knew each other. Whoever it was it appeared she trusted him and was happy to see him meaning they were probably friends. Kai hoped thats all they have ever been. For some reason just the thought of someone else close by who might have feelings for his girl made him feel a kind of anger he hadn’t felt before.
    “Hey Josh. That’s – Kai Parker.”
    “Hi.” said Kai shaking cautiously Josh’s hand.
    “OH so that’s him.” said Josh checking out Kai.” Cool. Don’t worry , I am not going to spill the beans.” said Josh. “What are you doing here ?”
    “You know I like the back entrance better. Ever since my parents decided to have someone watch the front one at all times after that – accident.”
. Josh started laughing and wrapped his arms around Y/N.
    “Come on Trouble.” said Josh and led them inside the bar through the back door. “What can I get you and your smoking hot boyfriend ?”
They walked , hand in hand following Josh into the bar. Y/N sat on one of the stools , resting her elbows on the bar holding her head in her hands as she did. Kai sat next to her , lightly brushing his hand against her back.
    “Club soda for me and -”
    “- make that two.” said Kai , Y/N turning towards him in surprise. “What ? You don’t want your family to find out we’ve been here right ? Plus I am already floating on cloud 9 or higher because of you —.”
Josh glanced between them with a grin on his face. Y/N and Kai couldn’t tear their eyes away from each other and somehow always found a way to snuggle closer to the other. A few minutes later he gave them their drinks and the young couple moved to one of the more secluded tables at the bar , away from prying eyes.  
Y/N pulled her chair towards Kai’s and he put his arm around her , brushing his fingers against her cheek. A simple gesture , feeling more magnified every time he did it making a dozen butterflies flapping their wings in her stomach.
    “That’s your favourite place to hang out ?” he wondered. “I wouldn’t have thought you liked hanging out in bars. I wonder what else I don’t know about you.”
Y/N laughed under her breath. “It’s because of Josh. He is awesome and is practically my only real friend in this town apart from my family.”
    “And you two have never — ”
Y/N stared at him , nearly choking on her drink. Was Kai jealous of her friend ? For a moment she glanced at Josh at the bar and then back at her boyfriend who was looking at her impatiently. Every moment she didn’t answer his question felt like torture to him. Why did he feel that way ? It was driving him nuts. He hoped she’d say 'no’ but also had no idea what he’d do if she says 'yes’.
    “No. Never. He doesn’t like girls that way.” she said , lifting a weight off his chest. Kai sighed and smiled wider than before. “You have nothing to worry about.”

[about 25 minutes later]

    “Oh hey – Davina.” said Josh smiling nervously. “W-what are you doing here ?”
Davina sat on one of the stools smiling at her friend trying to figure out what has him acting so nervous. Josh never acted that way unless he was hiding something.
    “I need your help.”
    “With what ?”
    “There is only one person who might know who Y/N’s boyfriend is and that is you. Her best friend.” said Davina , studying Josh’s face.
Josh’s eyes widened and he leaned in towards Davina with a surprised expression on his face trying to think of a way to signal his friend at the other end of the bar. Y/N and her boyfriend were too busy making out to notice her mother had walked in and was literally sitting a few metres away from them.
    “Y/N has a boyfriend ?” said Josh acting as surprised as he could.
    “You don’t know ?” she wondered. Josh shook his head wiping the bar with the towel in his hand. “That’s weird. She usually tells you everything.”
    “Nope. I guess whoever it is — she doesn’t want any of us near him. Can you blame her though ? Her first grade crush probably still hates her for what her father did.”
Davina thought back a few years back. When her daughter had been about 7 years old there had been this boy in her class she liked. They had spent hours on the playground and then the boy had accidentally pushed her on the ground and Kol had lost it. After that Y/N had spent days not wanting to go to school because of the way her dad had reacted.
    “I – I don’t know.” said Davina rubbing her forehead. “ I just don’t want her to get hurt. From what I got her to tell me it seems that she really loves him. What if he doesn’t love her back the same way? Y/N would be crushed.”
Kai turned towards the bar , hearing Y/N’s name. He placed his hand over her mouth and pointed at the bar where her mother was standing talking to Josh.
'Cloaking spell.’ she mouthed. 'Now.’
A few moments later they got up and headed towards the exit walking right pass her mother and Josh catching some of their conversation. Y/N gripped Kai’s wrist wanting to hear what they’d say and maybe figure out what her mother was doing there.
Should’ve known she wouldn’t let it slide. she thought.
    “Y/N can take care of herself. Trust me. You should’ve seen her when that werewolf tried to bite me and then tried to attack her.” said Josh smiling.
    “Yeah — she is quite extraordinary isn’t she?.” smiled Davina , looking at her hands. “Maybe Kai knows. It might be some of the boys from the school. Y/N had that look in her eyes when we went there to pick her up.“
Kai and Y/N glanced at each other with startled expressions on their faces. Kai had been still in the kitchen when her mother had confronted Y/N asking her about who the boy is but last thing he had expected for that to happen.
Davina turned towards them , starring at the blank space in front of her with a mix of confusion and curiousity in her eyes.
    “D-do you hear a heart beat ?” she asked Josh.
An Out of Body Experience

Requested by anon:  HOI! I love ur blog sooooooo much!!!!!!!!! And i was wondering is you could write a fanfic where you and cas switch bodies while hunting a witch and you’re on your period? AND PILE ON THE FLUFF MAN (not much fluff until the end, but hopefully you still like it!)

