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Three’s a Crowd (Part 3)

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Member: Taehyung x Reader x OC

Type: Poly au, Smut, Fluff, Angst

Part 1. Part 2. Part 3.

I sat alone in the living room as I waited for Taehyung to return from microwaving the popcorn in the kitchen. I had ordered the pizza not so long ago, it should arrive shortly. I nibbled on my lip nervously at the thought of being alone with Taehyung. Mika wouldn’t like this. Mika’s going to get mad. I know he said this would be our secret but she will find out…she finds out everything. Will she get pissed at me or Taehyung? Or both? Will she kick me out of the apartment? I shut down my thoughts as Taehyung walked into the room, a freshly made bowl of popcorn in his hands. I grinned at the buttery goodness as it was placed on the coffee table, eager to take a few but stopped myself as Taehyung sat down beside me, scrolling through netflix. I moved my attention from the glorious treat in front of me to the other glorious treat on my left. There was no point in denying that Taehyung was attractive because frankly, he was. I tilted my head to the side as a admired his profile. His jawline was sharp, his nose with the little mole at the tip, his tongue which poked out the corner of his plumped lips when he concentrated, his soft brown eyes. He was all Mika’s. I’d be lying if I said it didn’t make me jealous with how much attention she was receiving from him. But he. was. hers.  Taehyung’s head snapped towards me and my eyes widened, caught in the act.

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Childhood Friends / 5392 words

Catch up

August 2017

Part One

My eyes were just about revealed over the back of the sofa as I watched Harry pacing his flat, one hand running through his hair and the other holding his phone to his ear.

“Honestly… I used to care about this.” He sighed, utterly frustrated. “I used to care, but now… I literally don’t give a flying fuck. Use whatever speakers you think are best.”

He’d been on the phone for almost an hour, and with each sentence he spoke, he was getting more and more worked up. He was trying to figure stuff out for the tour, and whoever was on the other end of the phone was obviously not grasping at what Harry wanted, or maybe giving him so many options that Harry had lost interest in something he’d once really wanted a say in.
They certainly weren’t getting the point.

“Just hang up!” I instructed, but he shook his head.

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Never forget

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Once upon a time, the bunker’s walls had been lined with shelf upon shelf of books on lore, mythology, and historical tomes. It was enough to make a librarian melt into a puddle of excitement and fingers itch to Dewey classify the lot of them.

All of those books were still there of course, and somewhat added to by Dean, Sam and Bobby’s own collection over the years. The bunker had become quite the hub of hunter knowledge.

Cas too contributed to the shelves in his own way, only his contribution was a little less helpful. His argument was that all of the knowledge in those books he likely already had in his head. His contribution may not be helpful with hunting, he’d argued, but it was an excellent antidote to hunt-induced insomnia and recovery sessions.

Cas’ contribution was boxsets.

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Michael: 'I'll Never Get Tired Of That'

Request: can I pls have a michael smut where y/n and michael are dating and one day you both are watching a movie with sex scenes and michael gets rlly turned on and completely destroys you? Idk man this was long ad you amazing


The sexual tension is indescribable. It’s almost a competition in who can act nonchalant for the longest. The only sounds are the grunts and moans coming from the actors on the telly. It’s fair to say that this has been the most interesting yet distracting part of the movie. Michael shifts uncomfortably beside you and you are aware that he’s about to crack. The heat between your legs multiplies when he begins to trail rough kisses down your neck and shoulders.

You let out a low moan, knowing it would drive him crazy. He lowers his hand to your cotton shorts and shifts the material aside. He rubs your harshly through your underwear and you respond by palming his painfully erect member through his sweats. 

“Fuck, (Y/N), I need to be inside you now.” Michael groans, a pleading tone laced within his words. Before you know it, both his and your clothes scatter the floor and he’s got you pressed into the sofa. 

“Baby, I’m going to destroy your pretty little pussy.” he growls. He positions himself at your entrance and thrusts himself in, and quickly back out again - giving you no chance to adjust. Your body shudders as you wait for him to delve into you again. He rubs his tip around you entrance, teasing you once more. 

“Michael, I need you inside me.” you whine and he smirks at your weakness for him.

“Whatever you say, baby.” he pushes himself in, this time though, painfully slowly. He releases a long groan,  "You’re so tight baby.“ he mutters. 

He begins to thrust in and out of you, deep but slow thrusts. He lifts one of your legs of his shoulder, readjusting his angle and multiplying the pleasure. 

"Michael, faster, I need you to go faster.”

“Whatever you say, princess.” he smirks.

His thrusts speed up rapidly, the sofa grinds against the floor every time he pounds into you. He grits his teeth, evidently holding on for you. Again, he lowers his hand to your clit and rubs figure of eights into you. Your body shakes as you approach your high. You let out a scream of profanities melded with Michael’s name and Michael releases as you tighten around him. He continues to fuck you to ride you both through your highs, then pulls out breathless soon after. You just know that you won’t be walking very far tomorrow.

“I’ll never get tired of that.” he smirks

~ Lucy