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guizmop replied to your postHi! This might be weird but do you know the song…

If it’s the gay flute song anon is talking about it’s called A Nation of Thieves i think. But I don’t remember what was playing during the maxanne scène i was too busy crying si my answer might be totally unrelated :’)

“the gay flute song” omg. spectacular. fjslakfjkldsjfklsdjlfsdf.

so I think it’s like a nation of thieves but it doesn’t have the flute?!? so it may just be a variation or extended version or something related but I DON’T THINK I’VE EVER HEARD THAT PART ON ITS OWN UPLOADED ANYWHERE *strokes chin*

for some reason I assumed it was its own lil thing that transitioned into a nation of thieves when that plays in 2x05, because a nation of thieves begins with the flute-y part on the actual OST.

if anyone happens to see this and knows The Truth™ lemme know :’) fjdsalkfjsdklfjklasdjkfldsf.


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