Peridot - Steven Universe (SPEEDPAINT) -

Hello guys! I’m glad to finally show y’all one of the pieces I did for @oversoundvoltronzine!!! Hope you like it! It was a pleasure to work with a lot of talented artists and writers, and I’m very happy with the final results :D

Here you can also find a speedpaint of this piece.

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I feel like being able to watch Xizaya work on their masks would be soothing. Just me?

It’s not just you, it’s soothing for EVERYONE INVOLVED !! He’s actually started up a grubTube channel where it’s just full of process videos of him painting and/or making masks. Ofc he never shows HIS face in the video but y’know. It’s some nice stuff.

Painting videos paired w/80s synthwave or Cosmic Split’s stuff. He’s too shy to record any voice overs for his vids rn tho, but HEY at least there’s text off in the corner for those that wanna see his thoughts whilst working on the piece in said vids.


Hey guys check out my sweet vid
✨S.U SPEEDPAINT - Rainbow Quartz 2.0!✨
Well what'dya know? Its Rainbow 2.0! --- I. Loved. The. New. Steven. Universe. So. goddamn. much. Please enjoy this speedpaint I did of my new favorite fusio...

What’dya know? Its Rainbow 2.0! 


Made another speed paint

Just wanted to share this watercolor illustration that will be used as a book cover for the paperback version of 「江の島ねこもり食堂」(Enoshima Nekomori Syokudo). This is a novel published in Japan. 

You can see how I painted this in a video I made:

Technical stuff: 

  • Paper: HOLBEIN Waterford White 300g/m cold press cotton paper 
  • Sketch: Procreate / iPad PRO 
  • Line: Mitsu-bishi Hi-Uni Pencils 
  • Colors: my main 48 colour Schmincke set

And this is how the image works as the part of the actual cover (I received the sample book today):