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Useless fact

With 30 000 (or 32 000, depending of the source), France has the world record of roundabout.

60 000 would be the number of roundabout in Europe/the world (again, depending of the source), so France has half of it.

The Labyrinth Chapter 5

Genre: Gang AU/ High School AU

Pairing: Reader/Jimin

Length: 2836

Plot: Finding an injured boy collapsing in front of your house, you decide to help him, only to find out he’s associated with some underground business. After that fateful night, you surprisingly find him in the new class you had just transferred into. 

Chapter 1  Chapter 2  Chapter 3  Chapter 4  Chapter 5  Chapter 6  Chapter 7  Chapter 8  Chapter 9  Chapter 10  Chapter 11  Chapter 12 || Jin Trailer ||

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“A large flying reptile, the Arkanian dragons were native to the frozen wastes of Arkania. Covered in hardened scales which protected their bodies from most conventional weapons of sentients such as vibroblades; the dragons possessed the ability to spew fire from their mouths as a defense mechanism. The dragon could fly up to 3,000 meters at speeds of 140 kilometers per hour.

Eventually, the dragons of Arkania declined in numbers and were largely considered extinct as of 4000 BBY. Despite this, rumors persisted of sightings across Arkania, leading some to believe that they continued to live in small pockets in abandoned diamond mines.”

I must say I love Arkanian dragons and I’m slightly sad there isn’t too much about them, nor love for them. I decided to show off my own design for them here ^^

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~Bio: Overwatch~


• Name: Lyriya Bellamy
• Alias:
• Age: 23
• DoB: February 2nd
• Height: 5'9
• Nationality: French
• Base of Operations: La Rochelle, France
• Job: Pilot
• Affiliation: Formerly Overwatch, currently none.


• Role: Offense
• Health: 200
• Shields: 0
• Ammo count: 80


1. Rapid fire SMG
• Lyriya’s primary weapon, a fast firing submachine gun. Does from 5-19 damage before a distance falloff.
It does headshot, and takes 1.5 seconds to reload.

2. Jet boost
• Rockets boost Lyriya 10 meters into the air, and after the max vertical height is reached, Lyriya can glide horizontally for a max duration of 5 seconds. It has a cooldown of 5 seconds. Moves at 7.0 meters per second. This allows her to harass the enemy from above while her allies do damage.

3. Divebomb
• Once at her maximum vertical height, Lyriya can dart down at a speed of 40 meters per second. This is best used to assault and distract the enemy.

4. (Passive) Glide
After using Jet Boost, Lyriya can glide horizontally for 5 seconds, before fuel runs out. Fuel comes back after 3 seconds.

Ultimate Ability: Sonic Boom

• Lyriya breaks the sound barrier and “teleports” a distance of 35 meters horizontally. The action releases a loud boom from her rockets that stuns the enemy for 3.0 seconds. All within line of sight are stunned, and unable to use their abilities for 5 seconds AFTER being stunned. The action does no damage, but is great to combo with Tactical Visor.

• Lyriya is a social, cheerful girl who easily adapts to any situation. She often tries to be friends with everyone. She has lots of trouble speaking English, seeing as French is her first language. Lyriya is also rather manipulative, often using sex, or her body, to get what she wants.

Stand Name: 「Small Town Girl」

(Lyric from Don’t Stop Believin’ by Journey)
Stand User: Reimi Sugimoto

Destructive Power: None
Range: 10 meters
Speed: None
Staying: A
Precision: None
Learning: B

Small Town Girl allows the user to communicate with ghosts. And, if the ghost wishes, it can possess Small Town Girl. This would allow the ghost to physically manifest and be seen by non-stand users. The ghost can leave Small Town Girl any time it wishes, but the user can also force the ghost to exit the stand. If a ghost manifests itself through STG, it can move however it likes, though it must stay within 10 meters of STG. If the ghost possessed a stand while alive, it can summon and use its stand. For example, Reimi could communicate with Kakyoin, and if Kakyoin wished, he could manifest himself physically through Small Town Girl, and use his Heirophant Green. Small Town Girl has no physical appearance of its own.

(if you’ve got any questions about the stand, send an ask or message!)

Smoke & Mirrors.

Appearance: Varies

Destructive Power: ???

