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Will you love me even if I’m not the one for you?”

Genre: Angst & fluff | Soulmate!AU, Requested.

Pairing: kaiXreader

Word Count: 7.9k

More than anything, you wanted to see that day that your boyfriend’s eyes flashed a liquid golden color and for you to feel your own do the same.

But it wouldn’t happen.

It never would.

Your boyfriend assured you that nothing could take the two of you away from each other but the mark that covered his ring finger was another reminder.

His finger was covered in thin black elegant circles and swirls whereas yours was harsh blue thick lines that were almost like stripes down your finger.

That was the thing.

You weren’t each other’s soulmates.

Because if you were, his eyes would change to a golden color and the tattoo-like mark on your finger would match.

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anonymous asked:

How can I speed up my metabolism? I do 30mins-1 hour of walking back and fourth a day, but is that actually helping? I've been thinking about doing 30 minutes of high intensity interval training a day, but will that improve my metabolism?

your metabolism consists of 3 components: 
1. BMR (basal metabolic rate)- the amount of calories your body needs to simply just BE
–>this is dependent on your mass/weight, age, height, etc and will only change if one of these factors are changed.. increasing your lean body mass would increase your bmr simply because it needs more energy
2. TEPA (thermic effect of physical activity) - heat generated by any physical movement (eg. waking, running, figeting, etc)
–> so yes any amount of physical activity you add to your daily routine will help you tremendously.. now doing HIIT everyday would be killer on your body and hard to continue to do EVERY day.. but yes a few times a week would be more practical (for others.. i recommend fitting any more physical activity you can into your day can add up in the long run eg. taking the stairs, walking vs driving, etc)
3. TEF (thermic effect of feeding) - energy spent digesting, transporting, absorbing food 
–> now this one is a bit trickier and less significant but a protein calorie requires more energy for your body to break it down vs a fat calorie (a high protein diet could help you) 

- drinking water will boost your metabolism (it does not affect metabolism it simply just creates satiety and makes you feel a bit more full.. which helps for DIFFERENT reasons) 
- eat more frequent smaller meals a day (no scientific backing, its about daily nutrition and calorie consumption) 

Kit’s POV’s in LoS:

in terms of pov’s, kit is a v interesting character. in LM, he really is the definition of a marginalised character, with only a handful of pov’s. but then, in LoS, this noticeably increases – to the point where i’ve felt he’s virtually a main character, on par with everyone else. so today i actually manually went through the whole of LoS and tallied up the number of pov’s he has (which is always a v interesting and revealing exercise). in comparison to like, 3 or 4 in LM – he has a grand total of 37 pov’s in LoS.

also to consider:

a) he’s sharing page space with emma, julian, cristina, mark, kieran and even (briefly) arthur 

b) those pov’s aren’t equal in length: some go on for 2 pages; some go on for 8 pages (one chapter is almost entirely narrated from his pov)

c) roughly, he has a pov once every 18 pages; that evens out at about 1 or 2 pov’s every chapter or so. (there are a few occasions on which, v unusually, he has pov followed by pov – usually cassie alternates). 

(as a sidenote: his pov’s peak at around the middle of the book – he carries most of this, and peter out as we approach the climax, and jemma takes over. also – not something i was looking for, but interesting nonetheless – so many of kit’s pov’s either start with, end with or involve him waking up. thought that was a nice literalisation of how everything with kit’s arc is an awakening).

in terms of statistics, and which character has the most pov’s, it goes roughly like this: 

1) emma 

2) julian (v close behind emma tho) 

3) kit 

4) cristina 

5) mark 

6 kieran 

considering that emma and julian have v nearly the same no of pov’s, you could almost consider them as joint 1st; kit as 2nd. 

statistically, then, kit is a hugely significant character in LoS. you could argue that cassie is only doing this bc kit is, as someone who’s been raised in the mundane world, a nice stand-in for the reader in terms of looking at the shadowhunter world from the outside. idk if that makes him any less important tho: his inter-series equivalents, in terms of this role, would be tessa (tid) and simon (tmi).

