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“Do you ever try to make your bodily energy so strong that it can move the earth? Like put your hands into the dirt and tense all of your muscles and picture the energy travelling through your nerves? I do. Sometimes the energy looks and moves like water and sometimes it sparks and speeds around my body like electricity.”

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Imagine Optimus Prime Using Pick Up Lines On You

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“Alright, and that is the last of it!”, (y,n) confirmed, gently flicking their finger against the green vile.

“With the way these bots fight, it still won’t be enough. And I’m not talking about fighting against Cons, I’m talking about them fighting each other!, Ratchet scoffed earning a giggle from his apprentice.

Finishing putting away the other medical supplies neither had noticed their leader walk into the room. Optimus felt fine, till he saw his targets back, and felt his spark speed up. Coughing to clear his throat, both Autobots turn to see him, (y,n) acknowledging with a nod before turning back to their work.

“Ratchet, Bee needs your assistance.”

“With what now?”, Ratchet groaned.

“He’s gotten himself stuck and the other Autobots are planning to play, I believe it’s called, tug a truck with him.”

“And why couldn’t you get him out yourself?”

“I’m afraid I might break him.”

Ratchet sighed before gathering up some things and making his exit. Optimus felt himself slightly relax, having thankful that part one of his plan had worked. Well, Bumblebee and Sam’s plan really. Heck, Bumblebee wasn’t even stuck, just hiding somewhere with his human friend. The only reason Optimus was actually committing to this was because they threatened to tell (y,n) straight up how they made him feel. And speaking of said bot, Optimus quickly stiffened remembering the next faze that was about to occur.

“How’s it going Boss Bot? Got any rest like I told you?”, (y,n) checked in, not looking up from their clipboard.

The counter they were working at moved slightly and they looked up to see the male Cybertronian trying to casually lean against it. They quirked a metal brow at him; something was up.

“If you were a Transformer-”

Wait, what? But they are a transformer-

“-you’d be a hot-o-bot. And your name would be Optimus fine.”

Oh no.

“Um, Optimus-”, (y,n) placed down their clipboard, examining the Autobot with skepticism. Was he alright? Did his processor get damaged or something?

“I’m not a photographer, but I can picture you and me, together.”

The smaller bot clenched their cervo, still staring appalled and trying to grasp that this was actually happening.

“Can I follow you home? Because, my parents told me to always follow my dreams.

They honestly couldn’t believe what was coming out from their normally stoic leader. But here he was; looking like he was about to give out from embarrassment but still delivering each line rather smoothly.

"You must be a parking ticket, because you have fine written all over you.”

At this point, (y,n) had completely grasped that this was indeed real. They felt their cheek plates heat up, and with every word that fell from Optimus lips, replaying again in their mind, they fought desperately to hold back their building laughter.

“There must be something wrong with my phone; your number isn’t in it.”

Optimus felt his spark clench when he took note of (y,n) expression. A small snort escaped their vocalizer as they bit down on their metal lips; optics crinkled in the corners, an obvious sign that they were enjoying this. While he loved seeing them like this, Optimus couldn’t help his fans kick up in heated discomfort; he must’ve seemed so ridiculous right now.

“Oh, boy…”, he took in a breath, remembering the next pick up line to deliver, and felt himself slightly stiffen.

“I thought happiness started with an h’…”

Optimus Primes started when his blue optics gazed into the subject of his admiration. Seeing the anticipant stare, and how their optics reflected with a beautiful shine, he suddenly felt a burst of courage. He had to make this one count; make this one show how he felt. Narrowing his own optics, Optimus straightened off the metal counter, gazing down at the smaller mech with determination.

“Why does mine, start with you~?”

The medbay fell into a silence. (y,n) gleaming up at Optimus with bitten lips, and Optimus looking back, starting to feel the pressure of no reply.

Pfft! Haha!! I-I’m so sorry-hahaha!!”

Optimus felt his shoulders slack when the laugh he’d come to adore had finally escaped (y,n)’s throat. Oh Primus, he must have seemed like a complete idiot to them. No one had ever seen Optimus Prime act this way, it was in his name, Prime. Primes didn’t show or act silly, but he did for them, in hopes that it would spark the same feeling he had for them, inside them. But no, they were laughing, grasping the counter to try and keep themselves up right. The overwhelming weight of embarrassment was too much for the Prime, his fans in over drive, and decided that now would be best to just leave. Before Optimus could take a single step though, a smaller cervo had gently latched onto his wrist, and he looked back with much confusion.

