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Build Your Own HIIT Routine


Choose 3 exercises from the Upper Body and Lower Body, 2 exercises from the Core and 7 exercises from Cardio. Mix and match exercises s that a cardio exercise follows a strength exercise. Do each exercise for 1 minute before moving to the next move. Repeat routine up to 3 times for a complete body HIIT workout.

Upper Body (Choose 3):

1.       Push-ups

2.       Bicep curls

3.       Tricep dips

4.       Upright standing rows

5.       Kettlebell renegades

6.       Kettlebell sumo high pulls

7.       Lateral raises

8.       Shoulder press

9.       Overhead tricep extensions

10.   Reverse fly

Lower Body (Choose 3):

1.       Pile squats to calf raise

2.       Goblet squats

3.       Reverse lunges

4.       Walking lunges

5.       Kettlebell swings

6.       Deadlifts

7.       Pulsing squats

8.       Side lying leg raises

9.       Donkey kicks

10.   Curtsy lunge to side leg lift

Core (Choose 2):

1.       Plank

2.       Side plank

3.       Reverse crunch

4.       Russian twists

5.       V-ups

6.       Bicycle crunches

7.       Supermans

8.       Spidermans

9.       Frog crunches

10.   Downward dog leg pull

Cardio (Choose 7):

1.       Burpees

2.       Mountain climbers

3.       Jumping jacks

4.       High knees

5.       Speed skaters

6.       Tuck jumps

7.       Sprint

8.       Hesimans

9.       Diamond jumps

10.   High knee jog

Olivarry Week 2017 | Day Two | Memory Loss AU

It’d started out almost funny, if only because he’d never seen Oliver look so wide eyed and bewildered before. And laughing was a good deal better than crying like he honestly wanted to the moment Oliver looked at him with a puzzled expression and asked, point blank, “And you are?”

He clasped his hands behind his back of course, hiding his wedding ring - their rings, oh man, he didn’t think he could stop wearing it, he could hardly stand to take it off to shower - and gave the man an encouraging smile.

“We’re… friends,” Barry went with, because there was no way it’d go over well they were together, let alone married, right now. “We’ve been very close friends the past couple years.”

Oliver’s brows furrowed in disbelief and confusion, which was cute enough to soothe the sting of heartache he felt. “Are you sure?” he asked after a long moment of looking Barry up and down. “Tommy is my best friend. No offense… whoever you are, but I don’t see how I could do that to him.”

If it was funny before, it certainly wasn’t now. Barry kept smiling, because there was no way he was going to tell Oliver his best friend had been dead for years. Though it did give him a bit of insight as to where Oliver’s mind had regressed to and that was something he could work with.

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My Idol: Part Twenty

My Idol
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My Idol is a South Korean competitive reality dating game show. It currently airs on Wednesday nights on Jae-bummer’s blog. First broadcast in 2016, the show offers the opportunity for a lucky fan to go on seven blind dates with seven idols. The idol plans the date with the show throwing in specific missions to complete during the day. At the end of the initial dates, the show opens up an audience vote to decide what three idols will move on to the second date.

Part 1 - Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - Part 5 - Part 6 - Part 7 - Part 8 - Part 9 -
Part 10 - Part 11 - Part 12 - Part 13 - Part 14 - Part 15 - Part 16 - Part 17 -
Part 18 - Part 19 - Part 20 - Part 21 - Part 22

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Rewritten, Chapter 25: The Final Battle

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Link had been in Hyrule Castle once before, however briefly, and was not excited to revisit. But with the sword and some newfound faith in himself, he had no choice but to continue with the momentum he’d gained in the last few days. There was no stopping now. He could feel time running out, and he had to get to Zelda… had to bring everything, as much as could be done, back to normal.

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Eric tells you that Dylan has a huge crush on you, and then Eric sets up a date for the two of you

Thanks for the request! i hope you enjoy!

“Y/n, wait up!” You hear a familiar shout echoing down the hall, along with the sound of boisterous footsteps. You turn to see Eric sprinting at full speed with his books tucked underneath his arms.
“What’s so urgent?” You chuckle, as he stops to bend over, catching his breath. He looks behind him as if something horrible were chasing him, while he gasps for air.

“He’s going to get so mad at me for this,” Eric chuckles, clapping his hands together in amusement. You instantaneously become curious, not having the slightest clue what Eric was mumbling about.
“Who’s going to be mad?” You question, staring down at him in confusion. He stands upright and ushers you to walk down the hall with him, glancing behind him quickly.

So, I was just talking with Dylan,” Eric explains, picking up speed as he rounds a corner at the end of the corridor. He stops abruptly, placing both of his hands on your shoulders, squeezing a little. You stare at his face, waiting for him
to get to the punchline.
“And?” You catechize, your interest peaking.
“Well, he told me that he likes you, and I just had to tell you because I know he wouldn’t.” Eric explains, his voice piping up with excitement. You stare at him dumbfounded, beginning to blush.

