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  • PAIRING: Barry Allen/The Flash x Reader
  • SUMMARY: In which Barry’s lover dies, but when he goes back in time to save his parents, he discovers she’s also alive.
  • WARNINGS: the beginning is hella sad
  • WORDS: 782

“NO!” He let out when Zoom stabbed her then ran off. She was dead, he couldn’t believe it. If only he came just a little earlier, defeated Zoom, she would’ve possibly been alive. Now all the happiness around him is dead.

Her last words were, “do what you need to do, just remember I will always love you.” Then she took her last breath.

Barry knew what he needed to do, so he ran. Run, Barry, run; her melodic, soft voice whispered to him as he ran towards the portal to the past.

Now, he was in the last place he wanted to be. The night his mother was murdered.

He saw the Reverse-Flash take the knife, right before he was about to plunge it into his mother’s heart, The Flash attacked. Throwing Eobard on the ground, throwing a punch across his face Barry exclaimed, “You’re not gonna kill her this time. You’re not gonna kill her ever again.” That’s when Barry threw his last punch at the villain.

Then he looked up, seeing another Flash peeking through the door. The other Flash chuckled a bit, seeing that his mom is still alive then faded away.

When he looked down at his mother she had a terrified look on her face, crying out, “No,” while moving away from Barry.

The young man shook his head, “I’m not gonna hurt you.” The woman continued to whimper while looking up at Barry as he reassured her, “I’m not gonna hurt you, you’re safe now.”

Maybe he was just trying to reassure himself.

It has been a couple of months now living with his–now alive–parents, and he was truly happy now.

Little did the speedstar know that he was going be reunited with the love of his life. He was just about to walk into Jitters, the aroma of fresh brewed coffee instantly hitting him. He didn’t worry about that right now, his attention was grasped by the glorious girl he saw a few feet away from him, standing in line and about to order a coffee.

His heart started beating fast, just like every time he saw her.  Their everlasting love being reunited again.

And so he practiced what he was going to say before he went to talk to her. The young man can’t just go up there and say, ‘hey you probably don’t know me but I know you, you died right in my arms in another life and we’re meant to be with each other.’

When she got her coffee she muttered a ‘thank you’ to the barista, found a table and sat down on one of the very uncomfortable, high stool’s the coffee shop had many to offer.

Barry decided to make his move now before it was too late. And so he went behind the girl who just casually surfing through her phone while sipping a cappuccino.

Then all of a sudden she got up and was about to turn around, but that just made her crash into the brown-haired fellow.

He was too busy trying to talk to her that his reflexes didn’t tell him to move out of the way the moment she was about to crash into him.

The girl was about to apologize and Barry was about to also, and that was when they both said it in unison. “I’m sorry.” then the both of them chuckled, just like old times.

Once their laughter has died down Y/N decided to speak, “Let me go first. Hi I’m Y/N Y/L/N I’m really sorry I bumped into you, I didn’t see you there.”

Barry smiled, “Hey, I’m Barry Allen it’s very nice to meet you. And it’s alright.”

The Y/E/C girl giggled then realized something, looking up at Barry as she spoke, “you know I feel like I’ve seen you somewhere before, have we met?”

Shaking his head Barry answered, “Nope, I don’t think so? I guess I just have one of those faces,” he chuckled rubbing a hand behind his neck, a habit he had when he was nervous.

The girl nodded, politely smiling. Then Barry brought up a question he was itching to ask her, “um…would you like to um—well I would hope you would like to um…”

Before he can fully complete the sentence he has been dying to ask her, she decided to complete it for him, “if you’re asking me to go out with you sometime, then that’s a yes.”

“Okay, that’s great…” Barry said walking backward trying to seem sly, but failing miserably when he didn’t see the wall behind him that he just so happened to bump into. A concerned Y/N was about to warn him but all he mustered was a, “I’m okay.” Leaving her in a giggling mess.

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Character profiles from the Mayoiga Guidebook Part 1, via /a/

New character information:

Lion: Alone because she scares people away with her “I can see who will die” power. She joined the tour to confirm whether her power is real or not.

Maimai: Quite innocent when it come to love things. Gets along well with Pu-ko.

Lovepon: Past trauma. Sees criminals and shady people as her enemies.

Mikage: Was supposed to inherit his parents’ company and marry someone chosen for him

Nanko: Has the habit to pinch her stomach when she is making deductions

Da-hara: Although he is the organizer, he doesn’t have much sense of responsibility. Koharun’s senpai in the research circle. His full handle is “Strange emperor Da-hara”

Yamauchi: Parents are dead now.

