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The Cleric Stance

Ah we can stance if we want to, we can leave your heals behind
And if your friends don’t stance, then there’s a good chance
That they’re still good friends of mine

I say, only stance if you want to, there’s still lots of time
We only gotta keep your life up, we don’t have to speed up
Everything’ll work out right

And we can stance


Ah we can play how we want to, the game is fun and so am I
And we can dress real neat from our hats to our feet
And surprise ‘em with the victory cry

I Say, we can heal how we want to, if we don’t nobody will
And you can act real rude and totally removed
And I’ll leave you dead on that last hill

I say we can stance, we can stance everything out of control
We can stance, we can stance we’re doing it pull to pull
We can stance, we can stance everybody watch for attacks
We can stance, we can stance but only if you’re takin’ the chance

Cleric Stance
Oh well the Cleric Stance
Ah yes the Cleric Stance

Ah we can stance if we want to, we can leave your heals behind
And if your friends don’t stance, then there’s a good chance
That they’re still good friends of mine

It’s the Cleric Stance
Well it’s the Cleric Stance
Oh it’s the Cleric Stance
Oh it’s the Cleric Stance
Oh it’s the Cleric Stance

(Parody of “The Safety Dance” by Men without Hats)

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your favorite tracks by thugger??

  • Can’t Tell
  • Check
  • Halftime
  • Danny Glover
  • Speed Racer
  • Pull Up
  • Best Friend
  • Sub-Zero
  • Power
  • Udiggwhatimsayin
  • All Over
  • Don’t Know
  • She Notice Me
  • Big Racks
  • Hercules
  • Fuck Cancer
  • Ridin
  • Flava
  • 730
  • Milk Marie
Saskatchewan suggests laid-off oil workers clean abandoned wells
The Saskatchewan government is proposing to have oil and gas workers who have lost their jobs clean up abandoned wells.

Premier Brad Wall says the program would help stimulate employment in the oil-and-gas sector by accelerating cleanup of wells no longer capable of production.

Wall says it would speed up decommissioning and reclamation of 1,000 non-producing wells over the next two years and generate 1,200 jobs.

Work would include safe removal and disposal of old equipment, remediation of any spills and revegetation of the land.

But the proposal calls for $156 million in federal funding.

Wall says he has spoken with and written to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau about the idea.

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I'm having a lowkey not-so-great day and could really use a Valentine's day prompt response, if that's cool. Nine x Rose or Ten x Rose, reunion after being separated for a bit, hugs and hand-holding and fluff and domestics, please <3

Here you go darling! i hope your day gets better!


As soon as she realized the force of the explosion the floor above her knocked the door of her cell open, Rose was out like a shot, running full tilt to where she remembered the TARDIS being.

She turned a corner and caught a flash of black leather and maroon jumper, also moving at a high speed. “Doctor!” she called out, trying to put on more speed to catch up to him.

He stopped in his tracks, turning to face her, incredulous smile on his face. She barreled into him, wrapping her arms around him as tight as she could, reveling in his equally tight embrace.

They’d been captured by the Bituylians three days ago and put in separate wings of the prison. Rose had been worrying about him the whole time and knew he’d probably been doing the same about her.

“Explosion cut you loose, too?” Rose asked, pulling back to look at his face.

“Yup! Was heading to the TARDIS to get my spare sonic to come break you out.”

“What happened to your sonic?”

He looked past her. “Long story, tell you later. Guards have cottoned on to the fact that we’ve escaped and are headed this way.”

Rose looked over her shoulder and saw a group of lavender aliens dressed in guard uniforms running towards them. She grinned as the Doctor grabbed her hand and pulled her forward, back towards the TARDIS that was parked a few blocks away.