“He really said that?” You inquire, looking at the ground while smirking. You couldn’t help but feel exceptionally elated at the revelation.
“Yeah, I had to come find you and tell you before he-”  He stops, looking over to his left in horror. “Shit,” he mutters under his breath.

Dylan stomps over, a look of anger etched onto his face.
“What the hell man,” he mutters through clenched teeth, towering over Eric. Dylan turns to look at you, his face softening while turning red. “What did he tell you?” He questions.

You look at the floor for a moment, a smile tugging at the corners of your lips at his embarrassment. Eric hangs his head low, attempting not to laugh.
“He told me that you like me,” you blush, smiling up at him. Dylan glances over to Eric, who doesn’t look up to make eye contact.

“Well,” Dylan begins, his shift gazing around the room nervously.
“For Christ’s sake, just ask her out!” Eric shouts in frustration, causing Dylan to jump. You stare up at him and wait for him to talk. His face flushes a deep shade of red, as he remains quiet and stares at his shoes. Eric looks to the both  of you in vexation.

“Good God,” Eric mutters under his breath, placing both of his hands on his hips. “If you aren’t going to do anything, I’ll just do it for you,” he declares, pointing at Dylan who now looks up from the floor in confusion.
“Six o'clock, Dylan’s picking you up, and the two of you can decide from there.” Eric looks at you, then swivels around to face Dylan. “You’re welcome.” He doesn’t say another word, but turns and walks in the other direction down the hall.

Dylan gulps and looks down at you, his hands beginning to shake. “I guess it’s a date,” he shrugs, a small smile forming on his lips. He doesn’t linger for you to say anything else, but takes off towards Eric until he catches up with him.
You turn around and begin to walk to class, overjoyed with excitement for tonight.

You look up at the ticking clock on the wall, peering out of the living room window with anticipation for Dylan to arrive. His car pulls up to the drive, the headlights dimming as he parks. Your stomach churns in apprehension, as you collect your belongings and sprint out of the door.
He sits in the car, with his head hung low, looking down at his lap. He jumps once you open the car door and slide inside.

“Hey,” he smiles coyly, his hands shaking as he fumbles with his keys. You smile at him and buckle your seat belt, looking forward to what he has in store for the night.
He looks behind him as he cautiously backs out the drive, avoiding the mailbox and trashcan on the curb. He begins to accelerate down the street, keeping his eyes firmly on the road.

“So what’s the plans for tonight?” You question, placing an elbow on the console and smiling up at him. His muscles relax as he grins, becoming more comfortable.
“Well, I thought we would go explore.” He answers, shrugging a little. You giggle and relax in the seat, staring at the sky as it begins to shift into darker colors. The two of you begin to talk, which immediately turns into jokes and laughter, the awkwardness evaporating from the air.

Soon, the amazing and breathtaking view of the metropolitan lights come into view, sparkling and twinkling all around the car.
“Where are we?” You utter, peering out of the car window and into the night. Dylan chuckles, slowing down the speed of the vehicle.
“This is Denver,” he replies, gesturing his hand around. He smiles at your awestruck expression, realizing you’ve never been to the city before. He drives into a dimly lit parking garage, and finds a spot.

The two of you walk around downtown Denver, his arm draped around your shoulders, pulling you close to avoid the cold breeze of the night. You both stop at different places, collecting artifacts and souvenirs as you tread along, laughing at each other joke around. A new sensation washes over you upon watching Dylan give a few dollars to a homeless man on the street, his gratitude heart wrenching. You can’t help but to feel alive in this moment, as you explore a new place you’ve never been before with a person you’ve come to admire and appreciate.

“You know what?” Dylan speaks after a while of comfortable silence, looking up into the sky.
“What?” You smile, stopping in the middle of populated sidewalk, staring up at him. He looks down in admiration, a grin plastered onto his face.

“I should really thank Eric for doing this,” he murmurs, beginning to chuckle.
“Me too,” you agree, leaning in closer and draping your arms around his neck. Without another word, he bends down and plants one small kiss on your lips and lingers close to your face for a moment. You open your eyes and giggle at him, and the two of you stand together, saying nothing, but just looking up at the stars.

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*Jumps nearly six feet, startled out of his plating. He padded around in the snow, looking out for who and what hit him when he spotted the tiny medic. Plotting his revenger, he bounded through the snow leaving a trench in his wake, only to use his speed and tuck his head, aiming to barrel straight into her.* 

An excerpt from the zoological text The Hunter’s Encyclopedia of Animals (First Edition).

CHAPTER II: An overview of the Moga lagiacrus

The Moga lagiacrus (Heres jormungandrii) is a large, predatory, euryhaline reptile and the sole species in the family Armutonitridae. It is informally known by a plethora of names, the most common being lord of the sea, lagia, and sea wyvern. The lagiacrus is the largest of all marine, brackish, and riparian reptiles, reaching a weight of 19 tons and 24 meters in length. These ectotherms are extremely sensitive to cold and are found exclusively in tropical climates, dispersed throughout the South Elde seas and coastlines. On land, the lagiacrus is capable of short bursts of speed at a “belly walk” of 15 mph, coupled with quick, agile torsions of its elongated body; in water, the lagiacrus has been observed swimming at 32 mph, although when cruising it will reduce its speed to a lethargic 6 mph.

