Bob! You’ve posted selfies three days in a row!  Yeah. Let’s make it four.

Today I used some PTO. It’s a beautiful day – to clean the garage. Despite not having to be anywhere I woke at sunrise. That’s because Oliver was licking my face. After letting the dog outside for a short spell I couldn’t fall back asleep. So I did my best Army slogan impression: “We do more before 9 AM than most people do all day.” It’s not yet noon and the garage is done.

During cleaning I found an envelope of pictures from 1985. The first one is me during spring break in Ft. Lauderdale. Note my touristy t-shirt. Note my attempt to focus my eyes. In the second picture I’m standing in front of a statue of Antoinette in downtown Plymouth, Wisconsin.

The envelope had other pictures from my freshman year at the University of Wisconsin. The third one is Tridad who was my roommate that year. That one is also in Ft. Lauderdale. I think it was his birthday that day. Tridad has left Tumblr again but I can post his picture. Like the song by an appropriately named band says, You can check-out any time you like, But you can never leave.

The fourth picture, well that explains why we were laughing. Or one of the reasons. It’s the 1984 classic Hot Dog - The Movie. Not to be confused with Hot Dog - The Romantic Novel or Hot Dog -The Calculus Textbook. I think we watched parts of that movie on HBO every night during spring break.

I just checked. Hot Dog - The Movie is not currently available on Netflix or Amazon streaming. There are no more VHS rental places I know of.

I guess I’ll never know how the movie ended.

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I've felt ambivalent about Sam and Cait for a while now so I'm just really sort of not interested in whatever is going on. I think Sam said something about them breaking the spell a few months back. The spell is broken and I find myself just scrolling through looking for a good story from the many interesting people here... or thinking about how I want to bang my husband because he's been gone for a few weeks now and I'm lonely. SC have been a let down for a while, for me, in more ways than one.

Sorry about your hubby being gone.😕 Hope he comes back soon!
I admit I’m not quite as enamored by them as once was, but isn’t that the way it is with anything new and exciting in life?

Not sure if you are a book reader, but I find if ever I am feeling down about anything, if I just pick up any of my beloved outlander books and get lost in them for a bit, I feel much better.

Uuugh. My check spelled my lastname wrong and they won’t  let me deposit so now I have to have it rewritten with the right spelling. I did have my boss rewrite the right spelling on the back before I went to the bank since I did notice, but bank is a bunch of butts and still said no. Which is a problem cause I only have $20 till I can go get the new one on tuesday. Had $40 but $20 of those went away fast on just 5 items in the grocery store. 

That being said, my commission page is always open: http://rainekitty.tumblr.com/comish 

please help me not starve for the next 4 days, I would do pasta until tuesday but I can’t eat gluten without feeling like shit afterwards. That being said, all commissions are off 10% until the end of august. Why? Cause I say so. 

My favorite angst trope is when Person A is shown by an enemy a dream/illusion about how better Person B’s life would be if A hadn’t arrive and hadn’t gotten them involved in w/e quest or task A have to fulfill.

Of course, B’s life there is just perfect and filled with bliss and, to make it even more painful, it’s exactly how A envisioned their shared life would be, with the key difference that B is shown sharing it with someone else.

And while A is able to break that spell and go back to reality, the damage is done. From that point on they will feel guilty about dragging B along with them and A will try to push them away, causing a lot of pain because B will not understand why that’s happening and it will lead them into thinking that whatever love A had for them, is gone.

Spells for Serenity, Calming, Relaxation, and Peace

Updated: July 21st, 2016


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Part 1

Part 2

Lifted -Castiel Imagine

Castiel x reader

Summary: You meet up with Rowena to get the spell reversed and Cas back to normal, only you’re not happy with the results.

The next morning you woke up and Castiel’s arms were still around you. You smiled a little and then felt a little guilty. ‘Hey Cas’ You muttered and heard him humm above you. ‘Me, you, and the boys are going out today, promise me you’ll behave yourself’ Castiel chuckled. ‘If you want me to be polite I shall but not if someone is inappropriate around you. Then I can not promise you my actions will be polite’ You rolled your eyes and sat up looking down at the angel beneath you. God he looked good like this.

