speed rage

Chapter 2 - Angry, Silent Pain (Nevra)

It took me by surprise. I was not expecting Erika to slap me. She left me there, shocked and speechless, in the middle of the hall and she kept walking. A few seconds had passed, I could feel my blood boil and rush to my head. I turned around to confront her arrogance but she had already entered her room. Suddenly, Nevra appears with a guilty look on his face. That is when I started to understand what had just happened.

‘‘ Did she drink the potion? Does she know its effects? ’’

He nodded.

‘‘ … You did what was necessary. You helped protect this city. There is nothing wrong with that.

- It still doesn’t feel quite right if I may say so, he said as a heavy silent took place.

- As discussed, you don’t need to fill a report on this mission. It is better for people like Ykhar and Kero to never find out about what just happened.’’

He nodded as he drifted his eyes to his left.

‘‘ Good job for today. I won’t give you a mission for a while so rest yourself. ’’

I wished him a good night and left for my chamber.

The next few days, everything was like it always was. There were people returning from missions or they were about to go out on one. There was Ykhar coming to talk to me about the latest reports that have been completed. Jamon came to keep me updated about the guards and the circulation at our main door. Leiftan left to investigate about the human group although he should be back soon. I had sent Ezreal and Valkyon to deal with some diplomatic issues we had with neighboring villages. From that slap she gave, I haven’t seen her for even a split of seconds wandering the halls. She still must be affected by what had happened with the potion. One afternoon, I was talking with Ezreal and Valkyon to learn about the results of their missions while Ykhar was there to take notes for the report when someone came in the Crystal room screaming and pointing at me.

‘‘ Miiko! Are you going to explain to me why Erika hasn’t been out of her room for three days?! What did you do to her you mischievous fox, shouted Chrome.

- Excuse me?! What right do you have of insulting me?

- Wow! Totally avoiding the first part of what I just said. Typical, really. Are you really going to play dumb with me? ’’

I said nothing. I had no idea on how to handle this situation. I didn’t want to lose control nor let him put doubts in Ykhar’s opinion about me. And I did not expect Chrome to be not only the first one aware of what had happened but barging in like he did.

‘‘ Come on Miiko, why don’t you tell us what you did? Perhaps, even the leaders of the guards are aware as well. Should I ask them since they’re standing by your side, not even being surprised by what I’m saying. Ykhar, you look like you don’t know what’s going on. ’’

No one spoke. Everyone stood there in silence. As for Ykhar, she looked almost terrified to see Chrome the way he is right now. You could read her confusion on her face so easily

‘‘ Oh, I see. You didn’t trust her to know about this. You probably thought she would be against whatever you did to Erika. Should I call more people to ask if they are aware of your secret plan?

- That’s enough Chrome. Leave this room, I said trying to keep myself calm.

- Oh, I don’t know. Is it enough? Or do I have to persist until you tell me what the hell you did to Erika? He stopped talking for 10 seconds before continuing. You know, I just noticed one of the leaders is not here. I wonder why Nevra is not here and why he hadn’t been sent on any kind of mission lately. ’’

At this exact moment, Karenn walked in. She must have heard most of the conversation. She looked at me the way Ykhar looked at Chrome.

‘‘ What is it that I just heard, Karenn asked. Is it true Miiko? Did you do something to Erika?

- I’m sure she did. There’s no way Erika would be crying and shaking when I saw her in her room on the ground. This girl has been starving in her room for three whole days, holding a goddamn arc in her hands, prepared to shoot someone. And no one here gives a shit because no one except the leaders are aware of what’s going on, said Chrome.

- Now that’s not true. She’s one of us. We take care of her an-

- Bullshit! You’re the one that put her in a prison cell the second she arrived. You didn’t even bother asking her questions as to how she arrived in that room.

- What would you have done in my place?! If you were the leader of all guards and responsible of the crystal, wouldn’t you have panicked, seeing an intruder, a human?! Silence. I had no choice…

- What did you do, asked Ykhar. I didn’t bother replying.

- Answer her, demanded Karenn. What did you do Miiko?

- What was necessary to protect this HQ, to protect our people.

- By hurting one of us?! Are you serious, shouted Chrome. ’’

My blood started boiling more than ever. How could that girl turn the whole HQ against me? I was about to scream at them all to leave me alone before I could burn this place down with the rage I was trying to contain when I heard the alarm go off.

