💤Nightmares, Go Away!💤

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This spell is to get rid of nightmares and help you sleep soundly at night! I hope this will help any of you lovelies with any of your bad dreams! 

⚠️ - (Please do not rely on spells/magick if you have medical issues and contact a professional if you continue to have serious sleeping problems because of these illnesses/issues. Stay safe my dearies!)

What You Will Need :

  • Herbs : Valerian, Chamomile
  • Honey
  • Charm bag
  • Paper

First, let’s make some tea! You will be using the Valerian, Chamomile and some honey.

  • 1 tbsp of Valerian
  • 1 tbsp of Chamomile
  • Honey! (Sweeten)

Next, we’ll be starting on the Charm Bag :

  • You will be using the same ingredients but without the honey.
  • Write a sigil of protection on paper and charge it with the intent of protection against nightmares.
  • Place these items into the bag and proceed to the next step!

Now, you will chant :

“Nightmares be gone, nightmares be gone. Let this charm cause no harm. Let this person be safe and sound. I make this charm, let it be bound!”

With your new charm bag, you can make it into a necklace or place it underneath your pillow. I hope this helps!

🔮 All-Things-Witchcraft 🔮

Moon Phases in September

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September 2- Last Quarter in Taurus

  • What you can do: any thing related to cooking, home life or beauty. Reflect on your past and release any negative energies.

September 9- New Moon in Virgo

  • What you can do: Anything related to communications, work or learning. New beginnings and grounding magic.

September 16- First Quarter in Sagittarius

  • What you can do: Anything related to wisdom and adventure. Work on goals and dreams.

September 24- Full Moon in Pisces

  • What you can do: Anything involving empathy, water magic or psychic powers. Dreams and clear negativity.
School Witchery

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Magic resources for all my student witches out there! Remember, magic isn’t going to save your grades if you don’t also put the effort in. But it can certainly support you through your journey as a hardworking student <3

General tips and advice:

Dorm life:


Tests and exams:

Other spells:

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Days of the Week and Witchcraft ✨

A good way to plan when to do your spells

Sunday - The Sun - Solar power, success, personal empowerment, material wealth, health, beginning anew. 

Monday - The Moon - Lunar power, purity, spiritual cleansing, astral work, divination, psychic ability.

Tuesday - Mars - Physical power, passion, sexuality, drive, ambition, achievement, masculine power, activate protective talismans, reverse hexes and psychic attacks.

Wednesday - Mercury - Knowledge, money, communication, the arts, change, acceptance, adaptability.

Thursday - Jupiter - Luck, growth, fulfillment, worldly power, justice, authority, health, and prosperity. (Mercury brings quick cash, but Jupiter governs the long term accumulation and preservation of wealth.)

Friday - Venus - Fertility, love, money, prosperity, healing, charm, goodness, blocking, glamour, self-care, feminine power.

Saturday - Saturn - Binding, banishing, stopping, ending, loss, renewing, transforming, protection.

— Just a thing from my grimoire

trees dont get enough love

they’re strong mighty beings who shield you from danger

they’re delicate ethereal beings enveloped in flower blossom, emitting the sense of love

their leaves crinkle under your footsteps, their leaves brush past you as you wander through the forest

trees arent scary, they’re wise and beautiful

whisper kind words to them as you walk past

they will protect you if you protect them

Tea Blends

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Rose + black tea + cocoa husk

Rose + Lavender + chamomile

Hibiscus + Vanilla

Hibiscus + rosehip + apple + licorice + orange + raspberry

Strawberry + apple + lemon

Cinnamon + sweet plum + ginger + fig

Green tea + jasmine

Chamomile + vanilla

Raspberry + pomegranate

Green tea + rose + orange


Chamomile + rose + lemon

Chai + vanilla

Oolong + jasmine

Ginger + lemon

Chamomile + mint

Cinnamon + mint

Vanilla + mint

Rose + mint + lemongrass

Green tea + lemon balm

Passionflower + green tea

Sage + rose


(drink before a ritual or spell)

When drinking tea before grounding/centering, make sure there is no caffeine. Grounding is all about balancing your energy, caffeine creates an imbalance by adding a kick of energy to our bodies.

Chamomile + lemon

Licorice root + peppermint + lemonbalm

Sage + lemon

Ginger + clover

Dandelion + rose

Peppermint + ginger

Rooibos (red tea)+ sage

Chamomile + green tea + lemon


Rose + lemon

Mint + ginger + pomegranate + raspberry

Red tea + berries + rose

Apricot + almond

Black tea + black berries + raspberries

Lemon + orange + ginger

Lemongrass + apple + ginger

Rosehip + apple + citrus

Rosehip + hibiscus + blueberry + sage

Apple + cherry + hibiscus + licorice

Kiwi + lime + ginger

Vanilla + pear + ginger + lemongrass

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Before and after-spell checklist

I remember being a baby rat that would drive her head into spells on the first sign of the house being empty. Hint: the aftermath of spellcasting knocked me out of balance for a couple of days. Don’t do as I do, do as I say, kids. I am a chaotic creature, but you don’t have to be one as well!

