Speedstar I thought at least you would be sane
  • Episode 01 Speedstar impression:Normal, sane friend of the MC. Going along to crazy town because he wants to debunk it.
  • Episode 07 Speedstar:Mitsumune needs to rely on me and nothing else. Time to stab a bitch

After the most recent episode of Mayoiga, I’d realized that I cannot bring myself to hate Hayato. Instead, I feel so much fucking pity for him and I just want to hug him.

First of all, Hayato’s family can fuck off in addition to Mitsumune’s family. What tf is wrong with the families in this anime? I’m just so appalled, so pissed that they’ve abused him, made him act as something he doesn’t want to be, just to keep up their fucking reputation? Fuck your reputation; your child should be allowed to act like a fucking child! How dare they control his life like that? That’s so horrible.

Of course, his parents’ abusive, controlling and manipulative ways rubbed off on him, and now he projects it onto Mitsumune. Mitsumune became Hayato’s sense of “freedom”, and thus didn’t want that freedom to leave, which is why he’s angered by Masaki. She’s taking away Haya-kun’s freedom, and he feels the need to keep it under control. My brain tells me otherwise, but my hearts screams at the fact that deep down inside, Hayato cares for Mitsumune, actually loves him, but does not know the proper way to display it. I’m not trying to justify his actions (he referred to him as his puppet, for God’s sake), but both boys need help, counseling, something. Mitsumune addressed his problem, as evident by the end of the episode. Hayato needs to do the same. He needs to realize that what he is doing is not right and seek the proper help. They should be friends, not a master and his obedient servant.

The more immature, childish side of me ships them as this fucked-up yandere relationship that’ll make good yaoi fics. The more rational, mature side of me realizes the more frightening, completely serious implications this can have. I want Hayato to get help, to face his past like Mitsumune has done and get to the real Nanaki Village. I want them all to accept their past and move forward. And yes, that includes Lovepon.


I think until this point Hayato is actually my favorite character from this show..

Yep, i know, weird… but hear me out.

He actually has some background that makes me understand why he behaves the way he does towards Mitsumune and why he is an obsessive controlling asshole towards him.

Because of the life, his family life, he had to endure. 

Since such a young age he felt that he didn’t have control of his actions. He had to dress, speak, act and behave in a way his parents would feel happy about or else he would get beaten and thrown to the attic just like his grandma was because she didn’t fit the perfection his parents wanted for their “posh luxury life”. No matter how much he tried to stand up for himself, it never got the way he wanted. Not only he had to try to live under a roof with one psychotic over controlling parent BUT TWO. He felt, just like Mitsumune, didn’t have a life he could actually take charge of.

And this is why he chose Mitsumune.

He chose a kid who seemed fragile, insecure, easily managed by everyone who you could throw to the flow and listen to your demands and instructions. He wanted to control something or someone in this case for the first time in his life. He didn’t mean to get a friend, from what i’m understanding, but someone that was actually a puppet just like him and that’s why he chose Mitsumune: the puppet for him to control just like their parents did with him since such a young age.

Mitsumune and Hayato have so much in common and similar situations.

But with that in mind I don’t justify the way he treats Mitsumune AT ALL.

He got a friend, a really true, loyal and honest friend but he’s ruining it with his controlling obsession and the image he has put on Mitsumune as the toy he can overtake and that’s exactly what Mitsumune doesn’t want. 

His past, no matter how hard it was, doesn’t justify the fact that he took a kid under his wing letting him believe that he was caring for him when in fact he just wanted to take control of fully.

I understand Hayato but at the same time he’s a selfish prick who needs to understand the value of friendship and get on his head that, JUST LIKE HE SAID TO MITSUMUNE, not only him are suffering from a painful scar.

I hope he gets it and redeems himself because I actually want for him a good outcome 

He’s such a complex character with so many layers and I actually like that about him a lot.

Hope we see a good ending for him.