Run! June 20, 2012

It’s HOT. Duh.

Headed to my old high school’s track (I haven’t been on that track in 13 years. SO. WEIRD.) to do today’s run. There was a running group there but, at that point, I was not going back for my shirt-get in and get out. It couldn’t have been too awful because they asked if I wanted to join them, so yay for not scaring people!

Anyways, the details:


  • ½ mile warm-up, untimed
  • stretch 
  • 4 X 200 with 90 sec recovery. The runs were to be at 1:15. I didn’t realize how to pace myself properly until the 3rd one so the times were: 54 seconds,   1:00, 1:14, 1:15. 
  • ½ mile cool down, untimed
  • stretch
Protein shake was consumed afterwards which brings me to my next question: Can someone PLEASE recommend a good protein powder, drink, WHATEVER? What I had today was disgusting. 

LRG had a brilliant suggestion of using an ice water bucket and a rag to cool down between 200s. BRILLIANT. Made it a lot easier to handle the temperature.

Re: running in a sports bra–It was weird. Didn’t exactly feel liberated (was a bit too self-conscious for that–and all I could think was “tits out!”) but I didn’t feel horrible, so win? 

Boston Marathon Training S2 D03 -  Part Deux

Speed Work

This morning kiddo and I did Part One of my training by hitting up boot camp at the crack-of-friggin’-dawn!!

I knew that I still had two miles to do after work with the goal of being .20 seconds faster on them then the first two miles that I did yesterday. 

  • Mile 1 was 10:43
  • Mile 2 was 9:43

Lets see how I did shall we?!?!?!……………..


Again, I am not really sure who the hell is running these because it really doesn’t look or feel anything like me!! But I am pleased as pie with today’s run!!  I did it at the track again, with compression socks again, all alone again…only NOT in the rain!! 

So, another day in the books!!  Tomorrow is a rest day as I am working two jobs tomorrow going from my desk job that starts at 5:30a tomorrow to my winery job working a wine club member event til 9pm.  It will be a long day and the rest day is highly welcome!!

Indy Mini Training: Week 7, Day 1

lolol I realized today all of my training numbering has been totally out of whack–jumping ahead weeks, relisting weeks already done. But it is for realsies Week 7.

These speedwork sessions ain’t no joke. But I’m weirdly loving them. I’m a PARADOX.

20-min walk/jog warm-up (1.46 mi.)
6x400 (8:34 pace; 2-min. recovery) - 25:23, 2.26 mi.
TOTAL - 3.72 mi.

Who taught two classes, did her seminar reading, got in her half training, and is ready to wrap up her 22+ page paper in time for tomorrow’s deadline?

This gal?

Run: May 27, 2012

Done and I’d never thought I’d say this, but I think I may hate summer and it hasn’t even arrived yet!


Run: .5 mile warmup, 10 x 100, .5 mile cool down

  • .5 mile warm up (11:23 pace)
  • 100 @ 25 seconds
  • 100 @ 30 seconds
  • 100 @ 25 seconds
  • 100 @ 31 seconds
  • 100 @ 27 seconds
  • 100 @ 33 seconds
  • 100 @ 25 seconds
  • 100 @ 27 seconds
  • 100 @ 34 seconds
  • 100 @ 30 seconds
  • .5 mile cool down (11:41 pace)

Now, I’m going to drink all the water and get ready for weigh-in tomorrow. My family is going to try our own version of The Biggest Loser, and I’m in charge of setting it up. I’m excited that they’re going to work on their health/fitness! :) AND that we get to do it together!

The girls have decided they want to get good at running.  Logan and I asked them to pick an activity they liked and/or wanted to get better at, because I want them to have good habits for staying active and having only two P.E. classes a week (that usually get rained out) isn’t helping that.  Two of the young capoeira students are very good in track, so my daughters wanted to give it a try.

So I’ve been running a little less lately, because I am gently jogging along with my girls on the track as they try to go longer and faster, but I’ve enjoyed spending the time with them.  Today was supposed to be my speed day, so we alternated sprinting on the straightaways and walking on the curves.  Unlike the first day we tried it, they actually had a had good time–I guess they prefer speed to distance.

I hope they continue to enjoy it.  I often wish that my parents had been more active when I was growing up, because it’s a lot harder to become an adult-onset athlete than to continue active habits from childhood.


Last nights dinner, tonights dinner (I ate more eggs than that), and MY FACE. 

Tonight I ran 2.09 miles at the gym in 20 minutes and I freaking achieved a new 1 mile PR! 

Previous 1 mile PR: 8:53
Tonight’s 1 mile PR: 8:02 BOOM!

Huge S/O to those who pace 8 minutes or less. I’d die. I think I did. I had such a fantastic and disgusting sweat going on though. After that, I walked around to cool off, and then did the following. 

Assisted pull up @ 115 pounds (61% of my weight): 7 reps, 3x. Don’t judge me. I have the upper body strength of a strong 80 year old. 
Squat rack @ 75 pounds: 10 reps, 3x. 
LOTS OF DUMBBELLS. My arms better hate me tomorrow. 

Some days are boring

Because you get up, go to work, teach your kids, come home, tend to things that need tending, gently tuck a loaf of bread away to rise, and then get your ass out the door. Because that is what you do.