Speed: ???

Range: D (5 Meters, about)

Durability: E

Precision: ???

Potential: C

What is Smoke & Mirrors? Well, what do you think it is? Becuase that’s what it is. Smoke & Mirrors is a stand that takes the form and capabilities of anything that the user can convince his opponent. If he convinces you that his stand is Star Platinum, that’s what it will be. If he convinces you that his stand is just a gun, that’s what it will be. If he convinces you that his stand can beat Gold Experience Requiem, that is what it will do.  If there are multiple people in the room who have a different idea of what the stand is, the powers will either pile onto the 1 stand or it will spawn an alternative stand.

It’s a tricky stand, that’s for sure. First of all, it’s power is purely confrontational, because without somebody to react to it, there simply is no stand. Then there’s the fact that the illusion can be broken by alot of things. Knowledge of the stand’s power is an obvious way to rule it out. If there is a person in the same room who doesn’t know of the stand, the stand cannot directly harm that person, which is another clear sign. It can also not interact with anything inanimate, because inanimate things don’t have a cognition from which to draw.

Ultimately, getting the stand to work is a lot of tinkering around. Especially if the person is not familiar with the concept of stands, he’s gonna simply have to find a way to convince people he’s able to do things by himself.

Look, I’ll be the first to admit, physics can be boring. 
But, when it allows you to calculate how many sheets of 8x11 printer paper you’d need to stop a bullet fired at you, it gets a lot less boring.

Okay, to be fair, I’m making some estimates, but let’s say a slug from an AK-47 has a mass of 8 grams, and a speed of 180 meters per second, factoring in slug size and paper density, I can determine drag force, or in laments terms, how much a single sheet of paper slows a bullet down. Then, using the work energy principle, I can calculate the distance this drag force would have to work to drop that bullet’s kinetic energy to zero. Or, to put it in another way, to stop it entirely.

I don’t care what anyone says, I love the commentary in MacGyver.

Minific #10


1000 FOLLOWERS AND THE FIC IS ON TIME (because I wrote it ahead of time)

This one is based on this request, and is as such a combination of two prompts - one by egg anon, one by me.


They hoped it’d be worth the investment, but if they really thought about it, they knew they didn’t have any kind of doubt that it was.

It was really a very simple machine, although it was very large. But most of its size came from its enormous, semi-transparent tank; the attached tube and pumping mechanism were only a quarter of its size. The kit had also come with a remote control, with an on/off switch and speed meter, with settings from 1-7.

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A member of the Radar Operating Autonomous Car Hive, or ROACH.

Each ROACH unit is highly maneuverable and capable of speeds upwards of 30 meters per second. Internal reaction wheels assist with landing.

Combined, they form a network (hive) of radar systems.


(Lawsuit-friendly name: Sin Player)

Namesake: Lady Gaga - Sinner’s Prayer

Appearance: SINNER’S PRAYER looks like a mummified, thin human wearing rags on its head, its chest and its hips. A small part of its stomac can be seen between two of the pieces of cloth. It has floating discs connecting its hands with the body, and it doesn’t have any legs. The face is locked in an expression of shock, toothless and lacking eyeballs, with two small dots in their place. The fabric that covers SP’s torso has seven diamond-shaped marks, which can individually turn white when SP marks someone for its Vice Inducement ability.

Power: A
Speed: B
Range: 20 meters.
Precision: C
Staying: D
Learning: E


Vice Inducement: Each mark on SP’s rag represents a Deadly Sin. Its ability lets it “mark” any animal or human. After marking John Doe, SP can choose one of the Sins to influence him. Let’s say it chooses “Wrath”. Jon, while in SP’s range, is now extremely easily angered and is more susceptible to Wrath. SP can only mark one being per sin. In conclusion, only seven people can be affected by SP’s Vice Inducement at the same time.

Sinner’s Prayer can also unleash very damaging one-hit attacks, but they’re not used a lot.

Sinner’s Prayer can be classified as a Glass Cannon.
SP’s user, the american patriot Don McLean, is a major antagonist of a fan-made part of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, which occurs in Brazil.
The ABCDE on the stats isn’t intentional!!


