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A Note on Favored Souls

I’ve been reading back up on the class and realized something. I play up the “being Favored by a god” thing a lot but that’s like a really small part of how favored souls work. Like as far as the 3.5 Complete Divine supplement says you don’t to be favored by a deity. The gimmick of FS is being able to cast divine spells naturally like a sorcerer and so there’s a number of ways that could happen.

In a similar vein to the Sorcerer, the Favored Soul might just have outsider blood from a union many generations ago. Sometimes the correct clerical training is what wakes up this natural ability. Or they’re favored by their gods. Which if you didn’t know is my personal favorite.

I like that one because relationships with gods is a really interesting concept to me and fun to build around. However not everyone is keen on gods as I am. So if you want a spontaneous alternative to the Cleric but don’t want to worry about pesky higher powers souring your fun. You can totally be an atheist favored soul whose great great great great great great great great granddaddy did it with an archon. Or demon. Or some other conniving/righteous outsider of you choice.

Side note of equal importance: Yall are lovely and deserve to hear that today. Good job you. Hope you all have a good one.

anonymous asked:

Hi is it possible to cast a spell that would curse all the anons that send horrible things to my friend on their tumblr account or would that be impossible to happen? I'm sick of them saying shitty things like that, it makes her so sad I want to punish them tbh cos I'm petty like that.

perhaps cast a protection spell on your friend that has hurts those who say bad things to her

curses for the most part, need something to hang onto. perhaps their words, but other than that you dont have much from anons

anonymous asked:

This is my first time reaching out to someone. I recently started to learn more about witchcraft ( I've been drawn to it from a young age), but I'm going through some personal things (mostly emotional) and I am afraid it will interfere with my learning process. Am I going in the correct path in wanting to resolve those issues first, before I go any further with witchcraft?


Always put your well being before your craft! If you are having issues it can sometimes interfere with your spell casting, so it is best to resolve any issues before continuing. You are what makes your magick work and if you have unresolved issues that effects you mentally, chances are you will not be able to put proper intentions and energy into your practice. If you need a break, make sure you take a break to let yourself recharge. I wish you the best of luck! 

May the moon light your path!

==Moonlight Academy==


I’m gonna take a guess at what you thought when you saw that giant beam of light shooting into the sky: Bloody hell, what’s she done, now? Because I’m sure you knew it had something to do with me. You didn’t know HOW you knew. . but you knew. Am I right?


I’m leaving this letter (and a bunch of others for everyone else) because I could never tell you this in person. There’s no way you’d have let me do. . well, what I’m about to tell you I did. Once I do, you’re going to understand a lot of things you’ve been confused about for a long time.

That beam of light was from a spell I cast. You probably figured out which spell- I mean, I cast it in the same barn as Zelena, and everything. I’ve spent the last four years (give or take) doing one thing: finding a spell that would allow me to go back in time. It had to be the right spell, though, because I couldn’t use one that involved human sacrifices or some other horrible price. And I didn’t want to do anything that involved making a deal with Rumplestiltskin. You can forgive a lot, but I know you couldn’t forgive THAT. I finally found one. . 

I just had to steal an object powerful enough to help me cast it. 

I’m going back to see Mom. Before me, before Charlotte. . I’m going back to a time when it was just the two of you. I want- I NEED to see her again, Dad. Stories and fading memories aren’t enough, they never were. But I’m not just going back to see her in her prime. I’m going to do everything I can to SAVE her. 

So. Now you know why I’ve been pushing you, all of you, away for years. Why I spent so much time pouring over old spellbooks. Why I’d disappear for hours and refuse to tell you where I was going, no matter how long you yelled at me or how many times you grounded me. Now you know why I hugged you so tight when I left this morning; I was saying goodbye. Because I don’t know if I’m coming back.

Don’t get mad at anyone else, Dad. This was all me. Yes, Regina taught me how to use my magic, but I would’ve learned on my own. Yes, Aunt Belle gave me the books, but honestly, I would’ve stolen them if she hadn’t. No one knew what I was planning, no one could’ve stopped me.

In case I never get to say this to your face, I’m sorry. I’m so so sorry. I took my anger out on you (and everyone else), I broke every rule you had, I lied to you. . I probably made you feel like a failure as a father. And now, I’ve disappeared into the past, leaving you another person to mourn. I never meant to hurt you. I didn’t mean to shut you out. I just didn’t know how to deal with Mom dying, and I didn’t know how to tell you what I was feeling. I didn’t want to FEEL what I was feeling, so I obsessed over changing what happened. I’m sorry. I can’t say that enough times.

Do me a favor? Give the rest of the letter to everyone? They’re all labeled, so you’ll know who to give them to… And one other thing. Don’t blame yourself.

I love you, Dad. Goodbye,

i have this saved as “it’s okay. it’s okay. thank you. (i knew it.)”.png and i’m still like… suffering? look at his limp hand. he was not the one holding on. he had given up. look at how his missing eye is towards the ground of celes, leaning towards the shadow of the panel. look at that grim resigned smile - what he thought would be his last. but look at that scar on kurogane’s hand and it’s obvious that he would never have been left to die there. even when kurogane is on death’s door, he’ll never leave him to his trauma and death wish. he’ll raise fai from hell.

and you know, now i’m thinking about how like… the only reason kurogane was able to save fai from celes was because of the spell that fai cast on his arm. it’s a team effort to save fai, save both of them together, because they’re intricately bound to each other. they help each other. they come out together on the other side because they were with each other.