Originally, lagiacrus were estimated to live 50 years, based on measurements of lamellar growth rings in bones and teeth. It was later suggested that these measurements may be an inaccurate way of gauging age. Lamellar rings reflect changes in growth rates, which correlate directly with the timeframe of wet/dry season transitions. The inaccurate reliance on seasonal changes and the fact that the innermost rings degenerate with time suggest an underestimation of age. A revised longevity is upward of 70 years.

The lagiacrus is a solitary hunter that frequents both demersal and pelagic habitats, patrolling the reefs and intertidal zones of coastlines. Lagiacrus are known to swim inland as well, and lurk within brackish mangrove swamps or freshwater jungles further upriver. Breeding takes place during the end of the dry season, in which the polygynous males mate with as many females as they can. They are apex predators, regularly killing and consuming any individual that wanders into their territory.

The seas of South Elde have been high-trafficked waters for thousands of years. Merchant ships passing blithely through the territories of lagiacrus were often sunken. Early Guild cartographers would depict horned leviathans mantled in lightning, with the oldest known examples of these maps dating back almost 3000 years. Indigenous peoples of the Moga Archipelago developed techniques for hunting and tracking lagiacrus thanks to centuries of cohabiting the same islands. One such technique involves chumming around the piers, conditioning local sharq populations to regularly visit the area. Sharqs are highly electroreceptive fish capable of perceiving the electric fields given off by lagiacrus. Upon detecting the lagiacrus, the sharqs flee, and thus act as an early warning system for the people of Moga. The lagiacrus is seen as a harbinger of earthquakes, maelstroms, and famine, with at least an eighth of all known shipwrecks attributed to it. Harbor and port towns such as Tanzia specialize in delicacies prepared from grilled and braised tails.

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So, its still your birthday over there, right, thetourguidebarbie? So, as requested, Your Royal Highness of Smut:

Klaus finally gets up the courage to inform Caroline that her bad habit annoys him. She scoffs and rolls her eyes and the next morning he wakes up to a stick figure drawing of him and a horse on his bedside table.

Let this fulfill your fluff quota for the day! Is it fluff though? There’s no smut so it must be fluff! Enjoy :)

“If you take this street on the right, we can hit the highway at an interchange earlier,” Caroline suggested, pointing at the road she was talking about without looking up from her phone where she had been consulting the GPS app.

“There’s more traffic on that road,” Klaus immediately rebuked.

She scoffed at his bored tone, locking and dropping her phone into her lap before peering out of the windscreen to see the constantly moving traffic in front of them. “Not at 9 in the evening,” she pointed out.

“Sweetheart, I have been driving in this area for years. I have lived here even before the roads were laid for cars. I know where I’m going,” Klaus insisted with a tired sigh, offering her a half-hearted (and slightly sarcastic) smirk when he glanced over at her.

“I never said you didn’t, just that you can cut the journey time by a couple of minutes,” Caroline said softly, placatingly, yet with an edge to words to show she wasn’t backing down from her opinion. She met his eyes with a raised brow, challenging him to argue.

Which, of course, he did. “I assure you, I will cut those couple of minutes regardless,” he said smugly, already changing the gear and speeding past the street she had wanted to take without a second look. If it wasn’t for his impeccable reactions and spacial awareness, she would be gripping onto the leather armrests of his luxury four wheel drive.

“I hate it when you over-speed,” she grumbled nonetheless, tucking her phone away into her purse and sitting back petulantly.

“And I hate it when you backseat drive,” Klaus added without missing a beat.

“Well, excuse me for trying to get home quicker so we could maybe enjoy a nice bath before bed,” Caroline huffed, stretching out her arms in front of her with an exaggerated groan as if to emphasise her need for relaxation. Like they hadn’t just spent two days away from New Orleans to go visit a witch three hours away, spending only about a tenth of their time away with him (and the rest together).

“I’m sorry, I didn’t realise the the two extra minutes was a make-or-break factor for having a bath,” he retorted as he made the turn onto the highway, where he picked up the speed once again.

“Your sarcasm is not appreciated,” Caroline remarked, unconsciously curling her feet closer to the seat in reaction to the lights speeding past them as he wove in and out of the vehicles in front of them. She might trust his skills, but even the years with him  weren’t enough to take out the fear her mother had instilled in her when she had first gotten her learner’s permit. “And you’re officially uninvited from my bath.”

She pretended she didn’t see him roll his eyes in reply.

