Right from the start

This morning I ran the CARA Wintrust Lakefront 5K. This is my first 5K of the year and my goal was to run hard, kick at the end and set a baseline for this year’s running. In this I was successful.

It was a blustery day and we alternated between having a headwind and a tailwind. My inability to parse the course map correctly led to a nasty surprise at mile 2.7 or so, when marshals pointed us straight up one of only a few hills here in Chicago. All I can say is, race organizers, why do you hate yourselves? You’re better than this! And the 10-milers had to do it twice. That was crazy. But my splits were fully appropriate at 10:34, 10:24 and 10:04 with a kick at the end.

I was still a little disappointed in my time because I sometimes magically think I will just show up and run really fast without doing any speedwork or, honestly, running that much. But I feel that great things are ahead.

This was a very well-organized race and I would absolutely do it again. Loved the half-zip long-sleeve shirt that we got, the later start time (9am is early enough this time of year) and the free popcorn at the end. I met up with a bunch of members of my running team, the Volée, beforehand (most of them were doing the related 10-miler) and then we did brunch in the neighborhood afterward, which was so fun.

So the first rays of light are slowly coming up on the horizon with respect to my very first triathlon … We have had the first introductory group trainings in our little training group for each discipline and the first “real” trainings as well. While swimming is a breeze for me (it’s all about building up a bit more endurance and some speed) and I get pretty good feedback for this, running is where the most improvement is possible right now. I know that I will have to do the stuff I really don’t like for this (speedwork, intervals, …) but I hope that with the group runs this will provide enough motivation for such kind of training. Biking is still a kind of unknown component because I have only done one group ride so far and I’m slowly getting used to my click pedals.

Right now I’m looking forward to a weekend comprised of running, swimming and biking (in that order but not all on the same day) with some relaxing stuff in-between aka a breakfast date after my group run tomorrow morning, a short shopping trip (aka buying some bike stuff) and a dinner invitation with home-made lasagna. Plus thinking about how I will organize myself best on Sunday to neither get stressed nor too tired for the biking part (swim training in the morning, group bike ride in the afternoon).

In other news I have signed up for two other triathlon related events as well: I will be a volunteer during Hamburg’s inaugural IRONMAN race with a friend - being able to at least somehow participate in such an event and giving back some of the positive energy both of us were on the receiving end from during our own races the past years. The second one is a relay triathlon in September to end this season - after being the runner in a short distance relay in 2014 and the swimmer in an Olympic distance relay in 2016 it will be my turn to hop onto the bike this time!

This means June, July, August and September will feature one triathlon-related event each - while every single event will be very different from the other, I’m looking forward to all four of them already. 12 weeks now until the triathlon premiere (still waiting for the official confirmation, but there are not many alternatives to that date).

Run of the Day, Wednesday: 3.8 miles, 43:21


I convinced both my mom and my hubby, both of whom were NOT feeling it today, to join me for my interval run. I used to do these or some other form of speed work every week and after my excellent run on Monday, I was reminded that I needed to get back in that routine ASAP. So today we headed down to the lake path and set out with a plan: warm up, 4 minutes on, 2 minutes off, out two miles and then back to the car. 

(No idea what happened with lap #2, just ignore that one) Near the end we cut our final 2 minute rest short because there was this rude lady walking her two little demons *ahem* DOGS without a leash. Ugh. Dog people. They chased after us growling and barking and I came very close to kicking one in the lake after it bit at my ankles. All the while the lady was yelling at US. Grrr… After that, we ran hard until we reached the car, so our last fast is a little short as well. 

This run was GLORIOUS! I felt great, and although my speed intervals are a bit slower than they used to be, I’m still pleased with my times and the general trend downward throughout the whole workout. I was really trying to hit a hard, but sustainable pace. Most of this run was spend focusing on just how good it felt to push myself a little farther. I have gotten out of practice with really testing my limits, and tonight was a nice reminder for my body. It’s going to take a lot more of this if I want to be ready for a 50k this fall… :)

Track Tuesday!🏃
It was finally warm/safe enough to do my speed work outside today!☀️
I have been doing these on the treadmill exclusively thus far this cycle, so I wasn’t sure how I’d do on my own. But, I was able to hit my target and even a little quicker with no problem!💪🏻

Run! June 20, 2012

It’s HOT. Duh.

Headed to my old high school’s track (I haven’t been on that track in 13 years. SO. WEIRD.) to do today’s run. There was a running group there but, at that point, I was not going back for my shirt-get in and get out. It couldn’t have been too awful because they asked if I wanted to join them, so yay for not scaring people!

Anyways, the details:


  • ½ mile warm-up, untimed
  • stretch 
  • 4 X 200 with 90 sec recovery. The runs were to be at 1:15. I didn’t realize how to pace myself properly until the 3rd one so the times were: 54 seconds,   1:00, 1:14, 1:15. 
  • ½ mile cool down, untimed
  • stretch
Protein shake was consumed afterwards which brings me to my next question: Can someone PLEASE recommend a good protein powder, drink, WHATEVER? What I had today was disgusting. 