Summary: You, your brothers and Cas are hunting a witch, and things go awry.

Words: 2,608 (I got a little carried away lol)

Cas x Reader

Warnings: PMS (is that a warning?), some angst, fluff (mostly near the end), body swap fic

Notes: this is the most I’ve written over such a short span of days. I really like how it turned out, let me know what you guys think!

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Your name: submit What is this?

“Y/N! You with me?” Sam’s voice rang in your ears. You groaned, the feeling of cold ground on your cheek. “Y/N, wake up!”

“Cas!” Dean’s equally nervous voice sounded closer. You slowly opened your eyes. A face loomed over you and smiled. “Thought we lost you there for a minute.”

You felt your head spin as you sat up, and placed your hands on either side of your head, closing your eyes.

“I’m not sure how much you guys remember.” Sam sounded far away. “You called to let us know that you had tracked the witch down to this house and we were on our way over, but when we got here you were out cold.”

You felt a hand come down on your shoulder. You looked up and saw Dean crouching in front of you. “You good, buddy?”

Buddy? Since when did Dean call you buddy? You nodded and stood up with his help, wincing and holding your head in your hands.

“Sammy?” Your voice sounded hoarse. Probably from being knocked out.

“Uh, yeah Cas. I’m over here.” Sam sounded confused.

You shook your head, trying to get rid of the dizziness.

Dean slung an arm  around your shoulder. “C’mon, let’s get back to the motel before someone finds us here.”

You just nodded, burying your face into your brother’s neck. You felt his body stiffen before holding you at arm’s length, gripping both your shoulders. “You sure you ok, man?”

“I’m fine, what’s wrong with you?” You frowned. What was up with your voice? You ran your fingers through your hair. Your short hair.

“What the heck?” You spun around ran to the other room, looking for the mirror you had seen earlier.

No. Freaking. Way.

You looked into the mirror, but it was Castiel who stared back. You looked down, finally taking notice of the suit and trenchcoat you were wearing. You slowly turned around, and what you saw made your knees weak. Standing next to Sam was you. Well, obviously not you, but it was… you.

“No. No no no no no,” you repeated over and over again as you walked over to, well, yourself?

Dean looked concerned. “Cas, what’s wrong?”

You began to laugh, anxiety running through your veins. “Oh no, not Cas. Me, Y/N. That,” you pointed to your image. “That’s Cas.”

Sam and Dean exchanged a confused glance. You- no, Castiel, you assumed - tilted his head to the side.

“It appears the witch has switched our bodies.” It was surreal, hearing your voice and not being the one speaking. “Y/N is correct. I am Cas, whereas your sister is now inhabiting my vessel.”

Dean looked back and forth between you and Cas. “Well, can’t you just angel mojo it back? Reverse whatever spell she placed on you?”

You- no, Cas shook his head. “I do not have enough grace remaining to perform such a task. We will have to find the witch and have her reverse the spell herself.”

You groaned. “Seriously? She could be anywhere. How are we supposed to go around town looking like this?”

“Well, technically you don’t look any different.” Sam spoke up. “No one would know.”

“No way. I’m not going anywhere until I’m looking like myself again.”

“And I’m afraid I won’t be of much use either, if Y/N does not wish me to go out looking like herself,” Cas said.

Dean sighed. “Well, guess it’s just down to you and me then, Sammy.” He walked over to the door. “Let’s go find us a witch.”

You sat on the couch, flipping through the channels of the motel’s small TV. You had changed into one of Dean’s tshirts and a pair of sweatpants, wanting to get as comfortable as you could in another man’s body. You didn’t understand how Cas could possibly go all day wearing a suit and that insufferably hot trenchcoat. Perks of being an angel, probably- heat isn’t a problem.

Cas walked out of the bathroom, also having changed into some clean clothes you had given him. You glanced over, looking him up and down.

“It’s like ‘Freaky Friday,’ but weirder.” You turned back to the television set. “At least they got to stay the same gender.”

Cas took a seat next to you. “I have never inhabited a female vessel before. It is quite a different experience.”

