speed work


Chicago W7D2 - SPEED 8x600

Phew, this was a hot one!! I ended up driving to the next town over to use a track there, and it was SO much easier than my debacle last week. So worth the 20 minute drive.

Once I got done with the warm up and through the first two intervals, I was not feeling the best. It was hot, around 90, and I was definitely feeling it. Luckily, three high school girls showed up to do some run/walking it appeared, and the distraction was very welcome!

I told myself each interval to just keep moving. It didn’t have to be the fastest, but just keep going forward. All things considered, I’m super happy with this workout! I wanted to quit so badly after the second interval, but I kept going, kept pushing, and eventually they were done!

Another speed work session done! Excited for Wednesday rest day tomorrow :)


One of those rides where it’s raining, geese are throwing themselves at you, old boys in Lycra weaving in front of you and motorists are hating on you purely because two wheels is evidently bad! Oh well, it was a rapha day, and because it was raining I got I wear a cap! There’s nothing like a cap :)


Chicago W6D2 – SPEED 12 x 400

First speed work day was yesterday! I always dread this workout because I know how long it is and since it’s the first one I know it will be tough.

Even starting this workout was a fiasco. Yesterday for work it was our “day of action” where we help out in the community. My team’s task was to pull weeds at a middle school and high school. It was fun! But hot!! I spent all day outside sweating and bending over/kneeling, so I wasn’t sure how my body was going to handle this workout to begin with. But after I sat at home for a little in the a/c, I drove to the middle school close to my house. I found out they lock that track -_-

So I drove to the high school track where I’ve run before. I saw that the gate was open from the parking lot, so I grab my stuff and walked over. Only to find out that they are completely redoing the track this summer so it’s not runnable -_-

SO I then headed over to the final middle school/track available, and the cross country team was using it. POOP. But, at least I know that one is available for next week!

But while all this searching was going on, I noticed the skies were darkening and a storm rolling in. So I decided to just wait the storm out and run later. While I waited I went to the grocery store, only to come out about an hour later to the storm not even starting yet! Gahhhh. I was worried I’d have to abandon this workout all together.

But I went home, made a small dinner since I was starving at that point, and watched it storm. It cleared up just before 8, so I headed out finally!

I decided since it was so late, to just run around my neighborhood. My neighborhood is very small, only about 3x4 blocks, but I knew it was about a quarter mile end-to-end, so figured it would work perfectly (even if my neighbors may think I’m crazy now!). I headed out for a warm up mile and left a water bottle in my driveway for water breaks.

I felt surprisingly good on my warm up mile, so that gave me some optimism. I headed out for my first repeat and it went okay! It was tough, and I quickly remembered the various speed work feelings. It was actually nice running in my neighborhood, because it was more of an out-and-back feeling, so it was easier mentally for me to think just 6 of those, rather than 12 repeats. The only downfall was the “out” portion of it was just slight uphill. I could definitely feel it going that direction (and you can see the slower pace in the light grey repeats). But that meant I had a slight downhill coming back, so I think it evened out just fine!

Overall this workout was tough, but I got it done! I was nervous that for some reason or another, I wouldn’t be able to do it. I was so happy when I got to the final two repeats. And the fact that my last one was the fastest is great! I really pushed! I was just really nervous for this work out, thinking I’d lost so much fitness, but this was a great reminder that I am still capable, all I have to do it believe in me and push myself!

Successful first speed workout for this plan! I’m super happy I was able to get it done and that I felt good about it :)


Indy Mini W6D2 - SPEED 12 X 400

Target pace: 8:00
Actual pace: 8:00

There was a “real feel” of 9, 17 mph winds, and flurries after work. Treadmill!! I didn’t really want to do this run on a treadmill, but I felt like I didn’t really have a choice.

SO I did a 1.5 mile warm up, 0.25 at 7.5 mph, recovery of ~0.20 walking/jogging, repeated 12 times, then did a 1.25 mile cool down run and 0.25 walk!