The lavender scented bubbles were on their last dregs with the water only lukewarm after the hour she had spent in the bath. It was a good thing she was impervious to feeling hot or cold because, even though her skin was slowly starting to wrinkle up at the extremities, she had no motivation to move.

Until Klaus’ voice cut through the silence, indicating his arrival back into their quarters of the house from meeting with Elijah to catch up with what had occurred in his city whilst they were away.

Caroline! How many times do I have to ask for you to keep the curtains in my studio closed whenever we leave for a few days?”

His words were tinged with clear irritation, and she could practically see him in her mind’s eye; jaw clenched and hands repeatedly furling into fists to keep himself from acting out. A small smile played on her lips at the image (he might be pissed, but it was still a hot look) as she sunk slightly more into the water.

“I must have forgotten, sorry,” she called back, not having to raise her voice much to know he would hear with both his hybrid hearing and the echo of the marble bathroom.

“Perhaps next time you can simply leave it be when I have prepared it,” Klaus muttered indignantly, the sounds of heavy velvet curtains being drawn closed with a quick whoosh and the scraping of two easels against the wooden floors providing the background to his words.

Realising she wouldn’t be getting much quiet time after that, Caroline resigned herself to ending the bath by tugging the plug out with the dexterity of her toes and savouring every last moment she could of the water as it swirled down the drain.

“It was only a couple of days, babe; surely it didn’t burn anything up in that time, right?” she replied, both defensively and in actual curiosity.

“Every second the art in the sun, it starts to fade,” he replied gruffly.

Pursing her lips at the sudden realisation of what her actions might have caused, she started to push herself out of the tub as she asked, slightly hesitantly; “Yeah, but it’s mostly your own work. Can’t you just, you know, touch it up or whatever?”

“No, Caroline, I can’t just ‘touch it up or whatever’. If I constantly kept restoring my work, I wouldn’t have time to create anything new,” Klaus answered condescendingly, a huff in his words that only made her shake her head

Wrapping the towel around her body after drying herself off, she climbed out of the tub and headed into the bedroom. “Fine, I’ll refrain from entering your studio from now on, ok?” she said in the general direction of where he was in the adjoining room.

“That’s not what I sai- You know what, never mind; do as you wish. I’ll just have to remember to check before we leave.” His tone indicated he was talking mainly to himself at the end; an endearing attribute of his which she had only discovered when she had moved in with him. She put it down to the fact that, after a thousand years, there was only so much his mind could store. The rest (the unneeded stuff) was said out loud as he thought and cast aside. “And to throw out your Diet Coke cans whenever you leave them behind… In my studio.”

Caroline had just about reached the closet when he entered the bedroom too, offending drink can (or three) in hand. Wincing at the sight of them (it was a recently addiction, which she was sure came from her attempt of trying to find an easier way to curb her vampire cravings in the city where fresh, human blood ran freely), she instead put on the most innocent face she could muster up at the look at pure annoyance on his face.

“What’s with the attitude, Klaus? You’ve been in a funk ever since we were heading back,” she asked as sweetly as she could, letting down and tousling her hair with her fingers. It was a clear-cut, tried and tested method; he fell for the ‘sweet, good-girl-next-door’ every time.

That was, when his mind wasn’t captivated on his art (or his anger towards it).

“I am not ‘in a funk’. I just need you to listen to me when I ask you to do certain things,” Klaus retorted slowly, holding her eyes with his narrowed blue ones. Biting her bottom lip to keep herself from arguing, Caroline nodded once and clutched lightly onto her towel as she continued on her way to get changed. She could hear him let out of long, heavy sigh, before uttering under his breath, “Such as this closet.”

Twirling around on her heel, she pointed a finger at him threateningly. The closet might technically be ‘theirs’ but it was her project. No-one organised like Caroline Forbes did, and if she had a walk-in closet the size of her childhood living room and kitchen put together, then so be it. And any criticism against it was a personal criticism against her.

“What’s wrong with the closet?” she asked, enunciating each word slowly and precisely.

“Must you rearrange it practically every month? Do you know how long it takes for me to find a simple top or a belt some mornings?” Klaus enquired, though she had a feeling that it was rhetorically. Mainly because she it was rare occasion when she was awake at the time he got ready.

“You could just ask me,” she replied in a haughty manner, turning around to retrieve her pajamas from the drawers which faced her side of the closet.

His footsteps were heavy yet quiet against the plush cream carpet, and she almost snapped at him to remove his dirty shoes when she spotted him doing so before she could get a word out,

“I have asked you,” he all but growled, dropping his shoes onto the floor with a thump, followed by the other before he began peeling his socks off.

“I thought you were just joking,” Caroline merely shrugged, tossing aside her towel as she pulled out a pair of clean panties and slipped them on; bending over to give Klaus a clear view of her ass.

She could feel the heat of his stare on her, yet was sorely disappointed when he remained on the other side of the chest of drawers, digging out his own pair of sleeping bottoms; frown lines still visible on his features even though his eyes had darkened considerably.