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Open Up

Author: Jo

Word Count: 1430

Genre: Smut

Rating: M

Originally posted by ohparkjimin

You started to pick up more speed as you rode him. His hands gripped onto your thighs this time to help you stay stable. You were coming close and it was hard to keep yourself intact with all the pleasure that was flooding you. Jimin’s name started to sneak out from your lips and it was bringing him closer to the end as well. It was so pleasing to see what his cock was able to do to you. Your riding was starting to become sloppy. Jimin helped you slam yourself into him a few more times before you both reached the climax. Swears and each other’s name were flying across the room. After finishing dressing himself, he helped piece you back together. He placed you back onto his lap and held you affectionately. He placed a kiss on your cheek, “Sorry,” he smiled. You looked him in the eyes and looked away trying to hide your smile too, “You’re such a child.”

You had invited some of your friends over for a little get together. Your boyfriend decided to invite some of his friends as well. The bell to your apartment rang throughout the rooms. You ran up to the door after placing down some chips on the table. You opened the door to Jimin’s face, “Hey babe,” he smiled. As he walked in, Hoseok and Yoongi walked in.

“Where is everyone else?” Jimin kissed you on the cheek. “Oh, I..” the bell rang again, “they’re here,” you walked back up to the door and welcomed your friends in. All of you went over to the couch; some of your friends took up the couch while the others sat on the floor next to the table. Jimin sat on the couch next to Yoongi cracking jokes. You went to the kitchen and brought over some plates filled with fruits: grapes, strawberries, and pineapple slices. You set the plates around the table, trying to accommodate everyone.

Looking around for spots, you decided to sit next to Hoseok on the ground. You guys were always pretty close with each other. He tapped your shoulder. You looked over at him; he had a strawberry on his fork trying to feed you. You smiled a little and bit on the fork, taking the strawberry into your mouth. You two kept playing around back and forth. Although, you hadn’t noticed Jimin staring at you from the couch. After joking around with Yoongi, he saw you two being a little too friendly.

Jimin grabbed a fork and kept binge eating the pineapple slices while eyeing Hoseok. “I’ll go get more food for you guys,” you stood up to refill the plates. “I’ll come help,” Hoseok offered. “No, it’s okay, I’ll go help her,” Jimin demanded. He got up and walked past you to the kitchen. “It’s going pretty well, the party I mean.” you stated, but Jimin was silent. You looked over at him as he poured the chips into the yellow bowl. “Are you okay? Aren’t you having fun?” He glared up at you from your comment. “Fun? Watching my girlfriend being fed by some other guy is your definition of fun?” his tone was serious. “Why are you so upset, it doesn’t mean anything.” “Doesn’t mean anything? The guy was trying to get into your pants long before I even knew you.” You froze.

He grabbed the refills and walked back to the living room. You followed him back and sat back down next to Hoseok. Jimin tried to ignore the both of you by conversing with Yoongi. “Hobi, open up,” you said cutely as you placed a grape between his soft looking lips. He grinned and pinched your cheeks a little, “You’re so sweet,” he replied. All of a sudden the whole room felt hot; you looked up at Jimin seeing the fire building around his body. Hoseok leaned in towards you, “Do you mind grabbing the remote for me?” You nodded and got up. You squeezed between the table and the table to lean over the table and grab the remote. You passed by Jimin to go back to your seat.

An arm wrapping around your waist pulling you downwards. You plopped down onto Jimin’s lap. He grabbed the remote form you hand and threw it on the floor next to Hoseok. “What are you doing?” you tried to push away from him, but his strong, muscular arms held you next to his body. He moved you back more so that your ass rested above his crotch. “Sorry, you just smelled so good I couldn’t help myself. He proceeded to kiss your neck, nibbling on your skin. Your face was flushed with embarrassment. Everyone was staring at the two of you as Jimin was feeling you up. Yoongi has a priceless expression on his face, his smile was practically a mile long. “Guys, let’s go! Let’s go watch a movie, I’ll pay for it. I have a mixtape to show you also, come on, move!” Yoongi got up on the couch and pushed everyone off of it, he went over and grabbed Hoseok’s arm pulling him out of the room.