The Panda. The Hachi-Roku. The King of Drift. The Toyota Corolla AE86 Sprinter Trueno. This Japanese beauty was named AE86 not because it was produced in 1986, that was a simple coincidence. The “A” stands for the 4A engine that was placed into each Toyota, the “E” meaning Corolla, “8” being the fifth generation (E80 series), and the “6” representing the sixth variation in its generation.

This particular specimen belongs to Sato Hirokazu, who was inspired by drifting legend Keiichi Tsuchiya when he saw his page in a motorsports magazine. Since this moment in his life, he has owned four AE86s, with this particular one being an ongoing project of his for 14 years. This 86 has a Levin conversion and he aspires to acquire some TRD Works overfenders for the front-end.

Some of Hirokazu’s parts and mods include “…a 4A-GE with a full overhaul, FUJITSUBO exhaust manifold, YOSHIMURA muffler, NAGAI DENSHI MDI, WAKO coil, NGK spark plugs, SARD fuel pump, APEXi s-AFC, Hot InaZuma, APEXi intake, KOYO radiator, FC3S oil cooler, and NISMO fuel regulator.” Exteriors claim “OEM kouki Levin front-end, OEM kouki Levin tail lights, OEM zenki front spoiler, OEM side skirts, OEM “double-stacked” rear bumper, UKIYA SYOUKAI fiberglass hood, EC Works Group-A Mirrors, Run Free eyelines, and a BMW M-series rear spoiler.

Being a huge fan of Pandas, I couldn’t refuse posting this bad boy. Thanks to StanceNation.com for the amazing article. Be sure to check them out in the source. You’re sure to see many more AE86 posts from me… Here is a full list of modifications:

SSR LONGCHAMP XR-4 14×8-12 (F) 14×8.5-19 ® + Center Caps
DUNLOP DZ101 185/55-14 (F&R)
GT-WORKS Coilovers 8k(F) 6k® with helper springs
CUSCO Upper Mount
GX71 Stabilizer & Short link
JUBIRIDE Negative Camber Adapter
Adjustable Tension Rods 
TRD Bushings
GT-V Stabilizer & Angle Correction Links
Adjustable Lateral Rod + Reinforcement Bar
TRD Bushings
Slotted Rotors

OEM ZENKI Front Spoiler
OEM Side Skirts
BMW M-series Rear Spoiler
OEM Double-Stacked Rear Bumper
UKIYA SYOUKAI glass fiber bonnet
Aero Catch
Pulled Fenders
EC Works Group A Mirrors
Run Free Eyeline

TAKATA Harnesses
MOMO DRIFTING Steering Wheel
CUSCO 7-point Roll Cage
Auto Meter Tachometer
OMORI Meter Water Temperature Gauge
OMORI Meter Oil Temperature Gauge
OMORI Meter Oil Pressure Gauge
OMORI Meter Vacuum Gauge
Garage Tiara Shift knob
E-brake Knob
Checkered Flag Floor Mats
SK Engineering High Speed Meter

ALPINE Head Unit
DVD Player
CD Player
MD Player
TV Tuner
2-way Speakers
Crossover Network
10” Subwoofers
Power Amplifier
Television Monitors ×3
Door and Interior Sound Deadening

4A-GE Full Overhaul
FUJITSUBO Exhaust Manifold
AIBAworks Tower Bar
Hotwires Plug Cord
WAKO coil,
NGK Spark Plug #7
Hot InaZuma
APEXi Air Intake
KOYO Radiator
FC3S Oil Cooler
OMORI Oil Block
SARD Fuel Pump
NISMO Fuel Regulator


Wanted to make sure the harpoon’s hookshot feature was reeling all the way into the canon and got steamy lewd submarine action.

Made the harpoon and harpoon gun models, (pic below) added handles that let you move around the ship’s exterior while it’s on cruise control. I’ll add physical representations of what powers the compass, the speed meter, the coordinate system and such. Taking damage will have a chance to ruin these modules and you’ll have to get out with your welding tool to fix them. You could just set your cruise control and get out there with the harpoon to reel in some specimens or simply shoot things. Also fixed the use of the harpoon on the little scooter so you can do drive-bys or even hitch a ride from life forms while you’re attached to them. Also added a bunch of sound effects for the radar system, harpoon and other little things.