“I wasn’t,” he uttered, making her roll her eyes and pull on her own pajamas.

“Clearly,” she murmured to herself, though there were no delusions whether he would have heard it or not.

“And whilst we’re on the subject, sweetheart,” Klaus added, bare chested so she could see his toned muscles contract and move when he plucked out a top from the railing behind him. It was familiar and new; the tags were still on it and if she looked closer, she could see the same was true for the other items of clothing in the same section. “Please stop buying clothes for me and adding it to what I already have in hope I will suddenly wake up colourblind and decide to wear these monstrosities,” he spat out, cringing with the last word as he shook the top in question.

“Hey! I happen to like yellow! You would suit it; it’d make you look more relaxed,” she defended herself, placing a hand on her hip and waved the other at him from head to toe as if to prove her point. In his semi-naked form, it was hard not to see his tense stance under his smooth skin and lean form.

“Well, I do not,” he gritted out, pulling out the rest of the clothes (hangers still attached because no matter how riled up he was, they both knew he wouldn’t dare to face her wrath of crinkling the unworn and unwanted clothes). “And I don’t need to look relaxed, I need to look like me.”

“You could make yellow ‘you’ if you began wearing it,” Caroline suggested, hanging up her towel and taking a short-sleeved top out of his hands and admiring it. It had been an impulse buy on her last shopping spree (which was more or less a weekly occurance these days), having remembered how much she adored seeing her significant other in his sleeveless tops at home and not minding having more of it on a daily basis. “This is grey. You love grey.”

Placing the items in his hands onto the the top of the drawers, he shook his head exasperatedly. “Its a t-shirt,” he pointed out slowly.


Letting out a long sigh, Klaus ran a hand through his hair before settling with; “I’m not a fan.”

“But you have gorgeous arms,” she argued, crossing over to his side and running a seductive hand down his arm, squeezing his forearm gently when she reached it. The unimpressed look on his face told her he knew what she was playing at and that he wasn’t falling for it.  “Fine, no t-shirts or colours. Sorry for trying to inject a bit of light and change into your life,” she said sarcastically, adding the grey shirt to the rest of the pile and gathering them in her arms to place onto the small chair near the door so she would remember to put it into the refuse bin in the morning. If Klaus wasn’t going to get some use out of it, then she’d be damned if no-one else did.

“I have light and change in my life, but she’s trying to change my personal preferences without asking me and it’s becoming irritating,” he remarked from behind her, his words softer and more understanding as he spoke. A smile played on her lips at his words, turning to see him change into a pair of jogging bottoms and catch her eyes with a raised brow. “And she’s also messing up my artwork.”

“Right,” she said, slightly perturbed at her own actions. Titling her head to the side, she offered him an apologetic look as she tried, “Sorry?”

Klaus rolled his lips between his teeth before letting out a breath and nodding. “It’s fine. Just- Don’t do it again,” he simply said, throwing his clothes into the washing hamper on his way towards her.

“Duly noted.” Caroline smiled, patting his naked torso as she asked,  “Anything else you want to get off your chest?”

“Nothing I can think of, no,” he retorted dryly when she finally walked back into the bedroom and climbed into bed. He rub his brow with a thumb to smooth out his tension, much to her amusement.

“Well, I’ll be here all night if you do,” she insisted with a saccharine smile and scrunching up her nose cutely before tucking herself in.

Once again, she pretended she didn’t see him roll his eyes in reply.

Klaus woke up the next morning to the unusual feeling of emptiness. Not him, however, but the bed. There was no-one in his arms, and more importantly, there were no limbs entangled with his own or the light floral-vanilla scent that was simply Caroline invading his senses.

Cracking open an eye, he blinked repeatedly when the bright sunlight hit his sensitive sight, not use to the room being basked in the morning light when he was usually the one who would open the curtains.

Focusing on the sounds nearby, he melted into the bed onto his back at the familiar spray of the shower and the love of his life’s singing. He was never a fan of the modern pop culture (he was this close to trying to compel himself to forget the lyrics to another one of Taylor Swift’s songs, who Caroline adored), but hearing her sing about James Dean and tight little skirts made all the difference.

Pushing himself up lazily against the headboard, Klaus reached over to grab his phone from the bedside table to check for any messages when he spotted a rolled up piece of paper balancing precariously atop of it.

Frowning in confusion (he was sure he had put his sketchbook away without ripping out a page the night before), he grabbed it tentatively and opened it in his lap. The drawing was hastily done, yet he could see the concentration and the thought the artist (he used the word very lightly) had put into it.

He assumed the stick man with short spirals for hair was him, especially considering the frown Caroline had etched onto his face along with the black pants and grey short sleeved t-shirt he wore (Klaus refused to think about the state his pencil must be in after all the shading).

There was another stick figure next to the man, however, taking into account the four legs and the (rather) elongated nose, he assumed it was an animal. With large, cutesy eyes and a tail made of straight lines with the end flicked gently, realisation hit him with a huff of irritation.