cassie isn’t waiting until twp to begin kit’s character arc. kit’s character arc started in LM and will be merely carried over into twp. practically speaking, you can see why she’s done this – if twp is going to be the series to stage a revolutionary war (i.e. incredibly plot-driven) and working efficiently alongside two other shadowhunters, kit needs to be brought up to speed; he has to be a proficient and competent shadowhunter, by that point. he can’t be the one constantly asking the questions – he needs to be the one providing us answers. another reason is cassie needs to set up his identity crisis (which may or may not be resolved by QoAaD): we know that kit is a shadowhunter, but the real question is, what else is he? if cassie is going to realise his potential in twp, she’s needs to set up the nature of what that is in tda. that kit fell through the institute door, rather than just politely pushed it ajar, was, i felt, very emblematic of what is probably awaiting his character. 

So my mom likes to dictate her texts instead of typing them.

The thing is, my mom swears a lot, and she’s often at home with my impressionable little brothers. So she programmed her phone to type “bitch” whenever she said “B” and “f**k” whenever she said “F.” For a while, we all thought this was a pretty clever idea.
Yesterday, she sent me a picture of my brother sitting in his car seat and crying. The caption was, “he got stung by a bumblebitch!!! 🐝🐝🐝”


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If Tumblr is agonizingly slow in your browser, and if you use an ad-blocker, enter that element into the list of things blocked.  It turns out that Tumblr is constantly animating the Tumblr logo, even if it’s not on-screen, and it uses up cycles.

I wish I could credit the author of this, but it scrolled off my dash while I was busy editing my ad-blocker.  Boooooo.


5 takeaways from Trump’s off-the-rails presser on Charlottesville violence

  • The “real Donald Trump” showed up on Tuesday
    • Trump finally named the hate groups responsible for Saturday’s violence on Monday — but he seemed to show his real feelings on the Charlottesville rally at the Tuesday presser.
    • Trump echoed his “cherish our history” comment from Saturday — which many interpreted as a racist dogwhistle — by stating that “you’re changing history and you’re changing the culture” by removing Confederate monuments.
  • Trump’s remarks spark outrage on “many sides”
    • Trump’s flip-flop on Tuesday drew immediate outrage from politicians, commentators and Americans on “many sides” of the political spectrum.
  • The comments were celebrated by white supremacists
    • While the president’s latest remarks were met with outrage by both Republicans and Democrats, the comments were cheered by the white nationalists, including David Duke and Richard Spencer.
  • The president goes rogue…again
    • The press gathering was originally convened for Trump to announce an executive order aimed at speeding up the permitting process for infrastructure projects.
    • Instead, Trump made more improvised comments on Charlottesville — apparently the second time now that he’s done so.
  • Is this a defining moment in Trump’s presidency?
    • That Trump essentially defended neo-Nazis and white supremacists will represent a defining moment in Trump’s presidency, said Laurence Tribe, a professor of constitutional law at Harvard University. Read more (8/15/17 8 PM)
🔥Witchy Mistakes to Avoid💥

We’ve all been there. These seem obvious until you do them.

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💥 Burned hair and fingers. Practice fire safety! If you have long hair, TIE YOUR HAIR BACK if you’re doing spells with an open flame and do NOT touch incense burners without oven mitts. It really hurts.
💥 Clogged sinks. Be smart with how you dispose spells! Do NOT put a bunch of herbs or other spell ingredients down a sink that has no garbage disposal. It’s gonna get clogged and you’re not going to want that bill from the plumber because of a clump of bay leaves.
💥 Coughing fits. Ventilate your area before you burn stuff! Inhaling a bunch of smoke from a bundle of cleansing herbs is not going to be fun.
💥 Faded and destroyed crystals. Don’t set your crystals in the sunlight unless you are 100% sure it won’t fade the colors, and make sure how to safely cleanse and use crystals so you don’t damage them. You don’t want to put your crystal in some water for a cleansing and see it get damaged.
💥 Bent, torn, and damaged tarot cards. Don’t shuffle them like a playing deck all the time and don’t cleanse them in water. Also, don’t go outside with your cards if it’s a windy day. Seems obvious until one of your cards gets carried away by the wind and lands in some mud.
💥 Spells that take 5000000 years to manifest. Try grounding and centering before doing spells! It helps so, so much with speeding up the spells’ manifestations.
💥 You do a spell for money and the spell decides to manifest by having your car damaged so you get money from the insurance money. Close or make loopholes in your spells! Adding little tidbits to a spell can make a better outcome of the spell’s manifestation, such as casting a wealth spell and adding, “This money shall be given to me without a negative cause.” 
💥 The house smells like weed. Research what a herb smells like before you burn a bunch of it. Sometimes burned sage smells like weed. Plus, sometimes if you a burn a herb or plant, the smoke from it can kill or hurt you, like yew.
💥 You just drank some aloe vera juice and now your stomach is hurting and you’re sick. Research the possible side effects of herbs and plants before ingesting them. Some herbs can endanger your health, so research them before you decide to chomp on them.

