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German car/driving vocabulary:

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der Wagen/das Auto - car
die Fahrt - drive, trip
der Fahrer - driver
die Autobahn - expressway
die Panne - flat tire/breakdown
das Benzin - gasoline
die Bremse - brake
das Bremslicht - brake light
das Lenkrad - steering wheel
das Verkehrsstau/der Stau - traffic jam
die Windschutzscheibe - windshield
der Sheibenwischer - windshield wiper
der Blinker - turn signal
die Gebühr - toll
die Straße - street
das Normalbenzin - normal gas
der Parkplatz - parking lot
das Fernlicht - high beam
das Trampen - hitchhiking
die Tankstelle - gas station
das Gaspedal - gas pedal
der Scheinwerfer - headlight
die öffentliche Straße/Landstraße - highway
die Geschwindigkeitsbeschränkung - speed limit
die Verkehrsampel - traffic light
die Einbahnstraße - one-way street
unterwegs - on the way
das Automatikgetriebe - automatic trasmission

*the verb fahren - there are two meanings to this verb. One says that you are travelling by vehicle, the other says that you are driving the vehicle.
Ich fahre mit dem Bus - I am travelling by bus
Ich fahre einen Bus - I am driving a bus

TIP: The German autobahn is famous for convenience. Although there are places without a speed limit, be advised that there are areas with heavily enforced speed limit . Also remember to keep to the right except when passing - a strict rule.

have now driven from north dakota to nashville. here’s what’s up:

  • the drive from about fargo to omaha is so peaceful. so nice. the drive from about kansas city to nashville and anywhere else is hell murder rush hour everywhere and all the time
  • didn’t see a single cop in south dakota. saw 10 within the first 20 minutes of iowa including 4 stopping a single car. camera-enforced speed limits. iowa doesn’t fuck around
  • craziest drivers: EASILY nashville. holy fuckin christ wanna get passed when you’re going 70 like you’re holding still. nashville made minneapolis look tame. see also: standstill traffic at 10pm. fuck off
  • cracker barrels
  • i have never seen so much roadkill ever as i did in the state of missouri
  • can tell i’m getting close to NC because every city ends in -ville and -boro
  • my new fave hotel is the candlewood and im gonna hunt them down every time i go somewhere. it’s the shit. i’m at one right now
  • m’neck is sore

i wish visiting home could be this spiritual experience that all the movies show of people going back to their small hometown after living in the big city and Realizing things and like, having a Cold One on your back deck staring into the horizon figuring out how it all came together and how its natural conclusion is actually positive and it’s all been a Growth Experience. instead i see they painted blue lines between the regular lines in the road for Blue Lives Matter, dinner with my parents was awkward and quiet bc we have literally nothing to talk about lmao, going 5 miles over the speed limit is strictly enforced, everyone is white, none of my friends are around tonight, and i don’t know if i brought enough weed to realistically last me 6 days