“Don’t say vessel.” You scrunched your nose. “Or inhabited, for that matter. Makes this sound even weirder than it already is.”

“Of course. I apologize, Y/N.” Cas made a pained face. “My stomach hurts.”

“Could be from switching bodies. Good ol’ Jimmy here has been there, done that, but this is a first for me.” You stood up. “Hungry? I ordered a pizza around ten minutes ago, it should be here soon.”

You had been asleep for maybe an hour when you were woken up by a scream. You shot out of bed and looked over, Cas’ bed empty.

“Cas?” You practically shouted his name. He came barreling out of the bathroom, body shaking.

“I’m dying!”

“What?” You were interrupted by repeated knocking on the door. You ran over to open it, Sam and Dean rushing in.

“We heard screaming, what’s wrong?” Sam asked, Dean looking around for any sign of danger.

“I- I don’t know, Cas just screamed and I-”

“I’m dying!” Cas was more insistent now, fear spreading on your- his, you still weren’t used to this- face.

“What do you mean, you’re dying? What’s wrong?” Dean’s voice was steady, but you could tell he was worried.

“I’m bleeding.”

You walked over to him. “What? Where?”

Cas’ eyes started to water. “Y/N, it hurts. My stomach hurts and the bleeding won’t stop.” A tear trailed down his cheek. “Make it stop.”

Your eyes widened with the sudden realization. “Oh.”

“Oh?” Sam took a step closer. “‘Oh’ what? What’s wrong with him?”

“Cas is, um,” you cleared your throat. “I think it may be my- well, Cas’, um, time of month…” you trailed off, trying to contain the laughter that was building up inside of you.

Dean snorted. “No.” He covered his mouth with his hand, trying not to laugh. “You mean…?” He dangled the question in the air.

“Well, it is Y/N ‘s body, so it’s entirely possible.” Sam smiled, walking back to the door. “C’mon, Dean. I think we should let them take care of this alone.”

Cas frowned. “I don’t understand. I am not dying?”

You sighed, leading Cas back to the bathroom as your brothers left, Dean’s laugh sounding through the closed door. “Cas, I’m gonna explain something to you…”

You were making some breakfast in the small kitchen the next morning when there was a knock at the door. You shouted “it’s open” as you moved over the stove, stirring the contents in one of the pots. The door opened and Dean walked in, shutting it behind him. “This is the part where I would usually say what’s cookin’, good lookin’, but…”

You rolled your eyes. “Morning to you too. Where’s Sam?”

“Grabbing us some coffee.” Dean sat at the table, opening the newspaper he had brought with him. You smiled, knowing how cranky your oldest brother could get without his morning coffee. “Where’s Cas?”

You pointed to the bed, where Cas was still lying asleep. “After I gave him some ibuprofen last night, he curled up in that exact position and hasn’t moved an inch. I’ll go wake him up soon.”

Sam walked in at that moment, catching the last of your explanation. He laughed quietly and made his way to the table, shaking his head. He set down the three coffees he brought with him and gave you a small wave. “Pancakes?” You nodded, eyes not leaving the stove.

“Hopefully being in Cas’ body doesn’t affect your cooking. I’m starved.”

You set two plates of pancakes in front of your brothers and watched as they dug in, thanking you around mouthfuls of food. You waved them off, walking towards the bed Cas was sleeping in. You hesitated before waking him up, watching him as he slept. Was that really what you looked like while you were sleeping? You shook his shoulder gently, getting a grunt in response.

“C’mon Cas, you’ve gotta eat.”

“No I don’t. I am an angel. I do not require food.”

“Wrong. You’re in my body now, which means you have to keep it nourished and healthy. And you’re not going to do that sleeping all day long.” You pulled the covers off him. “Now get up!”

Cas groaned, reluctantly opening his eyes. “Hurts.”

“I know. I’ll get you some more medicine, ok?”

He slowly got out of bed, making his way to the kitchen table. He sat down and you set a plate of pancakes in front of him, along with a glass of orange juice and some medicine. He immediately downed the pills, tackling his food next. You grabbed your cup of coffee as you sat down next to him.

“Find anything on the witch yet?”

Sam shook his head. “Not yet. No sign of her since you guys tracked her down. But we’ll find her, don’t worry. You’ll be back to normal in no time.”

“Hopefully…” Dean mumbled and you kicked him in the shin, with more force than you meant.

“You have to find her. I want my body back.” Cas nodded in agreement to your words. “Look, just go back to the house and see if she left anything. She’s got to go back for her stuff.”

Dean sighed. “All right. And while we’re out you’ll be?”

“Researching. Maybe there’s a way to reverse the spell without needing the witch.”