You felt your heart swell, this was the last time you were ever going to see him like this. You stared at him for a moment trying to engrave this image to your memory. The way he laid with his arm behind his head. The muscles in his arm prominent. A soft smile on his face as he watched you. His dark hair sticking up and looked like someone had ran their hand through it again and again. The covers lay around his hips. Your eyes followed the muscled expanse that was his chest and torso. You were going to miss this. ‘How about breakfast?’ You smiled down at him and he sat up. ‘What would you like me to make you?’ You shrugged.

Throwing the covers off you and getting out of the bed you stretched. ‘Pancakes. Dean should be up by now, will you make them with him while I shower?’ You turned looking down at him. He nodded standing walking around to you. He placed his hand on your cheek and smiled. ‘You do not need to shower now. You are clean’ You rolled your eyes. ‘I would have only been 10 minutes’ You smiled amused but went to your drawers to pick out clothes anyway. ‘I did not like when you showered yesterday, I would rather not be without you again’ You heard him say.

You turned and looked at him. He just stood beside your bed in his underwear. In that moment you would have given anything to be able to kiss him. To have this as a thing where he wasn’t acting because of a spell. You sighed and motioned for Castiel to turn around. He did so and your eyes ran over his back.

Shaking yourself out of your trance and you began to dress yourself. When you were finished you laid your hand on Castiel’s back. You felt the muscle ripple underneath your hand and he turned making you drop it. ‘You should put on your clothes’  You held out his shirt. ‘But, you prefer me like this’ Your mouth fell open and your eyes widened. ‘And I want to make you happy’ You just stood frozen your mouth opening and closing like a fish as your grasped for the words you needed to reply. ‘How? What? Where did you hear that?’ You stuttered

Cas smiled. ‘I can feel it off you’ You gulped and looked down a blush on your cheeks. ‘Well, eh-I-no one else should see you like this-so-eh you should put them on’ You shoved the shirt into his chest not making eye contact with him. ‘Please’ He nodded and slipped it on. You tried to calm yourself as he got dressed.

All breakfast Castiel sat by you. He was closer than normal, his hand planted firmly on your knee. He kept asking you of you were alright. Apparently he could feel the anxiety rolling off you. You couldn’t exactly disagree, you were anxious. You were wondering if Rowena would know what was going on, or f she would betray you and cast some crazy spell. You also wanted the old Castiel back, you loved this affectionate side of him, yes but you were growing to miss the sarcastic angel he was before. Not this mindless puppy. You were terrified that after the spell was reversed he wouldn’t want to see you again. In fact it was definitely your greatest fear. This would all go away and Cas would be so awkward about it he would just avoid you.

You didn’t know if you could deal with that.

You all clambered into the Impala. You had just finished breakfast and were on your way to meet Rowena. Sam and Dean sat in the front as Dean started the car. The familiar hum of the Impala was something you hadn’t heard since Cas was under this spell and you only realised now. Cas reached over and put his hand on your thigh. You smiled softly at him and placed your hand over his.

Cas smiled back at you. ‘Why are you sad?’ He slid closer to you across the back seat. ‘I’m not sad Castiel’ You furrowed your eyebrows. You heard Dean chuckle from the front. ‘Cos she’s going to miss ye Cas’ You seen Dean smirk looking back at you. Sam nudged Dean giving him a glare. Cas’ eyes widened and he looked at you. ‘Why will you miss me? I am not leaving you Y/n’ He reached out and placed his hand on your cheek.

You smiled at him covering your emotions just taking in this moment. You leaned into his hand. ‘Dean’s being an ass, don’t mind him I’m happy. You’re here how could I not be?’ The horror faded from Castiel’s face and was replaced with a wide smile. He tugged you closer to him wrapping his arms around you. ‘That had to be the worst chick flick moment ever’ Dean groaned from the front. ‘I think I’m going to be sick’ You glared at him through the rear view window as Sam snapped at him. You wrapped your arms back around Cas leaning into him.

You got to the large warehouse that you were meeting Rowena at. ‘May I ask what we are doing here?’ Castiel held out his hand and you grabbed it. Cas helped you out of the car as Dean grabbed a gun and the iron cuffs from the boot. ‘No’ You shook your head. ‘No, cuffs’ Dean opened his mouth but you glared at him. ‘Is this a hunt? I will not permit Y/n to be on a hunt. She may get hurt, I will not allow her to be hurt’ Castiel pulled you behind him his hand gripping your arm. ‘It’s not a hunt, Dean’s being stupid’ You ran your hand over Cas’ back

Dean rolled his eyes. ‘Dean, put away the cuffs’ You snapped as Sam handed you a gun. Cas raised his hand and snapped his fingers. The cuffs disappeared from Dean’s hand and you smirked. ‘Just you wait’ He narrowed his eyes closing the trunk of the car and making his way towards the warehouse.

