speed sculpt


Miniature waffle iron/maker up on YouTube 😊 https://youtu.be/NH3P53yq1E8
//back from Bordeaux and the art conferences I attended were awesome!
So expect 2 videos about those.
I don’t want to make only speed sculpting on my channel.

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Normally I don’t show my commercial work as it doesn’t involve sculpting.  Here are a few illustrations I made over the weekend using Zbrush, Modo and Photoshop for a film noir style project.  I had to knock them out in a day so drawing them from scratch was out of the question.  

I chose to speed sculpt the shapes and volumes in Zbrush, then render the lighting in Modo and embellish in Photoshop, drawing in the eyes and details.  Some were more successful than others and I think i did about 10 in the end, still, quite happy with them and so was the client (phew)!