“What are you doing?!” you shouted at him as you pushed yourself out of his lap. “What am I doing?! ‘Oh, Hobi open up!’ are you kidding me?” You looked down onto the table, “You’re being so immature,” you claimed. His face lit up, “ Me? I’m the immature one?” You turned around to walk back to the kitchen so you could cool down. Jimin grabbed your arm and pulled you back to him; he cupped your face with his other hand, “Only I’m allowed to feed you.” He fell back onto the couch and made you kneel in front of him. He unbuckled his belt and unbuttoned his pants and slid them down his thighs. You stared at his crotch, realizing how horny he was. He placed his hand into his boxer briefs and rubbed himself a little before bringing his cock out. “Babe, open up,” he stared at you with a sultry look.

You moved towards and and helped moved his boxer briefs down farther. You wrapped your lips around the head of his cock. Slowly, you licked the head to tease him. You glanced up at Jimin, his eyes were full of lust he was not in the mood for teasing today. His hands trailed at the back of your head, gripping fist fulls of your hair. You moved your lips down his length until your mouth was full. Your tongue wrapped around his cock and licked the skin giving him more pleasure. Jimin moaned out little words from his apage lips. You began to bob your head up and down his cock; he helped guide your head. He moved his hand onto the couch, gripping the cushions as his other hand continued to grip your hair.

Your body started to give into him; you felt yourself becoming damp. You wanted more of him. You gripped onto his thick thighs to have a better hold of him. Jimin moved close to the edge of the couch and began to thrust into your mouth while still holding onto the back of your head. He tried to be gentle while fucking you down your throat, but it was hard for him to hold back. Your hands gripped onto his thighs deeper, leaving nail marks behind. Your mouth had become sore from the heavy pounding it was taking; you look up at Jimin for a second time. You loved seeing him weak for you, his eyes, his lips, he was begging for you. Jimin, on the other hand loved seeing himself be in control of you. He also loved the image of you taking all of him in.

Jimin pulled you out from under him, he was close to the end and didn’t want it to be over with some measly mouth fucking. He helped you get on your legs and pulled your pants and underwear down for you while leaving kisses on your stomach and thighs. You straddled him and waited at his sensually slid a condom on. You lifted yourself up and eased yourself back down onto his cock. His size was always a little shocking, it took a couple of seconds for you to recollect yourself. You began to bounce up and down his length slowly. His red, hot lips trailed all over your neck, coming up to your lips only okasianally. He hated to pause your moans; he loved hearing his name fall out of your lips.

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have you ever noticed that moonbyul's rapping style is so monotonous almost like narrating but in a semi-aggressive, melodramatic type of delivery. it doesn't really go along with the beat... her rapping is almost shoehorned into some of the tracks just so she has a part.

obviously I’m bias af and think everything mb does is amazeballs, but I can see what you mean. I’ve read some criticisms about mb’s rapping style and how it fits or doesn’t fit with some mamamoo songs (like the recent I Miss You single where some people thought it didn’t flow well and her rap was more like an add-on just so she could have a part). And her lyrics don’t go with the rhythm like sometimes they slur over or speeds up(?). But I feel like she’s well aware of it and does it on purpose because that’s her style.

I’m no musical expert or rap lyricist, and I don’t even understand hangul to know the rhyming/play on words etc.  But home girl works her ass off and she carries the weight for the team just as much in harmonizing, rapping and other aspects (like can we talk about how she comes up with dance moves and write new lyrics every damm time mmm does a rendition of an old song, like daamm).  All I know is mamamoo wouldn’t be the same without her greasy ass.

The Dragon Ball Super Fansubs Situation (Champa Arc)

Yo everyone!

I want to request something from everyone reading this and also have some info to share. 

First let’s start with some info. So far you might’ve seen DBS with subs coming out early on within 12 hours of RAW. Let’s call those subs V1. Then these subs would get fixes / edit in the next 12 more hours and used to get released as V2. Starting episode 28 DBS has entered Champa arc and this is completely new material unlike the previous 2 arcs where most people had already seen and knew what was gonna happen. This gave room to speed things up by going through subs fast and translating from the audio itself since any small mistakes wouldn’t matter much.

