I had the pleasure of joining in on the conceptual process of newly-playable Skullgirls character, Eliza, made possible by the game’s amazing fanbase that funded the project on IndieGoGo!

Alex’s sick idea (both figuratively and literally) of Eliza and her parasite “Sekmhet” fighting with her blood inspired a bunch of great ideas from everyone. It reminded me of the Speedgrapher character Choji Suitengu who had a similar power, with more of an angelic theme to it. Eliza’s ancient Egyptian motif was lots of fun. I’m not sure if any of mine made it into the game, but getting to brainstorm with the other artists was a blast.

Look forward to playing as Eliza real soon!!

Is there a delicate way to break it to Carolyn that there have been huge advantages in camera technology since the large format days?

Edit: And yet she’s so inexplicably happy with the SpeedGraphic. “Speed.” “Graphic.”