Before spellcasting:

  • Ground yo ass
  • Cleanse the space
  • Gather things for your circle
  • Prepare everything you need
  • Check in with your energy levels - if you feel a bit tired, chances are that the spellwork will leave you drained

After spellcasting:

  • Close your circle
  • Put everything away
  • Cleanse your space AND yourself
  • Ground if you want to
  • Practice self-care (drink water, eat food, contact a friend, take a nap and relax)

Things above will help you not waste unnecessary energy. Grounding might even give you a tiny boost! However, these things work for me and my craft. If yours is different (which I firmly believe it is), that’s great! You shouldn’t feel like you need to emply everything I’ve said into it!

This was a short post, but alas, it is a done post. Happy casting, yall. I love you

-Mama SwoonSwoon

🔮Witchy Tips🔮

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✨Make runes by drawing on pennies in sharpie and sealing it with clear nailpolish, glaze, or hairspray

✨Make tarot cards by using playing cards

✨Make a palmistry hand by buy a cheap hand ring holder or a mannequin hand and paint it

✨When doing bath rituals, use coffee filters to place herbs in for an easy clean up

✨If you own a cat, look around and collect their whiskers! They can be used in spells and naturally shed off cats! *don’t clip or ‘trim’ your kitty’s whiskers plz!

✨Too low on energy to do kitchen witchcraft? That’s okay, before heating up a premade meal, take a look at the ingredients and see what corresponds with an intention you want to put in your meal

✨Thai takeouts usually have nice containers to store things!

✨Can’t have an open flame or maybe you’re afraid to catch things on fire? Buy fake candles and change the light bulb depending on the spell you’re doing! Or there are ones that coke with a remote where you can change the color automatically

✨When doing a spell, sit somewhere where the area will help give energy to the spell. Doing a sleep spell? Do the spell on your bed. A growth spell? Sit in the grass!

✨If you are constantly going through candles, take the opportunity to clean out the candle jar and use it for storing herbs and things

✨If you can’t burn sage to cleanse, you can make a simple cleansing spray with 4 oz of witch hazel, 6 drops of lavender essential oil and 6 drops of sweet orange essential oil. Add ingredients to a small spray bottle and shake shake shake before spraying

✨Make your own candles with crayons or light a crayon on fire

✨Instead of spending $$ on a crystal ball, use fire or water to scry

✨Spells may not always take affect right away, have patience!

✨Anything can be used in spells, its your personal correspondences and your intention

✨You don’t have to meditate, but if you’d like to, start small! Don’t try to meditate for an hour right away, start with 3 minutes and work your way up to 10 and so on

✨You don’t have to worship a god or goddess!

✨Familiars aren’t mandatory for spell work, don’t feel like you have to have one. Sometimes it takes time to develop a familiar

✨Sleep with your tarot under your bed so you get better readings with your deck

✨Talking or singing to your plants help them grow!

✨If you want your Grimoire/BoS to be artsy but you can’t draw, press plants in between the pages or use stickers that match the theme on each page

Heal Your Heart Potion

A tea spell for getting past emotional pain/exhaustion and bringing in comfort and self love -💌

Collect: a mug, vanilla black tea (or black tea and vanilla extract), cinnamon, milk (or milk substitute), honey, rose quartz and/or amethyst

Take your mug and put in your tea bag with a sprinkle of cinnamon (and vanilla extract if you’re using that)

Fill up the mug with milk and heat it to your desired temperature

Take a heaping spoonful of honey and stir it in, clockwise to bring comforting/empowering energy and counterclockwise to banish negativity and emotional pain

Charge your tea with the rose quartz and/or amethyst

Sit down with your tea

Put your hands around the mug and feel the warmth and comfort

As you’re drinking the tea slowly, imagine it healing you from the inside out; targeting your emotions, your mind and your heart, and then radiating that energy to the outside

at the moment, im seeing quite a lot of hate against “lazy witchcraft” and i think i need to clarify some things,

there is a difference between abusing witchcraft because its becoming popular/ for the aesthetic and being a witch who cannot practice as often as they may want

some people cannot afford to have their whole lives taken over at once by witchcraft, especially for students, people with jobs and parents

some people simply do not have enough energy to perform witchcraft every hour of every day, and need to save it to do things like eat and shower

just because you dont spend all of your freetime researching, buying, memorising etc, does not mean you aren’t a witch

sometimes you have to put all of your time and energy into staying alive and living your life, and thats ok

you are still a witch

you are not a bad witch

this doesnt make you any less of a witch

take time for yourself

there are many simple witchy things you can do: make sigils, meditate, perform glamours etc, try some of these!

you are not any less of a witch


Feel good and love yourself bath spell

  • Lemon slices - love, boost energy, cleansing, element of water, moon correspondence
  • Mint leaves - boost positivity, protection 
  • Black tea leaves - courage, banishes boredom
  • Lavender bath salts - love, protection, peace