‘‘ What now goddamn it?! Jamon, could you go see what is happening? ’’

He nodded and left the room as Leiftan came in. He asked what happened and why were there so many people in the crystal room. I haven’t told him anything about the potion. We might be very close but he seems to care a little too much for Erika. He wouldn’t have liked the solution but we would have ran out of time until we found another solution to suit her. I decided to stay quiet about the subject.

‘‘ I don’t know. I sent Jamon to investigate the issue. ’’

Karenn started talking.

‘‘ Leiftan, I have a question for you. I know you were on a mission for a while but Miika might have told you something about Erika, right?

- Not at all. Is there something I should know?

- Stop it Karenn, I said as calmly as possible.

- So you don’t know about what happened to Erika? She seems to be starving for 3 days and, apparently, it’s Miiko’s fault. ’’

I stared Karenn down. I, then, looked at Leiftan. He seemed disappointed. The only person I didn’t want to let down. Great.

‘‘ No, I wasn’t aware of anything. It seems, Miiko lost her faith in me… ’’

I haven’t heard Chrome in a while even though he was the first one to start this problem. I looked over at him. He was lost in his thoughts. Suddenly, his eyes became larger as he screamed:

‘‘ NO! Erika, damn it! ’’

He left the room with full speed. My rage came back as I realized the issue at hand. Did she leave the HQ?! That dumb girl! She won’t last a day alone! I followed Chrome to Erika’s room. He knocked. No answer, no sound. He opened the door to find it empty. No clothes, no familiar, no weapon. Chrome turned around and looked at me with frustration.

‘‘ This is all your fault. ’’

He ran outside. I guess he went to try to catch up to Erika. As for myself, I returned to the Crystal room.

‘‘ She left didn’t she, asked Leiftan.

- The potion was very effective…

- Ezreal, it was the wrong solution even if it was effective, pointed out Valkyon. ’’

Kero came in running full with panic.

‘‘ Miiko! The alarm! What- He stopped talking for a moment, trying to analyse the situation I was in. What’s going on?

- Erika ran away and, from what I understood, there is a potion involved. Kero’s eyes began to darken. The thing is, Miiko doesn’t want to talk about it. And the leaders of the guards don’t want to speak about it either. It seems that no one else is aware of it, not even Leiftan, said Karenn.

- She came in the library 3 days ago. She was asking about the Lethe water. If I’m not mistaken, Miiko ordered the boys to help her prepare a potion to make her existence on Earth disappear. I’m guessing it’s linked to the group of humans that were about to attack the HQ, Kero informed us as he looked at me, disappointed the way Leiftan was earlier on. Sadly for Erika, there is no possible way for her to change what happened to her…

- I can’t believe you Miiko… How could you? She’s just a child. She had a future as bright as daylight in front of her and she was supposed to go back home eventually. And you erased everything. You erased her entire life without her consent. Shame on you.

- Ykhar, I… ’’

Everybody left. So did I…


I kept running and running. I’d say I even lost track of time. I was so tired from running and I had the feeling my mouth was full of blood. I decided to take a break for a few minutes by sitting on the grass. The moment I sat down, I heard a branch break in front of me. I jumped. Should I go back to running? I prepared my arc and got an arrow out of my quiver. The bush behind me started shaking. I immediately turned around, almost letting my arrow go.

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  1. watch @markiplier scream at horror games in 1080p 1.5x speed
Headcannon that Yuri Plisetsky is the WORST driver ever

I’m talking insane road rage, speeding and just general recklessness, and profanity, oh the profanity. Viktor swears that the boy makes up brand new curse words each time someone cuts him off.

Otabek won’t let him drive his bike anywhere with people, after a particularly heart stopping near miss courtesy of Yuri’s recklessness and some “dickmop” (quote Yuri) who ran a red light.

Yakov and Yuuri refuse to get in the car with him behind the wheel after suffering near cardiac arrest during their first car ride.

Mila is just as bad but Yakov banned them from driving within a 100 mile radius of each other because of an incident that Viktor lovingly dubbed “The Great Race for Yuri’s Honour”

When he picked Christophe up from the airport one time the Swiss was unbothered. Chris doesn’t fear death, he’ll probably seduce them. Like Chris Viktor is somehow unbothered by the roadrage.