Hopefully I’ll be able to get a demo out in a week or two. If you have any ideas you’d like to see in that kind of game feel free to ask™ or pm me.

Don't call it a fight when you know it's a war (Part II)

The short journey back was tense. 
He wouldn’t speak, wouldn’t even look at me. He held me against his body slightly tighter than necessary when carrying me to the car, and I couldn’t figure if it his embrace was protective or angry. When I reached the car he roughly pushed me into the passenger seat, no empathy for my sore ankle. 
Again, he wouldn’t look at me. 
As I drove in silence, I couldn’t help my thoughts drifting onto what the blonde was doing now. I felt incredibly guilty, and also scared that someone may have seen Matty. Images of his beaten body being found by passers by flashed through my head, followed by scenes of Matt being charged for assault. The media would go crazy for a story like that, and I could just imagine the headlines. 

His jaw was clenched tight, as though he was fighting back a million things to say. His eyes glared at the road ahead, knuckles turning white against the steering wheel. 
‘Matty…’ I tried to break the silence, voice coming out croaky.
He remained still, silent, as though he hadn’t heard me. I felt the car beginning to go faster, the sickly feeling returning to my stomach as I stared out of the window. I was driving down a familiar country lane. It was deserted, typical for one in the morning, and the way the headlights of the car illuminated the trees and foliage surrounding the slender road creeped me out. 
The car continued to go faster, forcing my back into my seat with the pressure. I knew this road was a 30mph zone, and I couldn’t help my eyes flickering to the speed meter near the steering wheel. 
‘FUCKING SLOW DOWN,’ I screamed, eyes widening. 
Again, Matty didn’t move. I felt like crying, everything tonight had gone so horribly wrong, and I didn’t want to end it with a car crash. 
A subtle smirk formed on his lips, foot pressing further down on the accelerator. 
More speed.
My vision blurred, and I blinked away the tears that fogged up my vision. Pain shot up from my injured ankle and I felt hopeless and out of control. 
I didn’t want to look at him. My image of him had been changed so drastically tonight, he felt like a different person. I didn’t recognise the man next to me, and every fibre of my being ached for the awkward young man I’d met in high school. 
The real Matty. 
Suddenly, as though he could read my thoughts, I felt the car slow down. Relief washed over me, but I didn’t utter a word to him, didn’t look at him. I didn’t need to, it was obvious how angry he was. 
I couldn’t even be bothered to rack my brain for a reason for his anger anymore. Instead, I closed my eyes and tried to diminish all my thoughts as the darkness engulfed me. 
I didn’t know how long I was asleep, but my awakening was rough. The sound of a car door slamming caused my eyes to bolt open. I remained confused for a few seconds, goosebumps rising on my arms as the cold swept over my skin. 
I noticed Matty walking around the front of the car, and realised it was his door slamming shut that had woken me up. He clenched his car keys in his hands, face like thunder and eyes still burning with anger and aggression. 
My stomach flipped, wary of him, as he reached down to open my door. He stood straight back up afterwards, crossing his arms and looking disinterested in me. 
I sat still for a moment, waiting for him to help me out of the car. 
“Get out.” He demanded, voice low and gruff. 
I awkwardly twisted in my seat, pulling my dress down and lifting my sore ankle as I tried to hobble to my feet. I held onto the car for support. 
When I was out of the car, struggling to close the door behind me, I stared at him. He glared me up and down, but didn’t say anything. 
“Can I lean on you, I can’t-”
He cut me off. “No. No, you can’t.”
I stared at him, puzzled. I only just noticed I was at his block of flats, not my house. I wondered why he’d taken me here when he obviously didn’t want to speak to me.
He turned and walked into his apartment building, not giving me a second glance. 
