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A call for action!
This one is for all you BMXers, skaters, skiers, cave-divers, surfers (kiting or otherwise!), bungee jumpers, rock climbers, parkour fanatics, FMXers and BASE jumpers alike!

Inspired by Vietnam’s sand-boarders turned Asian Winter Games heroes, Warm Slidings, this Mission is all about showing just how extreme you can be!
Strap yourself in and capture the feeling of the G’s to be in with a chance of winning a Polaroid Waterproof Action Camera!

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Winter Olympics au, any pairing(s)?

1 - Lisa is a figure skater. Cisco is a snowboarder. They are both incredibly embarrassed by how cliché it is, but they’re still dating anyway.

2 - Len is a skater, too, except he’s a speed skater. He was discovered fairly late in the process - he’d been playing around with Lisa on the ice at her request after one of her first days with her brand new Olympics-quality coach, he’d said something outrageous, she’d shrieked and charged at him, and he started skating away as fast as he could. Which is very very fast. He has excellent reflexes. The coach just pulled out his camera, recorded it, and sent it to a buddy of his with a “bet my guy can beat your guy”. Len could, in fact, beat the other guy without any training involved and the other coach adopted him immediately. Once he got the training, he’s now ridiculously fast.

3 - Mick is not an athlete; he’s just there as Len’s husband. He makes friends with literally all the bobsled teams, though. All of them.

4 - Barry is favored to win in the biathlon and several other ski-related sports as well. He has anxiety issues. He bonds with Mick over that, leading to his introduction to Len. Len is a lot of charisma. Barry is starry-eyed and skis better than normal because he is almost literally walking on air.

5 - they get INCREDIBLY drunk after the closing ceremonies. All of them.

Ladies, gentlemen, you. Today is Street Cleaning Day.

Please remain calm!

Street Cleaners will be upon us quite soon. We have little time to prepare.

Please remain calm!

The City Council has issued a statement in 20-point all-caps type saying:


We have contacted those experts who have not already gone underground or changed their identity, and have been told that Street Cleaners focus on heat and movement, and so the best strategy is to be dead already.

Then the experts all swallowed pills and fell, mouths frothing, at my feet.

If you have doors, lock them.

If you have windows, board them up.

If you still have ears, cover them, and crouch wherever you are.

It is Street Cleaning Day.

Please remain calm!

The street cleaners move like speed skaters on their broom-like feet. They exhale chemicals designed to kill 99.9% of germs. And human bodies are so full of germs…

Reposting my old WTNV art after getting back into the fandom. From Street Cleaning Day. 

Stupid Details - Jupiter Ascending

One of my favorite stupid details in Jupiter Ascending is Caine Wise’s space skating shoes. 

As someone who roller skates pretty much like three-four times a week I was the squeeingest nerd in the theater over it.

Why, you ask?

Because Channing Tatum clearly, at some point, either in his life or in prep for the movie, trained in speed skating.

And, to my eyes (others are welcome to disagree!), it looked specifically like quad speed skating. I see quad and inline speed skaters in action at least once a week. The differences in the pushes for quads rather than inline is visible to those familiar with them. And C-Tates (h/t pointlessarguments101) was absolutely skating with a quad skate stride. 

Also, the design of the space skate shoes just looked like quad skates. 

I could not stop grinning every time he was using them.

joshversus pointed out that given the Wachowski’s ages, they probably grew up on shitty movies written around skating, inspiring this element of Caine Wise’s character.

Much like pretty much everything else in the movie, my reaction is DON’T CARE. TOO BUSY *CHINHANDS*ING.


Flying Dutchman In Tights!

Michel Mulder Will Get You Ready For Winter Sports!

Sexy As Hell, Baby!


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