Yuri’s first car was destroyed when he crashed it into a roadside tree after being run off the road by one of those trademark russian cows. Yakov and Lilia were hysterical, Nikolai and Victuuri as well. Otabek was the calm one but his chill was fake af. Yuri wasn’t hurt badly, just a couple scraps and bruises. He got a little scar on his left forearm and a two year ban from driving as a result, courtesy of Yakov.

However, he mellows out once Victuuri’s offspring enter the picture but on backroads late at night him and Otabek still flagrantly smash the speed limit.

You Save Him


Y/n and Harry have been walking aimlessly for the last few hours, just enjoying each other’s company. Their hands wrapped loosely around one another’s, their voices low due to the time of night. It feels good, just to be alone and having quality time together. They rarely got to do this, since they both worked such tight schedules and having university at the same time. It’s been quite stressful for the both of them recently, so to have a day off where both of them had nearly 24 hours of free time, they did anything and everything to make up for the lost time.

Harry grazes his fingers along the back of her hand, subconsciously taking every chance he gets to show her how he feels, even when it’s the simplest moment they spend together. 

“Thank you for this sweater, Harry” Y/n mumbles, shivering slightly when the wind blows even stronger than before. She can’t stand the London weather. “S’warm, and it smells like you.”

She smiles softly, because the scent fills her nose and somehow fills her heart, captivating every part of him she can. She always had an excuse to wear it, whether it was to bed, to go out for some errands, or even just a lazy day, but most definitely on days she missed him most, when he was too caught up at work and she was too caught up in school, when really all they wanted was to be caught up in each other. 

She’s next to him and she still craves more of him.

Harry chuckles, somehow pulling her body closer to his.

“It looks so good on you, better than when it was on me. Definitely made for you.”

Their walk goes quiet for a while, just consumed of occasional kissing and soft giggles. Harry admires her like this most, when she doesn’t speak, just lives in the moment and observes her surroundings. It brings him peace, to see her at ease. 

But suddenly all her easiness disappeared, her face draining in color and eyes widening slightly. She gulps, she should have known this would happen.

“Y/n? What’s wrong?” Harry asks, giving her hand a small squeeze.

She shakes her head, immediately pushing Harry behind her so that her body is blocking his. Fuck, Harry is going to be in so much danger, she feels it all over. She should have never been out this late with him, especially in a place like this, but she thought her past was over, washed away like all of the worries carried with it, but there is no way it’s over now.

“Stay behind me.” she demands.


“Whatever you do you stay behind me and do not say anything.” She says lowly with clenched teeth.

Harry has never seen her extremely instructive before, and has never seen her entire demeanor change in such short amount of time. He can’t really identify what it is, he almost wants to say she’s a bit nervous and extremely cautious, be he still isn’t too sure. No matter what it is, it’s panicking him.

“Y/n! Is that you?” someone calls.

It takes a while for Harry to register who exactly he is, but it doesn’t take long for him to put two and two together. Y/n’s fear, her extremely odd protectiveness of him, and a man walking alone at an ungodly hour. It’s her ex boyfriend, Channing. He immediately tenses.

Y/n just looks over at him, all of the flashbacks hitting her like a ton of bricks. It’s almost as if the world around her has dissolved into horrific memories, haunting her all over again. The eyes, those eyes, she very rarely saw them when they were her favorite shade of blue, glowing with every illuminating light. Instead she’d see dark, sinister eyes, shadowed from Hell. His hands, those hands, she very rarely felt them caressing her, holding her and leaving a tingle along her skin. Instead, she felt fire, around her throat, across her cheeks, only known to hold guns and cigarettes.

“Well I haven’t seen you in a while, how have you been?”

“I’m fine.” Is all she answers, her teeth clenched as she speaks.

Channing nods, a small smile playing on his lips. 

Channing observes Y/n, how long it’s been since he’s last seen her, and how much more sexy she got. He licks his lips, looking all over her body. That body, the body of submission to him and the black and blue he’d left on her, he misses it so much. Too much.

Stop looking at her like that.” Harry spits.

“And who’s this, darling?” Channing amuses, eyes drifting over to Harry.

Y/n immediately blocks Harry’s body even more, pushing him farther back as much as she possibly can. Harry is confused at first, but does everything he’s told. Don’t say a word, stay back, and don’t move.

She knows without question he will say or do something to Harry, that’s how he was trained, take the prey, destroy everything around it, there must be no competition. All must be eliminated as soon as possible. His gang always did that, but she refused to let that be Harry. She will sacrifice herself to protect him, he can’t end up like that because of her, not because of her.