With the new arc this is where things get different. Any “small” mistake can turn out to be a pretty big one in the future and leave everyone confused as to what’s going on. Puns might not get across properly either if things are rushed. For Example:

The subtitles of episode 29 passed through 3 passes of checking in total. Even after that this little pun got missed. This was a play on “Nigaii” which means bitter. That’s why Champa spits it out later as that fatty likes sweet drinks. I realized this the next day. Although this is a small thing which probably won’t matter but imagine if it was with something big. 

So for that reason episode 30 went through 5 passes in total instead of 3 and in the final 5th pass a big mistake was caught regarding Goku trying to persuade Buu to join their team. 

So with the info over with, here’s my request:

Be patient. If things are getting delayed it’s happening for a reason. I know you might be getting hella tired waiting but trust me, the people working on them are 10 times more tired and are doing their best. Also, avoid the shady subtitles, specially the one’s coming from a Dutch group as they make HUGE mistakes such as inventing a whole new Universe which doesn’t even exist. I’m sure they will get better in the future and new groups will show up who might be awesome. If that happens, I will let you know but until then just be patient. If you can speak Japanese and wanna help, please contact me. 

Rebuttals to common objections to training with speed and intent

I find if I start going too fast I start losing technique.

That’s why one needs to train in a way that bridges the gap. Of course you lose the technique when you start amping up the speed and pressure. 

When I learned to drive go-karts, I didn’t learn by mashing the throttle from the word go. I pushed the limit slowly and tried to brake and turn later and get on the gas sooner, zeroing in on where the limit was. It’s a gradual process. If I tried to drive outside of my ability, I found myself in the barriers pretty damn quick. 

This of course didn’t mean that I shouldn’t aim to go around the track as fast as possible or that it’s a mistake to try to drive fast. That’s the wrong conclusion. It just means that I couldn’t improve in a single bound, but that improvement takes time and effort. 

Music is another point of comparison: you can’t play something fast if you never play it fast. You have to practice the fundamentals of your instrument to a very high degree if you want to execute fast phrases on demand. 

Zbiegniew Czajkowski writes in Understanding Fencing that there are stages to learning an open motor skill. 

  • Learning the motor skill by copying and doing it solo. 
  • Pair drills with a set stimulus - you always get the same attack or the signal to attack into. The speed of execution is varied but should be challenging enough that you fail some of the time. 
  • Drills with varying stimuli - in choice drills, or variable distance/timing. 
  • Competitive drill setting, where you take the above and have both parties try to succeed with their chosen technique. 
  • Loose play, where hits aren’t tallied
  • Practice bout, where the victor counts but there’s no real pressure to succeed 
  • Competition/Duel, where there is pressure to succeed. 

At every step, fencers have a smaller and smaller repertoire of actions they are comfortable. 

What happens if you always train slow? You will never be able to pull things off quickly. You have to push yourself out of your comfort zone. This is also why varying stimuli matters. You’re not going to always get the same attack at the same speed and distance, so training the same parry or counter-attack doesn’t make sense. You have to be able to deal with what your opponent gives you, so you have to train with variability. 

Failing to execute with added speed/variability is not an indication that training with more speed/variability is bad, it just highlights that the method you’ve trained this technique with thus far has not adequately prepared you to deal with the variations you will inevitably encounter in fencing. 

If I go faster or harder, I always revert to what I’m best at, I don’t learn anything new.

One goal of training is to expand the repertoire at every step by building up the pyramid step by step: widening at the base by introducing more actions at a basic level, and drilling already familiar actions with ever-increasing levels of challenge and intensity so that fencers then become able to use them in bouts, both in terms of ability as well as confidence. 

A fencer who only resorts to a narrow set of actions becomes a predictable fighter, easy for their opponent to figure out during the course of a bout. Only training a few actions at a very high level is a good way to produce a champion of beginners, but it may hinder their continued development later on. 

If you find yourself only doing a few things in bouts, try to introduce more actions in your training and train them via different levels in the pyramid. So yes, introduce new stuff in drills, but try to then train them to a higher level and don’t just be content with knowing them in set drills. 

This can also help keep training interesting for more experienced students. 