“I-I’m so sorry about that, but…heh, was that your way of asking me out?”, (y,n) questioned with a grin, fixing their slouched over posture to stand straight before Optimus.

Optimus optics fleeted to the side, his cheek plates heating up just like theirs.

“Yes…it was…”

“Well, then I say yes.”


“I’ll go out with you!”

“Even after all of that? After I’ve just made myself seem less in your eyes, and look like a glitched up fool?”

“I don’t see you as any less from the strong leader I’ve come to follow. And you’re not some glitched up fool. Trust me, I’m a medic, I’ve seen some pretty crazy bots; heh.”

(y,n) giggled at the end, smiling up even brighter if possible.

“Besides, I loved it!”

Optimus felt the weight, of this at least, lift from his shoulders. Even with the copious amount of other stresses, for some reason, this one seemed to take a ton off of him on its own. His spark felt light, and he allowed himself to smile while taking (y,n)’s cervo.

“Um, hey…”, Optimus started as they began to leave the medical facility.


“Don’t mention any of what happened back there to others. It would definitely ruin my imagine with the Autobots. They’d never take me seriously.”

“Aw, but you were so cute!”


“Kidding!! Just kidding!”


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Mulder and Scully's kiss is already too sensual i can't imagine what their sex will be like.

His first breathless push into her, God, the familiarity of it is what makes it feel so new, the paradox of a homecoming in a foreign land. It’s both singular and timeless. It’s cold fusion. It’s the birth of a star. A tectonic shift so profound the landscape of the future is altered forever. Neither will ever be the same again, and maybe that’s why they waited so long.

It’s the prickle of gooseflesh that invariably accompanies the dawn of realization, a jolt of comprehension that maybe what they’d been searching for was in front of them all along; something akin to what Einstein must have felt when energy suddenly equalled mass times the speed of light. The spark within Edison when light became electric, when the switch had finally been flicked. They’re a shephardized precedent for the first law of gravity as adjudicated by Newton, external forces both omnipresent and nefarious finally spurring them into action after having been at rest for so, so long.

And as sweat-slicked skin cools, as breath is caught and heart rates return to normal, they both ignore the same shadow that haunted Oppenheimer, the knowledge that this greatest realization would also be their inevitable downfall.

It’s a bit late since I said I’d have this done by Odaiba Day, but here’s the update! For those people who have never seen this, this is a list of all blogs in the Digimon fandom broken down into different categories. It’s a good way to find new blogs to follow. To the best of my knowledge, all blogs on this list are SFW and do not post stolen content. If you want added, message me. If you think a blog is missing or in the wrong place, message me. And if you know any blogs and dates for the ship weeks or other event weeks, please let me know because I only have a very small list of the events held by the fandom throughout the year. Hope this helps people find some new blogs to follow! And if you have any questions, feel free to message me! Click the Read More for the full list!

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Ignoct Drabble (cause I am addicted to it all) - Noctis wants to be helpful and reorganises Ignis' kitchen ... Any kindness you wish to bestow on this humble servant is greatly welcomed.

Sooo this turned into a parody simply because I can’t see Noct going to all this trouble just to be helpful xD Enjoy!

Kitchen (559 words)

Ah, cooking. In his own kitchen, Ignis feels very much like a king overseeing his kingdom, completely in control of every movement, every decision, every taste. Tonight, he’s planned a feast of roasted garlic fowl, tarnished with a creamy sauce over couscous imported from the southern isles. Exquisite, a meal fit for even the pickiest of princes (fitting, as he’ll be dining with one), and nearly complete save for a dash of herbs to garnish the piece. Ignis reaches into his spice cabinet, grabs the familiar tin….

And proceeds to sprinkle a layer of ground coffee beans all over his precious bird.

He stops. He looks from the ruined dish to the tin in his hand, to the cabinet above him. He screams.

“What?! What is it?!” Noct is rushing into the kitchen at full speed, the telling blue sparks of the armiger flaring to life around his fingertips. “Iggy, what happened?!”

That!” The prince skids to a halt when he sees where his friend is pointing. “The cupboard! Everything is wrong. My spices are missing!”

It takes a moment for the adrenaline coursing through his veins to subside, but once it does Noct is caught between laughing and shrinking out of Iggy’s line of sight. Somehow, he manages a little of both at once. “Oh, yeah, spices. They’re, uh, in the pantry.”