“That’s none of your business.” She spits.

He chuckles darkly, and she can see the blue in his eyes turn black. This is his most dangerous time. The transition. 

“It is my business if my girl is fucking a twat.”

Y/n’s anger rises the second the word leaves his lips. She always hated when someone said something bad about Harry, whether it was a mild comment or complete malice. Either way, it makes her blood boil inside her skin, she actually feels the heat radiating off of her when he makes his comment. Not her Harry.

She takes a threatening step toward him, look of hatred burning into his danger eyes. She would have never done this any other time, go closer to him than she needed to be. She would normally be crouched away in a corner, choking on sobs, drowning in pleas and desperation, letting him do what he wished. To voluntarily take a step closer to him was never something she’d even think of doing, but she knows his target is Harry, and God, if he gets her because of her she will never forgive herself.

“I am not your girl, and you don’t ever mention him again, you hear me? You can say whatever the fuck you want and do whatever the fuck you want to me, but if there is one more comment about him every again I swear to god you’ll be ten feet under.”

Channing laughs, looking over at Harry with an evil smile. Harry gets the chills when he sees the look on his face, it almost mimics a look you’d see in a movie. He wants to pass out cold the second he sees it, because it makes him realize just how serious the situation is, and how much Y/n has to do to keep Channing away from brutally attacking him at any given moment.

“Little sweets is getting all defensive for her owner, how cute. Too bad he won’t be around too much longer. I’ve had my eye on this kid longer than you have, darling . He’s gonna be a goner, one bullet to the brain when he doesn’t even expect it.”

Y/n’s hands clench in fists, her chest tightening from the inside out, her body shaking and brain scrambled. She grabs onto Harry’s arm, she can feel him shaking, his fingers eagerly gripping onto her skin. She nearly can’t see around her, everything is a blur and moving at such slow speeds. Rage is filling her up, building inside of her like a wall of stone. 

Her fist raises to knock the shit out of him, but he’s good at this, he’s dealt with this his whole life, he almost thought she was joking. He catches her fist before it lands on him, twisting her arm until he’s got her screaming in pain, begging him to stop. The desperation is like music to his ears. 

“Let go of her!” Harry growls, not caring what is going to come his way, making quick strides toward him.

Y/n notices Channing reaching for his gun in his back pocket, that he always had with him. She thinks of losing Harry, Harry being murdered, Harry never going to be there when she wakes up, when she falls asleep, Harry never going to finish his school work and become a doctor like he dreamed of. She will ever be there to give him kisses, give him all she has ever had, be there for him when he feels he has no one else, no, it all hits her so fast. And before she has time to register it, Y/n has knocked Harry onto the ground when she sees Channing aim for Harry before pulling the trigger, so that the bullet goes straight for her.

Fuck!” she screams, falling to the ground the second the bullet is shot.

Pain. All she feels is pain. Everywhere, as if he kept shooting her. Blood is pouring out from the wound, her right hand immediately grabbing where the damage has been done, she shoulder unable to make any movement. She’s in so much pain she doesn’t know what to do to herself, her back squirming off the ground, constant screams and sobs leaving her mouth.

Harry stares at her completely horrified, frozen in place, because he has absolutely no idea what to do. His love is sobbing on the ground, all because she didn’t want him to be in harm. She literally took a bullet for him. She risked her life for him. She was willing to die so that he can live. What? Why would she do that?

He watches as Y/n sobs in pain, he can tell she’s growing more and more faint by the way her movements slow down and the way her fingers begin to shake. She’s still screaming, even louder than before, probably having flashbacks of what just happened. The sound terrifies him, it breaks him down when he hears her like that, and he can’t help but blame himself.

“Y/n, baby.” He chokes out, bending down to hold her.

“Get the fuck away from her.” Channing growls, and Harry immediately stops moving when he hears the click of the gun.

He looks up slowly to where Channing is standing, the front of the gun pointed directly to his head. He gulps, nodding his head, obliging to everything he  orders. He sits up, lifting his arms above his head, almost as if showing he won’t do anything against his demands.

Y/n is still in shock, still quivering from the bullet, still surrounded by pain, but she registers the situation unfolding in front of her. There is no way she can save Harry like this, when parts of her aren’t working and her brain is scrambled, but she knows he won’t stop until he kills Harry, and the thought hurts her more than the bullet.