LRG had a brilliant suggestion of using an ice water bucket and a rag to cool down between 200s. BRILLIANT. Made it a lot easier to handle the temperature.

Re: running in a sports bra–It was weird. Didn’t exactly feel liberated (was a bit too self-conscious for that–and all I could think was “tits out!”) but I didn’t feel horrible, so win? 

Boston Marathon Training S2 D03 -  Part Deux

Speed Work

This morning kiddo and I did Part One of my training by hitting up boot camp at the crack-of-friggin’-dawn!!

I knew that I still had two miles to do after work with the goal of being .20 seconds faster on them then the first two miles that I did yesterday. 

  • Mile 1 was 10:43
  • Mile 2 was 9:43

Lets see how I did shall we?!?!?!……………..


Again, I am not really sure who the hell is running these because it really doesn’t look or feel anything like me!! But I am pleased as pie with today’s run!!  I did it at the track again, with compression socks again, all alone again…only NOT in the rain!! 

So, another day in the books!!  Tomorrow is a rest day as I am working two jobs tomorrow going from my desk job that starts at 5:30a tomorrow to my winery job working a wine club member event til 9pm.  It will be a long day and the rest day is highly welcome!!

Chicago W12 Tuesday

Track Day Tuesday! Except I wasn’t quite that excited about 8x600′s. I don’t mind 400′s but I dread anything longer. Target pace: 2:40 - 2:44

Annnnd not quite. Somewhere I lost count and only ran 7x600 instead of 8. I had 3 laps at target pace and the rest about 5 seconds too slow. My head and heart just weren’t in this probably because I had been dreading it all day. The exertion was there but the effort wasn’t. Yes, there is a difference. I ran hard, my breathing probably sounded like I was hyperventilating, but I did not mentally or physically give this workout my best effort. 

Tomorrow is a new day.

Indy Mini Training: Week 7, Day 1

lolol I realized today all of my training numbering has been totally out of whack–jumping ahead weeks, relisting weeks already done. But it is for realsies Week 7.

These speedwork sessions ain’t no joke. But I’m weirdly loving them. I’m a PARADOX.

20-min walk/jog warm-up (1.46 mi.)
6x400 (8:34 pace; 2-min. recovery) - 25:23, 2.26 mi.
TOTAL - 3.72 mi.

Who taught two classes, did her seminar reading, got in her half training, and is ready to wrap up her 22+ page paper in time for tomorrow’s deadline?

This gal?

Froyo for dinner is not good running fuel

I checked for you.

Maybe it’s because I was so hungry but I had major brain fog this morning doing intervals. At one point I thought I had run past the place where I would turn to head back home…took me at least 30 seconds to solve that. Then I couldn’t remember how many intervals I had done, so I ended up doing 9 instead of 8. That’s all right because my GPS didn’t have signal for the first 2, and for the next 2 I’m clearly thinking “WTF is this pace, what is happening” so I didn’t hit my target speed.

I have been doing most of my speedwork after work, but the hazard there is that I have all day to feel nervous about it. And being summer, it CAN be extra hot and humid at night so not conducive to being faster (though it was barely 60 last night so that doesn’t always hold). Hmm.

My last tempo Tuesday of this training cycle!! 🎉
It was short but still a great workout, especially when it’s 75 and high humidity at 5:15am!😝
I honestly had in my head that I was to do these in 4:26 instead of 4:36 that’s why they’re a tad fast.
This is my last run with any really effort until the big day on Sunday!

Just getting to posting but track Tuesday came again this morning!
6x800s were on the menu today. 3:30 is the goal and I ranged from 3:28-3:36 on 5 of them. On interval 5 of 6 I struggled due to thirst 😝 and had to break it up in to 2 400s. lesson learned don’t forget to bring water to track in the summer, water fountain is closed!💦
It’s been an exceptionally warm late spring/early summer but I’m working through it the best I can!

Run: May 27, 2012

Done and I’d never thought I’d say this, but I think I may hate summer and it hasn’t even arrived yet!


Run: .5 mile warmup, 10 x 100, .5 mile cool down

  • .5 mile warm up (11:23 pace)
  • 100 @ 25 seconds
  • 100 @ 30 seconds
  • 100 @ 25 seconds
  • 100 @ 31 seconds
  • 100 @ 27 seconds
  • 100 @ 33 seconds
  • 100 @ 25 seconds
  • 100 @ 27 seconds
  • 100 @ 34 seconds
  • 100 @ 30 seconds
  • .5 mile cool down (11:41 pace)

Now, I’m going to drink all the water and get ready for weigh-in tomorrow. My family is going to try our own version of The Biggest Loser, and I’m in charge of setting it up. I’m excited that they’re going to work on their health/fitness! :) AND that we get to do it together!