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Here’s to the witches...

The Satanist Witches.  Who are constantly thrown under the bus by witches who don’t want to associate with you because they want people to know they’re not “evil”.

The Atheist/Secular Witches.  Who have trouble finding spells suited to their beliefs because most other witches insist on calling on gods or goddesses. 

The Abrahamic Witches.  Who are constantly told their paths aren’t valid by people of their religion and witches alike.

The Trans/non-binary Witches.  Who have a hard time finding representation in religion and the craft.  Who are excluded from covens solely due to how they were born

To Non-Wiccan Witches.  Who constantly need to remind people that witch is not synonymous with Wicca.  

Y’all are wonderful.  Keep being awesome witches!

Candle Magick Omens

If you are doing candle magic, watch for omens that may predict the success of your spell:

Tall, strong flame - your spell is empowered and getting through, it will work very well.

Flickering, unsteady flame - your spell is having trouble manifesting your results.

Dancing, wild flame - get ready for the roller coaster ride.

Normal flame - things are working as expected.

Small, blue flame - your spell is not getting through, prepare a backup plan.

Crackling, popping flame - your spell may manifest in very unexpected ways.

Witch Tip?

Guys, You really don’t have to follow spells.

I have trouble posting original content often, because what I do is rarely consistent or planned out. My magick is very similar to my cooking - I create the best possible combination with what I have available to me, which is always changing. When we buy groceries, apart from basic ingredients like flour, butter, eggs, what I purchase is based solely on what happens to be the best deal for the day, or from the clearance sections that are about to be thrown away if not sold. This makes for an everchanging pantry where we really never eat the same exact meal twice. My spells are the exact same way.

I have some basic ingredients, mostly from a local health food store that sells tea ingredients loose and in bulk, but anything else is subject to change based on what I find. Most of our material possessions are purchased second hand from thrift stores or resale shops - which means availability is inconsistent, so my spell ingredients will be as well. Throw in that most of the time I am creating something, whether it be food or a charm or a magickal tool, and you can hopefully see why prewritten spells aren’t super important in my practice.

That being said, obviously it’s fine to use prewritten spells, I honestly have no qualms about how anyone else practices. I just see a lot of posts where baby witches are frustrated that they can’t find a spell to fit their needs.

Baby - if that happens, just do what you think will work! Whether it works or not, as long as you take notes on how you did things and what the end result was, you’ve learned something, I know modern society tends to view failure as immoral, but witchcraft is so individualized because it’s based on you, that the only way you will become better at it and more powerful is to experiment, test your instincts, and sometimes fail. Fuck it if you don’t find a spell to fit your needs, set out your ingredients and see what sticks out to you. Find your own associations. You’re not a witch failure if it doesn’t turn out.

Togetherness Spell

Fortifico Hic Amicita.  

“Troubles and trials that test our devotion,
Preserve the bond that we hold dear.
Though distance keeps us far apart-,
Our hearts be one, forever near.

I wash my troubles down

This is great for in the shower. Starting with your head (e.g., when washing your hair) and moving down to your feet, focus on each area, identifying the troubles, stresses and pains you hold there. Think about each one and then say the corresponding verse, washing them down with the water and soap until they can be washed away.

In my head I hold onto thoughts,
I worry, stress and fret.
I wash these troubles down.

In my throat, I said those words,
They cannot be unsaid.
I wash these troubles down.

In my heart, I cling to fears,
For family, friends, myself.
I wash these troubles down.

In my back, my burdens weigh,
Heavier every day.
I wash these troubles down.

In my stomach, my cravings rest,
Fuelling habit and addiction.
I wash these troubles down.

In my legs, I walked the world,
Carrying my troubles through,
I wash these troubles down.

My feet took me down this path,
Leading me to pain.
Now my troubles return to them,
I wash my troubles away.

My arms and hands, my troubles washed,
To them some can remain.
To start each day without the last,
I wash them all away.

This can start the day, leaving everything from yesterday behind, along with anything you pick up in your sleep, or it can end the day to allow for a peaceful, restful sleep. 



HES ALLOWED TO STAY!!!! I’m going to have to be on my toes the next five months but HE CAN STAY!!

Thank you all so much!! I am truly blessed to be a part of such a loving community <3

Hello fellow witches! I’m in dire need of help / positive vibes / protective spells whatever it is you can offer.

To make a seriously long story short, someone in my apartment complex made a false claim that my dog was “terrorizing” and “attacking” people and animals in the complex. My dog (Remus) who is also my familiar, isn’t the most traditionally “pretty” dog in the world and due to his lack of fur (hes a Mexican hairless) people tend to fear him.

What actually happened was a womans dogs came up to mine and started barking and growling at him. He escaped and tried to play by barking and dropping down and showing his neck. I ran after him at which point this woman started SCREAMING as if being mauled which startled my dog and he ran off thus leading to me hunting down my terrified animal that was previously abused (I adopted him). Also as a note: my dog is missing over 50% of his teeth due to a genetic mutation so him attacking anything is laughable at best.

I’m speaking with the leasing office tomorrow about this claim but if they don’t back down my familiar will be forced out of my apartment and will have to live with my parents AN HOUR AWAY FOR 5 MONTHS since that’s when my lease is up. 

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE help. Protection spells, spells to sway an opinion, curses on that stupid woman (jk…sorta) ANYTHING you can do to help or would be appreciative.

THANKS SO MUCH! Below is a picture of said “terror”.

Touch (M)

Song Mino + toy play + mutual masturbation

drabble;  827 words

Requested by Anons from my drabble game

Dedicated to my baby girl @sm-gd!! I hope you’re doing well and not stressing too much >.<

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“Come on, baby girl; play with that clit for me.”

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Plot 145: Partners in Crime

Muse A, a tenacious crime boss, is frustrated by yet another news headline about a big crime bust in the city which has ties to their own illicit operations. It seems that the mayor’s been making good on his promise to eradicate crime as of late (probably because he’s looking to run for Senator in the upcoming elections) and that ultimately spells trouble for Muse A. It’s only a matter of time before someone from the Mayor’s camp comes sniffing around Muse A’s nightclub, which operates as a front for their money laundering, but Muse A wants the Mayor dealt with before that happens. As fate would have it, Muse A isn’t the only one who wants the Mayor gone. 

Muse B, the Mayor’s child, sees right through the tele-prompted speeches, contrived family photo ops, and the empty promises of a crime-free city. Muse B has seen and heard their father conducting his own illegal practices and knows firsthand that the Mayor is not a good man. Muse B has lost all respect for their corrupt father and only feels disdain and fear toward him. It’s by coincidence that Muse B enters Muse A’s nightclub after a volatile confrontation with their father, but it isn’t a coincidence when Muse A recognizes Muse B and invites them to the VIP area to talk. In this secluded area of the club, Muse B spills all of their concerns to Muse A and Muse A offers protection in exchange for information. Muse B agrees to spy on their father for Muse A with the understanding that, at the opportune moment, Muse A will get rid of the Mayor. 

optional: gender swap roles, betrayal + partners in crime = romance