Minimalist Travel Altar

I know everyone’s already made posts on this (myself included), but I really like this new tin so let me live.

⭐ Hecking cute tin (mints came shaped like planchets)

💎 Jade (I think but I lost track when I moved out) for Earth

🌪️ Opalite (a cute foggy rainbow) for Air

🔥 Cherry quartz for Fire

🌧️ Blue Goldstone for Water

🔮 Lapis lazuli pendulum for divination

🌈 Peacock ore magnet for Spirit

☮️ Ellen Page quote on lid

🌜 Moon + star ring for Goddess and God (changes colour in sunlight)

Anything extra that I need can be added before I travel. Also I have a 🌒🌕🌘 tattoo on my thumb with a pentacle in the full moon, so I’m pretty much always set to go.

Enchanting necklace <3

Hey loves!

So, I have those really important exams and some fucked up elections coming, which stress me out a lot. So I made a little enchantment on my Starstone necklace!

First of all, you should know the starstone can repel negative energy, calm your thoughts, exercises your intuition and creativity, and wake up your mystic side, plus it’s really beautiful to look at!

I started by cleansing it under running water then charging it for how long I could in the sun (element: fire, for protection and force), before the clouds covered it.

Then I made the sigil “I will be calmer”, and charged it with three elements:

Earth: I took a bit of soil from a plant I have and rubbed it on the back of the sigil, so I can keep my feet on the ground when something is going wrong.

Fire: I burned the edges of the paper and bathed the necklace in the smoke. Fire is good for protection.

Water: I put a few drops of water on the sigil. Water really calms me and it is associated with cleansing and purification.

I did all this while saying out loud “I will be calmer”.

Then I placed the necklace over the sigil and charged it with my energy, putting my intent on it.

Then I wait for the water in the paper to dry, and the enchantment will be ready!

●I drew the sigil with a pen I enchanted here:

●Tips on enchanting:

●Tips on charging sigils (for me it works on objects too. Trust your gut!):

●How to make a sigil:

Wax Seal Charms

From simple love spells to glamours and hexes, wax seal charms are a powerful and versatile tool for any witch’s arsenal. Small, completely customizable, inconspicuous, and easy to hide, these simple charms are useful for nearly any type of magick.

First, you will need a smooth, relatively flat work surface that can withstand heat (I used the bottom of a ceramic bowl). Fold a small envelope from a square of paper. You want the envelope to be the same size as or smaller than the wax seal to ensure complete wax coverage.

Next, write your intent (or draw a sigil) on the inside of the envelope. Keep it simple or write very small.

You can add a small pinch of herbs (or a taglock) if you like, but try not to use too much or the charm won’t flatten and may not seal correctly.

Once you’ve added your herbs, fold the envelope shut. You may need to squish it a little to keep it closed.

Pour your wax over the envelope, making sure to cover any open edges, and place your stamp in the molten wax. Apply light pressure for a few moments and then allow to cool.

Once completely cool, remove your stamp and peel the charm off your work surface.

And voila! A small, portable charm that can easily be slipped into a purse or wallet unnoticed.