Hellfire: Military otaku.

Olive oil (Peter Maximoff)

Summary: Reader has the ability the bend reality and is dating the speedstar himself, Peter Maximoff.

Warnings: Swearing


“Peter give me the damn goggles!” you giggle, looking at your boyfriend across the coffee table where he smirked at you from the other side. “Gotta catch me first.” A blur flashes past you, the warm spot still on your cheek from where he’d kissed you on the way past.

He thought he got away.

Lil fucker was wrong.

“ Not today bitchacho.” You smirk reaching for the walkie talky you had strapped onto your jeans, surprised when you felt nothing there.

“Dammit Peter” You grumble, he must have taken your walkie talky when he kissed you on the cheek.

You walk around the mansion, looking for your best friend, asking who ever you saw if they’d seen her.

You see Kurt walking down the hallway and smile as a thought comes into your head. “Hey Kurt!” You call, jogging up to the boy. “Have you seen (F/N) anywhere?” you ask, he nods. “Ya I think I saw her/him in ze library.”, “Sick!” you exclaim, “could you maybe take me to her/him? See I’m on a hunt for Peter’s goggles but he refuses to give them to me so I need all the help I can get.” You take Kurt’s hand and soon you’re in the library standing in front of (F/N).

“(F/N)!” You yell causing her/him to jump, she/he had been absorbed in a (F/B) book. “What?!” She/he yells back, “Slow down time for me? Pleaseeeeeee” You beg causing her/him to roll her eyes “Why?”. You let out a loud groan. “Cuz I wanna prank Peter and get his goggles but he’s currently zappin around like a fuckin maniac so I need your help.” She/he laughs “ok” and closes her/his eyes and you feel everything slow down, well, everything except you.

You walk around “Wowee.” you breathe, looking around until you find Peter. He was in the midst of running, You smile as you see the grin plastered across his face, your walkie talky in hand. You take his goggles and put them on, then grab a flower vase off a table, taking out the flowers you stare at the water in the vase and imagine it being oil, pink swirls spiral around your hand and the vase and youre am left with olive oil in a vase. You pour it at Peter’s feet then walk back into the library giggling like an idiot.

You tap (F/N) on the shoulder and everything turns back to normal speed, you hear a feminine scream from the hallway and burst out laughing, “What the hell did you do?” she/he giggles, “olive oil” you wheeze, unable to keep yourself from laughing, she/he caught on however and started laughing with me.

You turn and stand facing the doorway, waiting for Peter to run in.

When he does you’re there smirking with his goggles on your face, your hair poking out on either ends, doing your best to hold in your laughter.

“Hey babe hows it goin?” You ask waving innocently but start laughing as you see his shocked expression.

“How the fu- what?” He breathes, trying to comprehend what just happened. You move a little to reveal (F/N) waving and smiling, obviously trying not to laugh for the sake of Peters ego.

“Give em backkkkk” he whines, a grin spreads across your face and you pull the goggles off your head, holding them in your hand as pink swirls began to engulf them. A gasp comes from Peter’s direction and you snort. You walk over to him and place the now funny glasses on his face as he glares at you.

“I hate you.” He grumbles, you giggle “Shut up you love me and you know it.” He smirks and before you know it you’re being tickled to death.

“AHhhhh nOOoooo StoppPppp!! “ You scream.
“Turn the goggles back!”
He tickles your sides.
“AHhhhhh okay! Fine!”

Frowning you take the glasses and turn them back into goggles. Pleased with himself, Peter takes them and places them on his head.

“Love you!” He exclaims cheerfully, kissing you on the temple.

“ Ya fuck you too cupcake.” you try to hide the grin spreading across your face.

Speedstar I thought at least you would be sane
  • Episode 01 Speedstar impression: Normal, sane friend of the MC. Going along to crazy town because he wants to debunk it.
  • Episode 07 Speedstar: Mitsumune needs to rely on me and nothing else. Time to stab a bitch
  • Cyborg: See, my friend Starfire, she wants to be set up.
  • Speedy: Ah, I just got out of a big relationship. I'm not looking for anything serious.
  • Cyborg: Oh, y'know what, that might be okay. Even if it was just kind of a fling, that might be alright with Starfire.
  • Kid Flash: Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa! Is this hot-Starfire-that-you-took-to-the-Christmas-party-Starfire?
  • Cyborg: ... [to Roy] Oh, by the way, that is her full name.
  • Kid Flash: Oh, wow! I'm free for her.
  • Speedy: Oh, wait a second! I didn't say I wasn't free!