“Doubtfully. The chances of reversing a spell as complex as this one wou-”

“What else can we do, Cas?” You retorted angrily. “If I’m going to be stuck in some crap motel room all day, I want to at least be trying to fix the situation! Are you gonna help me or not?” Cas looked down and nodded. “Ok. I’ll grab my laptop. Sam, will you head to the library and find us some books that might help?” Your brother nodded, already standing. “Thanks.” You took a deep breath. This was going to be a long day.

Seven hours later and you still hadn’t found anything useful. You dropped your head in your hands and groaned in frustration. Hopefully Sam and Dean were having more luck than you and Cas were. You turned to look at the angel, who was bouncing his leg up and down as he flipped through a book. You chuckled, his nervous habit a sign that he was frustrated. Even in your body, you could read Cas easily. You had always been able to; in the amount of time you spent together, you knew him as well as your brothers, maybe even better.

You were so lost in thought that you didn’t hear him the first few times he called your name.


You jumped, startled. “Yeah, Cas, what’s up?”

“I asked if something was the matter, you were staring.”

You shook your head. “No, I’m fine. Find anything?”

“I have not found anything that could be of use to us. I am afraid we will not find the answer to our problems in any of these books.”

“Yeah, the internet is a bust too.” You got up from your chair and stretched, feeling your back pop. “Wanna watch something?”

Cas nodded, abandoning the stack of books in front of him. You sat on your bed and quickly pulled up Netflix on your laptop, letting Cas pick something out. After searching for a few minutes he picked ‘The Princess Bride,’ a movie both if you’re enjoyed. You hit play and set the computer by your feet, leaning back against the headboard. Cas settled in next to you, laying his head on your shoulder. You were used to sitting like this in the bunker when you watched something together, but it felt weird to have a smaller body up against yours. You absentmindedly ran your fingers through his hair, the sensation different from the usual short locks that you now donned. You looked down.

“How you feeling?”

He shrugged. “The medicine has helped somewhat, but the sensation can still be uncomfortable at times.” He shifted slightly to look at you. “I have come to develop more of a respect for you, for having to deal with this every month. I apologize for that.”

You chuckled. “It’s fine, Cas. I’m used to dealing with the pain. Plus,” you smirked. “I would’ve thought that being stabbed and beat up multiple times would be worse than just a little cramping. You going soft on me?”

Cas just turned back to the screen with a “humph,” and you laughed. You pressed a light kiss to his forehead and went back to watching the movie.

You blinked a few times, adjusting to darkness in the room. Your body felt stiff and the clock on the wall said 8:47pm, three hours after you had started the movie. Must’ve fallen asleep, you thought with a yawn. You stretched briefly and then nuzzled back into Cas’ side, closing your eyes again.

Wait a minute.

Your eyes snapped open and you shot up, the sudden movement waking Cas with a jolt. “Y/N? What’s wrong?”

You smile. “Nothing! Look at us!”

Cas stared at you for a moment before realization dawned. “We are back in our own bodies.”

“I know!” You bounced up and down on the bed. “I’ve never felt better in my life.”

“I don’t understand how you can be so energetic while under the influence of your menstrual pains.” Cas looked genuinely confused, and you couldn’t help but laugh.

“That’s what’s bugging you? You’re not even curious as to how we got back?”

“Sam and Dean have likely procured the witch and had her reverse the spell. It is either that or the spell only lasted 24 hours.” Cas spoke methodically and you rolled your eyes.

“You’re such a buzzkill.” You screamed as you were pushed over and pinned down to the bed. You struggled against Cas’ hold on you but he was too strong, and if you were being honest with yourself, you didn’t mind being like this all that much. You stopped struggling after a few seconds and stared up into his deep blue eyes. You missed seeing those. He smiled as you stared up at him and leaned down, placing a soft kiss to your lips. Your eyes fluttered shut as you moved your lips against his. There was no rush in the kiss; just the two of you enjoying the moment.

You finally broke apart and Cas let you go, laying on his back. You draped yourself across his chest and he held you in his arms, running his fingers through your hair. You both stayed like that for what seemed like hours before you spoke again.


“Mhm.” His deep voice rumbled in his chest, causing the vibrations to course through your body.

“I missed this.”

You could feel him smile. “So did I.”

The door to the motel room opened and Sam and Dean walked in.

“So the witch did eventually end up going back to the house. We were able to trap her and-” Sam stopped mid-sentence at the sight of the two of you. You were sound asleep, Cas’ hand still carded in your hair, arms wrapped around you. Dean smiled.

“I think they’ve already figured it out.”

The boys exited the room as quietly as possible, letting you and your angel sleep.

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Kiss The Girl

Pairing: Sam x Reader

Word Count: 1,019

Warnings: none? Swearing, maybe?

Prompt: Reunited with his first crush after years of being away, Sam’s a little nervous about talking to her again. Dean helps him out by singing obnoxiously and embarrassingly loud for all, including her, to hear.

