• shout out to witches who use the “nasty” ingredients that cause other witches to say “im not one of THOSE witches”
  • shout out to the witches who use spiderwebs, dead insects, raw meat, and mud.
  • shout out to the witches who use blood, bones, chicken feet, and poisonous plants.
  • shout out to the witches who use dolls, fingernails, mold and drugs.
  • shout out to the witches who use sex magic, demon summoning, spirit work and cursing.
  • shout out to the witches who know how to stay safe while doing all of these things and have studied up on proper usage and sanitation methods.
  • shout out to the witches who are shamed for using things that were used in the “old days”
  • shout out to the witches who are shamed for doing the things their ancestors did to get by but have been called users of “black magic”
  • shout out to the witches who do what they fucking want and dont water down our craft to look better for others.
PSA - A Safety in Magic Warning for the New Spellcaster

This is stemming from a conversation I’ve just had with someone who was experiencing heart palpitations, dizziness and weakness from rapidly going onto a 7day fast for a bit of magic as advised by a more experienced spellcaster, who I’m sure meant no harm (but needs to be hung drawn and quartered anyway), and it is VERY important for all beginners to understand.

If something you are doing involves anything that makes you physically ill, dizzy, feint, puts you in pain, or makes your heart feel funny… Anything like that STOP! If it is not an expected, known, and reasonable response* to what you are doing STOP STOP STOP! This includes burning incense, rubbing salve on yourself, some meditation breathing techniques, fasting…

You could be having an allergic reaction, something may be mixing with medications, you may be putting yourself at serious risk.

STOP. Eat something, have some water. If your symptoms are serious - vomiting, diarrhoea, heart palpitations ect contact a medical professional. Your Gods and spirits will wait. They want you alive and well so you can do the work.

Once you’re feeling ok you can contact someone else who is more experienced than yourself and talk to them (not the initial person unless you know them well and trust them to be honest rather than bullshit and gaslight you), they may be able to offer advice on how to proceed. You may need to adjust your spell work, change the type of fast you’re on, work with a different breathing technique or herb/scent etc.

Work around the problem, do not force your way through it, you could seriously harm yourself.

Your health and safety must be put first at all times. Killing yourself does not support your witchcraft. Trust me.

This is also a good reason why you should try to keep your posts for spell help public while you’re learning and relying on forums, it stops people giving you potentially bad advice going unchecked. I know that if I had seen the advice this person was given I would have said ‘Hey, that could be dangerous, here’s some ways to make it less dangerous’ or offered a different way of approaching the working. 

And the person who gave the advice probably didn’t think that it was dangerous, it’s probably something that person has done many times before, but what is good and safe for me isn’t necessarily what is good and safe for you. The person who was experiencing the palpitations probably didn’t tell the person advising them that they were on a specific medication that I just happened to know doesn’t mix with sudden fasting, and I wouldn’t have thought to ask (most likely) if I haven’t had medication-magic mishaps before.

*normal or expected side effects are shit like feeling dizzy because you’ve spun around in circles, or light headed because you’re utilising a mind-altering substance for example. 


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Using Emoji Spells In Kemeticism

Emoji spells work really well with Kemeticism as our heka is visual based and integrated in the power of words and symbol. I can use emoji to transcribe a prayer calling out to my NTRW quite easily. For example:


That is just the opening of my emoji heka rites and essentially translates to:

“Dua Bast (my Divine Parent), Fiery Lady, Eye of Ra. The fire burns, the incense shines. The incense burns, the fire shines. The breath of you lifts me up. I offer cool water to you, may you be cooled. *Henu Motion* O Bast, may you satisfy Yourself with the repast to the right and to the left (the offering of food and drink). I ask you to hear my prayer…”

Sometimes I will put in a lot of ears and telephones to symbolize the “godphone” or ear tablet/prayer stela in AE. As such:



I then go into symbolizing my prayer, mostly about helping financially and to help me get a job.

After I finish my heka I then prostrate on the floor and “remove the foot” followed by sentimental things like saying how I love NTRW and thanking them.


Sometimes I will even bribe them with presents:


“Send money to me soon and I’ll give you presents! Okay? Cool. Love you.”

And so far, I’ve had pretty good outcomes! So it seems to work for me lol But yeah, that is essentially how I do emoji heka in Kemeticism 😎