You opened the door looking around. The red haired witch stood looking out a window a long purple dress hugging her figure. ‘Rowena’ You called. She turned and looked at the four of you. ‘Hello Deary’ She greeted with a smile. You walked over to her and she opened her arms. You smiled and wrapped your arms around her. ‘What seems to be the problem?’ She asked when you pulled away. You nodded towards Cas.

She glanced at the Angel. ‘Ah, the pretty Angel’s been hit with some magic then’ You nodded. ‘Something old’ She stopped standing in front of him. ‘Pre-celt’ You told her and she nodded. ‘You knew?’ Dean’s mouth opened. ‘I had a week off when I was younger and studied witchcraft’ You shrugged. ‘How did you think I knew which books to give you, but I only studied the Latin, nothing older’ His eyes narrowed. Rowena reached out and Cas jerked away. ‘Cas, please?’ You walked over to him taking his hand. He looked at the witch hesitantly but nodded. She reached up and placed her hand on his cheek.

Sam and Dean shifted uncomfortably behind you both. Dean’s hand went to his gun as Rowena closed her eyes. Sam put his hand on Dean’s arm shaking his head nodding to you where your hand rested on your own ready to jump in if she did anything to the Angel. You may have brought her in and trusted her but you only did it out of necessity, you would never willingly let her meddle with your angel. ‘You killed the witch that cast it?’ She opened her eyes looking at you.

You nodded. ‘Do you know what it is?’ You asked and she nodded. ‘Some kind of puppy dog spell, makes him do your bidding, protect you, do whatever you need him to do’ She smirked looking at you. ‘I believe the spell was so heightened because of his previous affection for you’ You felt the blush creep up your neck and you scoffed. ‘I’m not lying. Usually they do not crave contact, or so much approval, none actually’ You turned your eyes away from her and looked at Cas to find him already looking at you

You turned your head down staring at your feet. ‘They will do what needs to be done to protect you without regard to your feeling’s or your approval’ She reached out and tilted your head up. ‘Can you fix it?’ You grunted trying to move on from her reading of the situation. ‘Fix what?’ Cas looked between you. ‘Is this what Dean was talking about in the car? Are you sending me away? Is that what she is here for’ He turned to Rowena and raised his hand.

You jumped between them wrapping your fingers around his wrist. ‘Cas, woah stop’ You soothed him. You put your other hand on his chest pushing him back a little. ‘You want me to leave?’ His anger fading and only a heartbroken look on his face. You shook your head. ‘No, no. The witch we hunted she did something to you, something your grace can’t heal. I just want you healed’ You smiled up at him. ‘There is nothing wrong, I can not feel anything wrong’ You bit your bottom lip. ‘That’s part of the spell, it’s stopping you from using your grace properly. Please Cas, just do this for me. Please’ Your hand ran up his chest and came to rest on his cheek.

Cas sighed closing his eyes. ‘I promise this isn’t because I want you to leave’ Cas leaned into your palm and nodded slightly. You looked over your shoulder at Rowena ‘I will need some ingredients’ She said turning and walked over to her bag pulling a pen and paper out. ‘Get me these’ She scribbled down a fe things and held the paper out to you. You turned to Cas with a smile and he nodded before disappearing. ‘Don’t say anything’ You growled. ‘Any of you’ You turned stalking over to the window

It took Cas less than half an hour to find what you needed. In the meantime Rowena had gotten everything else, which also included some of your blood. Cas popped back in with his arms full. He stood beside you as the witch added them to the bowl. ‘I need some of your blood’ Cas squinted his eyes at her but you gave him a small nudge and he held out his hand. He winced a little as she dragged the blade across his palm and his blood dripped into the bowl below his hand.

He stepped back as Rowena started chanting some words. ‘Cas’ You breathed out. He looked down at you. ‘Promise me you won’t run after this?’ Castiel reached out and took your hand. ‘I would never run from yo-’ Castiel doubled over grunting in pain. His hand slipped from yours and he clutched his head. The bowl erupted into flames.

