Driving into and out of Toronto, Canada I notice a lot of cute signs over three days. Some others are:
someone loves you, drive with care
Life is precious, drive safely

Florida Cop Caught On Video Trying To Crush Biker Against Concrete Wall (VIDEO)

Florida Cop Caught On Video Trying To Crush Biker Against Concrete Wall (VIDEO)

A video uploaded to YouTube on Saturday claims to show a Florida State Trooper in an unmarked car nearly crush a biker against a concrete wall during what seems to be a pursuit — one that was abruptly canceled when the rider fled for his life.

“This Florida State Trooper in an unmarked Monte Carlo, attempts to pull over a motorcycle with a questionable technique. The resulting traffic stop…

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-Lights, Speeding

Rant time

“Slower Traffic Keep Right” is up there in the list of most misunderstood traffic signs. If someone wishes to overtake you and you are in the leftmost lane, please, please move over.

It is not only dangerous to overtake on the right, but also illegal in many places. Moreover, it encourages reckless driving since the speeding driver must weave from lane to lane in order to overtake traffic.

From an efficiency perspective, the “slower traffic keep right” logic allows for more consistent traffic flow.

I do not condone speeding. Speed limits are by no means suggestive, they are mandatory. However, the fact that someone chooses to engage in speeding behaviour is solely between themselves and the law. It has nothing to do with you.

The Germans have it working fine in an Autobahn context; it is also applied in France with similar results. Other countries’ drivers apply this logic properly and it’s stellar. North America, please understand.

There. I’m done with my rant.

it's a speedy kind of day.

Last night was abso-fucking-lately amazing, but it seems I’ve fallen behind in a million areas of my life I need to accomplish shit in. I have a bad feeling the 8 adderalls I have are going to be gone in a matter of hours.

Oh well…..