Y/n looks up at Harry, who is trying to keep his composure while Channing watches his every move, flinching when he makes any sudden movements with the gun. He slowly diverts his eyes to her, making sure to look back up at Channing every couple of seconds.

“Run” Y/n mouths at him, before lifting her head back up.

“Channing,” Y/n whispers, “baby.”

His head snaps down to look at her, and since his focus is now on her, she can already see his arm getting tired being out in front of him. 

She looks so vulnerable, he doesn’t show it, but he wants to take a bullet himself for having shot y/n. But he didn’t mean to, he wanted to shoot off Harry so that Y/n would have no choice but to go back to him. He’d shot Harry dead if he was in Y/n’s position now, but he’s not, it’s Y/n, and he wants to kill himself because of this.

“Y/n..” he breathes out, his tensed body suddenly relaxing, his posture merely gone and hand loosely around the gun.

She feels disgusting, but she has to do this.

“Baby, come here, don’t waste your time on him, he’s not worth it. I miss you. I never told you, but I miss you so much. I can’t live without you. I’m sorry you had to find out like this, Harry,” she looks up, sending him a look to not believe a word she’s saying, but she didn’t have to, he knows what she’s going, “But Channing was always the one for me.”

Channing lets out a long breath, his arm falling to his side before stumbling his way toward her. She flinches every step he takes, but keeps her body still when he brings his body on top of hers.

She can see Harry slowly backing away from them, slowly preparing to run away from the scene. But he was making it too obvious, and it was only a matter of time before Channing caught on to it. She begins to panic, so she does the first thing she can think of to distract him. She grabs Channing’s face in between her hands and forces his lips against hers. He’s going rough on her, like he always has, teeth hitting against hers, tongue licking every part of her mouth, she starts crying. She suddenly feels the need to pass out, she’s still in pain, and she feels disgusting. The only thing pulling her through is the thought of protecting Harry.

Harry moves quickly to leave the scene, but not too far, he can’t leave his baby alone, especially in this situation. Oh, what she must be going through. She’s doing so much for him, he knows, and it makes him cry just how much she’s willing to harm herself to protect him. He doesn’t like it, not one bit, he’d rather be the one hurt, hell, he’d rather be the one killed than having Y/n go through something like this. Not her, not his girl.

Y/n runs the tips of her fingers down Channing’s arm, lightly drawing circles so it doesn’t seem too suspicious. But she eventually goes down enough to grab the gun out of his hand. Channing pushes her away from him.

“YOU SNEAKY LITTLE BITCH!” He roars, immediately slamming his fist into her jaw.

“God, fuck!” she yells, spitting out the blood from the impact. She is nearly knocked out completely, too weak to defend herself, but she shakes her head to regain orientation. She has to do this.

His hands immediately try to grab the gun back from her, but her adrenaline kicks in, and she appears to be putting up a stronger fight than she thought. 

“Fucking cunt. I knew I beat the living shit out of you for a reason. I’m gonna fucking kill you!”

While still fighting dominance for the weapon, he pulls the trigger as a way to scare her, make her flinch, loosen her grip so that he can find that sone of a bitch and watch is brains spill out, as a way to warn her, but didn’t plan on it shooting her in the leg.

Y/n screams louder than the first time, the pain and the agony starting all over again. She suddenly gets a feeling that she’s going to die, that this is her last night of being alive, and all she can think about is Harry.

The thought of him somehow gives her enough power to pull the gun from Channing’s grip, and the color drains completely from his face. She wastes no time to shoot him in the chest, one, two, three times. He’s gasping for air, his body convulsing, and for just a split second, his face falls with guilt and fear. He ends up falling limp on top of her, his blood pouring onto her clothes, body shaking against her. She screams again, choking on heavy cries. She needs time to register what just happened, how she just killed someone. 

Harry can hear the gun shots where he is, and he feels his body giving out on him. His Y/n, no, God, no, not his Y/n. He falls onto his knees, his head laying in his hands as he starts sobbing into them. He knows she would never kill someone, no matter what the circumstance. He had to have killed her, and the thought makes him throw up everything in his stomach onto the ground.

“NO!” He screams, hitting the heel of his hand against his head, “NO NO NO! NOT HER! NOT Y/N!” 

His throat is raw, his clothes covered in vomit, his hands shaking and continuously hitting himself. What is he going to do without her? He was going to purpose, he was going to live the rest of his life with her, die with her. How is he going to go home without her? How is he going to sleep, eat, wake up, live without her? 

