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3-D Printers Turn Mush Into Meals

by Devin Powell, Inside Science

This summer, a nursing home in Germany will start serving an unusual culinary treat: meals created by a printer that transforms mush into three-dimensional foods.

Assembled from veggies or meats that have been cooked and then blended, the menu items will have the original shapes of their ingredients. Carrots will look like carrots, and pork like pork. But the textures will be strange, similar to that of jelly. That softness is deliberate. It should help elderly residents of the home swallow the food without the risk of choking.

“Because these people can’t chew their food very well, they typically have to eat purees,” said one of the brains behind the meals, Kjeld van Bommel of the Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research (TNO). “We wanted to provide something more appetizing.”

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