Me: -hangs curtain across kitchen doorway to keep the kitties out while the pest control spray dries-

-Some hours later…-

Penny: -inspects curtain- …. -trots to the other end of the apartment-

Me: Penny, what are you…?

Penny: RAMMING SPEEEED! -sprints through the apartment and tumbles through the curtain, then gets spooked and runs back out again-

Me: ….You doofus.

skeletonfamilyportrait  asked:

hi! i've been collecting all kinds of Funko lines for a while now, so it's super cool that i happened to be following somebody that worked for them! the glam for that lucio has me so dang excited. i have no idea if you're the right person to ask, but do you know if they'll be doing another run of Soldier 76? i desperately want that good good sad dad. also your artwork is amazing and that overwatch timeline is such an fantastic read!

Aah! It’s always so fun to meet a collector!! I absolutely love how Lucio turned out, too. ;u; Whenever I look at him I say “speeeed BOOST!” in my head.

Soldier’s still pretty cheap online for his regular version! He’s only got the one golden Blizzcon exclusive which’ll be tough to get at this point for less than a pretty penny (he’s the only one I don’t have in my collection ;n;). No news on new molds for him, but if the Overwatch Pops do well then that encourages the licensor & retailers to request them!! Plus we just did the Wraith Reaper POP as a Box Lunch Exclusive, so there’s a chance if he’s re-released it’d be as an exclusive. (I’d die for a Bone Soldier)

Thank you so much for your kind words - i’m overwhelmed!! ;A; <3