A horse. She had tried (‘tried’ being the key word) to replicate the drawing he had so lovingly drawn and left for her after his mother’s ball back in Mystic Falls. Whereas his had been a near-perfect portrait of a brief moment in time they had both shared, hers was obviously an amature attempt to tease him further.

And as proof of her blatant plagiarism, she had even added his regurgitated words next to it in her own swirly handwriting.

‘Thank you for your (belated*) honesty. Caroline x’

Rolling his eyes before rereading the line, Klaus searched for whatever she had omitted and referenced to by the asterisk. It was only when he turned the paper around that he noticed the few lines in the top lefthand corner in her normal handwriting.

‘*Seriously, Klaus. Next time, just tell me you’re not joking or that you really don’t like what I bought you. I can handle it. Unless you want to spend the rest of your life being constantly confused by your own closet.’

Growling at the implication of her words, he called out without waiting for her to leave the shower, “You’re not funny!”

Her light laughter resonated around the bathroom and through the door, making him reluctantly smile at the sound of it. “Did you like my drawing?” she asked over the water, which had slowed down.

Turning it back to the to picture, he analysed it with a critical eye before giving her the answer she was obviously looking for. “Its amazing,” he deadpanned.

He could hear the gentle swoosh of the water being turned off and her grabbing her towel before the door creaked open. “The resemblance is uncanny, right?” Caroline played along, crossing her arms over her towel-clad body and leaning against the doorjamb. “You don’t even have to keep it out of the light, either!”

Caught ||S.W||

“Fuck, y/n.” Sammy groaned as he watched your head dip down your lips covering the bulge at his crotch that had formed a tent in his jeans. His hand swiftly traveled down the middle of your back and onto your stomach finally landing between your legs.

He wasted no time in pushing his hand down the front of your pants, bypassing your panties and going straight for your clit.  You carefully popped open the button on his jeans, taking your time with lowering his zipper making sure to have your knuckles brush up against his erection.  The sound of his groan filled your ears causing a wide smirk to spread across your lips.

You followed the familiar patterns of his fingers.  A few times over your clit, slowly spreading your lips before he finally dipped the tips of his fingers into your entrance only to pull them out quickly, repeating his actions.

Growing impatient, you went to push your hips down onto his fingers attempting to get them deeper inside of you.  In that exact moment the sound of the doorbell caught both of your attention.

“The guys must be here.” He rasped, slowly sucking his lower lip into his mouth.  You were too wet and too clouded with lust to put any thought into the words that were coming from his lips.  His soft, pink lips that you really should be kissing right now.

You slowly slid your hand up his bare torso onto his jaw, grasping it lightly in your hand to turn his head, quickly leaning up to cover his lips with yours.  A soft moan left your lips as you tilted your head to the side to get a better reach at his lips.  Unlike most kisses between the two of you, you gained dominance quite quickly.

Slowly pushing your tongue past his lips, and into his mouth.  You moved your tongue against his skillfully, pushing your body closer to his. Just when you thought he was going to give in to you, the doorbell sounded again.  Sammy pulled his lips from yours, starting to sit up on the bed.

“They’ll just go away.” You mumbled, sitting up on the bed moving your body up into his lap.  You brought your hand down underneath the hem of his boxers, running your fingers over his cock just lightly earning a growl from him.

You leaned up so your lips were right at his ear, “Common, daddy.  Take care of your baby girl.” You whispered hotly, pressing soft kisses against his earlobe after you spoke.

Both of his Sammy’s arms quickly went to wrap around your waist, pulling your body from his and tossing you down on the bed.  He moved quickly to have himself hovering over you.  Your hand stayed wedged between his skin and his boxers.

You couldn’t help but do a little victory dance in your head as his lips worked down the side of your neck.  Wrapping your full hand around his shaft, you granted him a few slow strokes.  He bit down on your skin in response, a muffled groan leaving his lips.

Three loud rings chimed through the house and up into his bedroom.  “What the fuck,” You cursed, tangling your fingers in Sammy’s hair in hopes he’d finally decide on ignoring them.  Wrong.  He began to pull his face from your neck, biting down on his lower lip gently as his eyes wandered over your features.

“They’re not just going to go away.” He mumbled, carefully untangling your legs from his nod and your hands from his hair.  “Later, princess. I promise.” You sighed deeply as Sammy stood from the bed, making an attempt to hide his boner as he reached for his phone.

You reached over the side of the bed for your shirt.  Quickly pulling the loose fabric of your head before grabbing the black t that laid next to it.  “Here.” You mumbled quickly tossing the shirt in his direction.  Sammy caught the shirt with no effort as he looked through something on his phone.

You made your way out of the room and down the steps into the living room.  Reaching forward you pulled the front door open, your eyes landing on the three boys you became familiar with in the past year.

“What took you guys so long?” Kenny questioned with an arched eyebrow. “Sammy was asleep and I was watching TV, I didn’t hear the doorbell.” You easily lied, letting them step into the house.