I find it hard to go fast because I’m slow by my nature

This can be changed by e.g. going to the gym, which is what I did. Increasing strength increases power which increases speed. Fencing training should also help fencers develop speed and fencing-specific fitness. Even if you start off slow, you shouldn’t remain slow if you train well. 

Rainy Run

This was the longest run I’ve done since I’ve been injured and it felt great!. It started raining during the second half of the run so i had to speed up to get back to my destination lol. Feeling really good and ready for this track workout tomorrow. 

Ran 8.32 miles in 59:22. 

Average pace: 7:08

Started at 7:58 and made my way down to 6:25 pace. 

Unpicking captain’s logs is fun.

First off: Stardate. An increment of one is supposed to be one day (presumably Earth day?) but the actual numbers are a mystery. The info given to writers [PDF] includes the line: “Stardates are a mathematical formula which varies depending on location in the galaxy, velocity of travel, and other factors, can vary widely from episode to episode.”

So…according to Einstein’s theory of Special Relativity, time is indeed relative, and it varies according to how fast you’re traveling. The faster you’re traveling, the slower time goes. At the limit of the speed of light, time slows right down to zero, hence light does not experience time (I may have a later rant about how this fact makes interactions with “beings composed of pure energy” kinda difficult).

So time can speed up and slow down, but it doesn’t go backwards. (Fine, in Star Trek it can, but when they discover that in TOS it appears to be brand new information). So the fact that Stardates jump backwards and forwards really doesn’t make sense from a relativity point of view.

I guess this is why they also threw in that Stardates depend on your location within the galaxy and “other factors.” Because sure, why not. When even the writers are told “don’t worry about whether or not there is a progression from other scripts” it’s time to throw our hands up and accept the irrational.

(Note: TrekGuide.com has a calculation of TOS Stardates over here, which I appreciate for its nerdy fun, but it doesn’t hold up if you look at how Stardates progress through the series or within a single episode. Alas, trying to find consistency in Star Trek is sometimes a futile exercise.)

Heart Beat

Without turning to look, Gajeel focused his hearing in Levy’s direction. Her heart was beating steady and strong, her breath coming at even intervals; she was reading. No sound had ever offered him more peace or comfort than the sound of her heart beating. And nothing brought him more joy than making that rhythm beat a little faster.

His teeth flashed as he picked up his mug and walked over to the table where she sat, half burried in books. He took a moment to breath in the deep scent of old books, lavender, Levy.

He sat quietly on the bench next to her, leaning his back against the table, and smiling as he heard her heart rate speed up just a fraction. He held his mug with both hands to keep from snapping a long.

Levy did her best to ignore Gajeel when he sat next to her. She hated the way her traitorous heart raced when he came near. Her blood pulsed hard through her veins echoing in her ears. She hoped he couldn’t hear it. What would he think?

She took a few breaths to try, unsuccessfully, to calm herself, and in her frustration threw her book down on the table.  She reached for another, but grabbed his elbow instead.

Gajeel nearly laughed out loud when Levy’s heart rate spiked again. He only raised a studded eyebrow at her though, and watched the annoyed blush spread across her cheeks.

He was sure he could get her heart rate beating even more rapidly. So, if her accidentally touching him caused acceleration, maybe if he touched her…

He threw one leg over the bench so that he was now facing her. He sat his mug on the table, careful not to put it on one of her precious books, and scooted forward. With every inch another beat was added to her rhythm.  He raised the finger of one hand, her heart spiked to an all time high, he ran that finger in a gentle caress down the exposed skin of her arm, her heart beat grew so rapid he could hardly distinguish one beat from another.

Levy looked at his hand where he had let it land on the bench next to hers. All the noise of the guild hall was washed away, drowned in the rapport of her heart. She took his giant hand in her tiny one, and placed it on her chest, above her heart. The warmth of his hand spread through her, calmed her. She wanted him to know how he effected her. She took a deep breath, and looked up to meet his gaze.

To his amazement, Levy’s heart had calmed back to it’s relaxed, content pace. He could feel it, taping away in her chest, just inches below his hand, so small, so fragile. He wanted to hold it and protect it; he wanted to cherish the beat of that heart. Always. He looked into her eyes and knew he would always protect Leevy McGarden’s heart.

