I recently bought a Black DYE Rotor. This thing is perfect. Just like my I4 mask I wanted the best hopper available so I wont have to spend money on any other hopper. This is easily the best hopper on the marker today

The Rotor feeds at an amazing 50 BPS which to my knowledge is faster then any marker can shoot. It uses 3 AA batteries which makes the hopper lighter then most. It is also rumored that on 3 good batteries it will last 25 cases of paint. That’s 50,000 paint balls. The low profile egg shaped design is easy to clean and just looks sleek. The hopper holds 200 paint balls which is also more then most hoppers.

The rotor will also never chop a ball. Unless you put in broken paint you should never have to clean paint out of it. If there is paint in it or you just feel like cleaning it it required no tools to take it apart. NONE. You can take everything apart all the way down to the motor without using a tool.

There is a aftermarket board out there for around 80 bucks, but that is so unnecessary. It only makes the LED brighter and gives a few modes. Not worth the money. The rotor is perfectly fine the way it is.

Troubleshooting on field is a snap. On the bottom of the hopper is a trigger and when you pull it, it reverses the paint and unjam any thing that could have happened inside of it. That’s all you need to do.

It comes in all the same colors as the I4 masks plus a few more DyeCam colors. The retail price is 190.99-199.95 (I got mine for 175.00)

Hopper rating: 11/10

Reason: This hopper is everything you could ask for and more. No problems with it at all. If you would like you could put a Speed feed on it. Only change worth while.

I put a click through link on the picture if you want to purchase.


➢ Wolfgang West
DOB: 22 April 1979
ID #: 116661
Preferred pronouns: he/him/his
Sexuality: Up to player
Harvests completed: N/A
Current Position: Compound Leader


Armed: Yes

  • Colt M4A1 Carbine - Assault Rifle
  • IMI Desert Eagle Mark XIX Pistol
  • Ka-Bar Knife - Given to Daxon
  • H&K MP5/40 Sub machine gun
  • Mossberg 500 Special Purpose Shotgun with Speedfeed Stock
  • Mk 141 Mod 0 Hand Grenades (flash-bangs)
  • ASEK 91-164-Q Knife


Proficient in:

  • Firearms [EXPERT] Hand to Hand [EXPERT]
  • Knives [ADVANCED] Explosives [ADVANCED]


Born and raised in New York, New York to an alcoholic mother and an damn near absent military father, Wolf learned from a young age that the only one he had to depend on was himself. His mother was practically useless and his father was too busy reliving the glory days and telling him to toughen up every minute of the day to pay the boy any real attention. When his mother passed away when he was just seven due to kidney failure, his father in a fit of rage up and moved the two out of Manhattan and into Queens where he raised him to be the man he is today.

Growing up with his father, Wolf grew to be cold hearted, unsympathetic, and at times unnecessarily cruel young man. With a string of suspensions, absences, fights, one night stands, and ex-girlfriends following behind him as he left High School, Wolf having no real career choice in mind decided to follow in his fathers footsteps and join the Navy. Enlisting right out of High School, it was only a year into his training when he received the message that his father had passed away. Having long since cut off connection with his father, the man’s death took no real toll on the young man.

With no family, friends, or real connections to slow him down, Wolf dedicated and focused only on being the best soldier he could be quickly rose through the ranks and by time he was twenty-three he was part of the SEALs program. During his SEALs training Wolf stationed in the USA met the woman who would later grow to become Daxon’s mother. Having an on and off relationship with the woman for a year and a half, Wolf on the verge of being shipped off else had sex with the woman once more before he left resulting in her becoming pregnant.

Somewhat keeping in contact with the woman during her pregnancy, Wolf did what he believed to be right and instead of requesting off time to be with her, instead had each and every paycheck of his shipped off to the woman so that she’d be financially well off during her mild ‘inconvenience’. When Daxon and his sister was due to be born, Wolf having been informed of the woman’s due date took off the day they were supposed to be born and hopped for the best not wishing to miss any extra days of his training because of a fickle thing like children. Lucky enough for the dedicated man, the babies arrived right on schedule, and Wolf was able to be there for the birth of his children. After taking their mother home the next day and leaving her with let another paycheck, Wolf was back to training and by time he was twenty seven he was officially part of SEAL Team six.

Continuing to rise though the ranks and barely making time for his family, Wolf by age thirty one had command over his own team. His squad soon grew to be his new family while his old one and his children were quickly forgotten about.

When the Virus hit, he and his team had been stationed in Washington. His commanders lost control of their units and Wolf and his team attempted to stay and help before being driven out of D.C. They looted as much as they could from their former command center before finding Ravenswood and taking over there. They secured the area, and Wolf appointed himself leader.


Wolf is a hard-ass. He’s a dick, he’s sarcastic, and he’s not known to take shit unless its from people he views as equal to him. Wolf spits on the weak and has no problem seeing them killed off as he believes a strong unit has the best chance for survival and above all he plans to survive. He’s not the most caring of leaders, but he looks out for his people and is willing to put himself on the line for them. He would never ask anybody to do something that he himself wouldn’t do. Many of the people at Camp know not to fuck with him, and many of them are scared of him but they do know that he can handle himself and safely keep them alive. When it comes to dealing with zombies they know they can trust him with their lives.



➢Status: Taken by Admin R
➢FC: Tom Hardy