get to know me meme: [3/5] favorite girl groups → F(x) (2009)

“Since their debut, f(x) has released four full-length albums, two extended plays, and one repackaged album. f(x) has been recognised for their experimental style and eclectic, electropop-based sound. They are one of the more recognized K-pop groups internationally, becoming the first K-pop act to perform at SXSW. Their acclaimed second album, Pink Tape, was the only K-pop album on US music channel Fuse’s ‘41 Best Albums of 2013’.”

Iam8bit’s Sequel 2 Show is up and running and this was my contribution!

The premise was to create a poster for a nonexistent prequel or sequel and I chose to continue a film franchise near and dear to my heart: Speed Racer.

Have you seen it? If not then you should. If you have then isn’t it dope!? The Wachowskis made such a beautiful film that I wanted to push the aesthetic with my fake movie poster. I also wanted to put enough into the poster that you’d ask “oh man what is this movie gonna be about?!” while still having a little mystery.  But the trailer would probably spoil everything anyway.

18x24 prints of the poster (as well as all the other artwork for the show) is available right here!

Happy Tuesday!


July 15, 1952: With the help of several tugboats, the S.S. United States entered the Hudson River after setting trans-Atlantic speed records to and from Europe. “The few thousands who turned out in the morning heat to watch the liner enter the harbor were astonished at the scars she bore — paint peeled from her slender black hull by wave friction as she averaged 34.48 knots in the 3,155 miles from Le Havre to New York,” The Times reported. Photo: Patrick A. Burns/The New York Times


Chronos 1.4 | Handheld High Speed Camera

The Chronos 1.4 is a professional handheld high-speed camera. It’s that advanced that it can handle a 1.4 gigapixel-per-second throughput.So, if you love slow motion as much as we do, then this is definitely a project that you want to back.