He stumbled back a few steps. Sam and Dean started shouting. Dean pulled out his gun pointing it at Rowena. ‘Dean stop’ You snapped at him holding out your hand. Cas groaned and his legs gave out from underneath him. You dove forwards dropping to your knees. You slipped under him before he fell forwards. You wrapped your arms around him grunting under his weight.

Dean stood behind you looking between Cas and Rowena. She threw something small and purple into the flaming bowl. You felt a searing pain through your chest but you gritted your teeth focusing on holding Cas up. His hand clutched at you as he grunted and jerked in pain.

Then he stopped and just kept panting trying to catch his breath. Rowena stopped chanting. The pain left your chest. The whole warehouse was quiet apart from Castiel’s harsh breathing. ‘Cas?’ You breathed out. He took a few deep breaths before looking up at you from under his lashes. ‘Are you okay?’ You asked reaching out to him.

Castiel cleared his throat and pulled away from you. He stood looking around the warehouse. His eyes fell on Rowena, then they moved to the brothers. Sam had his hand on Dean’s shoulder who still had his gun pointed at Rowena

Castiel’s eyes landed on you last. You looked up at him from your knees as he stood a few feet from you. His eyes were wide. ‘Y/n’ He breathed and then cleared his throat. He straightened his back holding his shoulders. ‘I apologise for my behaviour these past few days’ You pushed yourself up onto your feet. ‘Cas, it wasn’t you it was the spell’ You seen Dean lowering his gun from the corner of your eye.

You reached your hand out to Cas but he took a step back from you. You felt a pain in your chest, no this couldn’t be happening. ‘I have been away from Heaven too long, I need to get back’ Your mouth fell open and you froze. ‘Cas, we should talk about this first’ Cas stealed himself his impassive look that you hadn’t seen on his face for days, and a coldness in his eyes you hadn’t seen in longer. ‘We do not have anything to speak about Y/n’ Cas’ deep voice grumbled. You felt your heart break in a million pieces, it was happening. ‘I apologise for being a bother, I should go’ You lurked forwards. ‘Cas’ You called out but with a flutter of wings he was gone.

You stopped in the spot Castiel had just stood. You closed your eyes. Damn it. Of course he would run off the second the spell wore off. Castiel wasn’t an affectionate person. The thought of the last few days probably made him so awkward he wouldn’t even look at you for a good year. The pain that thought caused was almost worse than the one that had ripped through you a few moments earlier.

You turned back to the others. ‘I think it worked’ You choked out. You cleared your throat and turned to Rowena. ‘Thank you’ She just stared at you for a long moment and you began to feel uncomfortable. ‘I’m beginning to think I shouldn’t have removed it’ With that she turned and picked up her bag. ‘I’ll see you later Deary’ With that she pressed a kiss to your forehead and strode towards the door.

Her heels on concrete was the only sound in the warehouse. Sam waited a whole minute after she had shut the door before speaking. ‘I’m sorry he just left like that’ He sent you a soft smile. You just shrugged. ‘Probably needed time to figure things out’ You looked down at your feet as you started to follow Rowena. ‘How about we catch that new movie you wanted to see?’ Dean threw his arm around your shoulder as you walked by. ‘Dean’ You groaned. ‘I’ll be fine, he’ll come round’ He just grunted and you seen him cast Sam a look

You did in fact go to watch the movie after. For a whole week none of you heard anything from the Angel. You tried to call him but it always went to voicemail. You had heard both Dean and Sam praying to him more than once but still nothing. It was 10 days until Dean got a call from Cas and another 18 on that until he actually showed his face.

Even then he refused to look you in the eye. His answers when you asked him a question were always short and curt and it hurt you more than you would like to admit.

Over the next week he had showed up 3 more times, each time as awkward as the first. You felt the hurt turning to anger. You knew he was awkward about it all but damn it he didn’t need to give you the cold shoulder. One time he had came in and you didn’t even notice. When you walked into the library he had made some excuse to leave in a hurry.

You had tried to talk to him on multiple occasions about it but he had told you he was busy and at this stage you were just about ready to give up. If Castiel didn’t want to talk to you then fine. You didn’t need him to, you had gotten along before perfectly fine without. You could get along perfect fine without him now.

And you would.

The one thing you had feared the most had happened.

Cas was gone.

I’m sorry it’s a little short….