The Corpse Vanishes (S01E05)

Yeah, wow. Uh, so this is one of the episodes. It exists! 

I’m sorry, this film is just terrible. In it, Bela Lugosi is terrible. The truly excellent host segments seem even more excellent after sitting through literally dozens of minutes of this film at once.

The riffing is really picking up speed in this episode, though, and it almost helps! It’s nothing against them, or their work; there is nothing that could truly “help” one who finds themself viewing this film.

The opening segment is really great; Clay bought Larry a gift at the Mad Scientists’ convention: Isaac Asmiov Body Splash, part of the Foundation Trilogy Gift Set.

Larry calls it ‘pretty’, and the whole scene is, um, shall we say, flirtatious.

Host Segment 3, the last segment during the film, is a particular favorite: The Haircut Sketch. Monty Python’s Flying Circus and Kids in the Hall both have great haircut sketches, and I always think of all three of these haircut sketches at once, together like some Holy Haircut Sketch Trinity, whenever I encounter one of them. But I digress. 

Crow cuts Joel’s hair and does some really excellent idle gossipy chatting which smoothly transitions, like all great haircut sketches, into terrible wanton violence.

Getting back to the film, well, It’s a toss-up with The Mad Monster, last week’s film, in a lot of ways. There’s a hunchback and a little person as “monsters” (they are presented this way I’m not saying hunchbacks and little people are monsters) and this is perhaps less interesting than (or just less fun than, because cringe) Petro the Wolfman and his rustic sideburns from last week. 

Bela Lugosi kinda functions as a monster just by default, but his dial is set to, like, maybe three out of eleven; eleven being Dracula.

He’s pretty much just droning on and sounding bored in all his scenes. There’s not a lot of energy in his performance, to say the least. “Stewing in his own mediocrity” is the painfully apt phrase Larry uses to describe his performance in the introductory segment. Oh, and don’t miss Joel’s great impersonation of Bela Lugosi, which is truly very funny. I laugh every time.

Oh, and also Commando Cody was there. Guess what? Commando Cody survived last week’s peril! Shocking, I know.

 I mentioned Monty Python earlier, and this is a funny coincidence; this week’s chapter of Rocket Men from the Moon is entitled The Bridge of Death! Don’t get too excited, though, I assure you there is neither bridge-keeper nor any ‘questions three’ involved. Just, you know, moon men in sparkly space pajamas, and arbitrarily contrived suspense. This week: an awful car chase!

So, at the end, it’s a classic combination: terrible film, fantastic episode. We’re just getting started, though.

ok i acknowledge that this show is really embracing how completely bananagrams its story and world have become, and i’m OK with that

and i acknowledge that with a greatly convoluted plot comes great responsibility to explain that convoluted plot to casual viewers

but i would love it if 90% of all ensemble scenes these days did not consist of characters explaining the plot to one another. just cut in to the moment after they’ve already gotten each other up to speed and get on with it.

maybe try a star wars scroll at the start of every episode or something

Topi’s Daily Card #534:  Amulet of Vigor

Not the hot artifact it used to be in Modern thanks to the banning of Summer Bloom, Amulet of Vigor is still an interesting artifact with an unseen anywhere else mechanic.  Anything that enters tapped will essentially be untapped, leading to interesting interactions with things like of course the Ravnica Bounce lands, Reassembling Skeleton, Nevinyrral’s Disk, and most interestingly to me, Thawing Glaciers.  There’s a bit of a silly combo with the last card.  Thawing Glaciers becomes near all upside to find whatever basic land you want and you get it untapped, and with the enchantment Burgeoning, you could in theory do it every turn that your opponents play a land while this silly three card combo is out.  Ramping every player’s turn is a dream, but it’s a little silly to do that, but still really cool.  Amulet of Vigor does have used in EDH, mostly for speeding up decks with a lot of tap lands, but the couple combos listed here and you’ll find elsewhere can be wonderful surprises for you… And not so wonderful surprises for your opponents.