Viktor/Yuuri Pixiv Comic Translation

Pixiv Artist: kotoko コトコ
Pixiv id: 59545205
Edit & Translation by: best-gangsta (kuro)
Rating: G

Who saw this coming? Everybody did
This is a fluffy comic about Viktor feeling jealous of how well(?) Yuuri and Yurio get along

*Open in new tab for larger image. If ya’ll want a DL link I’ll provide one. Enjoy!  

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Inktober day 23.

It’s just a magic trick…

My inktober tag

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Some mo’ making mufufuh


How I color hair + line art

Another Underrated K-Pop Group List (Male Edition)

I decided to make another underrated list because I was bored so here is a small list. There aren’t as many groups on this one, but I hope that you guys still enjoy it. I’ll make another girl group version of this as well.

  1. 100%- Better Day, Summer Hero, U beauty, Phone, Beat, Missing You, Want U Back, Guy Like MeStill Again, Bad Boy.
  2. Speed- What U, Look at me now, Zombie Party, Don’t Tease Me, Why I’m Not, Pain지독히도 가슴아픈 사랑, It’s Over,  슬픈약속.
  3. HALO- Fever, Come On Now, Surprise, While You’re Sleeping, Mariya.
  4. JJCC- At First, One Way, Fire, On the Flower Bed, Where You At, Insomnia, Tonight.
  5. N.Flying- Awesome, Lonely
  6. MYNAMEHello & Goodbye, Just That Thing, Baby I’m Sorry, Day by Day, too so very MUCH, Just Tell Me
  7. HOTSHOT- Take a Shot, Midnight Sun, Watch Out, I’m a HOTSHOT.
  8. Cross Gene- La-Di Da-Di, Sky High, For This Love, Amazing-Bad Lady, Shooting Star,  Not a Boy Not Yet a Man, Play With Me, I Know You Noona
  9. High4- Not Spring, Love, or Cherry Blossoms, A Little Close, Headache, Day by Day, Baby Boy, Dead or Alive
  10. BIGSTAR- Hot Boy, Thinking of You, I Got That Feeling, Run and Run, Standing Alone, Fullmoon Shine.
  11. 24K- Hurry Up, Secret Love, U R So Cute, Hey You, Super Fly, Still 24k, Bingo.
  12. BIGFLO- Delilah, Bad Mama Jama, Obliviate.
  13. FTIsland- Take Me Now, Severely, Pray, Puppy, Madly, Hello Hello, I Wish, Like Birds.
  14. CNBlue- I’m a Loner, Love, Intuition, Love Girl, Still in Love, Hey You, I’m Sorry, Can’t Stop, Cinderella, You’re So Fine.
  15. NU’EST- Face, Action, Not Over You, Sandy, Sleep Talking, Fine Girl, Good Bye Bye, I’m Bad, Overcome, Love Paint, Daybreak.

Once again, feel free to add other groups to the list!
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Animals are notoriously good at magic :)

Have a beautiful day everyone

The Young Avengers and Jessica Jones

From Left to Right = Wiccan (Billy Kaplan), Hulkling (Teddy Altman), Speed (Tommy Shepherd), Jessica Jones, Hawkeye II (Kate Bishop), Stature (Cassie Lang), Patriot (Elijah Bradley) and Vision II