A/N: This is for @imadeangirl-butimsamcurious ‘s Disney Song Challenge. My song was Kiss The Girl from The Little Mermaid. Lyrics are in italics 

Your name: submit What is this?

The first time Sam Winchester saw Y/N Y/L/N he was 10 years old and it was her 9th birthday. She was sitting by herself at a table in Harvelle’s Roadhouse, open notebook in front of her and pencil in hand. When Sam approached to ask what she was doing, she quickly thrust the notebook at him, a proud smile on her face.

“These are all the monsters my daddy’s hunted,” she gleamed. “He’s currently on this one.” She pointed to the bottom of the list to a word that read ‘Dinjin’. Sam narrowed his eyes, a soft and gentle smile appearing over his lips.

“Djinn is spelled D-J-I-N-N,” he commented, taking the pencil from her hand and quickly fixing the mistake. “I’m Sam. My dad’s hunting a djinn too.” He set the pencil down again, pulling himself up a chair. “Ellen told me it’s your birthday,” he blurted.

“Yeah. Kinda sucks that Dad’s hunting and i’m stuck here celebrating. He said he’d try to be back by tonight, but I don’t think that’s going to happen,” she shrugged, pulling her notebook back and examining the way he spelled ‘Djinn.’

“My dad’s usually not around for my birthdays either. But duty calls right?”

“Guess so,” she sighed. 

Sam frowned, watching as she placed her elbow on the table, resting her head on her hand. “Hey! Let’s go sneak a piece of pie from Dean! We can have a little celebration! I’ll ask Ellen if we can drink some of that non-alcoholic stuff she has.”

“Okay!” Y/N squealed, slamming the notebook shut and following Sam back to the room he and Dean were staying in.

That was the first night that Sam realized girls weren’t all that gross. It was also the first night that Sam had ever been alone in a girls room before. He kind of liked it.

It turned into a tradition. Any time the two were there on their birthday’s they split a piece of pie and drank non-alcoholic sparkling cider. It stopped suddenly when Sam had turned 17 and Y/N 16. Sam disappeared and Y/N…well Y/N spent a lot of her time bussing tables at Harvelle’s Roadhouse, just hoping…praying for the day that Sam Winchester walked in again.

Six years down the road, they did. Sam was bigger now, not as lanky and his hair had grown out quite a bit. He grew into his features very nicely. He wasn’t a kid anymore.

Y/N had grown up well too. She wasn’t in those awkward puberty years, where hormones stop and then start again suddenly. She was mature, grown into her body beautifully. She was gorgeous, or that’s what Sam kept telling his older brother.

“Why don’t you go talk to her again?” Dean asked, having heard enough of Sam dragging out how well Y/N had grown up.

“She probably doesn’t remember me Dean. I left without a goodbye. Never even told her I got into Stanford,” he sighed, taking a long sip of his beer. “Besides, she’s gotta be taken by now. Who would pass that up?”

“Well, you, considering you’re sitting here and she’s over there bussing tables.”

Sam glanced over his shoulder again. Her hair was tied back into a pony tail, a few stray pieces falling out and over her face. Her head was down and she had yet to look in their direction, at least when they were looking in hers.

There, you see her. Sitting there across the way. She don’t got a lot to say, but there’s something about her,” Dean sung in a very poor Jamaican accent.

“Dude,” Sam said, rolling his eyes at his brother.

And you don’t know why, but you’re dying to try. You wanna kiss the girl.

Sam punched his arm, quite hard, making Dean snicker. “Knock it off!” the younger Winchester demanded.

Yes, you want her. Look at her, you know you do. It’s possible she wants you too. There is one way to ask her,” he sang, ignoring Sam’s protests. “It don’t take a word, not a single word. Go on and kiss the girl.”

“How the hell do you even know that song?” Sam asked, cheeks redder than a tomato at this point.

Dean got louder, giving a glance over at Y/N. “Shalalalala my oh my! Looks like the boy’s too shy, ain’t gonna kiss the girl.

“Dean!” Sam yelled, just a little bit louder. He looked over to notice a few stares, Y/N’s included.

Shalalalala ain’t that sad! It’s such a shame, too bad. You’re gonna miss the girl,” Dean sang, looking at Sam before nodding his head to Y/N. “Go on and kiss the g-

Sam clapped his hand over Dean’s mouth, Y/N approaching their bar seats. “Everything okay here, boys?” she asked, a bright smile on her face. The same one he’s always known.

“Just fine,” Sam said a little to quickly for his liking.

“I couldn’t help but hear Dean’s singing. Not bad dude,” she grinned, fist bumping Dean. “Why’d you stop him, Sam?” There was a huge smirk underneath the gentle smile, like she knew that Sam had been questioning if she remembered him.

“You remember me? Uh-Us?” He sputtered, wide eyed and gleaming.

