First performance with my band Infiltrator playing our original song This is War! Enjoy! ( i dont mind any constructive feedback )🤘👊 @infiltratorthrash on instagram 👍😊

Ride you like my Harley - Trixya - Chapter 4 - AnnieSantaWifey

A/N - AU world inspired by the TV show Sons of Anarchy. ‘Croweater’ is a term from the show that I forgot to explain before, it’s basically a girl that sleeps with the members of the club and is there only for that one reason.
Everything is told from Katya’s POV.

A/N 2 - The Russian words used in this chapter are; Doll, Princess and Fuck.

T/W - bad language, probably grammar mistakes, mentions of drugs, smut.

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Motorbeach Fest 2014


Heylook! A video about motorcycles that doesn’t include the words “Freedom” “Grandfather” “Craft” or “Honor”. And in focus, too. Unheard-of.

Don’t worry– It makes up for it with bunrnouts, and dick jokes.