A pause. Then, “Why would they be in the pantry?”

“Because I needed somewhere to put the coffee.”

Ignis turns - slowly, suspiciously - to meet his shifting eyes. “You put the coffee here?”

“Well, yeah.” Noct shrugs, trying and failing to look innocent under Iggy’s scrutiny. “It was in the way.”

“Of what?”

“The pasta.”

This time Ignis says nothing, but his piercing eyes are still fixed on Noctis. Who swallows and attempts to clarify. “Y’know, ‘cause it was in the cabinet to the right of the sink, which is the only place I could fit the cereal boxes when I had to make room for the tupperware.”

“Why,” Ignis begins slowly. “Were you moving the tupperware?”

Uhhh…. “They were blocking the cookies. Look, Iggy,” he says quickly, defensively the moment those green eyes start to roll back. “You’re the one who told me to ‘make myself at home.’ At my home, the snacks are not shoved in the back of the pantry so no one can ever find them.”

“Are you telling me you rearranged my entire kitchen just for a cookie?!”

“Well.” Noctis folds his arms over his chest. Rocks back on his heels as he feels the familiar warmth spread over his cheeks. “Yeah.”

Ignis falls quiet for a long moment. He looks around at his kitchen - at the cabinets filled with things out of place, at the traitorous coffee tin in his hand and the ruined meal beneath it. Then he looks back up at Noct, and despite (or perhaps because of) the ridiculousness of the situation, he laughs. “Fine, Noctis, it’s fine.”


“Yes. But,” he smirks, setting down the coffee tin and striding right up to his prince. “You’re going to help me put everything back the way it was.” A groan. “After you help me eat dinner.” An even louder groan, which Ignis cuts off when he curls his thumb and forefinger around Noct’s chin.  “And then, if you’re a good boy, perhaps I’ll let you have dessert, as well.”

Lost Warmth

A/N: this is for the anon who requested: “That sad Poe oneshot was soo good! Can I request a prequel to it, like the story of how the reader died? Bonus points if Poe is there & sees the death happen, more bonus points if he tries to stop it but fails/is to late, and EVEN MORE bonus points if the reader dies in his arms. Or, even better, he thinks the reader is ok and pulls them into a hug only to notice they’re not moving.” I hope this is okay! Thank you for requesting!!

Pairing: Poe x reader

Warning: Death, blood; please don’t read if [reader] being described as deceased makes you uncomfortable

You can also read the sequel mentioned above here.

The rebel supply ship was in shambles. The very sight of it as he tried to land successfully in the wrecked shuttle bay made Poe’s heart drop. He cursed, scrambling out of his X-Wing and proceeded to poke at his comlink frantically as soon as his boots hit the ground.

“Come on, come on,” He breathed, starting to make his way through the rummage. “Answer, damn it!”

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I've always had this idea where Kamui(female) wrote short books for his siblings to read but I had wondered what each sibling's reaction to her stories. Got some thoughts? :3 no rush!

  • Marx - He finds it sweet, but Kamui goes a little overboard with insisting Marx read her books while she sits there staring intently at him. He doesn’t want to hurt her feelings, but he quickly grew tired of her stories and kind of zoned out while reading them after the 4th book. He knows she means well, however, and always thanks her for them, dropping a kiss on his sis’s forehead before tucking the book in the box filled with her other stories. 
  • Camilla - She adores Kamui’s books. She runs around showing it off to all of her subordinates and boasting about her sister’s writing abilities and shoves the book in everyone’s face before pulling it back, stating they are not worthy of reading it. Camilla has read all of the books and given detailed comments to Kamui about every other paragraph. 
  • Leon - He really enjoys them. Leon keeps all of her books in a bookshelf in his bedroom, unlike the rest of his books which live in the library. Kamui loves that her bro-bro does this and always hugs him when he adds another one of her books to his shelves. He has read all of them cover to cover and every time Kamui writes a new story, he is the first to receive it. He comments on little mistakes she missed and helps her perfect the stories. 
  • Elise - She will not stop talking about Kamui’s books for days after she hands them out to her siblings. Elfie has heard every single story and Harold can probably recite the stories in his sleep because Elise will not shut up about them. Every tale, no matter how simple, is enchanting to Elise, and Kamui has written stories specifically for her youngest sister.