“C’mon, how could I forget a face like yours? Besides, I do remember sharing a lot of pie with you,” she chuckled, a bit of that devilish smirk peeking out. “Ellen said you got into Stanford. I figured that’s why you uh..never came back.”

“Yeah…Stanford was great,” Sam lied.

“Hey, I’ve got a piece of pie up in my room with our name on it. Wanna split it like old times?” Y/N asked shyly. 

“Yeah! Still got some of that sparkling cider?”

“Yeah. But I was thinking we could have the alcoholic stuff, now that we’re old enough to.”

“Champagne it is,” Sam smiled, getting up from his bar stool.

“Heya, Sammy!” Dean called, just as the two were walking away. “Go on and… Kiss the girl.

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Like you wanna be loved - Part 3: Kiss Me

Characters: Dean Winchester, Sam Winchester, Y/N (reader), Castiel (mentioned), Lucifer (mentioned), Amara (mentioned), Jody Mills (mentioned), Bobby Singer (mentioned)

Pairings: Reader/Dean Dean/Amara (kinda - no more or less than canon)

Warnings: season 11 spoilers!, Angst, Dean feels, Smut, oral sex (both receiving), unprotected sex (wrap it up guys!), mmm nor sure think that is it. 

Wordcount: 5400ish (sorry got a little carried away - endings are hard!)

A/N: Third and last part of this three part series. All 3 parts are based on 3 different Ed Sheeran songs. It takes place from the beginning of season 10 to mid season 11.

***My fics are not to be saved nor posted on any other sites without my express written permission.***

This chapter: Takes place in 11.14 with flashbacks to previous moments in the season - mostly 11.13. This part is based on the song Kiss Me and is from Dean’s POV - I recommend you listen to the song before or during reading :) There will be one last drabble to this series from the readers POV just like for the previous part. 

Read: Cold Coffee, Cold Coffee Drabble, Friends, Friends Drabble

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Dean was sitting on a concrete block looking over the ocean and the old run down peer. His mind was a jumble as he tried to understand the events of the past few days. He thought about Y/N’s words. How calm and collected yet furious she had appeared that night she had left. How she had returned and how he had found her in the kitchen with Sam that morning. Buried in some old documents and with all the coffee gone. Dean knew she had been there all night but he didn’t ask her about it and she had acted like nothing had happened. He had been grumpy as hell when they both started throwing Nazi trivia at him and the feeling hadn’t just been brought on by the lack of caffeine.

He was hurt she hadn’t come to him. She had returned to the bunker sometime last night or maybe even in the middle of the night and she had went for Sam’s room not his. It wasn’t jealousy he was feeling. Not exactly anyway. She and Sam were close. They always had been. They were friends and Dean always loved that. It was because of the way she had left. She had packed her things and ran off leaving him frozen in the middle of the room and now she had returned. In the middle of the night and she had woken up his brother and not him. She was sitting right there next to Sam talking to him like nothing had happened. Pretending that she hadn’t overheard the brothers talking about Amara at the motel that day. Like she hadn’t been quiet all the way home in the car. Like she hadn’t went straight for her room when they got back. Like Dean hadn’t followed her. 

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True Love’s Kiss

Sam x Reader

Summary: A witch curses a spell on Sam and the reader causing them to switch bodies.

Warnings: Really brief fight scene, nothing too bad. 

Requested by @skybinx-blog

A/N: Fabulous Sam, fabulous.

Originally posted by demondetoxmanual

“Dean!”, you cry as you watch him smash into the wall, slumping unconscious. You immediately run over to him, making sure he was still breathing, which he was. You sign in relief, but soon after, you see the damn witch about to throw some sort of spell at Sam. 

“Sam, watch out!” you yell, trying to push him out of the way. But, you were too late, the spell hits the both of you, knocking you to the floor. You’re both too stunned to notice the witch make her escape out the window.

“Dammit”, you say, rubbing your head. Whatever she hit you with hurt like heck. You turn to Sam to make sure he’s alright, and he’s just rubbing a sore spot on his head too. You hear a groan from behind you and you see Dean slowly standing. 

“She got away”, you grumble, wobbly standing up too, causing Dean to let out a frustrated sigh. 

“Let’s just get out of here”, Dean says, helping Sam stand up and heading back to the Impala. 

On the drive back, you can’t help but feel the slight pain in your head, a slow growing headache. You clutch your head in annoyance and slight pain, but otherwise push it off. What did that witch hit you with?

Once you pull into the bunker, you head to your room straight away, hoping sleep would help this troublesome headache.

All you remember before dozing off was the slight throbbing in your skull.

Morning comes quicker than you like, but thankfully, the headache is gone. You slowly open your eyes, and it takes a while to register this is not your room. You quickly sit up and observe your surroundings. Why were you in Sam’s room? And where is Sam? 