Simple Shut up Powder

This powder is used to forcibly shut the mouth and stop gossip and slander originating from a foe. Not something you want to use on someone you consider to be a friend who just speaks out of turn every once and a while. Use in cases where the gossip is damaging to you and or others

In a mortar and pestle mix together:

Cloves - to remove gossip and slander and reverse it

Pepper Corn- to blacken and destroy negative words and speech

Alum- to sour the mouth of the one who slanders

Chili peppers or Chili powder- to burn the tongue of the one who slanders

Use this powder to dress candles and spell work involving the shutting of ones mouth. This can also be transferred into an oil version where other items such as pins or nails can be added. I have a more intense and complex version where i may share at another time.

😍✌️👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 👩‍👩‍👦👨‍👨‍👧‍👦👴🏻 👵🏻👦🏿 👧🏿🕊🌿🏆🎂💐

A supercharged emoji spell for World Peace, safety of all citizens, and to empower the good judgement of politicians around the world.

Made upon request.

Loves charge,

reblogs cast.

It’s worth a shot!

Be a Better Writer Spell Bag.

What you’ll need:

  • Small bag/sachet. 
  • Small piece of paper, and pen.
  • Your favorite incense (mine is Dragon’s Blood).
  • A gemstone (I used Dragon’s Tooth Coral). 
  • Green candle wax: To represent success and abundance.
  • Peppermint oil: Promotes concentration and regeneration.
  • Cilantro: Brings peace to your home (or wherever you write), also helps attune yourself to your soul.
  • Dandelion: Increases psychic ability and opens the mind. 
  • Rose leaves or petals: Increases passion and motivation. 

What to do:

  1. Light your favorite incense to cleanse your space.
  2. Rub gemstone with peppermint oil. Remember, a little goes a long way.
  3. Hold gemstone over the incense smoke for a little while, then set it near by to charge.
  4. Gather the Cilantro, Dandelions, and Rose. Place them into your bag. Shake it up a bit.
  5. Take your small piece of paper and write “Writer” on it, along with any symbols/sigils you’d like to use if applicable. I wrote the word in both Theban and English. 
  6. Fold the paper, then seal it with green candle wax.
  7. Place your charged gem into the bag along with the paper. Shake it up again.
  8. Now get to work! Start that novel, or that blog you’ve been contemplating. Good luck!

Thanks for reading! And as always, you can personalize this in anyway you’d like. And if being a good writer isn’t something you are trying to achieve, with a little research you can work this spell to fit your needs. For any questions, or even suggestions, please feel free to visit my ask box. 

- carbonlyingnexttome 

To Cleanse a Tarot Deck

I wrote this spell when I bought my Tarot cards, in order to cleanse them and attune them to my energies. 

I set them on the windowsill, and placed a chunk of quartz on top to amplify the energies. I preform this spell on the first night of the full moon. 

“These cards before me have had a life,
of seeing good and seeing strife.

Now that they have come to me,
I cleanse them of their memories. 

For three days hence, they’ll see the light
The sun by day, the moon by night.

When at last these days are done,
The future, present, and past will be one.”

After the chant is done, leave the cards and the quartz on the window sill. If possible, take them out of the box. 

My Method of Spell Design

I figured this might be nice for people who want to start making their own spells but don’t quite know where to start and might appreciate an outline.

  1. Meditate on your intent. You don’t have to literally meditate, but take some time to make sure you know exactly what you want. Fine-tune it, make it more concise, make it more specific, try to get it so you have just one powerful sentence, one rock-solid goal.
  2. Check spell times. I try to cast my spell to line up with the best day of the week and phase of the moon. I have a weird instinct of always coming up with a spell the day I should cast it, which is nice but doesn’t give me a lot of prep time. If the times that work with your intent don’t line up with your schedule, don’t sweat it. It isn’t crucial.
  3. Think of what type of spell you’d like. Is it for confidence? Maybe you’d like to enchant a necklace you can wear out. Protecting your home? Maybe a jar spell that can rest in your windowsill. Maybe you want to do something with candles. Whatever feels most appropriate for your situation.
  4. Browse materials. I flip through my grimoire and online and try to find what herbs, colors, crystals, planets, etc. line up with my intent. I rule out things that I couldn’t reasonably obtain in time, and make special note of anything that I already have. If you organize your stuff by associated planets or elements, you could even focus your spell by having everything you end up choosing in one category.
  5. Throw it all together. You have an intent and a materials list, so combine them. Dress that candle in some herbs or plan to stuff your materials in a sachet or jar. Maybe you want to do some sympathetic magic and recreate your desired outcome. Build something meaningful to you.
  6. Write any prayers, chants, or petitions beforehand. Trust me. Nothing is more awkward and more distracting during a spell than getting to the part where you planned to speak, and not knowing what to say. Making it up on the spot is fine if inspiration comes to you, but it also runs the risk of you forgetting some specifics or focusing more on what you’re saying than your intent. I like at the very least having a pre-written backup.
  7. Chill! Don’t cast the spell immediately after you’ve designed it. If you’re like me, you’ve probably raised some energy already just through this process. Let yourself tackle it with a fresh mind and a full battery.
  8. Write down everything. During/after the spell, write down anything that happened outside of your plan. Did a new chant come to you? Did you get interrupted? Were the candle flames acting weird? Make note. Follow up with what the effects were, to see if it was successful. What could have gone better? That way, if you ever do the spell again, you can see what needs revision. In this way, a spell is never actually done writing itself. It grows and gets more fine-tuned as you do!

First spell casted in 2017 uwu
@floralwaterwitch posted this lovely wish spell earlier this week and now that my thoughts are clearer I casted it myself.
Added some rose petals and my favourite rose quartz to the snow and sugar to help my wish come true. Put everything onto the tray on my altar ♡