No one in your little group knew that you and Sammy were more than just friends.  They just assumed you were there so much because you were neighbors.  Which was only half true.  It wouldn’t be so hard to tell them that you two were a couple if you hadn’t gone out with Gilinsky when you first met them.

Your relationship with Gilinsky was barely even that, though.  You two didn’t have the whole ‘Will you be my girlfriend?’ 'Oh my gosh, yes!’ 'Our anniversary is this date right here,’ shit.  It was more of a 'We fucked on accident.’ 'Your pussy tastes good.’ 'Lets do this everyday.’ type of relationship.  That got old quick.

You had a real relationship with Sammy, though.  A good one too.  He just didn’t want Gilinsky mad at him for 'stealing’ his girl and you didn’t want to be known as a homie hopper.  Plus the secrecy was sort of fun.

Quietly you settled yourself down on the couch beside Nate, stealing the remote from his hands and flickering through the channels.  Just then Sammy walked down the steps, holding a water bottle in his left hand.

“Where’s Gilinsky?” He asked with a furrowed brow as he plopped down on the arm of Johnson’s chair.  “Somewhere with his sister,” Johnson answered smoothly.  You couldn’t help but eye Sammy from the other side of the room.

You could still faintly see the bulge in his pants, his cheeks were slightly flushed and his hair was standing up in all directions.  The sight of him like that was definitely not helping the fact that you still hadn’t gotten your release.

He had to be going through the same pain as you.  I mean, how could he not? You watched him as he leaned back against the couch, sliding his hand down the front of his jeans.  Just like he always did.

“What do you guys want to do?” Nate spoke up, glancing between the guys in the room.

“We could go down to the beach?” Kenny suggested.  No argument there. It took all of fifteen minutes for all of you to get your stuff together and when you were finished, that was the exact moment Gilinsky stepped into the house.

Greetings were spread all around then everyone was heading out to the car. “Hold on one second guys!” You called out quickly, turning around and walking back into the house.  You made your way up the steps and back into Sammy’s room.

If you were going to have sex with him today, you knew that you were going to have to make yourself look absolutely one hundred percent fuckable.  That was easy enough, right? You weren’t sure about how much time passed of you swapping out bikinis in your tote bag.  A knock sounded at the door and you shouted a quick come in, in the back of your head already knowing who it was.

Sammy. He stood in the doorway, looking down at you with a smirk on his face.  “The guys are waiting, y/n.” His tone was slightly teasing and you couldn’t help but let a soft giggle leave your lips.

“I’m almost ready.” You mumbled, glancing back at him before pulling the white bikini from your bag, grabbing the bright green one instead. You didn’t hear Sammy move but you knew he did when you felt his arm wrapping around your hips.

“I thought you’d go with the black one.  You know that’s my favorite.” He nodded his head in the direction of the black two piece on the bed.  “There is absolutely no modesty in that.  That’s just for when we’re alone.” You answered, turning around in his arms.

“I mean, we’re alone now..” A smirk took over his features as he dipped his head down in the crook of your neck, pressing soft kisses against your skin.  You could feel the space between your legs beginning to moisten.

His hands made their way up the back of your thighs and onto your ass, kneading it firmly in his hands drawing a thick moan from between your lips.  Wasting no time, he pushed you down on the bed, his hands sliding up the front of your shirt to cup your covered breasts in his hands.

“We’re going to have to make this quick.” He whispered as he rolled your body around.  In the moment, you managed to knock your tote off of the bed all of it’s contents hitting the floor.  As he removed his shirt from his body, you moved so you was straddling his hips.

You removed my shirt from your body, but before you could remove your shorts he had already taken over.  Pulling your shorts from your body, he tossed them to the side.  You reached your hands back to unclasp your bra when he stopped you, “Leave it on.” He mumbled as he brought his hands down to the waistband of his shorts shoving them down his hips enough to pull out his cock.

You wasted no time in wrapping your hand around his cock, lifting your hips up off of him and guiding his dick to your entrance.  You watched his face as you lowered your body down onto his.  A mixture of pleasure and pain.  Pain from having to wait so long. You could tell that he was straining not to bust inside of you in that very moment.

When he was fully inside of you, you set your hands down on his chest leaning your body forward to press your lips against his moving your hips in circles over his.  A low moan left his lips, his hands going up to cup your ass firmly in his hands.

He used the grip on your ass to speed up your movements, tucking his lower lip between his teeth.  Loud moans flew through your lips once he was in full control.  Your body still propped on top of him, but he was moving you the way he wanted.

You pressed your lips against his, engaging him in a heated kiss.  With every flick of your tongue, his hand slapped down on your ass. Causing a your ass to bounce slightly, the sound of his hand making contact with your skin.

After the third spank, your lips had migrated to his neck.  Leaving wet kisses against his hot skin.  You lifted your head slightly to speak to him when the door to his bedroom swung open.  “What the fuck is taking you guys so long?” Johnson’s voice broke through your ears, stopping your movements completely.