I was nervous to do the repeats at 7.5 mph; I thought I couldn’t hang. Turns out I can! I felt tired and wanted to quit towards the end, but I didn’t! I stayed strong and kept checking each one off and soon enough I was done! Once I got half way through I felt much better. I stopped and restarted the treadmill because it has an hour time limit and I didn’t want it to shut off on me.

I’m veryyyy happy with how this went! A strong start to speed work :)

I hope you all had good Tuesday’s! :)

Thank you body -- for continuing to AMAZE ME!!!

Ventura Half Marathon Training - W1 D3 – 5 x 400’s

As I posted earlier, every. single. muscle. in my body was feeling the DOMS pain from the last two days…but race training waits for no one and being sore is part of the plan…

I loaded up my Garmin with a 5 x 400 training plan starting with a .25 jog and then the .25 run, alternating until I had 5 x 400 plus one cool down lap!

I am REALLY HAPPY with the results!!

I honestly cannot tell you how AMAZING it felt to be sooo consistent in my splits, especially for the 400 runs!! 

So, thank you body, for continuing to surpass my wildest expectations and showing me that I am more capable than what I am willing to believe!!!



Last week I destroyed my legs. I had a decent speed workout but it was the first speed workout I’ve done in a long time (maybe a year, maybe longer), and I think I over did it. To be honest I’m unsure of whether I should approach 400m repeats from my general fitness and usual running pace (so doing them faster) or based on a realistic marathon pace (so doing them slower; but still faster than marathon pace). I think 8 repeats was too many for the first time out on the track in so long and I think I could have done them a little slower, especially given the heat. 

On Saturday I ran 4 miles at 7am, then I went to yoga ball pilates. There was a substitute teacher and I did not get the flowy stretchy class I was anticipating. I got a substitute boot camp robo-instructor who had us doing 3 reps of things we had never done and then showed us how to make it more challenging. I was all shaky arms and legs. And then I went swimming in the river at my friend’s house. And then my husband and I hacked away at sod and rocks and fill to dig out the slab of our house so we can insulate it. I felt like I did a mini-triathalon. 

On Sunday it was raining and I did my scheduled 14 mile long run. It poured at mile 1.5. I carried that weight in my shoes and clothing the rest of my run. As usual I had lots of hills, but I also had a long period of downhill; two straight miles. Overall my pace came out at 8:59/mile. I have been working on slowing my long runs down to 9:00-9:30 (staying on the lower end though) pace and I should have tried harder on this run given the rain and my other workouts. While my run felt pretty good overall (I tried those extra salt shot blocks for the first time) I didn’t take any time to stretch afterwards. I know that is a huge no-no especially with the weather and conditions of my run, but there was only so much time to get other things done. 

On Monday my legs were stiff and sore and my muscles were visibly swollen (to me anyway). I took a rest day and that night I took an epsom salt bath. The next morning I did a 3 mile light jog before work. My legs are finally starting to feel better. 

Friday I’m supposed to hike Mt. Katahdin. That hike always destroys my legs in a big way. I’m leaving the option open to not do a long run the same weekend, although I am secretly hoping I will be able to get a slow 16-miler done on Sunday. 

Otherwise I feel good. My mind feels good, my body is adjusting and changing, and I’m trying to stay on top of the usual tightness and stiffness. I am not expecting this to be a big record breaking race for me, but I’m hopeful that I will get through it with some comfort. Honestly, I’d like to just not suffer through it like I did last time, and like I did my last marathon last May, but still post a respectable time. At least I can count on not having 85 degree heat and humidity in mid-October. I told someone recently I would rather be fairly comfortable throughout the whole race than to suffer the whole time and post a slightly faster time.


Indy Mini W7D2 - SPEED 8 X 600

Target pace: 8:00
Actual pace: 7:59

Decided to tough out the cold tonight and ditch the treadmill. It wasn’t even that cold (~30) and I warmed up quick so I felt good the whole time! I also decided to do these just around the neighborhood near my house. The streets are pretty grid like, so it was easy to navigate and I was worried about snow on the track.

After a 1.5 mile warm up I started my first repeat. I was slightly discouraged with how hard it felt! But I used my recovery (which I made 2:30 with 1:30 walk and 1:00 jog) to regroup. The second repeat felt so much better! I was very happy!