You shake your head. Maybe in your headache trance you went into Sam’s room instead of yours and he respectively went to sleep somewhere else. Yeah, that had to be it. 

Your stomach grumbles, so you head to the kitchen to get some food. Fetching the kettle to heat up some water, you almost drop it when you see your reflection. Looking back at you are the soft hazel eyes you fell in love with, not yours. And apparently, you didn’t notice the obvious height gain either. Practically running, you make your way to your room and see yourself sleeping quietly. 

“Sam, Sam”, you whisper, poking “your” shoulder. Your body turns a couple times before your eyes open. “You” are about to scream, but you cover “your” mouth. 

“Sam, it’s Y/N. I think that witch hit us with a body swapping spell”, you explain, slowly letting go of his mouth. Sam nods in understanding, trying to process the information. 

“Any idea how to reverse it?”, you say, sitting down on your bed. 

“Not yet. I’ll do some research today”, Sam says, making you chuckle when you hear your much higher pitched voice on him. 

You both turn your heads when you see Dean poking his head through your door. “Y/N breakfast is rea-”. Dean’s eyes widen when he sees “Sam” in your room. He breaks into a smirk as he wiggles his eyebrows suggestively. “Am I interrupting something?”

Sam is quick to shake his head. “No, just chatting”, he says rapidly, pulling the covers over himself more.

“Uh, yeah”, you dumbly reply, not sure how to respond. 

“Whatever you say lovebirds”, Dean teases, going back to the kitchen. 

You both let out a sigh of relief when he leaves.

“So are we just letting him out of the loop?”, you ask soon after.

Sam nods. “I think it’s best for now. At least until we find a cure.”

You nod in understanding. While you weren’t too fond in swapping bodies with someone, you were glad you got to swap bodies with Sam. He’s the best gentleman you know, and you knew he would respect your privacy as much as possible. 

Throughout the day, you and Sam focused on researching for a cure. You both kept your pajamas on, just to honor the other person’s privacy. About halfway through research, your stomach growled again.

“Geez Sam, how much do you have to eat in a day?”, you mumble playfully, getting up to get a healthy snack. 

When you begin to walk back, apple in hand, you hear muffled voices. You peek in, and you see Dean talking to “you”. 

“Hey Y/N”, Dean says, sitting down next to you. 

“Uh hi”, Sam awkwardly says, putting down his current book.

“So,” Dean begins. “This morning.”

“What about it?” Sam says casually, taking a sip of beer. 

“Do you and Sam finally confess to each other?” Sam chokes on his drink, coughing slightly.

“W-what? No”, Sam splutters out once he catches his breath. 

Dean rolls his eyes. “You need to tell him how you feel Y/N. I can’t keep hunting with you guys when you’re making googly eyes at each other all the time.”

Sam remains silent, gears in his head turning. A soft blush adorns his face. 

“Look, Y/N. I know Sammy more than anybody, and I know when he’s got the hots for someone. Trust me, he’s definitely had eyes for you for a long time”, Dean smiles, patting “your” back. 

Sam smiles slightly, and you decide to make your appearance. 

“Hey Dean”, you sit down at your previous position. Dean smirks.

“I gotta go tune up Baby. See you guys later.” Before Dean leaves, you can see him turn towards Sam and mouth “Talk to him”.

Once Dean leaves, Sam turns to you. “Uh, I didn’t know you had a crush on me”. His face turns a soft pink.

“Ditto.” You look away. Even though its looking at yourself, you still feel embarrassed. 

A small silence follows before Sam breaks it.

“You know Y/N”, Sam stands up, walking towards you. “They say a true love’s kiss can cure a spell”, he smiles. “Although this is going to be weird, kissing myself”, Sam chuckles, but leans in anyway.

Slowly, you lean in too and when your lips finally meet, it feels as if sparks are going off. You’ve been waiting forever to do this, but the fear of rejection forced you to keep your feelings hidden. You assume Sam felt the same way.

Once you separate for air, you notice you’re standing now and looking into Sam’s brown eyes. 

You smile. “I guess we’ll have to go thank that witch.”

Sam chuckles, pulling you down to kiss him again.

Ah, I guess true love’s kiss is undeniably real.

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*Requested* Imagine confronting your former stalker with Vincent, after you spotted him in town. 

(This is Part 2 to: Imagine where the reader is mysterious and avoids the supernatural . Of course a certain Mikaelson isn´t far from the action either. I might write a part 3 but it´s not really necessary. However if you have any ideas let me know. I hope you enjoy and happy reading my lovelies!)

Characters: Reader, Vincent, Kol, vampire stalker

Story Title: “Stalker”

Word count: 1366

Your name: submit What is this?

Vincent: “I´m so sick of this blood sucking infants in this town!!”

