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anonymous asked:

NAC: Tori, what happened at the competition? I'm dying to know like everything!

We did really good! Thanks for asking. Mi Mi Mi got 4th place. Spellblock tango got 2nd. Surfs Up didnt place. Ghosts in the Attic got 1st. My solo got 2nd. Kendall got 3rd.(I was not in the same category as Kendall) Kalani got 1st and overall soloist. Nia didnt place. ANYWAYS THE MOMS SAT RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME AND MELISSA, JILL, AND I WERE TALKING FOR A LONG TIME AND JILL OVERHEARD ME SAY KENDALL WAS MY FAVORITE AND SHE SAID THANK YOU AND I SAID YOUR MY FAVORITE MOM AND SHE BLEW ME A KISS AND ABBY, HOLLY, KIRA, KALANI, MACKENZIE, AND KENDALL WAVED TO ME. JOJO AND MACKENZIE WERE BEING SO ADORABLE AND KALANI WAVED SO NICELY AND HAD A GENUINE SMILE AND KENDALL DIDNT REALLY SMILE AND IM GOING TO BE ON DAMN TV! mackenzie was really sweet too. -Toti