“No, Y/n, no!” He sobs, resting his head on the sick covered ground in front of him, but that’s the least of his worries. He’s tugging at his hair, vomiting even more, screaming, crying, banging his head against the ground. This can’t be. it just can’t be.

Y/n hears his screaming, she can hear the pain and the worry wrapped in each word. Her Harry, she needs to get to her Harry. So she drags her half broken body toward the screaming that hasn’t even shown signs of settling down. She passes out at the end of each pull of her body, just for a couple or seconds or so.

“Harry” Y/n whispers when she can make out his figure around the corner. 

Harry snaps his head up, and he swears his breath is taken away when his eyes land on her bloody, broken, faint body.

“Oh, Y/n!” He cries, relief washing away all of the past emotions. He’s quick to grab her, gently, bringing her body against his. He can’t stop crying, he can’t stop kissing her, petting her, pulling her closer. He can feel her panicking, her body going into shock. She starts crying, falling in and out of consciousness, her body having spasms whenever she has flashbacks. 

“Here, sh sh sh, I’ve got you. I’m gonna get you fixed up, I’m gonna bring you to the hospital, and I’m gonna contact the police. Just stay with me.”

“Imgontry” she slurs.

Her eyes keep rolling to the back of her head, her breathing keeps slowing, and she keeps going into mini seizers. Harry is trying to stay calm, but seeing her like this, he can’t help but start sobbing all over again. He rips his shirt in half, wrapping each half around each bullet wound, attempting to regulate the blood in her shoulder and leg.

“My God, Y/n” Harry cries, leaning down to kiss her lightly, “thank you for saving me, it’s my turn now.”

Supergirl S2E20, yey at least they’re not dead

Supercorp in the start of s2e20 yeys

Uh so pain has hit me, my heart, my feels

why would they do this to them

also Mon-El could’ve taken the shot, or no he could’ve not done that but uh HIT RHEA WITH THE GUN, i know it’s harsh but she really does deserve 136783946535630326 times more pain than that.

YEY Jimmy James Olsen is a hero to all!

Winn and James are such great people

Kara and Lena, please be alright?

Mon-El could HAVE AT LEAST HIT HER WITH HIS SPEED AND UH IDK RAGE, A TINY LITTLE BIT, FOR HURTING J’ONN WITH THAT HURT AND PAIN OH THE NIGHTMARE HE HAS TO ENDURE. WHY??!?? IS IT SO HARD TO do something, even the tiniest thing like helping Lena up or knocking Queen Rhea the mother of Daxamites, you do know how disgusting you make me feel ohh, out? Mon-Mikey could have knocked her out and something would’ve been better, J’onn wouldn’t be in pain.

But hey Lena and Kara had an opening scene.

anonymous asked:

Omg what are your favorite headcanons for Nathan??

~Nathan is horrible at video games (and of course Warren teases him about it)
~Nathan has horrible road rage and speeds far too often
~he sends goofy selfies on snapchat 24/7 lmao
“chek out dis new bong i got frum 420blazeit.com”
“sum1 do body shots with me i got a shitload of tequila *peace sign*”
~Nathan is a secret slut for chicken mcnuggets and buys those 20 packs, inhaling them all at once
~he’ll text vic at 3 in the morning when he’s having a panic attack or breakdown and she is always fucking there for him (except when she’s too drunk from a vortex club party to hear her phone)
~he and Vic go up to Portland sometimes for hipster shopping trips
~his hands/knuckles are always bruised and scabbed up because he punches walls and other things when he’s upset
~Nathan has a huge!! sweet tooth!!
~Warren bought Nate a bunch of nerdy underwear like spiderman boxers and he wears them more than he’d like to admit (and not just bc he knows Warren thinks it’s hot)
~his older sis is always texting him and sending him pix even tho he doesn’t always reply
~Nathan gets cold hella easily and that’s why he’s always wearing multiple layers and sleeps with tons of blankets, and yet he’s still fucking shivering 24/7

Hahaha omg this is a lot and I have MORE but I decided I should probably stop here bc idk who wants to read my novel full of headcanons

