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A/N: Finally, here it is. Thank you thecaptainsflowercrown for this request. Honestly, I’m so sorry, this is EXTREMELY late. But I hope you still enjoy it. I might do a part 2 to this depending, let me know what you guys think! Thanks again<3

Prompt: Could I have one where the reader and Pietro get drunk and get a bit handy and Tony walks in on them kissing and the next morning, he keeps making innuendos and he convinces then to confess that they like each other? Your writing is amazing btw!

Warnings: Drinking, swearing, mentions of sex


“We Should Do This More Often”

You didn’t drink.

You never saw the point of it really. People said that it made them feel free, more relaxed and able to express themselves better. 

But it made you uneasy to think that your sober thoughts could be spoken, and you didn’t know what kind of drunk you were either.

What if you were messy? 

Or mean? 

Or overly affectionate?

You weren’t willing to take the risk of finding out.

So you didn’t drink. 


That was of course, until tonight. 

You had been recruited by the Avengers two months ago. You lived a fairly normal life, but your abilities were anything but. Teleporting had it’s pros, but a lot of cons if misused. Which is exactly how the Avengers and many other agencies had found you. In the end though, you decided to join the Avengers. They had a point in saying your powers could be used for so much more than making sure you caught the bus on time, you could save lives and make the world a better place. Now, you helped people daily and had a fantastic group of friends, a family even.

So when Tony had decided to take everybody to the local club, on him; you didn’t refuse. 

What could go wrong? It was just a night for everybody to have a little fun. 

Besides, you could just have some water or a pop right? 

“Wrong” said Clint, shaking his head. 

“So wrong! You’re how old? And you’ve never had a drink? Kid, how is that even possible?" 

You shrugged your shoulders "I just never saw the intrigue I guess”.

Currently, everyone was crammed into a large red booth, the night just getting started. 

“My brother and I have rarely gotten so as well. Not that we really had the chance anyway” confessed Wanda, to which Pietro nodded.

“What’s wrong with kids now a days? You’re all in your prime! Live a little!” Encouraged Tony 

“tell you what, I’ll be right back” he said as he walked into the crowd of people dancing. 

“I really don’t see the big deal in this” you confessed

“Don’t mind them Y/N. You should’ve seen their reactions when they found out the twins didn’t know how to drive” said Natasha with a smirk. 

“You should get on that though you two, it’s needed for a lot of missions” Steve instructed 

“We will” promised Wanda.
“-alright kiddos! Here you go!” You heard a voice say.
Turning, you saw something you definitely didn’t see coming. 

There was Tony Stark with two large trays of shots.

“HOLY SHIT TONY!” You exclaimed 

“No need to yell Y/N. I’m just introducing you kiddies to the wonderful world of alcohol” he smiled.

“There are what, 40 shots? I am not indulging in that much of your drink Mr.Stark” Pietro said firmly 

“Chill speedy, and don’t be greedy. This isn’t all for you guys. Couldn’t forget about my other dear friends!” He exclaimed as he passed two shots to the assassins, the solider, and his so called ‘science bro’.  

“Tony-” you started 

“C'mon Y/N, just try one! It won’t kill you”


“May I have one?” Wanda asked tentatively 

Pietro looked at her questioning. You weren’t sure if it was because of her powers or their natural twin understanding but after a moment of looking at each other Pietro nodded and turned to Tony

“Me as well Mr.Stark” he said.

“That’s what I’m talking about! Look at you kids, growing up” he said as he passed them both a shot.

“Y/N?” Asked Pietro, glancing at the shots on the tray.

“Oh, no I’m fine thank you” you denied.

“C'mon kid” urged Clint.

You sighed exasperatedly, there was no reasoning with these people. You really didn’t want a drink. But shots were small anyway, if you just had one maybe they’d leave you be for the rest if the night. After a few moments in thought, you grabbed a shot from the tray.

“Yes! Now the party has begun!” Exclaimed Tony

“Cheers!” He said as everyone clanked their glasses together and downed their shots.

You had been around alcohol long enough to know that when doing a shot, you couldn’t go slow. So before you could convince yourself otherwise, you shot your head back and downed the liquor.

Boy, did that burn. 

But the tingling in your throat after the fact was…questionable.

You smirked slightly, that wasn’t as bad as you had expected.

You looked across the table to see how the twins were reacting.
Wanda was coughing up a storm and Pietro patting her back gently, obviously not as bothered by the strength of the shot than his twin. Clint was laughing his head off at the whole ordeal.

“What’d you think Y/N?” Asked Steve politely

“It was..well, it wasn’t as bad as I expected” you confessed, trying hard not to smile. Maybe you were slightly wrong. 


But you stood firm on your mission. You would not get drunk.


Okay, maybe you were a little drunk.

In all honesty, you blamed Tony. After your first shot, he convinced you to have one more. Which in retrospect wasn’t that all bad, but it definitely allowed you to justify the four more you ended up having. 

The good news was you didn’t feel very different, just a slight buzzing in your head and a little more love for the world. 

The bad news was you weren’t sure if you would really be able tell if you felt different anyways with how clouded your thoughts were. 

You found yourself observing at all of the couples on the dance floor. 

“Do you want to dance” slurred a voice behind you.

You turned with a smile, you’d know that voice anywhere.  

“Of course” you said, taking Pietro’s hand as he lead you across dance floor.