He flips the table over and the candles on it create a mess on the floor. He places his finger against his mouth like he always does when he´s desperately trying to figure out what to do. After minutes of pacing up and down the tomb he finally speaks again.

Vincent: “I´m sorry, Y/N. I thought the cloaking spell I casted back then would keep you hidden.”

Y/N: “No it´s not your fault. Maybe Finn did something to the spell when he inhabited you.”

Vincent: “Why would Finn want to reverse the cloaking spell?”

As always Vince asks the right questions.

Y/N: “I don´t know. I don´t have the best luck with vampires, remember?”

Vincent: “Speaking of; What are gonna do? I know something simple ain´t your style, so what do you have in mind?”

He knows you all to well. Upside of growing up together, right?

Y/N: “I don´t know, you´re the witch/warlock. Whatever.”

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Trouble in Paradise

1. ”You’re beautiful, but if you don’t stop talking, I will kill you.”
7. “I just have one question. Why me? I didn’t ask for any of this to happen.” 
18. “It’s the story of my life, when everything is going great, something inevitability happens that will ruin it.”
25. “You’ve always been evil and you always will be.”

Words: 1,770
Pairing: KlausxReader

(So, this is the second part of ‘Trouble in Paradise’. I had not intended to make a part two, but since you guys requested it I felt like I had to. I absolutely loved the first part (one of my best oneshots if you ask me), so writing part two was very difficult for me. I truly wish that you like this just as much as the first one. Happy reading sweeties)

Part 1

One room, three vampires, one witch, one doppelgänger, and then you; the apparently special human whom Klaus needs to sacrifice in order to break his curse. You had only known about this for a few weeks and were still processing it. Your special bloodline had changed a lot of things in Mystic Falls. And today, at the Boarding House, it was about to make things change even more.  

Caroline: We think it would be best if you leave, Y/N.

Ouch. That was a comment you did not get every day. And you had not even said anything particular mean today. Well, taking your standards in consideration. This day was really uphill.

You knew, however, that she did not mean it in a mean way. But that did not mean that it did not hurt.

Y/N: I just have one question. Why me? I didn’t ask for any of this to happen.

Elena: We know you didn’t.

Bonnie: But it’s our only way right now to save both you and Elena. Or at least buy us enough time to figure out a way to get you both out of this mess.

Y/N: I… I’m sorry but… I don’t think I’m into your idea.

Damon: Well that’s too bad because you don’t have a choice.

Elena: Damon!

Damon: Well, I’m sorry Elena, but that’s the truth. Either Y/N stays, Klaus finds her, and he kill both of you. Or Y/N leaves, Klaus can’t do the spell, and you both live happily ever after.

Y/N: Happily ever after? I’ll be on the run, alone, for the rest of my life if I leave. And though 60 years may not be a lot of time for you, it is for me.

Stefan: Look, we know it isn’t an ideal plan. And I never thought I would say this, but Damon’s right. If you don’t go, both you and Elena will die.

Caroline: Please just think about it Y/N. For all of our sakes.

You would not lie – you were utterly hurt. When you woke up this morning, your biggest problem had been that the handsome guy from The Grill still had not contacted you, and now? Now your best friends were asking you to leave your hometown, friends, and family behind, only to be on the run until your heart stopped beating.

You knew that Klaus would kill you if he found you and obviously that was not something you wanted either. But… urgh, it was just so unfair!

Y/N: Well, then I guess that I will think about it them. After all, it’s no big deal. It’s the story of my life, when everything is going great, something inevitability happens that will ruin it.

Bonnie: Y/N…

Y/N: It’s okay Bonnie. It’s not like I’m not used to it anyway. I just need some time alone, but I’ll call you all tomorrow okay?

As you left the Boarding House, there was complete silence. Everyone had been quite surprised about your reaction. Your feelings were barely shown, but it had been clear today that you were hurt. And none of them knew what to do about it.

To your big surprise, you were met with a familiar face outside the Boarding House – the charming and handsome British guy from The Grill.

Y/N: It’s you.

He smirked and your heart skipped a beat.

Klaus: It most definitely is.

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Dean X Reader: With Sam

Request: Can you make one that a witch cursed her and she says anything she thinks of. She has a crush on dean and he keeps getting closer to her. They don’t kiss or ‘confess their love’ it’s just cute and they kinda cuddle in the end. ✌️👍👌

Request: Hey, I was looking through your blog and thought that your writing is great! I um hope you could write one for me? Where a witch hit Sam and Dean with a spell that makes them very very clumsy and the reader has to help them, at first she thought it was hilarious but slowly she got more and more frustrated and shouted at them to stay put and not move an inch. And maybe you can add where one of the brothers accidentally fell on her, and kissed her and they admit their feelings and lots of fluff

(I just thought these would be hilarious together)

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