Blast from the Past

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It was glorious up there. Not many birds flew that high - some falcons, hawks, other raptors. Every once in a while some of them would come near Nicole, probably thinking, Man, that is a dang ugly bird. This high up ,the land below took on a checkerboard effect of greens and browns, a few greys from some towns and cities. Cars looked like busy ants moving purposefully down their trails.

Nicole glanced down and focused. Then she scowled. A humvee, it looked armed, and it was heading toward the abandoned part of downtown. Who would have any business down there. It was…well, abandoned. Coincidence? Don’t think so. Nicole made one of her famous snap decisions, the kind that everyone remembers later for being either really dumb or really ingenious. Though she heard more about the first kind.

School for Speedsters

“Not again…”

Nicole groaned internally as she flew across town to Central City, her messenger bag’s strap tightly in her grip from nerves and anger. This is what happens when Nicole’s mother threaten’s to submit her stubborn daughter into a private school when Nicole purposefully got herself expelled the last time she was entered into school. Yep, that was about right. Least she didn’t have to wear a uniform this time, she guessed as she landed in Central City’s park and walked the rest of the way to the school, her wings hidden from the public so as not to draw attention.

High School Never Ends, Right? ((Open RP))

Whirlwind didn’t sleep well that night, barely an hour. No surprise there, she guessed. Who needs sleep anyway, huh? It was a quarter to 8 am that morning when she reached Murakami High School in Jump city’s center. Her mother had suggested it since Whirlwind for most of her life had gotten most of her education form the internet and Youtube, and despite her arguing, Whirlwind finally caved in. And right now, as she glanced down at her school uniform, she was thinking about how much of a wimp she turned out to be.

She stopped by the front steps, her retracted and hidden wings tucking tighter against her spine, taking in the swirl of relatively carefree students unloading from buses and mini-vans. She was a little skittish, but also semi curious about hanging out with non metahumans her own age. She hadn’t been to high school in…well, never actually.

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One and the Same

Nicole groaned sleepily even though the sun was coming up, giving the sky a pink sheen. She’d settled onto a wide, welcoming branch of an enormous oak tree in Central City’s park. Almost forty feet in the air, she could rest and sleep with no one noticing her. She’d wanted somewhere to go, somewhere different. She was beyond tired. She also still had an impressive headache from her last adventure. As if she didn’t have enough head problems lately.

Totally Anonymous

((Since all those M!As, how about he just not go to school that day and not tell her? XD))

Sleep deprived or not, Nicole forced herself to school that day. Gotta keep those priorities straight. It was amazing how not having parents around makes you be a parent to yourself, most of the time anyway.

She headed to her first class, history, which was one of the few classes they actually shared. She plopped down at her desk, set out her books, and waited for the other students and Wally to head in.

Never Grow Up

Early that morning, Nicole sat straight up in bed. Most of the night she’d spent either out of a nightmare or thinking about Wally’s words to her that day. About her zone mode. She’d thought about getting in touch with Raven over at the tower for advice on the subject, but she’d forgotten.

She tip toed over to the kitchen, making sure not to wake Wally, who slept soundly, this time with Data at the foot of the couch curled up. Smiling at the sight, she turned. She’d made him breakfast, already eating her share and saving the rest on a plate at the table with another plate on top to keep it warm.

She then headed for the roof, to practice. She would do it in the training room, but it was too inclosed for her tastes this morning. She’d closed her eyes, picturing enemies around her, and sending various punches and kicks and slices of air, ignoring the screaming pain in her healing bullet wounds.

Grounded (M!A Day 2)

Nicole woke up warm, dry, bandaged, and safe. She felt like death.

As soon as she was conscious, I panicked for a second, no knowing where she was. Then that night’s events and the nightmare came back in a rush, Nicole’s eyes fluttering. Now that she was awake, the pain in my shoulder and wing hit me all over again, a stinging ache that radiated out like a starburst. Ugh. She winced as she swung her legs over her bed. “Urgh…Wally? You up?” She called, her surroundings fazing in and out in a blur of movement in her vision.

Fear of Flying

Nicole’s eyes flashed open. She let out a small scream as she bolted upright, gasping, her hands around her throat, her wings snapping out on impulse. She looked around wildly. She was in her bed. At her warehouse home in Jump City.