Yours and Pietro’s relationship was a tad complicated at the moment.
When you first joined, Pietro and you instantly hit it off. You weren’t very much alike each other; but alike enough to forge a pretty good friendship.
You two would often tease each other over the others music tastes or powers; all in good heart of course. He was one of your closest friends, if not your best.
But lately you two had been getting rather..escalated.
Sometimes he would hold your hand for no reason other than 'his hands were feeling cold’ and it was getting hard to count how many times you found yourselves cuddling on the couch.
It wasn’t anything major, but it was something big enough to make your heart skip a beat. You had been harboring a crush for Pietro for over a month now. And his actions gave you hope to cling to. 

Goodness. You felt like a schoolgirl.

As you two began dancing, it didn’t take you long to lose yourself in the beat.
The people dancing all around you didn’t seem to have a care in the world, and that atmosphere rubbed off on you and Pietro. Rarely could you two just let go and have a good time, with missions and other responsibilities looming around you, you barely had time for anything else. So you were thankful for every moment of it that was happening here. You and Pietro were slowly gravitating closer and closer together, not that you were complaining. 

Pietro placed his hands on your hips and pulled you closer to him, you could feel his breath against your neck as he slurred “we should this more often" 

You smiled up at him and nodded, continuing to dance. 

Suddenly, you felt something pleasant and warm peck your cheek.
You turned your head again to see Pietro smiling with a glint in his eye you couldn’t quite decipher.

"You missed” you smiled looking into his eyes.

“What do you mean?” Pietro asked with an eyebrow raised 

“You missed” you repeated with a giggle, gently planting your lips on his. 

He instantly accepted your kiss, smiling into your lips.

As your kiss deepened, the world around you began to fade away until it was just you and Pietro. 

You felt Pietro’s hand lower down your body as you two began to get more intimate.

Pushing your bodies together and deepening your kiss (which was more so a makeout now). Your hands began to ruff up Pietro’s hair, this was more than you had dreamed. 

You didn’t want to leave this moment, you had yearned for it for so long.
Suddenly, you felt Pietro pull away. 

You looked up at him questionably as you heard him mumble in your ear “if we’re going there, maybe you should take us somewhere more private" 

You smiled, understanding, as you pulled him closer and instantly flashed you and Pietro to your bedroom. 

What happened next, well, you wouldn’t have had the courage to do if you were sober.


"Owwww” you complained holding your head. You felt like you were dying.  

“Here” said Natasha as she handed you an Advil and glass of water.“This should make you feel a little better”

“Thanks Nat” you mumbled. 

Last night had been fantastic, but every good thing came with a price you supposed. 

Clint wasn’t in any better shape than you, he had sprawled out on the couch an hour ago and hadn’t moved since. It was even a miracle that you had managed to drag yourself downstairs with how bad you were feeling. 

“I don’t understand you, you had way more than me” you complained 

“Well, I’ve had more experience" she chuckled "besides, what happened to you never drinking?”

“Shut uuuupppp” you groaned. 

Not bothering to cover up her laugh, Natasha walked over by Clint.
Well, at least the Advil was helping. 

After a few minutes of sitting in blissful silence you saw Pietro stumble in out of the corner of your eye and plop down beside you 

“Morning” he mumbled taking your hand. 

After last night, you knew things were going to be different. You didn’t know if it meant a ruined friendship or a new romance but it was seeming like the latter, which sent floods of relief through you.

“Morning” you smiled. 

“MORNING SUNSHINES!” You heard a voice yell.  

You held your head as you turned.

“Quiet down Mr.Stark” Pietro pleaded, running his hands tiredly through his hair. 

This morning neither of you were on your A game.

Tony smiled. “You know speedy, that little motion there reminds me of a little something from last night…” He smirked crossing his arms 

“What are you talking about?” You asked, raising your eyebrow.  

“Oh nothing. I’m just saying.. last night was really fun guys, ‘We should do this more often’” he smirked.

Your mouth dropped, catching on to what he was implying. 

You glanced over at Pietro with a blush creeping onto your cheeks. You were comforted to find that he appeared just as shocked and uncomfortable as you were. 

Without exchanging a word, there was a panicked understanding between you both.

You were caught. 

“I do not know what you are talking about” Pietro said hurriedly  

“Relax roadrunner” he replied “I only heard everything. You know, you should expect people to hear you when you’re jammed in that tight. I just hope you both at least used a cond-”

“Oh my God Tony! cut it ou-”

“What’s this?” You hear Natasha say, rising from her place beside Barton.

“Nothing at all, Mr.Stark just needs to learn to mind his own business ” Pietro seethed, glare never leaving Tony. 

“Uh-huh, sure.” she replied, though she began to leave the room. At least she had some common courtesy. 

“You better not tell ANYONE Stark” you threatened.

“Tell you what kid, I’m not that good at keeping secrets-”

“Well you better start to be Tony” you replied coolly 

“-as I was saying. I think this can be kept between us under one condition…" 

Pietro rolled his eyes. 

"What?” He demanded.  

Tony smirked as he made his proposition that he knew you couldn’t refuse, unless you wanted the rest of the team knowing about your and Pietro’s…relations.  

He had you both with your hands tied.  

As he began to tell you both his 'deal’ you and Pietro shared another glance, in disbelief of what Tony was saying

“Oh HELL no”.