Little tree reflections in a pink sunset.

7d is no longer working after my little expedition into the Mourne Mountains yesterday. Sank up to my thighs in a freezing bog with my camera in one hand and my tripod in the other. Fell on my face a I tried to extricate myself and buried the camera in the bog underneath me, Was a large desolate area so nobody was around to hear my loud expletives which are probably still echoing there.
Decided that if I went home then the same thing would happen if I came back for the shots I wanted.
Dried and cleaned the camera as much as possible and although totally soaked with my boots full of bog water, got a few shots (before the camera stopped working) of the sunset over a period of 45 mins during which time I had begun to feel more comfortable, although that was probably due to the effect of hypothermia setting in. Now nursing the 7d in a sealed tupperware box full of rice to see if I can get the moisture out of it.  :)