Dylan’s (rather elaborate) signing of Eric’s yearbook - Pt 4

MY QUOTES !!.. ->

* Dead people are the best companions, other than weapons.

*There are more than 99 ways to die…. & I thought of them!

*If I don’t like them, then they should change, or die.

*my black blood & yer white flesh.

(gotta wonder what he crossed out here…)

*I find a similarity between people & doom zombies

* Stupid people are here for my amusement.

*The reason people piss me off is to test my trigger finger, & my adrenaline

To the left, someone else’s yearbook message has been covered up


  Speit!  (german for Spit!)     

(weird jump–>)    The dude jumping is going over the water (or lava)  AAAAA !

A cop (probably Officer Walsh the dude that busted them for the van theft) eating a donut exclaiming “Bastages!”  (Bastards!)

Plus DOOM related stuff - (pretty intricate diagram of a DOOM level map with a hellish styx river to the right and a pentagram symbol.

Dylan’s rendering of a nerdy guy with a name on his shirt “R Becker”  This would be Mr. Ricki Becker the dude they stole equipment from out of his white van.  Guy looks to have sparse hair and a comb over, a geeky looking pocket full of pens and holding a ?.   Next to him is a mega machine gun with ammo.

“Du bist für diese einfache, bequeme, mit so wenigem zufriedene Welt von heute viel zu anspruchsvoll und hungrig, sie speit dich aus, du hast für sie eine Dimension zu viel. Wer heute leben und seines Lebens froh werden will, der darf kein Mensch sein wie du und ich. Wer statt Gedudel Musik, statt Vergnügen Freude, statt Geld Seele, statt Betrieb echte Arbeit, statt Spielerei echte Leidenschaft verlangt, für den ist diese hübsche Welt hier keine Heimat…”

Herrmann Hesse, Steppenwolf