“Oh, shit.” That was Nate’s voice.  You lifted your body from Sammy’s just slightly to look behind you, your heart racing.  Out of the four guys that stood at the doorway, your eyes were on Gilinsky and Gilinsky only.

The rage that flashed over his eyes, the way his jaw tightened.  Under all that anger, you could just barely see a bit of hurt.  But you were sure that he was only hurt because it was Sammy that you were with.

Without a word, Jack turned around and stormed out of the room.  Stomping down the stairs and leaving the house with a slam of the door.

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Hartwin 11

When in Switzerland, Eggsy thinks with a grin as he bends down to the snow at his feet. It’s easy to feign adjusting the clasps on his ski boots; Harry’s doing the same, using his poles to knock the snow off the bottoms of his boots so he can step into his skis. Eggsy gathers the snow into a ball with his mitten-clad hands, unable to keep the mischevious smile off his face. 

Harry turns to him to say something just as Eggsy’s arm is winding back; he’s only ten feet away, and Eggsy can see Harry’s eyes narrow and then widen as he lets the snowball fly.

“Don’t you dare throw that snowba- goddammit!”

Eggsy’s aim is perfect; the lightly-packed snowball hits Harry squarely on the side of the head, shattering upon impact to rain snow down the collar of his jacket.

Eggsy,” Harry says, trying and failing to look dignified while shaking the snow out of his designer ski jacket. “We honestly don’t have time; we have to keep to the schedule if we’re to arrive at the lodge before- “

Harry manages to duck and avoid the second snowball, frowning now behind his glasses, and though he’s packing another three snowballs together Eggsy can spot the exact moment when Harry makes his decision. Then it’s his turn to duck and roll when Harry lobs a snowball in his direction, even larger than the first one, and it lands square in the middle of his back.

Eggsy gasps and laughs and they circle each other; even in a snowball fight the spy training comes in handy, as Harry employs every trick - strategic and dirty - to get closer and closer, until he’s able to tackle Eggsy to the ground. They land with a muffled thump in the snow, cushioned by the layers of thick winter clothing, now both pink-cheeked and wet from the snow.

“Cheeky bugger,” Harry says. Eggsy squirms underneath him, smirking.

”C’mon, Harry,” he says, not quite whining, “It’s hours ‘til we need to be at the lodge - we could, y’know, find a nice barn-”

Harry groans and rolls his eyes. “So help me, if you make another reference to Her Majesty’s Secret Service while we’re on this mission-”

“- have a roll in the hay,” Eggsy continues, waggling his eyebrows suggestively, arching up into Harry despite the older man’s put-upon sigh. “Harry, come on.”

”I’ll have you know,” Harry stands, brushing the snow off his knees and out of his hair, “that hay is not nearly as comfortable as it looks in films for - well, rolling in.”

Eggsy’s eyes light up and his smile grows. “Is that a yes, then?”

Harry quirks an eyebrow at him, walking over to his skis and jamming his helmet over his mussed hair. “If you don’t mind it being something more like a bearskin rug in front of a fire rather than a barn, yes.”

Eggsy doesn’t punch the air in victory, as his first instinct is to do, but he does push himself off the ground to trot over to Harry, pulling his neck-warmer down so that he can plant a kiss on Harry’s reddened cheek. Harry smiles at him fondly, waving him away so that he can finish snapping himself into his skis.

“That’s provided, of course,” Harry continues, adjusting the wrist-straps of his poles over his mittens, “that you can keep up.”

And with that he pushes off, slipping easily down the snowy slope with gathering speed, tucking down to deflty jump over a snow-crested log. Eggsy can only swear and laugh and kick on his skis as quickly as possibly, fitting his goggles over his eyes and whooping as he follows Harry down the mountain.

He’s rather sure Harry lets him catch up, but that’s okay. The bearskin rug in the lodge is much nicer than a barn, even though he can’t make the hay sex pun. Eggsy makes do with shag carpet instead, and Harry still keeps his word.

WestAllen Dream!

Oh my god I just had a dream last night that Iris and Barry already had their twins. They looked about 5 or 6 and they were telling them goodnight! Barry went into Dawn’s room and gave her a kiss goodnight, called her his speed princess and tucked her in, and all of a sudden something broke through her window! Barry got that ass… I mean in a blink of an eye he ran and pushed that thing back out of the window! Then Don ran into Dawn’s room along with Iris right behind him, but tell me why Iris has a gun already in her hand like she was just waiting on it to happen! Then she put Don in Dawn’s bed and pressed something that created a forcefield around the children and Iris jumped out the window to help Barry I’m assuming. My point of view was still of the children in their room, but you could hear Iris firing them shots outside at the intruder that Barry was fighting I’m assuming! Y'all it was soooo lit. They were like ain’t nobody coming for our children. I’ve never had one so good like this before, yo!

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