A Total Solar Eclipse Revealed Solar Storms 100 Years Before Satellites

Just days from now, on Aug. 21, 2017, the Moon will pass between the Sun and Earth, casting its shadow down on Earth and giving all of North America the chance to see a solar eclipse. Remember that it is never safe to look at the partially eclipsed or uneclipsed Sun, so make sure you use a solar filter or indirect viewing method if you plan to watch the eclipse.

Eclipses set the stage for historic science. Past eclipses enabled scientists to study the Sun’s structure, find the first proof of Einstein’s theory of general relativity, and discover the element helium — 30 years before it was found on Earth..

We’re taking advantage of the Aug. 21 eclipse by funding 11 ground-based scientific studies. As our scientists prepare their experiments for next week, we’re looking back to an historic 1860 total solar eclipse, which many think gave humanity our first glimpse of solar storms — called coronal mass ejections — 100 years before scientists first understood what they were.  

Coronal mass ejections, or CMEs, are massive eruptions made up of hot gas, plasma and magnetic fields. Bursting from the Sun’s surface, these giant clouds of solar material speed into space up to a million miles per hour and carry enough energy to power the world for 10,000 years if we could harness it. Sometimes, when they’re directed towards Earth, CMEs can affect Earth’s space environment, creating space weather: including triggering auroras, affecting satellites, and – in extreme cases – even straining power grids.

Scientists observed these eruptions in the 1970s during the beginning of the modern satellite era, when satellites in space were able to capture thousands of images of solar activity that had never been seen before.

But in hindsight, scientists realized their satellite images might not be the first record of these solar storms. Hand-drawn records of an 1860 total solar eclipse bore surprising resemblance to these groundbreaking satellite images.

On July 18, 1860, the Moon’s shadow swept across North America, Spain and North Africa. Because it passed over so much populated land, this eclipse was particularly well-observed, resulting in a wealth of scientific observations.  

Drawings from across the path of the 1860 eclipse show large, white finger-like projections in the Sun’s atmosphere—called the corona—as well as a distinctive, bubble-shaped structure. But the observations weren’t uniform – only about two-thirds of the 1860 eclipse sketches showed this bubble, setting off heated debate about what this feature could have been.

Sketches from the total solar eclipse of July 1860.

One hundred years later, with the onset of space-based satellite imagery, scientists got another piece of the puzzle. Those illustrations from the 1860 eclipse looked very similar to satellite imagery showing CMEs – meaning 1860 may have been humanity’s first glimpse at these solar storms, even though we didn’t understand what we were seeing.

While satellites provide most of the data for CME research, total solar eclipses seen from the ground still play an important role in understanding our star. During an eclipse, observers on the ground are treated to unique views of the innermost corona, the region of the solar atmosphere that triggers CMEs.

This region of the Sun’s atmosphere can’t be measured at any other time, since human-made instruments that create artificial eclipses must block out much of the Sun’s atmosphere—as well as its bright face—in order to produce clear images. Yet scientists think this important region is responsible for accelerating CMEs, as well as heating the entire corona to extraordinarily high temperatures.

When the path of an eclipse falls on land, scientists take advantage of these rare chances to collect unique data. With each new total solar eclipse, there’s the possibility of new information and research—and maybe, the chance to reveal something as astronomical as the first solar storm.

Learn all about the Aug. 21 eclipse at eclipse2017.nasa.gov, and follow @NASASun on Twitter and NASA Sun Science on Facebook for more. Watch the eclipse through the eyes of NASA at nasa.gov/eclipselive starting at 12 PM ET on Aug. 21.

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