Part 4 Here

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#24, Tatu

Tatu and the only one of her employees she can truly trust. :’)


Because I want everyone’s damn mothers to suddenly appear, and it can’t be easy getting a job when you’re a teenager whose main skills are shooting and sass.

I don’t think I’ve ever posted a comic before because what is consistency??!


Cherik aus I’ll write someday: Magic vs Steampunk au.

What once was a powerful, thriving union is now separated by a broken bridge between two forces: the city of Zinnia, home to dazzling magic and wonderful creatures; and the city of Berkel, a machine all in itself working on steam and metallic gears.
The horrible feud between what once were allies had been going on for so long noone remembers what started it. The habitants of both cities believed the other to be traitors, senseless monsters without mercy, a plague to run away from, and it’s in this scene where our two valiant protagonists meet eachother.

Charles Xavier read someone’s mind for the first time before opening his newborn eyes. He was powerful and charming since a very young age, a prodigy in almost every magical discipline, and the Wise Souls yearned for him to be part of their prestigious school as soon as he performed his first spell. A lonely christmas back at his empty house he met Raven, an orphan with a strike for metamorphisim, and soon called her his sister. But as Charles grew up he realized the inmense hate shadowing his hometown and the dark abyss that separated both cities, and he became a Pro-union activist to fight for the friendship that, as he firmly believed, was not dead.

Erik Lehnsherr grew between engines. He learned how to fix a machine before he learned how to count and had always been taught that magicians across the cliff were never to be trusted. But sometimes it was like the metal spoke to him, and that terrified him because, as impossible as it could be having been concibed in Berkel, he knew what it meant.
However, one day his latent powers exploded while he tried to save a workmate from an accident in the factory, and although he had saved a life, the fear drowned the neighbourgs in a bitumen sea and everyone screamed for him to be banished, arrested, executed! And so Erik ran. He ran far away and into the pit of the unknown, leaving his mother behind but never forgetting her or the mistery of his powers, and didn’t expect to feel welcomed in a city that was not his own. He was not a Technician anymore, but neither a Magician. He was lost and alone between two realities. At least, until he met a young man with flowers in his hair and blue skies in his eyes, a man that reminded him of a little brilliant boy he befriended back when he was just a kid, and the rivalry was a mere whisper on dark corners.

The cold war that had frozen the hearts of the habitants was about to explode like a supernova and burn everything at its reach, but hearing warcries was difficult if everytime Charles smiled at him the metal sang love songs for Erik.

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Thanks for answering the ask games <3 it made me happy hahaha and a series of unfortunate events was so nostalgic :') I barely read but I read that series and oh wells


my granny used to read to me before bed when i was younger and one day she brought back one of the series of unfortunate events books but it wasn’t the first in the series but she read it to me anyway and she ended up liking it too but the physical copies were really hard to find so she’d just buy the book if we didn’t own it already regardless of where it was in the series and would read it to me ~ which makes my memory of the series really confused because i know for a fact we had 1, 12, 7, 3 (??) and a few others but i definitely have not read them all because theyre STILL hard to find in stores ;; or at least for me. and aaaa i read so much as a kid, but not so much now which is sad. i actually had trouble learning how to read when i was in school until my mums boyfriend-at-the-time sat me down in my room and made me read this goddamn childrens book in a way that forced me to remember what the words were and uuuuugh it was annoying at the time but it was that one sit down with one-on-one time that made me fall in love with reading and tbh the first book i ever read was this nature information book which was sectioned into animals and plant life and it wasn’t for kids my age at all, and it certainly wasn’t for kids my age to read alone, but idk i loved it even though it was purely factional and wasn’t intended to be entertaining but i loved that thing and every night i would flip through and just study it idk me nowadays wouldn’t bother but i guess back then i was just super determined to be the best because im super competitive and i ended up going from the only kid in the class who couldn’t read to the best reader in my grade so fight me schoolkids i showed you

Originally posted by jjks

(A lot of the people who teased me about it i was friendly with anyway so it doesn’t really matter tbh but i still find it funny that i couldn’t spell to save my life but i could read on an 11th grade level)

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pst for that outfit thing, Polgara, torn up jeans :D

oh man!! oh man. ive only drawn her a couple times before and its Old and Bad, finally a chance to redeem myself… 

idr much abt her canon descriptions besides “white streak” and “looks good in blue” which, is fine bcs i would have probably ignored everything else anyway

(the meme)