I stared after him, shocked beyond belief. At least he’d carried me to the car before. I didn’t know what to do, it was few metres to the building, and once inside I could use the walls to lean on. 
Hang on, did he even want me in his apartment? Was he expecting me to walk home?
I sighed, running a hand through my hair and pulling it in frustration. I suddenly took a deep breath and pushed away from the car, using the momentum of the push to send me forwards as I hopped towards the building. However, I lost balance just before reaching the door and fell forwards. 
The gravel scraped my knees, but luckily my bad ankle didn’t make contact with the ground, managing to stay in the air the whole time. Tears again prickled my eyes. I couldn’t believe he’d leave me to struggle like this, he was usually such a gentleman. 
Wiping my eyes and examining the scraped skin on the palms on my hands and knees, I pulled my dress down and began to shuffle on my bum towards the door. I hoped no one could see me, the action of literally crawling back to Matty felt degrading.
After a struggle to open the heavy door and a softer journey down the lobby to the lift, I stretched up to press the summoning button. 
As the doors pinged open, I shuffled in. Reaching up again and pressing the button for the top floor, I thanked the heavens that the elevator was working and I didn’t have to use the stairs. 
I didn’t know what I was going to say to Matt when I got to his flat, no idea at all. But his behaviour tonight had been extreme, and I needed some sort of explanation for it. 
The doors opened sooner than I’d have liked, and I crawled into the familiar hallway. I didn’t want Matt to see me on all fours trying to reach his apartment, so I took a few moments to stumble against the wall and stand up again. 
When I looked back towards the door, it was open. Matt stood leaning against the doorframe, arms crossed as he stared into me. A cigarette rested between his lips, smoke working to partly conceal his face. 
“You’re a good actress.” He rasped, eyes travelling up and down my body.
I didn’t move, back to the wall for support, and eyes staring angrily at him. 
“What are you on about?” I snapped, my emotions catching up with him. 
He chuckled, wedging the cigarette between two lengthly fingers as he pulled it out. He smoothly began making his way over towards me, everything about him intimidating me. 
“That ankle,” he scoffed, another smirk dancing around his lips.
I pushed myself as far into the wall as possible, feeling almost scared as he approached.
“What about it?” I asked, voice becoming quieter as he approached. 
I looked down, his dark skinny jeans coming into my view as he pressed his body up against mine. His scent filled my lungs. His arms rested on the walls beside me, trapping me between him, cigarette still in hand. I looked up at him, face inches from his. The usually kind brown eyes were domineering now, taunting even. 
“I can see there’s nothing wrong with it, sweetheart,” he smiled, and I felt his foot gently kick at my bad foot. I gasped as pain shot up my leg, and his grin widened slightly. 
“Drop the act” he demanded, breath tingling on my lips, “it’s lovely, really, but you’ve been caught out.” He paused again. “You just wanted that guy to touch you, didn’t you? You’re such a little slut, I bet you begged him for it.”
I shook my head, feeling my eyes water for the umpteenth time that evening. 
“What the fuck has got into you?” I shook my head.
“I bet that bloke wanted to get into you.”
His eyes stared straight into me own, and I could smell that foul cigarette in his hand. I felt his other hand grab my upper arm, now pinning me against the wall.
“Let go of me.” I snarled.
His grip tightened on my arm, and a perverse glint twinkled in his eye. 
“I’ll do whatever the fuck I want with you.” He rasped. 
“No you won’t.” I tried to radiate dominance, but failed miserably. 
He chuckled dryly, not a glimpse of humour in his eyes. 
“Is that right?” He asked. “We’re on the top floor. No one would hear your screams. I could do anything.”
I gulped at the truthfulness in his words. My head spun, the close proximity to him making me feel faint. His hand slowly started to pull me away from the wall, all the while keeping my face close to his. 
“You’ll do what I say, and I’m telling you to get in my apartment now.”