SasuSaku Countdown Marathon Prompt - Trust


Date: I’m just not even going to bother with dates anymore.
Pairing: SasuSaku, implied NaruHina, SARABORU (YEAH THAT’S RIGHT)
Prompt: Trust
Title: The Daughter Dating Disaster
Summary: Sasuke is not a shipper, especially when it comes to his daughter.
Written by: ebondeath
Dedication: For midoriland, who inspired me to write. :3 
Disclaimer: Naruto, not mine since 1999.
Author’s Note: As of now, I will be writing with the established canon SasuSaku NaruHina EverybodyElse children. As much as I love my own headcanon children, THIS IS THE DAY WE HAVE ALL BEEN WAITING FOR. SASUSAKU IS CANON. SALAD-CHAN IS CANON. ALL HAIL KISHIMOTO.
Linkage: Prompt Calendar | Fanfiction.net Version
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“But ‘tou-san-”

“I said no.”


“NO. And that’s final.”

Big crocodile tears well up behind red-framed glasses, and Sarada flees from the room. Sasuke sighs. What he’s doing is for her own good, and she’ll thank him for it someday. Even if right now-

“I HATE YOU.” A door slams down the hall.

An uncomfortable sensation coils in Sasuke’s gut. He doesn’t want his daughter to be angry with him, but as a father (who mostly has no idea what he’s doing) he can’t afford to back down. His only daughter is the most important thing in his life, and he’s only thinking of her welfare.

The Uchiha patriarch sighs heavily again and eases himself into a chair. He rubs the stump of his arm, feeling the ghost of a limb long gone. Why does being a parent have to be so difficult? Maybe he understands Fugaku a little better now, who had two children to deal with. Sasuke sighs and closes his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose.

He needs to think of how he’s going to sort this mess out, how he’s going to tell-


Petite, terrifying Uchiha Sakura barges into the room, a storm of protective motherly rage. She stops in front of him, her hands balled into fists against her hips and her sea-green eyes flashing in anger.

Sasuke resolves to stick to his guns.

“Are you out of your mind?!” she hisses at him.

Narrowed onyx eyes clash with jade.

“I will not have our daughter dating that boy.”

That boy is your best friend’s son!”


“You are going to go in there right now and apologize to her-”

“I am not!” Sasuke is indignant.

“-or so help me, Sasuke-”

At that moment, a knock on the front door echoes down the hallway.


“Eh…good evening, Sasuke-sama, Sakura-sama.”

A very nervous Uzumaki Boruto stands at the front door of the Uchiha household, scratching the back of his head in a familiar gesture. Sakura beams down at him and practically drags the poor boy into the house. Sasuke glares potent death beams at him.

“Let me go get Sarada-chan, she should be ready by now.” Sakura shoots a warning glance at her husband as she turns toward the hallway.

The tension in the room as palpable as Sasuke and Boruto are left alone. Naruto’s son swallows audibly as he notices Sasuke not-so-subtly fingering the hilt of his Kusanagi.

“Where are you going?”

“E-excuse me?” Boruto practically squeaks.

Sasuke’s voice is low and menacing, “Where are you taking my daughter?”

Boruto shuffles anxiously, “We’re just going out for some ramen.”

Sasuke snorts but doesn’t say anything. A tense, awkward silence falls over the room. They stand there for a few moments, Sasuke unrelenting in his intimidating stare and Boruto clenching and unclenching his fists.

Finally, the young Uzumaki lifts his gaze from the floor and meets Sasuke’s eyes with determination.

“Sir,” he begins with a firm voice, “I really like Sarada-chan. And you may not like me, but I’m gonna prove to you that I’m good enough for her, no matter what it takes! I won’t back down!”

Sasuke’s expression doesn’t change, but he regards the boy with amusement. He looks and sounds so much like Naruto that it’s almost impossible not to believe him.

But Sasuke is a father, and in his mind nobody is good enough for his daughter.

“You will have her home by nine o'clock.”

“Eh?” Boruto gazes at him in shock before a large grin splits open his face. “I mean, yes, sir!”



Sarada comes bounding down the hall, looking absolutely adorable in a red, knee-length summer dress with the Uchiha uchiwa crest emblazoned all around the hem of the skirt. She throws her arms around his neck in an enthusiastic hug, and Boruto nervously glances at an impassive Sasuke as he returns it.

“H-hey Salad-chan!”

Sarada lightly punches his shoulder as her face turns a dusky rose color.

“I told you not to call me that,” she mumbles.