She then hesitantly got up as her head pounded from the nightmarish flashback. She then tried many things to calm her down, coffee, the news on T.V., reading a comic book, but soon she was in the air, the rain’s drizzle gently beating on her face and still healing wings. She was still mastering her newly acquired upgrade of speed while in the air, but she still had some kinks to work out of it.Like how to stop, for instance.

“Brake, Brake, Brake!” She hissed as she snapped her wings out and vertical as she almost slammed into a building. She was flying aimlessly but steadily, and she soon found herself in Central City. She flew to the tallest building, and landed awkwardly finally just sitting at the edge of the rooftop as the clouds cleared up and the sun came up, turning the city below into a fogged up wasteland from it’s heat.


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The sunlight shined in from a nearby window. Right on Whirlwind’s bed and in her face. She squinted her eyes and sighed as she rolled over onto her other side, her wings extending slightly, her feathers pressed against each other from being laid on.

She had had another nightmare that night, but thankfully she didn’t wake up flailing and woke up Kid Flash. This time. She refused to think about it as she started to doze off again.

Fastest Babysitter Alive (M!A)

Now Nic was starting to get kinda worried. She hadn’t seen Wally all day, he didn’t even show up for school. So…where was he? She’d searched the entirety of Central City and a little bit of Jump and Happy Harbor, but still nothing. She finally plopped down in Central City’s park, sitting at the trunk of a tree and sighed. Dang it, Wally. Where are you?

Similar Winds

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Whirlwind honestly wasn’t expecting this. Meeting up with Kid Flash, and him actuallyknowingwho she was instead of her having to introduce herself for the most part. It was truly an honor, and an enlightenment.

If she were just by herself, she would’ve found a map and sort of ‘felt’ her way around, so to speak, but it was a nice change to have a guide. And strangely, her now retracted and hidden wings didn’t even cross her mind.

“How much further?” She asked, excitement of making a new friend building up inside her.

Freedom!! Whirlwind wanted to scream once the bell rang at Central City High School. She quickly rushed out of class, gathered her books from her locker, headed out of the school, her hand shaped like a glass and headed for her favorite Ice Cream place for her fix: Root Beer float. She thought about that day as she went, her brain’s ‘auto pilot’ kicking into gear, when suddenly she bumped into someone around the corner. “Oh! Whoops!” She said, realizing what she did, “Sorry, didn’t watch where I was going.”

Babysitter's Nightmare

((Starter for speedster-teen))

“Okay,” Whirlwind muttered to herself that afternoon once she had taken the air, “New mission, find a kid that moves at the speed of sound. How hard could it be?”

Of course, she knew that would come back to bite her in the butt soon. She had hardly gotten any sleep last night from worrying, and she searched far into the night for Kid Flash but nothing. So by the time she had gone to bed, that morning she was like a zombie.

She glanced down at the ground, her eyes narrowing as she could spot little ant-like people walking purposefully down the sidewalks. She kinda enjoyed it, just like she always enjoyed her flights, sweeping, swooping, soaring, air current thrill rides, there was nothing better.

So when she looked down and spotted a long yellow trail through the streets, her groan was sincere. And so it begins…



“…I vibrated…”

“Alright I’ll get a tissue…”

|| I give you, Theodore Wendy West (AKA: Blaster!)! The daughter of Wally and Nicole! She has her father’s speed and looks but has her mother’s wings and some of her personality (And when she vibrates she gets a bloody nose as well (Or pukes, whichever comes last)).

Teddy’s great friends with Lee and Dick’s children, Lilli, Alex and Lizz. She’s best friends with Lizz, friendly rivals with Lilli, and Emma and I agreed that Alex has a tiny crush on her XD

Her mom taught her to fly, her dad taught her how to run, and she taught herself how to fight!

It’s in b&w cause I’m not happy with the colors I picked for her so I’m gonna redo it digitally but anyway here you go! :3 ||

|| FINALLY COLORED HER. Meet Theodore Wendy West, daughter of Nicole and Wally (speedster-teen). Quite the cutie, am I right?

Barry meet your granddaugther…-in-law…or whatever she’d be called…

Her powers are:

Super Speed


Zone Mode (it’s even more intense when the speed force gets kicked in with it.)

She can also fly as fast as she can run. ||