GTA: The Street Racer

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4th part of the Gta series Au based off of (this post) by @jgguks. Hobi, Jimin, Yoongi, and now Jungkook. I spelled his name about 18902 different ways.

warnings: not many actually but still, violence, drugs, but not as heavy as the others

word count: 2400 

a/n: my mistake…taehyung is tomorrow…the hustler - fox 


That’s all Jungkook was told when Namjoon shoved him into what used to be a death trap rusted through but was now a sleek machine. Namjoon had fixed her up with Jungkook’s help, taking care into the late nights to teach Jungkook everything there was about engines and valves to lead up to this.

To just drive.

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Solangelo Drabble Archives [part 1]

Short Solangelo Drabbles for my needs and yours…or something else along those lines.

1. Cuddling

It goes without saying that the children of Apollo isn’t always as enthusiastic o nrainy days as it would have been during warm, sunny weathers. They just aren’t that keen into spending their days without the sun’s rays giving them the energy to pull through the day.

Will Solace more so than the rest of his siblings.

“Will, I can’t believe you” Nico di Angelo sat at the edge of Will’s bed “You’re acting worst than I ever did”

“Not true, no one can beat your gloom shroom speed-o-meter” The son if Apollo moved his blanket just enough for his eyes to peak out.

Nico rolled his eyes. “You’re acting like a child, oh my gods Will. The camp isn’t even affected by the weather” Because magical borders and all.

“It’s still raining outside the borders” Will argued childishly. “Let me just mop around, di Angelo”

With an almost exasperated sigh, Nico let the shadows consume both of them. A certain destination set in mind..

Before Will can realize what was happening, he had stumbled straight into Nico’s bed with Nico taking his shoes of, his hoodie already thrown carelessly on the floor.

“Move” The son of Hades pushed his boyfriend none to gently to the other side.

“What?” Will, sudden aware of the situation jolted upwards in a sitting position.

“I said move” Nico repeated his word and laid down on his bed. Will remained sitted, gawking at his boyfriend .

“W-what are you-”

“This is a rare opportunity, Solace so shut up and just cuddle me” Nico pulled the Son if Apollo down with him causing the other to let out a small yelp. Nico rolled his eyes before, without any more words, deciding to bury his head on Will’s chest.

Will doesn’t need any more convincing. If rainy days would turn out as great as this one, he might just really like it now.

“You know, I can get used to this” Nico simply hummed in reply.

With a satisfied grunt, Will wrapped an arm around Nico’s waist and played on his hair at a gentle rhythm up until their breathing seemed to have synchronized with each other and they had both fallen back to sleep.

2. Proposal

“Nico! Thank the gods you’re finally here. Thought you’ve actually ditched me out or something”

“I was only a few minutes late from the usual time, Solace” The son if Hades rolled his eyes at his boyfriend before his eyes finally focused on their surrounding. It was their very special place, a part of the forest known only to them and a few nature spirits who all agreed to share the place exclusively with the couple.

“But today’s going to be real special”

“How so?” Nico questioned, getting a bit suspicious.

“Later, di Angelo. Let’s enjoy the food first” Nico wanted to protest but decided against it and just went with whatever his dork of a boyfriend had in mind. Soon enough, Nico found the both them lying side by side on the grass, the rest of their picnic foods laid forgotten as they enjoyed watching the clouds as they slowly drift by.

Then without much of a word, Will prompted Nico to sit down while he himself stood up and began rummaging his pocket for something. He smiled, relieved when he found it. He knelt down and held Nico’s hand.

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dresden-officer-of-t72  asked:

SCP-1555 is my favorite SCP. But would the rats live though a live firing of the artillery (I would love to help with this one if you want me to)

For this case, we will ignore the weight of the shell the mice are placed in when fired from SCP-1555, as it’s mass is not mentioned anywhere in the wiki.

  • The muzzle velocity of an M114 155 mm howitzer is 563 meters per second (or 1,847 feet per second). This is our initial speed.
  • SCP-1555-2 can contain between 5 and 16 mice.
  • The weight of a field mouse is around 90 grams.
  • The projectile lands 6 kilometers away from SCP-1555.
  • SCP-1555-2 ends it’s course onto the ground, so, the end speed is 0.

With these information, we can conclude that:

  • SCP 1555-2 stays in the air for about 10 second before hitting the ground, since it travels a distance of 6 kilometers at a speed 563 meters per second.
  • The total weight of SCP-1555-2 should range between 450 and 1440 grams (again, without counting the shell itself), as 90 x 5 = 450 and 90 x 16 = 1440.

With this, we can put the acceleration endured by the projectile at -5.74 g.

A human cannot survive an acceleration of more than 5 g. However, i sadly could not find a way to translate this into the weight of a group of mice to find out if they physically could have survived in a plain shell.

SCP-1555′s file does note that the mice are alive after the impact. This means that, even if the acceleration, and the impact itself, should have been enough to kill the mice, it is not the case.

So, if we assume that the impact would kill the mice, it is most likely that the shell contains mesures of protecting it’s tiny passenger, such as airbags and crumple zones.

- Mod Pasttell