20 min. warm-up
3x800s (8:49 pace)
10 min. cool-down

And then you come back, refreshed, slightly overwhelmed about the upcoming weekend, but you eat some delicious pasta and warm, comforting bread. And you think about two weekends from now, getting to see and meet all the amazing people you connect with through the computer. And you feel content.

And sometimes boring is pretty fantastic.

Run: Speedwork = complete


20 pushups

All on 1.5 incline-

5 minutes 3.0mph warmup walk, 20 minute intervals 1:1 -  6.8mph:3.0mph, then 7 minutes 3.0 mph. 5 minutes stretching <3

I feel good. It was a nice morning workout. Now time for protein drink because I didn’t take it before and maybe a banana :)

and shower and get ready for work -_-

So, About That 9 Minute Mile...

Have I mentioned that I officially signed up for the Route 66 half-marathon? Did I also mention that it is on my 30th birthday? Oh yes, and I’m going to complete that bad boy in under two hours. 

I’ve wanted to hit this goal for a long time. Unfortunately for me, I have a hard time doing speedwork. I like to run distance, and I like to run it at a pace that is more or less comfortable for me. But turning 30 is a big deal, so I figured I should have some sort of special something that I do that day. Of course, it needed to be a race!

Technically, to run a half marathon in 1:59:59, you’ve gotta keep a 9:10 pace throughout. I’m shooting for a 9:00 pace average throughout, just to give myself that 10 second bit of leeway. So I started actually paying attention to my pace recently. When I first started and I was averaging a 9:40 mile I thought perhaps I had set a goal that was a bit too lofty. I know 40 secs per mile doesn’t sound like a lot, but you try carving 40 seconds off your mile and keep that up for 13.1 miles. That’s 8 minutes and 45 seconds that I had to delete from my time! Thankfully, the weather cooled off. Fall. Prime running season. Perfect running temps throughout the whole day. Cooler weather seems to make it easier to run fast. Yesterday I averaged an 8:52 mile for 5 miles. Slowest mile was 9:09, fastest was 8:24. Not too shabby, riiiiight?

So now I have to figure out how I keep that pace for another 8.1 miles. I have 4 weeks and 4 days to figure it out…so I’m guessing I’d better get to figurin’. Thursday I’m going to run 7 or 8 and see how I keep the pace up, and I think that will be pretty telling. 

What else am I doing other than running to help me…well, run? Eating light. It’s always easier to run faster when you’re lighter, so I’m hoping to drop a few more pounds before race day. This means that beer I had on the patio at lunch yesterday will be my last for a month (sad face). I also started hitting up spin class again, which I LOVE but have been completely blowing off for the past couple of months. Getting used to that tiny little seat on my booty is never fun, but it only took about one class for my body to go ohhhhhh yeah, I remember this. I’ve also started running the 2 ish miles to the gym I teach Zumba at a couple times a week. 2 miles is great for a half mile warm up, a 1 mile ridiculously-fast-pushing-it to-the-limits-how-fast-can-I-go-without-dropping speedwork mile, and a half mile at my normal pace. After practicing Zumba choreography for an hour and lifting for 20 or 30 minutes, the 2 miles back home usually ends being more like a slow jog. 

The weather also got REALLY cold this week, so it looks like I need to make a trip to Academy Outdoor to pick up some cold weather running clothes. Yesssssss, an excuse to shop!!! 

Half Marathon Training: Week 1, Day 1

And we’re off!

This was a good, good workout, and I probably could have pushed myself even harder during the intervals. The first two miles were cake, and were at a pace that I honestly felt I could have sustained forever–a fo’ realz conversational pace. I was more tired during the last two miles because of the intervals, but I pushed myself to find a pace that felt just slightly too fast and hang on.

The treadmill is going to have to be for speedwork/bad weather days only because I just. get. so. BORED. I wanted to quit during those first two great miles and I felt fantastic! Watching those .01 miles tick down is agony.

To properly ring in this Epic Epoch of half training, I’ll mention once again that I’m running this race for St. Jude Children’s Hospital–I know that in the coming months when things get hard, remembering what I’m running for will fuel me onward. If you have the means to donate to this amazing cause, you may do so here. Many, many thanks in advance for your generosity. :)


So Wednesday evening, I did a little speed work, sandwiched in-between two treadmill runs (one on Tuesday, one on Thursday).

.5 mi warmup
600m hard (7-7:30 min/mi)
200m recovery (man, 200m goes by QUICKLY)
x 5
2.38 mi cooldown

Speedwork sucks, but at least it’s slightly more enjoyable outside than on the treadmill.

This was my first outdoor run since returning from Arizona. Let me tell ya, those 60 degree F temps will make a midwestern ass soft. My face felt so red, raw and chapped.

After this run, I drank tea, then taught a good small beginner yoga class.

Cycling classes have been cancelled this week, because we have a furnace on the fritz at our gym. In the meantime, we’ve been operating out of a local church. Hopefully we’ll be back in our gym next week. I miss our normal space and our normal classes.

That’s the Wabash River in that left photo. Yup, the whole thing is flippin’ frozen. I’m ready for a thaw.