After about half way through I was tiredddd though. My legs felt heavy and my breathing was heavy during the repeats. But I just kept telling myself to dig deep, stay strong, and that I can do it. And I did it!

I took my phone out before the last repeat to take a snap of some deer and my phone decided it had enough of the cold and shut down. Womp! THANK GOD it was before the last one though! I knew I could do it without music since it was the last push. If it had died earlier I would have been very sad to run without my music.

Overall I’m very very very happy with this workout! I pushed HARD and wanted to quit, but I didn’t! I kept moving, pumped my arms when my legs wanted to quit, and kicked ass for this workout. I feel very pleased and proud and am very excited for my rest day tomorrow :)

And you get a picture of Simba butt. He loves to be held/carried around on my left shoulder. Such a silly kitty :)

I hope everyone had good Tuesday’s!! :)

W14D2: 4 x 1200 (5:43 target)

Such long intervals. I had 0 excuses not to do these this afternoon, so I made it happen.

The only big flaw of this run was I’m still congested, and there were some snot problems. My lungs weren’t exactly happy, but by interval 4 I felt slightly better. The first interval was slow cause of where I was running and not effort. The other 3 were much closer to what I want. I wish I was hitting the numbers, but being consistently in the 7:40’s is progress.

We returned to our real office today, and now I completely am freaking out about every little issue with the building. Considering a 15,000 lb concrete panel fell, I’m not being entirely irrational. It even made the Chicago Tribune. On the bright side, it was nice to be back at my desk.

Last Night's Run: Speed Work Tuesday

I don’t know if I have ever been so happy to participate in speed work. Earlier in the day I had a wonderful physical therapy session. My therapist spent a lot of time manipulating my pelvis to get it back into proper alignment. It hurt while she was doing it, but I left feeling better than I have in weeks; because of that, I got my hopes up that my run that evening would be a good one. I’ve come to like speed work more over time, but last night I was unnaturally happy about being out there. Sometimes all it takes is one week off of running to remind you how much you love it.

On the schedule were HILL REPEATS. My weakness. Our workout was:

  • 2.3 mile warm up (to the hill)
  • 1 minute up the hill with good effort x 5, easy back down
  • 1.8 mile cool down (short cut back to the store)

It ended up being 5 miles total. Here’s my splits:

Each uphill split is squared in red. On the first repeat I forgot to press the lap button on my watch until I was partially back down the hill, so that one is a little off. I also accidentally lapped during the cool down, so it’s mistakenly split in two.

Overall I feel great about my performance. Amazingly, my hip felt FINE! *angels singing* I was so happy about that I don’t think I even realized how tired I was, which is obvious to me now because my uphill splits got slower each time. Usually with hill repeats I’m a big wimp and take long breaks after each one, but with these I just went straight up, walked a little at the top to catch my breath, straight down, and then straight back up again. Near the end of the cool down my hip started to feel a little off, but nothing as terrible as it’s been the last few times I’ve ran. My next scheduled run is an easy 6-7 on Thursday. I have therapy that day as well, so I have high hopes that the run will go well.

I felt minor pain when I made it home, and made sure to stretch and do the exercises that my PT has given me. Today I feel a little off, but still improved from what it has been. Whatever she did to me yesterday must have really been what my body needed! I’m a happy girl.

Swamp Rabbit Half Marathon Training: W9D2
20 minutes warm-up, 3x800 (8:49 pace; 400 recoveries), 10 minutes cool-down

This was a damn good one. Strong from start to finish. So glad I coerced Michael into driving me to campus.

Because neither rain, nor sleet, nor HIIT-shredded quads, nor mainlining The Fall will stand in the way of knocking out all of my remaining training.

SO LAST NIGHT i made a biiig big mistake while doing that gabe/loki thing and to do something i had changed the canvas to a low resolution


and did two pages like that

for some reason it never clicked in my brain that something was wrong until 2AM

SO along with the other members of the household streaming netflix tonight, and me catching up with the lost pages, i think i’m gonna postpone the stream again! but i’ll have one again soon for sure

to make up for it have some topless freshly-vesseled gabe