ten things about me

ten things.


1. habit is the death of creativity.
2. freedom from habit requires some discipline
3. sometimes i let spellcheck choose
4. i couldnt write. i couldnt write. i couldnt write. will i ever write. i did graphic art. i did fine art. i did ballet, modern and jazz dance. i did mosaics. i did fiber arts. i couldnt write. i wanted to write. i couldnt. i wanted it. i couldnt. i wanted it. i learned to draw. i learned to sculpt. i learned i learned i learned. i have a bfa. but i wanted to write. i couldnt write. i wanted it. i couldnt. years. years. years passed. then LAAAAAA. suddenly i can write. i dont know why. i can guess. i dont care. (good not good) who gives a flying teslar fuck. im glad to be here with you people. sorry about the profanity. i love poets. i like myself as a poet. so ty poets.
5. i have sudden outbursts of intimacy where i share my shine then i have to go do the blanket sushi move and recover. re cover. ha. im a healthy introvert. i mean i think its not a disorder.
6. a perfect soft boiled egg
7. hi to brian my bff. hug
8. if i were a tree i couldnt choose.
9. passion about everything can be exhausting but you can love the way a slug has a suitcase of stuff on its butt if you pay attention
10. i need a lot of quiet, even from that which i love

ty @anjo-da-guarda-me and @jgwrites2 for tagging me. xo

11. i used to be a bug saver. even flies. until i did the @poetryriot prompt “carrion feast” and i researched what a fly is ready to do to me given the chance. the whole maggot thing. now i have a guitar shaped fly swatter.

jungkook likes to hold hands with jin and hobi

(vid. credits: sweaterpawsjimin)

Sleepy Hollow showrunners/writers: You people are SO IGNORANT and uninformed. You have no idea what goes on behind the scenes!!

Nick Gonzales: My character was never formally written off; just abandoned.

Orlando Jones: I was fired b/c they didn’t like me publicly criticizing their decisions

Neil Jackson: I was fired through email for no reason in particular

Nicole Beharie: I wasn’t invited to participate in the DVD commentary for a show I play lead for

Sleepy Hollow showrunners/writers: ……

Fans: ………

Sleepy Hollow showrunners/writers: Honestly can y'all spellcheck your tweets?? Your spelling and grammar is so bad lmao how can we respond to comments that don’t even make sense ORZ


au where osomatsu eventually gets strong armed into getting a job by his parents, then when he puts up a fight they pay Iyami to bully him and chauffeur him around to job interviews 

if there is spelling mistakes i apologise, my handwriting doesn’t have spellcheck lmao

To all the people who think you’re “helping” by “correcting” my spelling and grammer.

You’re not adding anything to the conversation.

You are not improving or helping perfect a final product.

You are not proving to yourself or anybody else that you are so smart, or capable of editing on a professional level.

You have not proven that, by changing a word here or adding a comma there, that you are capable of writing the next Ulysses.

You have not located my Achilles Heel, and pointing out my mistakes will not utterly destroy and invalidate the work.

You are not my English teacher, and this is not a term paper. I do not fail to make the grade because I have made a spelling error.

You are not making your comment sound better by complimenting me first.

You are not the one exception that I will suddenly praise and admire for their hard work and effort.

You are just a nuisance.

Stop it.


Here’s a kinda new video? -It was supposed to be right after my Fukase/Oliver version, but you saw how that played out….-

YouTube Red strikes again, so enjoy the cover on Tumblr! it sounds cuter than I expected it to be~

fanfic writers appreciation day

It’s still juuuuust barely the 21st here (I’m late to the bandwagon here, I know, but I was stuck in a car all day, so…) and apparently that means it’s Fanfic Writers Appreciation Day. I don’t know who exactly came up with this idea, but I think it’s really great (and not just because of all the love I’ve gotten in my notifications - you all are too kind) and I thought I’d chime in with a few words of my own. 

I’ve been reading fanfiction for ages now, and writing for a few years (though I’ve dabbled in original fic for a lot longer), and not only has it been formative for me, it’s also been transformative. (Spellcheck doesn’t think that’s a word. I call bullshit.) Fanfiction is what firmly entrenched me in this lovely little corner of the Agent Carter fandom, and it’s been a wild ride so far, from angsting over season two to holding our breath hoping for a renewal to petitioning and tweeting and tumblring our asses off in hopes of bringing this fantastic little show back.

So while this is a post about how much I appreciate all the fanfiction writers out there, that’s also inherently intertwined with how much I appreciate everyone I’ve gotten to know so far in the Agent Carter fandom. You all are one of the most opinionated, interesting, diverse, talented, and brilliant groups of people that I’ve ever had the pleasure of interacting with in fandom. I am so consistently in awe of the detailed, creative works that this fandom produces. You guys are wonderful. 

Whenever I see someone with the name Angle on my game I get really concerned as to whether not the person thought it was Angel and spelt it wrong or they really meant Angle. For example, I just seen someone with name “Destiny Night-Angle” Like did you want your name to be Angel? and you thought it was spelt Angle?? or did you really want your name to be “Night-Angle” and if so what is a Night Angle?? Please explain.