Speedstar I thought at least you would be sane
  • Episode 01 Speedstar impression: Normal, sane friend of the MC. Going along to crazy town because he wants to debunk it.
  • Episode 07 Speedstar: Mitsumune needs to rely on me and nothing else. Time to stab a bitch
What I’ve learnt so far...

Hologram Monster…Season 3 Episode 5 “Monster"

  • Your Killer Frost is showing Killer Frost
  • Harry ”HR” Wells…I don’t trust you man
  • Barry you sly little fuck
  • Julian…..I love you….
  • Barrisco friendship bonding and I’m all for it
  • Caitlin…that’s one way to get your mother’s attention
  • “Thought I’d make it a lunch date”
  • Cisco, honey, you don’t like HR bc he’s not Harry, admit it
  • Oh Hi Wally– wait where’d he go? 2 seconds of screen time…no
  • The WestAllen is making my non-existent heart melt
  • Julian, I won’t let the big bad world hurt you I promise
  • “Do you wanna get a drink” 
  • Okay Kid, we all have bullies but you sound psychotic
  • Draco– I mean Julian–…no I mean Draco I s2g
  • Barry and Iris have kissed every episode thus far and I’m not crying you are
  • Happy go lucky Wells? No, I want sassy always angry but so damn soft Harry back okay?
  • Julian this is the second time Barry saved you, maybe buy him a nice assortment of test tubes in gratitude?
  • Cisco, my baby, I miss Dante too
  • Wow Barry…think you moved out fast enough?
  • “Murder on the Titanic, who did it? Who cares we’re drowning!”
  • See Joe! Even Barry and Iris want you to date Cecile!
  • Julian…maybe drop the gun man
  • Hologram Monster, that’s new…
  • Cisco and Caitlin once again showing their friendship (I cry)
  • “This is home”

After the most recent episode of Mayoiga, I’d realized that I cannot bring myself to hate Hayato. Instead, I feel so much fucking pity for him and I just want to hug him.

First of all, Hayato’s family can fuck off in addition to Mitsumune’s family. What tf is wrong with the families in this anime? I’m just so appalled, so pissed that they’ve abused him, made him act as something he doesn’t want to be, just to keep up their fucking reputation? Fuck your reputation; your child should be allowed to act like a fucking child! How dare they control his life like that? That’s so horrible.

Of course, his parents’ abusive, controlling and manipulative ways rubbed off on him, and now he projects it onto Mitsumune. Mitsumune became Hayato’s sense of “freedom”, and thus didn’t want that freedom to leave, which is why he’s angered by Masaki. She’s taking away Haya-kun’s freedom, and he feels the need to keep it under control. My brain tells me otherwise, but my hearts screams at the fact that deep down inside, Hayato cares for Mitsumune, actually loves him, but does not know the proper way to display it. I’m not trying to justify his actions (he referred to him as his puppet, for God’s sake), but both boys need help, counseling, something. Mitsumune addressed his problem, as evident by the end of the episode. Hayato needs to do the same. He needs to realize that what he is doing is not right and seek the proper help. They should be friends, not a master and his obedient servant.

The more immature, childish side of me ships them as this fucked-up yandere relationship that’ll make good yaoi fics. The more rational, mature side of me realizes the more frightening, completely serious implications this can have. I want Hayato to get help, to face his past like Mitsumune has done and get to the real Nanaki Village. I want them all to accept their past and move forward. And yes, that includes Lovepon.


Character profiles from the Mayoiga Guidebook Part 1, via /a/

New character information:

Lion: Alone because she scares people away with her “I can see who will die” power. She joined the tour to confirm whether her power is real or not.

Maimai: Quite innocent when it come to love things. Gets along well with Pu-ko.

Lovepon: Past trauma. Sees criminals and shady people as her enemies.

Mikage: Was supposed to inherit his parents’ company and marry someone chosen for him

Nanko: Has the habit to pinch her stomach when she is making deductions

Da-hara: Although he is the organizer, he doesn’t have much sense of responsibility. Koharun’s senpai in the research circle. His full handle is “Strange emperor Da-hara”

Yamauchi: Parents are dead now.

Hellfire: Military otaku.

never young beachを1年間徹底密着し制作した写真集『SURELY』が出版決定。それを記念して、NO.12 GALLERYにて個展も開催。

この度写真集を出版させていただく事になりました。バンド never young beachに2016年の丸々一年間密着し、ライブはもちろんツアーの移動やオフの様子、レコーディング風景など普段表に出ない彼らの素顔に迫りました。それに伴い、写真展を開催いたします。是非お越しください。

2017年からVictor EntertainmentのSPEEDSTAR RECORDSに移籍し、メジャーに活動を展開するnever young beachにとって、2016年の1年間はインディー期を象徴した年だと言える。そんな彼らの2016年に写真家・相澤有紀が1年間密着し、ライブ写真はもちろんのこと、ツアーの様子や練習などのオフショットを中心に構成し、普段見ることができないnever young beachの姿を1冊の写真集として記録した作品でもある。全176ページでフルカラーと内容の濃密度もさることながら、リミテッド・エディションには大判ZINEと生写真プリントなども付録される徹底ぶり。

またそれに伴い、相澤有紀が写真の展示会を開催する。4月21日から28日の1週間、渋谷と下北沢の間、駒場の杜に佇む小さなギャラリー「NO.12 GALLERY」にて催され、写真集『SURELY』から抜粋した写真を中心に構成し、写真は展示販売が予定されている。展示会場で写真集も販売予定。

■相澤有紀 写真集『SURELY』
[リミテッド・エディション: 100部限定]
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特典:① 大判ZINE(本篇に収録できなかった写真で構成)
   ② 生写真のプリント(5種類の中でランダムに1枚)
   ③ メンバー全員 + 相澤有紀のサイン

[通常盤: 500部限定] 
価格:¥8,000 + tax

※4月5日から開始されるnever young beachのワンマンツアー「April O'Neal」にて先行販売予定。取扱店舗などは追って報告させていただきます。

​​​​■相澤有紀 個展『SURELY』
会期:2017年4月21日(金) - 26日(水) 13:00-20:00
場所:NO.12 GALLERY (東京都渋谷区上原2-29-13)
※4月21日(金) 18:00~はオープニングパーティが予定されている。