Boston Post, Massachusetts, June 5, 1921

In 1921 Bebe Daniels was cruising in her Marmon Roadster with current beau boxer Jack Dempsey (and her mother, chaperone for proprieties sake). When they crossed the into Orange County she was pulled over for speeding - she was going 56 ½ MPH. The judge in the case was notorious for giving steep fines to anyone going above the speed limit, as well as jail time for anyone going over 50 - and Bebe was no exception. She told the motorcycle officers at the scene that she’d been speeding because her radiator had sprung a leak, she wanted to get it fixed before more trouble ensued, but they didn’t buy it.. neither did the jury.

She was sentenced to 10 days in jail, although some critics were unimpressed when she was gifted a full bedroom set (including a rug and a phonograph) from a local furniture store for her Santa Ana cell, claiming that it looked like a boudoir scene from a movie. They also ridiculed the fact that her mother stayed with her for the majority of the term, and  weren’t impressed when she bragged about her guest book which she claimed had racked up 721 signatures from visitors while in the clink. On her first day in jail the judge who sentenced her welcomed her with a bouquet of roses. She was pretty upbeat about the whole thing though, telling the sheriff that “This is a comfy little place, anyhow. It will be sort of a quiet vacation.”

Judge Cox later fined former Secretary of the Treasury and future California Senator Williams Gibbs McAdoo and his son, William Jr, separately for speeding in his jurisdiction within a week of each other. 


Arnold Benz Motor Carriage, 1896. The first car to ever receive a speeding ticket. The driver, Walter Arnold, was travelling at 8mph – four times the speed limit – and was caught by a policeman on a bicycle. The law at the time limited all cars to 2mph and required that they be led by a man on foot waving a red flag. But Walter, driving through Paddock Green in Kent, was doing neither. As a result he was convicted of speeding and forced to pay a shilling fine plus costs. It will be among other veteran cars at the Concours of Elegance which takes place at Hampton Court Palace, September 1-3

why the signs are in jail: pairs

aries + pisces: vandalising the skate park. they did some pretty great designs but pisces decided to write their full name and aries started kicking the trash cans around, alerting people around them. it didn’t help that it was only 8pm.

taurus + aquarius: poisoned the food at a restaurant because the owners were mean to them and the service was bad. taurus decided to eat a few goodies before leaving and proceeded be sick on the street whilst aquarius freaked out and went to to police for help.

gemini + capricorn: fraud. everything went to plan but then gemini decided to tell someone about it who told someone else about it who told the police. capricorn was pissed and decided to choke gemini and that’s when the cops walked in.

cancer + sagittarius: speeding on the highway. sagittarius was going 200 in their new sports car and the cops started following them in an epic chase. cancer freaked out and tried to stop the car and ending up almost killing the two of them.

leo + libra: shoplifting out of a high class store. libra uses their charm to talk to the security guard at the front whilst leo steals the goods and brings them out. what they didn’t expect were the security cameras since these two didn’t think things through.

scorpio + virgo: murdering the president. the plan was calculated and efficient. scorpio and virgo then turned on each other later on as they didn’t want any witnesses and were caught fighting by the police a few blocks away from the crime scene.