Sasuke’s eye develops a tic. His daughter is not salad. Sakura smirks at him from behind the kids, as if to say you named her. She puts her hands on the teens’ shoulders and pushes them towards the door.

“You kids have fun! And make sure you stay within the village.”

Boruto salutes at Sakura. “Yes ma'am!”

Sasuke grunts and shoots another warning glance at Naruto’s kid before turning way. “9 o'clock.” The kid nods.

They leave, and Sakura folds her arms across her chest as she glares at him.

“What?” he bites out at her.

“He’s a good boy, Sasuke-kun, you know that. You’ve known him since he was born, and Hinata would not have raised a bad egg.”

Sasuke rolls his eyes. “Did you forget who his father is?”

“Sasuke-kun,” she growls.

He shrugs and wanders off toward the kitchen. Sakura throws her hands in the hair and stalks into their bedroom. Sasuke smirks to himself.

He’s going to follow them.


Sasuke hasn’t spent years training and doing A and S rank missions for nothing. He’s a master of stealth and tracking, and the two lovestruck teens he’s following don’t have any clue that he’s there. It’s like tracking drunk kittens.

They’re not really doing anything, just walking down the street talking and laughing. But then their hands touch, fingers slowly intertwining, and Sasuke’s sharingan activates. There’s a blush spread across both of their cheeks, and Sarada pauses to lean up on her tiptoes and kiss his cheek.

Sasuke sees red. Literally.

After a poignant moment (sickening, in Sasuke’s opinion), they continue down the street toward their destination: Ichiraku Ramen Stand.

Sasuke scoffs to himself. Only a spawn of Naruto would think that Ichiraku was an acceptable place to take a girl on a date, much less a girl who happened to be the heir to the prestigious Uchiha clan.

He watches furtively as they claim two stools at the bar and order. They’re sitting way too close for his comfort, with their knees touching and their faces leaned in toward each other.

It gets even worse when their food arrives.

They’re feeding each other. Sarada holds up her chopsticks and giggles as Boruto opens his mouth wide. The tree branch Sasuke is holding on to splinters beneath his tight grip. He’s had enough of this. Clearly Sarada is not ready to date if she’s going to engage in this type of tomfoolery. He prepares to leap from the tree and put an end to this nonsense, when Sarada stands up and disappears from his view. Puzzled, Sasuke leans out father to try to get a better view. And then he hears something that chills his blood.

I know you’re there, otou-san. I have the sharingan too, ya know.”



Sasuke tunes out the rest of Sakura’s rant. He’s humiliated enough without having her berate him. Caught spying in a tree by a teenager is beyond mortifiying, but at the same time he’s proud of his daughter for picking up on his presence.

It’s a ridiculous dilemma.

The four of them are standing on the Uchihas’ front porch, the two women in his life glaring at him and Boruto trying very hard not to snicker. Sasuke locks eyes with his wife defiantly. He’s not going to apologize for trying to protect Sarada. Her lips twitch in an almost-smile that their daughter doesn’t see, and Sasuke suddenly understands.

Her anger and her ranting is a front that she’s putting up for Sarada’s sake. She’s actually pleased with his reconaissance and amused that he got caught. Sakura is just as protective as he is, but a lot more subtle. He smirks at her.

Sarada is still steaming. “Otou-san, you should be ashamed of yourself. We’ve done nothing wrong!” Her glasses slip down her face. Irritated, she pushes them back up with her middle finger.

“Hn.” Sasuke stuffs his remaining hand into his pocket and casually leans back against a support beam.

“It’s okay, Sarada-chan. I understand. He’s just being a good father.” Boruto shrugs and smiles. But Sarada doesn’t buy it. “If he were a good father, he’d trust me.”

Sasuke is offended at that. “I do trust you. It’s him-” he nods at the blonde boy “that I don’t trust.”

Sarada huffs and crosses her arms tightly across her chest, looking away.

Boruto faces Sasuke and Sakura and bows to them. “Thank you for the honor of allowing me to take your daughter out. I hope you’ll allow me a second chance. Sarada-chan, I had a lot of fun tonight, even if your dad did stalk us.”

He lightly kisses her cheek before walking down the steps to the gate.

Sasuke regards him before glancing over at Sakura, who’s smiling contentedly.

In that split second when he averts his gaze, Boruto moves like a bolt of lightning and flash-steps in front of Sarada, kissing her full on the mouth before taking off running at full speed.

Sasuke’s eyes bleed rage-red.